Richt facing image problem?

AP: On Monday, Richt announced backup linebacker Darius Dewberry was suspended for the first two games of the season, making him the sixth player to be suspended or dismissed from the team in the offseason. MORE…On Saturday night, Richt announced the indefinite suspensions of two players — snapper Jeff Henson, following his second alcohol-related arrest, and safety Donavon Baldwin, who needed stitches after he was injured in a fight in Athens early Saturday.


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    Wonder if any of them will end up just being suspended for a half a game if GA is losing? And then claim he only intended to suspend them for 1/2 a game anyway? Just askin’…

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    this isn’t a georgia football problem.

    it’s not an sec football problem.

    i read somewhere that since 2002, penn state has had 46 players arrested for one beef or the other. (amusingly, joe pa said the police were on a “witch hunt”)

    a couple of years ago a tx a&m player was arrested for exposing himself to a young woman in a parking lot on campus.

    anyone recall lawrence phillips??

    how about cecil collins??

    this is a ncaa athletics problem.

    question is, when is the ncaa going to step up and take some action to curb this???

    i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again, no matter the school involved, we have individuals that don’t have any business on a college campus…………..on a college campus.

    you can’t fault an individual coach because if he takes action unilaterally, he gets creamed by the competition.

    does anyone really believe les miles would be caught in the same room with snoopy dog dog?? (yes, i know that’s an incorrect pronunciation but i heard john forney call him that one time. damn funny) but why did he? he’s trying to look cool to an element. an element he’s got to recruit to win the sec west.

    nick saban ain’t stupid. he knows where he’s got to go to compete. i’m convinced he’s adopted a “restorative justice” policy to try to adjust and adapt behavior. psychologists. peer groups. saban knows if he adopts a scorched earth policy and starts cleaning house, it jeopardizes recruiting.

    tommy tuberville/chette williams

    look at what spurrier’s dealt with at usc.

    no coach who aspires to compete on a national level want to be perceived as a “hanging judge”. (i apologize for the visual) it’s not good for recruiting.

    it’s up to the ncaa to take a leadership role here.

    get the thugs out.

    unfortunately, leading is something they’re not very good at.

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    It’s all well and good to say “get the thugs out.” But you and I both know that there isn’t an SEC school that wants to be competitive that is going to do that. The pressure to win will always overrule the pressure to recruit kids of good character.

    Yes, I do think Tuberville has managed the problem better than the vast majority. He clearly has a program in place (and I do believe him when he says he counts character in his recruiting) that stops these problems before they start. When he has had a problem, he has dealt with it firmly, regardless of how much that player was needed in a game. There haven’t been any 1/2 game suspensions with him.

    But when it comes down to it, the vast majority of coaches in the SEC will stick with recruiting thugs as long as they believe they can win. What they don’t realize is that trying to take short cuts on the character issue will put so many obstacles in the way to winning that it won’t matter in the long term.

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    let tuberville go 6-6 and lose to alabama and let’s see how much “character counts”.

    as i said before, the ncaa has to take a leadership role here and it has to be across the board at all member institutions.

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    Ballplay Indian

    I had a bammer friend tell me the other day ” well, if your gonna win, you gotta have some trash on the team”. What a bunch of Malarky….I would rather lose…These players are students, and direst representitives of the universities that we are all so proud of….Somebody has to draw the line somewhere…To have a couple of bad apples that slipped thruough the screening process is one thing, but to actively recruit people of bad character , just because they are good athletes is wrong. i for one think Mark Richt is about as classy a coach as thier is….But he does need to pay more attention to discipline…

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    If Tuberville is “only after character” he lost the head to head battle against Saban last year and he’s doing so again this year.
    If Nick Saban suddenly had prospects committing elsewhere, and retaliated by saying now he’s only seeking character, do you think we’d buy that?
    That’s almost like the 9/11 garbage after the LaMo game last year.
    Tuberville’s only taking what he can get, whether their character is poor or not. I don’t think he cares whether their good players or not because he won’t stick around long enough to find out.

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    Ballplay Indian

    I see your point LCN, but after they start acting thuggish, throw their tail off the team….That goes for Auburn more than anyone…

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    Bond Nation

    Okay Kevin, Tuberville has won the State of Alabama disciplinary national championship award and Saban lost it by a half game suspension!! You win! Let it be publicly known that Tuberville has never suspended a player for only two quarters.

    The whole character excuse, covering up his recent downslide in recruiting, is weak and not worth buying by any means. If he only seeks out players with impeccable character, then you mustn’t overlook the fact that he heavily recruited about 15 kids last year who chose Alabama over Alabama-Tech. Also, check out how many class of 2009 prospects he’s offering scholarships to that Saban is offering as well. Obviously he sees something richly unique in them, as far as character is concerned, if he’s offering them a scholarship right?

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    Obviously he sees something richly unique in them, as far as character is concerned, if he’s offering them a scholarship right?

    RIGHT. It is called sub-4.5 speed. 😉 That’s the best character asset for any football player!

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    Ballplay Indian

    Thanks for pointing that out cap….What is the one thing you CAN NOT COACH ????

    Thats right, speeeeed people….That is without a doubt what the number one assett Auburn is after right now…. You cant coach it.

    But as far as character is concerned, look at how Auburns upper classmen handled half assing it on the field the other day with Deronn Furr…Right or wrong , It sends a message. They mean business when they step on the field.

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    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Before we get into an entire debate on who’s a tougher disciplinarian, the problem these days aren’t the coaches, it’s the kids.

    The vast majority of kids these days firmly believe no one has any type of authority over them, not even God himself.

    These days, you can’t even take the family to the mall without nearly having to confront a teenager on his obnoxious behavior. In addition to that, you have to attach a firearm on the backside of your belt, just to take an early morning job.

    I blast Tuberville to the moon, just to get under the skin of the few Barnie visitors who raid our site on a daily basis, but behind the scenes, I know Tuberville, despite his childish post game behavior, is seemingly a father figure to his players, just as Saban and Richt is.

    But a prime example of what I mean by the kids of this day and age’s behavior, would be the kid who was arrested on The Strip, shouting “F*** Nick Saban” after the officers told the kid they were going to tell his coach. Even though Saban may not handle discipline properly as far as suspensions are concerned, the guy is a hard ass, and a tough coach to play under. I can assure you while under his watch, none of those kids have the fortitude to cut a fool; however, away from his grasp, they don’t care.

    The same thing goes for the kids who are giving Mark Richt trouble right now.

    This issue will never be solved and it’s bound to get worse as time progresses. Today’s society is ever worse than before simply because kids today feel more freely than ever and that’s because they feel “authority” doesn’t apply to them.

    And why is this? Rap music anyone?

  12. 12

    College football is BIG business and the schools and communities make lots of money off it. The argument has always been made that “yeah, we take on some project kids and give them a chance to become productive citizens”. Some of them turn out and some don’t. The day of the true ‘student athlete’ has long since past. The rules line of who can and who can’t is so thin it’s almost non-existant. If the institutions open their doors to all and participate in athletics, thugs will be part of the mix. The only argument left is how to evenly enforce the rules. Lots of coaches will ‘let things slide’ for the sake of winning because lots of money can be at stake. Does anyone really expect any of this stuff to change? What would it be replaced with? Who knows, but there better be some money to be made in it!

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    Ballplay Indian

    NYC…..You have to draw a line in the sand at some point dude…..These kids have a golden opportunity, wether or not they ever make it into the NFL….They have a chance to get a FREE $200,000 education….But problem is these coaches do everything under the sun to get these players to where they are even eligable to come to the school….Something is wrong here….I love football as much as anyone, but at what point is enough ??? To say that it is just gonna go downhill and that there is nothing that can be done about it is ludicrous….Kick some thug ass off the team, send a message…..Suspend somebody…Do not take no for an answer…The buck stops with the coach…Not with the kids…Just like with young children , they are going to try to get away with what you LET them get away with. I hate regulations on anything.. Common sense should prevaile at some point and time. But if something is not done soon, I would like to see the NCAA come in and MAKE coachs suspend players for condust such as unerage drinking, public intoxication, bad behavior patterns and so-forth…Truth be known, the coachs would welcome it. Then if they lose a game due to suspension, well , it was the evil ncaas fault, not mine…..Kinda reminds me of Alabama anyhow….

  14. 15

    Richt gets the free pass because he’s always quick to play the ‘faith’ card. It’s why local media eat him up & they hate Urban Meyer. Richt’s problem is obviously worse than even Bama’s but he gets the green light because he goes to church or some shit.

  15. 16
    Ballplay Indian

    Jack….you are on crack bud…..No ones of the field problems are as bad as Bamas. W. Virginia is a close second. Georgia cant hold a candle to Bamas thugs……Come on , armed robbery……Selling Coke and pit friggin bulls…….It doesnt get much worse…If one of yalls kids murdered someone, maybe….But Richt doesnt play the “faith” card…He lives it….

  16. 17
    Auburn Man

    Richt needs to resign at Georgia. He is a horrible disciplinarian, and I am sick of seeing our team beaten like a step children by his teams.
    If he needs a primer course in player corrections he should take note of the recent Deeron Furr episode and see how Coach Tuberville handles players who are not fitting in. Yes a good group beatdown will get rid of the thugs everytime. It is okay to single one person out and assault them if you are an Auburn Man.
    I am Auburn Man….. The caviar of football fans.

  17. 18
    Ballplay Indian

    Tmc1…..Where have you been ? I detect a wee bit of sarcasm in your tone.

    If you want a good chuckle .. You tube Alabama Man , since you like the handle Auburn Man now….It is a quite accurate depiction of your fanbase…..You may have to put in a couple of keywords like comedy, or something extra as I cant remember the exact title….You will laugh uncontrollably, Bama fan or not…

  18. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    Yes…..thats it just google Alabama Man Comedy, and there it is…..Guarunteed gutt buster there boys……

  19. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    As far as the whole Furr thing goes….I wish it wouldve worked, he was a gifted athlete….The difference in Bama and Auburn , lately, has to do with the players….Our players police thier own…. If yall consider that a bad character trait,,,,,well,,,just look at your own team….If Jimmy ‘the snowman’ Johns wouldve been pulling that B.S. at Auburn, he woulve been toting an ass whoopin about 3 years ago…..Dont act like fights dont happen at Alabama….The difference between our fights and yours are that our fights happen on the field and dont leave the field….Your teams fights happen at The “legacy” on the strip , against T-towns finest…Case closed….

  20. 21
    Bama Fan In NYC

    That’s an interesting notion, Ballplay.

    Are we talking 2008, or before hand? Aubarn/Opelika has had a far worse history of “thugs” committing atrocious acts (especially the football players) than Alabama has.

    Opelika itself is one big ghetto, and Aubarn is about half. The remaining is 35% trailer park, and 5% civilized.

    Next time you visit the barn, you should tour the outskirts of the campus, instead of the campus itself.

    And if you’d like to see a perfect example of your typical Barnie, go to youtube and search autigerswareagle

  21. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC….Not all of us ‘common folk’ live in the metropoliton mecca known as New York….But I can guaruntee you I for one am dam glad of it…What the heck does that even have to do with what I said? Youve brought this same crap up now about 5 times…. And I still disagree…Im in Auburn and the surrounding outskirts a pretty good bit..So dont even try to act like your talking to someone who doesnt know any better..Its not that bad..Yes , its rural, but so what….And your wrong yet again..The Bahr swept a lot of his junk under the rug by Bham and T-town police….You know that you cant compare your current teams thugs with any in the country…Yall are hands down the worst..

    By the way …If you didnt do it already ,google Youtube Alabama Man Comedy……It is friggin hilarious….Wether or not your Bama or Auburn…The whole ” glug glug glug” thing owns me….

  22. 24

    I went to school with DeRon Furr and he was a big dope head and arrogant thug, just like the rest. I knew he would give the team some kind of fit and even for the sake of Auburn I’m glad he’s gone. When I heard Tuberville first speak in character, I knew he was pulling our legs after already offering a scholarship to Furr.

  23. 25

    Everybody keeps talking about the coaches and how they pay more attention. someone even said RAP MUSIC….NOOOOO
    can you say PARENTS????? teach them at home and the coach wont have to hold their hand so much


  24. 26

    By the way, Auburn IS NOT that nice. I’m not attempting to get you riled up, I’m speaking on an honest note. The nicest area is Tiger Town, which technically is in Opelika of all places, and College Street/University Avenue is the nicest area, but that’s where all the professors and such live. Other than that, the place is nasty. And having Opelika next door doesn’t help matters either.

  25. 27

    Remove those puke orange and faded blue glasses from your face guy.

    Auburn is not a nice area, and Opelika shouldn’t even be brought up into the conversation. The campus is beautiful, and there may be some suburban areas that are as well, but what I seen of the place was enough to know never to return. The rundown hotels, busted up roads and sidewalks, litter everywhere, homeless or white trash people on their bicycles, and your downtown area smelt the way it looked… like shit. And the 2007 crime rate between T-Town and Auburn was even. Keep in mind Tuscaloosa is nearly twice the size of Auburn.

  26. 28
    Ballplay Indian

    Look dooshbags…Im not saying its downtown Santa Monica, O.K…..If you read above, I said its not that bad…Very rural, I just cant understand why NYC keeps bringin it up….As if Tuscaloosa is the French Riveira or something.

  27. 29

    you talk about tuscaloosa thugs maybe you should read the headlines more often. the alabama tech girl’s family who was killed on the highway and all the many alabama tech students who’ve been robbed at gunpoint can agree. the lee county sheriff’s department should step their game up.

    count this as my signature:

  28. 30
    Ballplay Indian

    berman????? What the heck are you talking about? Never mind. you dont know….That was a tragedy. You shouldnt bring up stats about Auburn vs Tuscaloosa crime wise…There is no comparison…..Jeremy freggin Elder prolly held half the campus up before his dum ass got caught…Jimmy Johns prolly supplied half the campus with blow before his thug ass got caught….At least our cities criminals dont play for the dam football team…Only a bammer would dare open his mouth with a track record like yalls is….

  29. 31
    Amy 4 Bama

    Ballplay you’re the one opening up your corroded mouth like always.

    I live in Tuscaloosa and I love it. The university is gorgeous. I have friends that go to Auburn who loves Tuscaloosa. I guess it’s because they get more of a true college experience here than they do in that lifeless city. You talk about football players. So does our recent arrests automatically erase the history of thugs you’ve had play for your team? Does names like Robert Baker and Clifton Robertson no longer exist? Please don’t say we’ve had more because your list is ongoing as well.

  30. 33
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Congratulations, Balls! You’ve successfully succeeded at yet again trolling our boards with false facts and stuffing words in my mouth.

    I never hyped Tuscaloosa up to be the French Riviera. In fact, I SAID NOTHING ABOUT TUSCALOOSA AT ALL!

    You made a reference making Tuscaloosa seem like the last place on Earth anyone would wanna visit and I simply slapped you in the face with a well deserved reality check.

    Your “city” is outdated and is desperately in need of a serious facelift. Property is being purchased all along Pepperal Parkway, just to increase the value of the land, just because it’s so worthless down there. Not to mention outside of rodeos, there’s no other entertainment provided for your students. The “city” is taking one step forward in demolishing that side of the ghetto, but will they actually follow through with the initial plan? It’s been about two years since it was proposed, hasn’t it?

    I worked in Aubarn before relocating, landing a much better job, and thanks be to God for that (and no I didn’t live in Aubarn, I lived in Montgomery).

    And Rhyno, Tiger Town is nice, but give the place another solid 4-5 more years, just enough time for the inhabitants to run it into the dirt just as they do everything else, and it’ll look like Opelike and Aubarn.

    And NY isn’t the second best thing to heaven either. But it’s more civilized than that backwoods town will ever be. I only live here because I’m paid to (nice apartment covered and a hefty pay check every two weeks). Plus my life is much more exciting than it ever was there. And no THIS IS NOT A SHOT DIRECTED TOWARD THE SOUTH! This is a shot directed at the delusional Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute faithful who absurdly proclaim the “city” of Aubarn/Opelika is heaven on Earth.

  31. 34
    Kevin and Phil are white trash siblings

    I can’t wait to hear what Kevin has to negatively say about Nick Saban in this column. And what kind of provocative statements Phil will make in this column! GO SLIT YOUR WRISTS JUST BEFORE PLAYING CHICKEN WITH A SEMI!

  32. 35
    Auburn Man

    Let us not get into words with these igonrant Bamarammas. Everyone knows Auburn IS the loveliest village on the plains. Unless you mean the one in LEE County. That place smells like a homeless man pissed on it and you cant find Brie or Guda anywhere in that whole God forsaken place. Fuck Lee County. Iam Auburn Man. And I am the caviar of Football fans.

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