Parsing Saban’s words

When Nick Saban speaks, it is like E.F. Hutton, everyone listens. He provides details, and sometimes gems hidden inside seemingly innocuous comments. Let’s parse Saban’s words from Sunday’s press conference and see if we can learn a little about Alabama’s offensive woes from last season.

“He and Coach Mac seem to work well together,” Saban said.

Does this mean former Alabama offensive coordinator Major Applewhite didn’t work well with John Parker Wilson?

While we are reading between the lines about last season, does this quote from Saban indicate anything?

“I think Jim has done a fantastic job since he has been here,” Saban said. “He has got an excellent personality. The players like him.”

Is this a way of saying, Major Applewhite’s personality didn’t mesh with the rest of the Alabama organization? Apparently, he didn’t click with Wilson. What about other coaches? Certainly, it didn’t mesh with Nick Saban, or he’d still be in Tuscaloosa as offensive coordinator instead of taking demotion to running backs coach at Texas.

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The personality and working well together are two elements of the same theme.

An organization has its own culture, and sometimes highly qualified people just don’t fit into an organizational culture. Could this be why Wilson has a new offensive coordinator?

I still believe Applewhite will make a fine coordinator. But if you can’t fit the organizational profile, it is best to leave for your sake and the organizations sake.


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    Ballplay Indian

    Applewhite had to go because after a 7-5 season , someone had to lose thier job. Simple as that…Paul Finebaum called that one halfway thruogh the season. No this new coordinator is the next best thing since sliced bread (sound familiar?)……Different year, same spin..

  2. 2

    Applewhite repeated the main flaw in Shula’s offense: Throwing the ball up top too many times for an incompletion, when underneath routes are open. Sure, you get some spectacular plays, but the offenses weren’t patient and the result were low-scoring games – especially after the loss of Protho, who could pull those long, though less-than-accurate passes in. I’m sure the personality issues could have played a part, but from what I understand, Mac would rather have four singles than a homerun, if ya know what I mean.

  3. 3

    Applewhite wasn’t a very creative playcaller. He wasn’t consistent. After lighting up a defense, our performance would then go conservative and it nearly cost us three or four wins.
    I think he should’ve had a little more experience before taking a big step up with a program like Alabama.
    Hopefully Coach Jim can adjust those problems Applewhite had with playcalling.

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