Tuberville’s charm offensive

Tommy Tuberville’s charm offensive was a success at SEC Media Days 2008 due to his likeability, and media savvy. Tuberville thrives on stage; like a baby-kissing politician, Tuberville has time for this shit.

It also doesn’t hurt to have Auburn’s Internet journalists at SEC Media Days spreading the corporate message. The Auburn websites asked about Alabama’s discipline problems for the last two days. They questioned Tide players in almost every media meeting room, and today asked Tuberville about the situation.

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I didn’t see who asked this question of Tuberville, but I’ll wager it was planted:

Q. You talked a minute ago your assistant coaches have to be tenacious recruiters. When you’re in state rivals had 10 players arrested in 18 months, does that give you an advantage on the recruiting trail? Do your coaches emphasize that’s not happening here? Do you put that to use?

The question spins two anti-Alabama issues nicely. First, it attacks Alabama’s recruiting strengths and tries to say Auburn’s 2009 recruiting class is going to be better than the Tide’s. We all know when the recruits are counted, Alabama will finish ahead of Auburn in the real recruiting experts’ rankings (Luginbill is a shyster). Second, it perpetuates in the next news cycle Alabama’s recent problems staying on the right side of the law.

While the discipline issue is a legitimate question, the association with the daily Auburn Talking Points Memo shows the sophistication of Auburn’s media handlers.

To an extent you feel the phoniness about the media manipulation; however, so what.

Tuberville is a natural in front of the microphone. He gives interesting answers and performs his salesman job with great prowess.

Alabama should learn from Tuberville’s media handling.