Images from Media Days

I miss my Nikon D2H. I used my sister’s digital camera for Media Days, and snapped these images. That is how I learned I miss that Nikon.

Nothing special, but just in case you haven’t overdosed on media days coverage, you can enjoy these photographs. I’m going to put them into our photographic archive too. The archive should start getting busy with football season. Right now, the plan is to have photographs from every (or at least most) football game(s). We’ll see how that goes.


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    all the pictures look great except for the last one on the second row. it looks slightly out of focus, almost like a shit stain with big ears.

    Count this as my signature:

  2. 3

    I guess the pistol whipping they gave Rashad Johnson at his last arrest muddled his brain and he forgot what his school colors are! I hope that is ‘Gator Orange’ and not from TSDTR.
    Maybe he wants to get drafted by the Bengals?! No, he wore it in honor of Tebow, yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket!!!

  3. 4

    Where these shots taken in the middle east or does CTT just hire actors to dress up as soldiers and follow him around for photo ops.?lol

  4. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Berman, you are a class act. Right up there with tmc1/probama. Maybe you ARE tmc1/probama. All the Bammer players are used to wearing the “institutional orange” so much, that they never take it off…. If you looked on the back, it would say Tuscaloosa Jail on it.

  5. 8

    tmc- tubs hires military guys to follow him around for protection from the delusional bammer fans who want to rub him out because they can’t beat him on the field.

  6. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    Good point Redneck…They probably do it for free, you know, out of mutual respect. Maybe he and others can go back after the season and you guys can meet one another. Maybe get your foot in the door for some bodyguard job or something?

  7. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    The caption under Johnsons pic should read. ” I dont know what you talkin bout..I didnt do it!!”. The one under Calwells pic” I will buss yo asss !!”..

  8. 15
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Ballplay, wouldn’t your racist comments be considered “stereotyping”? Especially after all the brain-dead garbage you spat at TMC1.

    Oh well, at least he can pronounciate his words better than Kodi Burns,
    Quinton Groves, Brad Lester, Trey Blackmon, DeRon Furr, etc. etc. ever could.

  9. 16

    I think Jet Gate colored Tuberville’s hair gray. Four or five years ago, the man’s hair was darker than a black lab. Now, he’s fully gray. lol

  10. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    Look NYC….nice try. Stereotypes are funny..But to say that the above compares to Marks “lookin at white women” is brick wall stupid. I believe Caldwell would buss yo ass if he had the chance..Im sticking to my guns on that one…The Johnson comment was a shot at the arrest at the Legacy..You know , the one that he got to skate on. The one that he got in absolutely no trouble over, remember that one ???

    Are YOU being racist? I mean hey, just cause our guys have speach impediments your going to “stereotype”?

    Let it go NYC, you know you laughed when you read that.

  11. 18
    Ballplay Indian

    I would like to caption The Sabans pics, but I cant seem to put into words the frustration Im seeing. He looks like hes gonna “buss soms ass too:..

  12. 19

    We live in the south of all places. In all fairness and respect to the Alabama and Auburn players, I highly doubt any of them speak anything other than country grammar.

    John Parker Wilson and Brandon Cox both sound like they were raised on a farm in the middle of no man’s land.

  13. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    I sound pretty much as country as you can get. There is no shame in it. If your from Baaaaston you speak like your fron Boston. New york, then you speak like your from New York. Wiscaaanson, then like your from Wisconson. I love the diferent dialects of the English language. I also like the way Shean Connery spoke in that movie,,,,What was it ? The one where hes an Irish cop helping to nab Capone? Dangit!!! I cant remember.

  14. 21

    Wow ballplay/rednick/AKA shanoehaters….etc…etc….
    I love the way you type the accents to all those places youve never been.
    So how does it feel to CTT get embarrassed onthe rectuiting trail by The Sabanator ….again… this is like the 23rd in a row. Pretty soon, CTT wont have enough credibility to recruit at the kindergatdens.

  15. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1…you are a poumpus a-hole….I read in a post of yours where you were saying that you had disregard for the south. Am I right ? Well, We are dam sure glad that you live in the land down under, and not here.

    Bammers, are yall proud of the representation that this dooshbag gives your university?

    Tmc1,,losing recruiting battles is not good , but as long as we keep kickiing yalls sorry ass on the feild , I could care less.

    Whats the head to head on T.T. vs Saban anyway?

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