Sabans make cover of local mag

What inspires Nick Saban?

He reads sports books, studies sports psychology and hires motivational speakers. But Nick Saban is most inspired by Scripture.

Terry (Saban) remarks…Nick is always looking for ways to motivate the team—reading motivational books, watching tapes, listening to sports psychiatrists, but amazingly enough where he gets most of his inspiration is from Scripture. Sitting in church together, I’m always having to get on to him. Everyone’s always watching what he is doing, and he’ll be looking for a pencil to write things down.

Coach adds…What we hear in church provides us with great guidelines and principles we can practice in our daily life…Religion was important, but it was never implied that you did right simply by going to church. You did right by practicing the lessons and values you learned there.

These quotes are from the August 2008 edition of Birmingham Christian Family Magazine. Nick and Terry Saban are on the cover. The article provides a glimpse at the Sabans’ faith. They are “active members” of St. Francis Catholic Church in Tuscaloosa.

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The article also examines the Saban family’s charity efforts. Nick’s Kids is a charity devoted to helping better the lives of children. The story helpfully details how the charity has given over $500,000 to local charities since the Saban’s arrived in Alabama.

Nick and Terry’s record of giving is explained as a desire to return because they were both the recipients of many gifts, like an education. And education was the means for them to fulfill their dreams.

If not for the scholarship, I would still be back in West Virginia running Dad’s gas station. With the scholarship, I had some choices.

The magazine is available for free on racks at many local grocery stores, bookstores and more than 250 churches throughout the metro Birmingham area.


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  1. 1

    What better motivation that the motivation the “good book” provides us with? Sports psychology motivation is one thing, but the man upstairs’ word is what will matter most in the end.

    Perhaps some of the trouble makers on the team should learn to open their eyes, hearts, and ears when the coaching staff is speaking on God and The Holy Bible. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help them in better decision making. There’s always a remotely slim possibility it can.

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian

    George…I agree 100%…This is something that I hope all CFB fans can agree on…The best way to stay out of trouble , is to go by the instruction book….Good to see a story like this on Nick and his wife..I did not know were they stood…He is looking better every day…

  3. 4
    Bama Amy

    I would think considering his roots he would be Baptist. I guess his wife is the one who got him into the Catholic church.

  4. 9

    I didnt know indians wore shirts,nice sexiest remark there CHIEF……dont you have a Pow-Wow to attend or something

  5. 11
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    It never takes a Barnie long to turn a diamond into a turd. Ballplay’s never truly had an actual girlfriend (that wasn’t an animal), hence his sexist remarks.

    And as for John David Phillips, isn’t it sad when inferiority/jealousy/envy/hate bugs you out so bad, you’ll even turn against the bible just because Nick Saban quotes scriptures to his players?

  6. 12
    Amy 4 Bama

    I’d love to iron your shirt, just as soon as I get your husband to check the oil in my Altima with it first.

  7. 15
    Third Saturday in Blogtober

    […] all costs.  His numerous acts on behalf of charities, his constant philanthropies both inside and outside the university community, and the testimonies of all who actually know him serve no other purpose but to create a facade […]

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