SEC shuts Franklin down

By Shane from Centerpoint
Well, it didn’t take him long. He hasn’t coached a down of football yet in the SEC, but Auburn’s new offensive coordinator, Tony Franklin, has already has a problem with following the rules. He is apparently upset because the commissioner’s office is making him remove his name from the title of his football instructional package, “The Tony Franklin System”. Franklin said, “ I’m not happy about it, but I joined the club, so I’ll play by the club’s rules”. In my opinion this joker has an attitude problem. Since when does a “rookie” SEC coach criticize his league’s management and in such a large public venue like The Birmingham News – the state’s largest newspaper.

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Apparently Franklin assumed that since the league’s A.D.’s had discussed changing the rule that things would go his way. When the A.D.’s decided to leave the current rules intact, Tony started running his mouth. “The SEC said no. It doesn’t make sense to me,” said Franklin. I guess Tony thinks that Mike Slive and every athletic director in the Southeastern conference is stupid, or a least not as intelligent as he is.

This newly named “The System Seminars” is the original program Franklin started when he resigned from Kentucky after the NCAA started investigating the program. Tell me this guy isn’t a character. He rolls on his fellow coaches, and then writes a book about the entire thing. That was the first sign that Tony is all about Tony. The fact that he tried to profit from the incident says it all.

In my opinion, Tony sat around and made notes while Hal Mumme and Mike Leach created a multiple wide receiver “spread” offense and designed hundreds of plays that originated from this strategy. Did Tony Franklin invent the system that formerly carried his name? I doubt it. However, he is the first person to market the offense nationwide. I’ll give him credit for that.

Franklin seemed defiant when he said, “I’ll continue to speak at clinics where there are not student athletes”. I guess he has to be available for high school coaches to consult with him each week. I think he feels obligated since that is part of the package he sells. By the way, when does he have time to coach the Auburn offense?

I’m going to be the first one to fire the shot across the bow and say that Tony Franklin is a loose cannon. His mouth is going to get him (or Auburn) in trouble some where down the line. Tommy Tuberville has kept the reigns tight on most of the men who have coached under him. Tony is fast becoming the “mouth of the South”, with his arrogant attitude out-shining even Tuberville. Talking smack about SEC rules and openly disrespecting the league’s Athletic Directors shows Franklin doesn’t care what anybody else thinks.

Did Tony really think that he and Tuberville could use his camps as a recruiting tool? I bet the SEC did too. Maybe that’s why they shut him down.

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