Tuberville’s charm offensive

Tommy Tuberville’s charm offensive was a success at SEC Media Days 2008 due to his likeability, and media savvy. Tuberville thrives on stage; like a baby-kissing politician, Tuberville has time for this shit.

It also doesn’t hurt to have Auburn’s Internet journalists at SEC Media Days spreading the corporate message. The Auburn websites asked about Alabama’s discipline problems for the last two days. They questioned Tide players in almost every media meeting room, and today asked Tuberville about the situation.

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I didn’t see who asked this question of Tuberville, but I’ll wager it was planted:

Q. You talked a minute ago your assistant coaches have to be tenacious recruiters. When you’re in state rivals had 10 players arrested in 18 months, does that give you an advantage on the recruiting trail? Do your coaches emphasize that’s not happening here? Do you put that to use?

The question spins two anti-Alabama issues nicely. First, it attacks Alabama’s recruiting strengths and tries to say Auburn’s 2009 recruiting class is going to be better than the Tide’s. We all know when the recruits are counted, Alabama will finish ahead of Auburn in the real recruiting experts’ rankings (Luginbill is a shyster). Second, it perpetuates in the next news cycle Alabama’s recent problems staying on the right side of the law.

While the discipline issue is a legitimate question, the association with the daily Auburn Talking Points Memo shows the sophistication of Auburn’s media handlers.

To an extent you feel the phoniness about the media manipulation; however, so what.

Tuberville is a natural in front of the microphone. He gives interesting answers and performs his salesman job with great prowess.

Alabama should learn from Tuberville’s media handling.


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  1. 1

    You have to admit, Tubbs has a real sly way of getting under opponents skin. I am glad he is on Auburn’s side. My 70 + year old Grandmother ( God Bless her soul ), has never harmed anyone in her life. But when she sees Tubbs smirk, she could bite through sheet metal. Keep it going CTT..

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian

    Could it be possible that the questions asked by these journalists were asked because they were, well, worth asking? That is news guys, wether yall like to admit it or not.. Heck the Jimmy Johns deal was all over ESPN. Why would they not ask him something about discipline ? But in all honosty, I belive that the 19 signees DID have more to do with Saban than anything. Like Ive said before, its not about who fills there roster first , but who your signing. I feel that some of these guys hes signing was more about sending a message than anything.

    Yes, Tommy is a used car salesman at heart, and people love him for it. Did yall here him giving Finebaum hell the other day? That was gold. Finebaum tried to get Tubbs to call Saban out on being gay, (because of the boat deal). Tubbs talked to Finebaum like a pimp does to his ho. I was ashamed for Finebaum. It was halarious.

  3. 5

    I try not to respond to trolling, but I posted something about the big story from each day of SEC Media Days. Tuberville’s appearance was one of the bigger stories of the day.

    It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with being obsessed…unless that includes being obsessed with J.P. Wilson and Fulmer and Saban and Tim Tebow. I posted about them too. And since I’m planning to write something on Spurrier and maybe one or two others from this week.

  4. 7

    Lets see..
    The wonderful spread offense hasnt yeilded the top notch recruits or instate return to dominance CTT would love to still have.

    Neither has the selling point that Auburn has won 6 in a row. I know a lot of the Auburn faithful thought that would steer a lot of the upper end players in their direction, and yet it didnt help with recruiting either.

    So now, we have someone asking a question that was carefully crafted by Phil Marshall (probably) in hopes that prospects would turn on Bama due to Disciplinary problems.

    If Auburn fans really do love CTT and want to help him succeed, They might need to give him the following message.
    If you want to beat Saban at recruiting you will have to get off your a$$ and out work him. Instead of trying to get your flunky media cronies to do the job for you.
    Becasue apparently no one is buying it.

  5. 8

    Tuberville’s problem is he isn’t accustomed to replacing his off the field activities with work.

    Tuberville has settled in with kicking back and letting Mike Shula do his recruiting for him. With Nick Saban at the helm of the program now, he’s back to where he was the first day he started and the results are showing with the lackluster classes he’s been putting together since Saban took over at Alabama.

    I don’t want to mention how terrible his recruiting was at Ole Miss and how terrible his records were. Imagine those same results only now at Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

  6. 9

    It really breaks my heart to think that Auburn might be going back to the bottom again. We all know CTT wouldnt run a program into the dirt and leave town……

  7. 12

    Two things I get from this paranoid blog.
    1. CTT sales Auburn and its clean and healthy program, instead of UA’s buying players to come to an out of control, unhealthy skidmark like UA has going for it JUST to win recruiting MNCs!; and
    2. Our two media men are far more clever than the several hundred media members that fear for their jobs when QUESTIONING the Crapson Tide about embarrassing issues.

    Already the paranoia is swirling like a big floater in a flushing camode.
    OOO OOO we just won (bought) another great recruiting class. Auburn will never reach Ten. Maybe Seven, Eight and Nine, but not Ten. We’ll have Auburn staring over at 1,2 and 3 starting in 2012. That will get them real good. RTR

  8. 13

    Since a major Auburn blog said this post was a lie, I wanted to clarify something.

    I know for a FACT on Thursday, an Auburn website was asking Alabama players about the discipline problems. I saw them ask Caldwell the question on discipline. Twice. They tried to ask Saban, but couldn’t.

    As I said in this post, I couldn’t see or identify who asked the question of Tuberville. It wasn’t the same guys who were asking the questions of Alabama. I can say that for a certainty because I was sitting near them again on Friday.

    But I know it wasn’t any journalist from the major newspapers in the state.

    I just didn’t like the “lie” allegation, and wanted to provide more information about the basis of my knowledge which formed the genesis of this post. More information is never a bad thing. 🙂

  9. 14

    I would think that you would be glad that he called you our for what you are. This way at least people will actually come here and check out your blog. I guess it worked. I would have never come here otherwise.

  10. 15

    6downnowdeluded sez:

    “Already the paranoia is swirling like a big floater in a flushing camode.
    OOO OOO we just won (bought) another great recruiting class”

    Wow you are a real class guy. I can see that Auburn Degree all over your post. Keep up the work.. I hear you are in line for a Golf Digest Pulitzer prize.

  11. 16

    I wanted to clarify something, it was not a major AU Internet site that asked the loaded question on Friday. However, I know a major AU site asked the questions of the Tide players on Thursday. I still firmly believe an AU site (probably a blog or other AU supporter) asked the Friday question from Tuberville.

  12. 17

    “Luginbill is a shyster” but is unbiased in the way it ranks recruits? Come on, Cappy. Seriously, think about it.

  13. 18

    I think every service has a bias of some type. That’s why I tend to gravitate toward a balance between Scout and Rivals—the industry standards are industry standards for a reason.

    Luginbill is trying to build a business. I think he tells every fanbase what they want to hear. Listen to how he is talking up AJ McCarron. It is almost disgusting. Then listen to how he talks up Cotton. That is almost disgusting too.

  14. 19

    Kevin, very strange statement coming from that hypocritical mouth of yours.

    Why is it your people are claiming is biased after your coach is electing to recruit prospects that no other college is interested in, all of a sudden?

    Over the last 4 or 5 years, they surely weren’t biased. If I was a Barnzoe, the notion that it’s simply a conspiracy toward Alabama Tech would be floating around in my delusional brain too, I guess.

  15. 20

    Whatever you aubbos do, dont step out of the lockstep line and question anything that is going on in recruiting. CTT is the greatest rectuier in the SEC and he has the national championships to prove it.

  16. 21

    The bammers are just jealous because Satan is an introvert who can’t even look at the camera when he’s speaking. Tubs is genuine and honest and it’s galling their butts. I’d rather have Tubs any day of the week. BTW,I think he’s a better coach.

  17. 23
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Scott, he’s definitely a better coach, in fact, he’s one of the best in the business. After all, it only took him 10 years to finally achieve success in the SEC.

    It only took Saban two. You don’t threaten to “fire” a good coach one year, then up his contract the next, after he uses Alabama’s weakened state to his advantage.

  18. 24

    why yes Kevin,
    I did have a typo there. Thanks for noticing that and forgetting your coach is still impotent at winning championships and recruiting.
    Holler at me again when you get another sudden case of farsightedness.

  19. 25

    I understand your loathing of CTT. It’s the same disgust the crapstone nation spewed at the likes of Bo and others who were a threat to the perch.

    IHATEGWB. Your name says it all. As a turd fan and with a name like that you would have to be a liberal lawyer.

    NYC, You are just a nasty, bitter old fool. What is your measurement of success? AU won a SEC crown in Tubs 6th season. The program was atrocious when he took over, much worse than was LSU.Let’s see how long it takes your beloved Saban to acccomplish an SEC championship at the stone. It sure won’t be in his 2nd.

    Whomever wrote this blog.. you are a quite sophmoric.

  20. 26
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    TMC, your comments are too long. Shorten it to, Yes Daddy Tubs or No Mr Tubs or I am not an authority on football I will leave that up to the wonderful AUBURN bloggers.

    The Tigers are coming!
    The Beatdown is coming!
    Your Pride is going away!

    War Chicken!

  21. 27
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Atrocious? I doubt that.

    Ten years before Saban took the job at LSU, LSU had endured 7 losing seasons.

    Do you know how many losing seasons The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute endured ten years before Tubby took the job? 3! The five year record prior to Tubby’s debut was 49-21.

    How many years did it take Saban to win an SEC title at LSU? 2!

    How many years did it take Tuberredneck down at the plainest trailer park in Lee County? 6!

    How many years did it take Tuberredneck to win an SEC title at Ole Miss? HE NEVER WON ONE!

    How many years did it take him to FINALLY post a winning record in the SEC? 6!

    When did he finally gain success over Alabama? Immediately after our downfall began.

    How did Tuberville finally find the key to success in the SEC, after ten years of coaching in it? Simply filling Alabama’s void courtesy of the NCAA.

    He was a failure at Ole Miss and he was a failure at The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute until his competition was eliminated. Alabama’s numbers are steadily rising, and before long, he’ll go back to being that mediocre coach who was on the verge of being fired prior to Alabama’s downfall, who used Alabama’s weakened state as a focal point to expand his paycheck.

  22. 28
    Dick Duster

    Alabama’s numbers are rising? That is a pretty ambiguous statement, and if I can remember correctly, the number of wins declined from 2006.
    Tubbs is a good coach, and Saban is a good coach. They wouldn’t be coaching at the D-1 level in the strongest conference in the country if they were not good coaches. Saying that one or the other is going to wind up a failure is just wishful thinking from a delusional fanatic point of view.

  23. 29
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    NYC, How many titles has $abin won at bama? Until Colette….I mean $abin wins anything significant at Ala”stand in the door”bama, keep bowing down to your AUBURN co-workers!

  24. 30

    Shane is a Blogger.Ballplay/aka dude with 187 names.
    Even though you dont have a clue who your Daddy is, I know who mine is. And it isnt Tubbs.

  25. 31

    and also siab AKA Shanehaters AKA shanes girlfriend aka ballplay/ aka redneck Aubbo.
    Why are you trying to talk down to NYC?
    You must love being verbally smacked around like a punch drunk paltroon, Every time you try to talk at him he EMBARRASSES you.

  26. 32

    NYC, once again your vitriol exposes your obvious depression and need for serious mental therapy.

    LSU’s losing was not a result of lack of talent. Anyone with a brain could see that Bowden recruited poorly, especially the last 3 years. Atrocious is a valid term to sum up what CTT took over.

    And to try and compare championships for CTT while at Ole Miss is reaching. Ole Miss knows what severe sanctions are all about as CTT endured them the entire time he was there. Furthermore, Ole Miss has not sniffed a championship in decades under any coach. He left Cutcliff a very nice nucleus to go with Eli, however, and Ole Miss enjoyed some of their best seasons while CTT recruits were there.

    Stating UAs condition is courtesy of the NCAA is nothing short of delusional. Had UA done nothing wrong there would have been no sanctions. The blame rests squarely on UA and it’s elitist, audacious, fan base. Blame Fulmer, the NCAA, whomever you wish. The crimson spiral was long overdue.

    As well, do you actually believe that your intended slight of AU, calling them by their former name (API),is perceived by anyone other than UA fans as an insult? It was a proud institution then as it is now. Remember that the next time you buy groceries, need your pet poodle mended, or walk into a building that was engineered by a fine graduate of AU.

    You, and many of your minions, try and diminish the current streak and AU success as filling voids in your own program. Has that also, in your opinion been the case each and every time this has taken place. Because this is not the first time AU has reigned supreme over UA.

    Take your meds and enjoy your great city. Smile once in a while and take solice in the fact that there is hope for all mental disorders these days.

  27. 33
    Ballplay Indian

    You are on crack tmc1….NYC has never been one to verbally abuse anyone. I dont think he is a contender by any means when it comes to smack talk. Much like yopurself ,,he is a flyweight.

  28. 34
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC ….Vince Lambardi couldnt have won an SEC championship at Ole Miss, with Knute Rockne helping…

  29. 35


    Please explain how the question from the reporter tried to show that AU’s recruiting class would be better than UA’s recruiting class?

    As for the Auburn reporters asking questions about the arrests and discipline problems at UA……if Bammer players, coaches and fans don’t like those questions….then they should figure out a way to keep their players out of trouble!!!! Pretty simple IMO. The arrests and discipline issues will continue to be a point of focus for AU fans and media as long as they continue. Heck, you should know that… like to mention “duck hunting” and Tubby “job hunting” every time you get a chance:) That’s what sites like this and the media does…..they focus on the negatives of their rivals in an attempt to make themselves look better.

  30. 36

    It is also a focus of recruiting. And it is reasonable to expect it to continue. Rivals will always tell families, that there is trouble there…or that is a drinking school…Come to us, and we’ll help your son graduate.

    Well, I think we all know the spin about the 20 commitments so far. Marshall declared a couple of the players the best. In fact, he said one linebacker was the most highly regarded in the state. Of course, he couldn’t cite anyone who said that, but anyway.

    I believe the commitments, the number of early commitments, etc. were a direct result of concern inside AU about perception. They did these things, and then had media surrogates saying AU’s recruiting wasn’t as bad as everyone worried.

    I believe that has been the theme of AU’s media coverage since signing day 2008. Whether it is true or not, will have to be seen. I just see the question in light of the overall AU media message—something to assure the fanbase that all is well.

  31. 37


    Something to assure the fanbase that all is well……I thought we were talking about Auburn????

    BTW, I believe that you must lasy in bed at night thinking of Auburn, Tubby and Marshall:)

  32. 38

    I admit it! Just look at the pic of Tuberville I put on the latest post. 🙂

    And I’ll also admit sadness with Marshall moving to a pay-per-view website. I lost access to the most well-connected Auburn beat writer. I’m lost now!

  33. 39


    If you relied on Marshall for real information…then you have been lost all along:) It actually amazes me that you even care about what he writes since none of the Aubies I associate with pay him any attention!!! I take that back…I know why you read his junk….gives you something to write about when you can’t figure out how to work the duck hunting angle!!!

    Sorry, just giving you a hard time:)

  34. 41
    A-K-A APIman

    TMCzero I have asked you to KEEP MY DAMN NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!! your a fool who has nothing better to do then to make unfounded accusations ( runs in your family ) and FUK YOUR DADDY! hows that for smack you fukn loser i havent posted nothing in a week (out of the country) yet you still wanna paint this blog with a BIG BRUSH OF SHIT AND PUT MY NAME EVERYWHERE

  35. 44
    A-K-A APIman

    Yes you did GEORGIE that was my NUTTS you were chewing on and my spooge you spit out rookie IF you want it, keep it up i will out talk you too and guess what i promise i can make enough POLYTECHIES come here and mind fuk you too SON!!! now spit again i cant understand you NO wait a minute DONT SPIT SWALLOW YOU SISSY BITCH …


  36. 46
    A-K-A APIman

    I am sorry you feel that way Ballplay ( i respect you ) and i understand but fukem there stupid and looking for it anyway soooo i ll give it to em. I mean damn you cant make any comment or read any blog/article in here without the first post coming from a bamma with unfounded idiocy and words they think only they know the meaning of.

  37. 48
    E.G White

    AKA you stupid inbred toothless fagot, just what the hell did you expect to read on a Bama blog? Maybe War East Alabama Male College? LMFAO! What a retarded cum dumpster! RTR!

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