SEC shuts Franklin down

By Shane from Centerpoint
Well, it didn’t take him long. He hasn’t coached a down of football yet in the SEC, but Auburn’s new offensive coordinator, Tony Franklin, has already has a problem with following the rules. He is apparently upset because the commissioner’s office is making him remove his name from the title of his football instructional package, “The Tony Franklin System”. Franklin said, “ I’m not happy about it, but I joined the club, so I’ll play by the club’s rules”. In my opinion this joker has an attitude problem. Since when does a “rookie” SEC coach criticize his league’s management and in such a large public venue like The Birmingham News – the state’s largest newspaper.

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Apparently Franklin assumed that since the league’s A.D.’s had discussed changing the rule that things would go his way. When the A.D.’s decided to leave the current rules intact, Tony started running his mouth. “The SEC said no. It doesn’t make sense to me,” said Franklin. I guess Tony thinks that Mike Slive and every athletic director in the Southeastern conference is stupid, or a least not as intelligent as he is.

This newly named “The System Seminars” is the original program Franklin started when he resigned from Kentucky after the NCAA started investigating the program. Tell me this guy isn’t a character. He rolls on his fellow coaches, and then writes a book about the entire thing. That was the first sign that Tony is all about Tony. The fact that he tried to profit from the incident says it all.

In my opinion, Tony sat around and made notes while Hal Mumme and Mike Leach created a multiple wide receiver “spread” offense and designed hundreds of plays that originated from this strategy. Did Tony Franklin invent the system that formerly carried his name? I doubt it. However, he is the first person to market the offense nationwide. I’ll give him credit for that.

Franklin seemed defiant when he said, “I’ll continue to speak at clinics where there are not student athletes”. I guess he has to be available for high school coaches to consult with him each week. I think he feels obligated since that is part of the package he sells. By the way, when does he have time to coach the Auburn offense?

I’m going to be the first one to fire the shot across the bow and say that Tony Franklin is a loose cannon. His mouth is going to get him (or Auburn) in trouble some where down the line. Tommy Tuberville has kept the reigns tight on most of the men who have coached under him. Tony is fast becoming the “mouth of the South”, with his arrogant attitude out-shining even Tuberville. Talking smack about SEC rules and openly disrespecting the league’s Athletic Directors shows Franklin doesn’t care what anybody else thinks.

Did Tony really think that he and Tuberville could use his camps as a recruiting tool? I bet the SEC did too. Maybe that’s why they shut him down.

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  1. 1

    Is this a real story? If so this is absolutely the worse crap even written on this site. Ridiculous. Where do you find the time?

  2. 3

    yeah I can tell that Franklin is going to be a problem with his mouth.. gee. can’t believe how “defiant” the man is. You would think from this article that Franklin pissed on the leagues shoes or something. AS said before ridiculous…

  3. 4

    the problem with franklin is that he thinks he is more important than he is. there are hundreds, yes hundreds of high school teams running this very offense. fraklin is front and center at every oppurtunity and tubby is relegated to the shadows. we will soon see who will survive the BATTLE OF EGOS. will pat dye and bobby loulder continue to quitely support franklin or will they come out of the closet so to speak and openly declare franklin their man? this time JET GATE will succeed and the puppet masters will again rule auburn football. rtr

  4. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Cant yall see that this article is for only one reason? To piss off Auburn fans. If you think its bad now…Wait until the Iron bowl butt kicking fiesta that Franklin puts on Bama. I hope he uses his mouth of the south to fire away at Tuscaloosa when we win. That will the Bama crapstorm of the century. Ol Tony might have to start wearing a kevlar and a flak jacket.

  5. 7

    Why shouldn’t he be able to have his name on an instructional video, especially if its his. Shane your are reaching for something that’s just not there. But I’m glad our new OC is already getting under you skin.Get used to it.

  6. 9

    Who’s scared there Red ? Took 4 posts from that rattled and confused brain to respond to an “opinion “.
    Open a Beer and settle down before you pee in your knickers.

  7. 11

    Shane’s inside knowlede of the SEC absolutely amazzzzes me! Read between the lines. Franklin is cocky, just Like Spurrier and Saban. He has a “system” similar to a “process” like Saban. He is defiant to the powers that be (AD’s)like Saban was to the NFL leadership and Dolphins ownership.

    He believes Franklin is every bit as great as he believes Saban to be and it SCARES HIM TO DEATH. As much as he would love to have another “jetgate”, he’s now fearful that Franklin would become Bama’s worst nightmare just as Tubby has been the past 9 years.

    Poor, poor Shane, he IS just like Bama football… he can’t win for losing!


  8. 12

    Bammas wonder each and every day from the likes off
    pluto the all wonder and here it is every thursday we find out something about AUburn we didnt know…
    GOD SHANE U SUCK who are you to call a coach any coach a rookie??? and your opinion of his attitude is gonna change a whole lot when Auburn walks that mudhole dry buddy!!


  9. 13


    WTF? your articles get worse by the day. It’s blatantly obvious how bad you want something to be wrong at auburn. First the obsession non-existent Chette Williams stuff. Now this garbage? This non-story is old. Franklin had to sell the system months ago. Let’s not forget your last two backwards articles. Auburn can’t win an NC with a first year QB, but bama can? Bama can win with a new OC, but because auburn has new coordinators they have no shot? I’m confused. Wasn’t Paul Rhoads defense ranked ahead of Muschamp’s last year? Bama has talent and depth? Really? Who’s your back up QB? Who even starts at LB, much less is a back up? How bout at WR? And Auburn has questions? MO-ron.

  10. 14

    Sorry, Shane. Just more wishful thinking. Your Aubsession is noted, but you seem to extrapolate an awful lot of scandal from a two sentence reaction from Franklin. Your desperation has clouded your judgment. Once again. Is Chette Williams involved in this? Maybe Phillip Marshall? The only time a self-parody is really funny is when its creator doesn’t even realize it. This one’s funny.

  11. 17

    Maybe, just maybe Tony can change the name to “The Pat White System” after he and his West Virgina Spread shows Franklin and the Alabama Tech Tiggers how to properly execute the spread when they hang 90 on the newcomer’s weakling defense.

  12. 18

    Keep dreaming 6*down and now it’s gone.

    The closest you’ll ever see to a team hanging 50 against the other in the Iron Bowl is when you finally play an Alabama team at full strength for the first time since 2001. I take it you’ve blocked those nightmarish memories from your empty head full of cobwebs. I’m talking all the humiliating losses you sustained before our program fell apart. Forget it all you want, but you’ll relive those tormenting moments soon enough. We’ll show Tubs how to properly kick a team’s ass and not only by one touchdown especially when they’re at their worst.

  13. 19

    don’t take the fact that you can’t deal with the facts out on shane. barnies should be more concerned with franklin’s devised plan to bring alabama tech to a bloody pulp. his past history with former coaches isn’t pretty, and when alabama beats his brains out, i’m sure he’ll point fingers at tuberville just before turning him and alabama tech in for violations.

    once again shane finds another successful way of getting under the skin of the dysfunctional barnie family. nice job!

    Count this as my signature:

  14. 20

    Nice Job Shane.
    The “Tony Franklin system” was in service at the University of Kentucky before Franklin walked in the door.
    Mumme was head coach and Mike Leach was the athletic director. Franklin went to work as the backs coach and took over as Offensive coordinator (for roughly a year) AFTER Leach went to the big 12. Unofficially the reason that Franklin went to the NCAA (and threw Kentucky under the bus) is because He wanted to take credit for the offense and Mumme said “Hell no”
    By the way it is also called “HAL MUMME’S AIR RAID” and he has been marketing it for a while. And Mike Leach could arguably suit Franklin and win.

    Also, being the class act he is, Franklin wrote another book called “Victor’s Victory” about a young man who mysteriously died because there wasnt a defibrilator around to save him. (Franklin neglects to mention anything about the “No Huddle, Spread offense” that literally ran poor Victor Hill until his heart stopped beating.) Nope it was that damn defibulator’s fault for not being handy.
    Luckily, Franklin (being the great guy he is) Was there to right a book about it. So that everyone would know the dangers of running a teenager to death and not have a defib to save your ass…
    Tony Franklin is a world class douchebag. A financially, and morally bankrupt crumb of a man. Yes that is right… Bankrupt.

  15. 21
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Karma is lurking closely behind Coach Tony Franklin and The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute football program.

    If you guy’s thought Tator Tot’s last year was sheerly humiliating, just wait for the debacle between Tubby, Coach Tony Franklin, Professor Pette, and The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute to unfold.

    That being said, I doubt Franklin will take Tubby’s place, but maybe the third wheel, Paul Rhoads will after his new defensive system gets shown up by these explosive SEC offenses.

  16. 22

    Bamafan in NYC
    that is exactly right.
    You know like I do. Tony Franklin’s little dog and pony show is strictly county fair material for the rubes to be suckered in by.
    I agree with you … the only entertaining aspect to The Tony Franklin Saga is the meltdown that will be occuring in LEE County. I ‘ve go the popcorn, for this one.

  17. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    Youve still got issues tmc1…If you dont know something as a fact, (especially when talking about being responsible for someones death) Shut Up!!!

    Its just football. Get a grip.

    If you dont know Tony personally, just like you dont know Chette personally, then you know nothing about thier morals, or lack thereof.

  18. 24

    AGAIN, i’ve never seen so many fans of one team so nuerotic. sigmund freud would have a field day couch sitting these ninnys. the difference between shane and i-man is that shane has something of substance to write or talk about rather the endless babble by a resident for the mentally impaired. i-man blames the bamers for world war II, the great depression, and death and taxes, etc. an original thought is what shane puts forth, instead of recycled garbage that was said years ago but rehatched by i-man because he can’t think or verbalize a thought of his own. the aubies are holding their balls because after 5 years of undeserved probation the TIDE is rising a little bit higher every day. BEWARE the fist.

  19. 25
    Ballplay Indian

    The tide isnt rising…We aint skeered. And yall need to fear whatever D2 school your scheduled to play. (Remember LAMO ? )

  20. 26

    Geez, he’s a freakin coordinator. This is amazing how intimidated you bammers have gotten over an assistant coach. Are you bammers seriously so worried about the guy that you feel compelled to initiate a smear campaign against they guy? I was a little skeptical about the spread when I first heard he was getting hired, but the terror exhibited by all you bammers has convinced me that he’s the greatest thing since Knute Rockne.

    tmc, I love your earth shattering assertion that the “unofficial” reason that Franklin wrote the book was was that Mumme wouldn’t let him take credit for the offense. You got a source you’re willing to name on that? I guess it must be that same “anonymous source” that intheknow relied upon for telling us that Fran missed all those practices and meeting before the 02 IB. Once again, a nameless poster on this blog scoops all those ridiculous sportswriters who foolishly place their name and reputation on everything they write.

  21. 27

    Christopherson, Bama Fan in NYC,tmc1, troy,

    All you losers think that running mouths win ballgames and ward off demons. FYI, Auburn will kick Bama’s ass royally.

    The way you guys worship Shane makes me think you all choke on cock. Keep thoughs excuses coming. They make for real comedy.

    Hey NYC, how’s the Garbage Truck? They let you ride in the Cab now or do you still hang on for dear life to the back. Speaking of Karma, its all bad for the Tide.
    PLOI, Seven and No Bowl is what the criminal tide has coming!

  22. 28
    Ballplay Indian

    6 now 7…You forgot to add probama, and to mention that they are all one and the same.. Just different screen names.

  23. 29

    This guy is such an idiot! He refers to Franklin as a rookie coach in the SEC in then proceeds to talk about the guy coaching at Kentucky. Last time I checked they were an SEC school. Note to the idiot!!!! You cannot be a rookie SEC coach if you’ve already coached in the SEC.

  24. 30

    True on Shane calling him a rookie coach in the same article as he mentions his coaching stint at Kentucky. It shows how much credibility he has as a “journalist.” I think what Bama fans have to fear is another 7-5 season that is staring them right in the face. What Auburn fans have to fear is all the excuses that this 7-5 season will generate from the Shane’s of this world.

  25. 31

    Yep, exactly as I thought, Aubbos in denial.
    Julio/ballplay/AKA…SHANEHATES6downnow7 ETC.ETC.
    You are so uneducated it is just plain morose.
    You cry like someone just insulted Mother Theresa over poor Tony Franklin and yet you have no comments about his baggage. Except cop outs like saying “oh yeah? well prove it… Why dont you guys investigate a little instead of making up rainbow brite fairy tales that let your conscience off the hook. lol….

    So tell us, what is it like to know that Your Offensive coordinateor is Bankrupt…? (Sorry if the collective laugh you are hearing is at you guys.)
    And what about Kentucky, How many more people does Franklin have to turn into the NCAA, Suit and write a expose book on, before you guys will figurre out he is a blatant narcissistic self promoter?
    And like I said. In my previous post, The “no huddle” offense and the demanding toll it took on Victor Hill had nothing to do with his sad, unfortunate loss. Nope,not according to Ol’ Tony.
    Instead of accepting any personal responsibility for it, he just skated around the event and blamed those damn defibs for not being around to do their job… And then in the true Tony Franklin fashion he wrote a book trying to profit from the tragedy.
    Boy howdy,,,, do you guys have a pie headed straight for your face……

  26. 32

    Blatant narcissistic self promoter? Did you mean to insert Saban’s name after that sentence? I think Tony Franklin will not have to look far (in the state where he currently is employed by the way) to turn someone into the NCAA. Do you really think all the other SEC coaches are going to let Saban and Alabama cheat in recruiting much longer? You are not the sacred cow you were back when the Bear was there and the NCAA will come down on you hard especially if your boosters keep up the shenanigans. Serving a subpoena to a visiting coach in town for media day is embarrassing even for Alabama. I know with all the arrests there lately the legal system is something you know well.

    It will be #7 for Auburn and #6 for LSU and probably #3 for Mississippi State.

  27. 33

    Big suprise, another blog about Auburn. Wait a minute, I thought you guys were arguing that AU is obsessed with UAT… what a joke.

    Also, leave it to a bammer to criticize Franklin for having the guts to do what is right and turn in a cheater. Unless you are in the mob, I think most people would agree that it is honorable to follow the rules and report someone when they aren’t. Really, it is baffling to me that someone would think that is insulting. Unfortunately, it really speaks to how far our society has fallen, but definitely illustrates the logic and mindset of the typical UAT fan.

  28. 35

    Not worried about Shane. The funny thing is that Auburn now has a ‘Whistle Blower’ on staff at the ‘most penalized institution in Division 1 history.’ Running the spread with Auburn’s current complement of players is like placing a battery powered propeller on a turd in a speed-boat race. Good luck getting to .500. And by the way, that means T-Chump will continue his effort to run, run, run, run away from hayseed country, carpet bombed, raggedy and nasty pine-cone dirt farm goofville.

  29. 36

    Who in the hell do you think you are referring to anyone as uneducated. You’re the most paranoid Bama fan alive. Tony Franklin has you Bama fan idiots so wrapped up in getting your ass kicked that you have to dream up stories how he is going to bring Auburn down.
    Just keep on with yor BS, because Bama is on the threshold! The threshold of total “Hasbeenism”!
    Once little dick Saban falls and the NCAA come crashing down on Bama’s corrupt group of dirty REC members, Bama will be finished!
    It will a crying shame too. Bama has so much going for them but they have embosuls for fans. Fans who (not all but 10 times more than all the SEC combined) who are so self centered only because they they pull for Alabama. The most self righteous group of nobodies that ever walked the planet.
    I would ignor you guys, but it is too much fun rubbing the irogance in your face like a dog who poot on the carpet.
    Only difference a dog can be made to behave itself. This unlike a great portion of Bama Rednecks!

  30. 37

    AuTiger sez…..

    I think most people would agree that it is honorable to follow the rules and report someone when they aren’t.”
    Do you mean like say….. Eric Ramsey or Terry Bowden did? Or maybe James Gundlach?

  31. 38

    YOU DIR DESERVE THE PULITZER PRIZE! Be careful and dont hurt anybody with that vicious wit. (and be prepared for the guy with 187 names to weigh in with at least 10 of them.

  32. 39

    6 down now 7,
    Saban has never, never, been in on half the shenanigans the CTF has.
    But thankfully he has slack jawed yokels who are willing to beileve he is nothing but the finest man alive (as long as he is at Auburn)
    Proving once again. Auburn would mug someones Grandma and then try to pin the blame on Bama.

    Seriously, Aubbos…
    What is the excuse for Franklin.
    Why did the “sucessful football consultant” who has marketed his program to so many schools have to go bankrupt?
    Better question is how does it feel to know that your OC’s credit is so bad he probably has to pay for his furniture on a weekly basis?

  33. 40

    Right now their primary focus should be on Nikki Borges. Alabama Polytechnic Institute fans should know by now she’s like a shark, waiting to attack when the moment is right. After she stabs Tuberville and API in the back for firing her one hit wonder of a husband, I suspect Tony Franklin’s conniving tactics to come into play.

    Talk about mass destruction on an already decaying Alabama Polytechnic Institute football program!

  34. 42

    Maybe Auburn should have hired TMC1 and 007 to help find a new OC. They would have not recommended CTF based on two criteria. He hates CHEATERS and has his eye on the TIDE and his credit is bad.
    Well thanks TMC/007, I guess UA, I mean we should be worried! What a bunch of goofs you two are!

    Now that Bama has little Nicky,the REC working recruit’s parents and Mike Slive ignoring reports of rampant recruitng violations committed by Alabama, total moronic nuts can dream of AU’s pending decay.

    Sounds like BammerNecks are very concerned that number seven is coming to hang a 50 spot on the scoreboard.

    Who in the hell is Bama’s OC? I never read about him on the Crapstain. He must be a real winner.

  35. 43

    To be fair, us Auburn fans have sought every opportunity to scrutinize the personality traits of Saban, so I have no problem with Shane and the Bama league of extraorinary fanatics taking on Franklin.

    Also, as we are constantly reminded that this is a “BAMA” blog, why does Shane continue to write about Auburn. Half of his “Bama-blogs” are about Auburn. Smells a lot like “obscession”.

    Shane, only you would attack a coach over the interpretation of publishing rules of a training video that might sell 48 copies, while more than 10% of your team is being arrested.

    I don’t mean to “rag” Bama about its discipline problems, but rather to “rag” Shane about his undisciplined problem of trying to make something out of nothing.

    Shane, you’re looking kinda scared.

  36. 44


    You must be joking. “After 5 years of undeserved probation…”. Do you realize how very close Alabama came to receiving the death penalty?

  37. 45

    Shane being shane, full of shane… Takes one comment about not disagreeing and blows it way out of proportion.. Spins it… Franklin said he did not agree with it, what is the big deal… You went crazy over the Sa%an rule…

  38. 46

    I think that sixdownnow7 said it perfectly. Your argument is that AU, or any college program for that matter, shouldn’t hire coaches unless they are (a) ok with cheating and (b) don’t mind others cheating.

    TMC1, it certainly hurt when AU got busted for cheating in the 90’s, but you will NEVER read anything that I write that defends them for cheating, or tries to argue that their probation was unjustified. The apparant difference between your point of view and mine is that I disdain cheating, whereas you seem to think UAT is entitled to do whatever they want without consequences… and it’s clear that when consequences do occur, which the program brought on themself, they are somehow not responsible and get a free pass on eveything that goes wrong with the program.

  39. 47

    I think the argument Shane and most people have made is that Tony Franklin isn’t as Innocent as he claims. You don’t lie down with dogs and not get fleas.

    If the UK program was systemically corrupt, some doubt anyone who worked there could be all that innocent. Especially someone working as OC. And some have said his turning NCAA evidence was a bid to keep himself out of trouble. Others have suggested it was retaliation. Whatever the reason, many people attribute the most sinister motives to Franklin’s actions.

    When you combine those notions with Franklin’s obvious arrogance, it is only a matter of time until he is stabbing Tommy in the back, or stabbing Auburn—at least from some people’s perspectives.

  40. 48

    Pleeeeeeeeeease Crapstoner. Now we know it all. CERTAINLY, Mal Moore, and EVERYONE knew that Ivey and Cotrell knew about the likes of Logan Young, Keller and probably all the corruption. Including the ones the NCAA missed or got to too late.

    That’s Lack of Institutional Control.
    Bama should have gotten the Chair!

  41. 49

    Perhaps I am missing something, would someone please clarify the “obvious arrogance” of Tony Franklin? It’s not so obvious to me.

  42. 50

    It is possible Franklin wasn’t involved or complicit in recruiting violations. I don’t think Charlie Stubbs was involved in the violations at UA.

    However, I’m just telling you what many people believe.

    As for Franklin’s arrogance. LOL. OK. Whatever. In listening to him, I think he makes Rush Propst look humble….but we must be reading and listening to different people. 🙂

  43. 51

    tmc said:
    “Seriously, Aubbos…
    What is the excuse for Franklin.
    Why did the “sucessful football consultant” who has marketed his program to so many schools have to go bankrupt?”

    just shows how much attention you have actually paid to Franklin’s situation.
    He went bankrupt after he couldn’t get a coaching job. then, he began selling the system and got himself out of financial trouble. maybe you consider getting your facts straight before trying to insult someone. oh, wait, bammers don’t deal in facts. my bad.

  44. 52
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Shane you IGNORANT SLUT!

    The TIGERS are coming!
    The 50+ is coming!
    The BEATDOWN is coming!

    Blow Tide Blow!

  45. 53

    Okay, so anyway…YES Auburn doesnt seem to mind that there Offensive Coordinator is bankrupt.
    Next question. Franklin had 2 years to go to the NCAA. Why did he wait until he was about to lose his job (Due to disagreements with Mumme and other staff( before he did the right thing?

    And no one can explain the whole “Victor’s Victory” thing. Only a world class piece of garbage could watch a young man basically run himself to death (conditioning himself for the “no Huddle” offense) and then blame the school for not having a defib handy. Thankfully Franklin wrote a book about it, absolving himself of any wrong doing.

    Aubbos, there are reasons why Franklin was blackballed. You just chose to wishfully think they want come back to haunt you.

  46. 54

    You can mark my words on this one Aubbos.

    By the time Franklin leaves Lee County, Terry Bowden will have become a pleasant memory.

  47. 55


    Why should Auburn fans be concerned with Franklin’s financial situation? He was hired as an “offensive coordinator” and not a financial advisor. I don’t get the connection, other than Shane’s pathetic attempt to create an issue where no issue exists.

    You want a topic to feed on, an honest to goodness Alabama topic:

    Contrary to what appeared to be another Mal Moore hiring debacle before finally hiring Saban and saving the day. The Saban deal was done shortly after the Mississippi State loss and well before any other offers were made.

    On the day Rich Rodriguez turned down the Tide I overheard a conversation between a concerned Tide fan and a very calm Tide fan. The calmer fan said, “don’t worry about it, Rodriguez was never our man”. He further stated that “on January 3 at 11am Nick Saban will be announced as our new head coach. I know because I am connected with the Bama program”.

    Interesting too that the media began its crusade against Shula at this time. Could it be the media were on Bama’s payroll? And it seems Finebaum has been onboard ever since.

  48. 56

    tmc, you asked earlier for Auburn to investigate CTF. Well, why don’t you Bammers go and investigate JJ’s business and see how many other players and coaches were involved. Using Capstone’s investigative methods and theories, you can’t have just one guy selling dope with out “everybody else” knowing about it.

    Get to it Shanelock Holmes!

  49. 57

    We dont have to investigate JJ. He was arrested so eveidently there is some morality in Tuscaloosa, Unlike Auburn. Where as long as you are winning nobody asks any questions.
    By the way…. no one answered any of the questions. If any of this would have been brought up about a Bama coach. We would have never heard the end of it.
    Just goes to show that Aubbos cant seem to measure themselves by the same expectations they have for others. Right Aubbos?
    You damn Nick Saban for things that arent half as bad as some of the things your coaches have pulled.

  50. 58

    Tmc, there only 3 refences to saban in all the responses.two of those were made by the same person. So the only one talking about damning saban is you think ctf could have been arguing with the staff about cheating,(Its a stretch)but you don’t have a clue what really happened do you? Its sad that you would blame some young mans death on a coach.We get it you don’t like him but basically accusing him of killing a kid is ridiculous.

  51. 59
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    Mama said your Sugar Tit is ready, come and get it.

    The Tigers are coming!
    The Beatdown is coming!
    The Sugar Tit is coming!
    After the Beatdown,
    What pride you have is GONE!

    War Chicken & Blow Tide Blow!

  52. 60

    there you go….. doing the typical Aubbo trick and conveniently forgetting.
    So you are saying that there have only been 3 remarks made by Aubbos about Nick Saban in history. Nope look again. Read any bama blog and you will see it happens all the time. Next falsehood please.

    Tony Franklin had 2 years to tell the NCAA. And he did nothing until Mumme was about to sack him.
    So how is Franklin different from Terry Bowden? You have no answer do you. Your answer is to change the subject.

    And your corn pone niavte’ is just sad.
    But for the fact Victor Hill was running the “no-huddle, fast-paced, fast tempo” offense (quote: Tommy Tuberville) to the point his heart stopped he wouldnt have needed a defib now whould he?
    Doesnt that show you that Franklin might not be the right man for a Coaching Job? He is responsible for these young men’s safety. Instead he put lives at risk and someone died making his grandiose plans and expectations a reality.
    Make no mistake. Victor Hill would still be alive today if Coach Tony Franklin cared more about the players and less about “his system”

  53. 61

    SHANEHATERS is a Blogger /AKA/ Ballplay/etc..etc…

    Let me gurss. I respond and then I get to hear that I am a hypocrite who has a potty mouth…etc…etc..etc…

    Tell YOUR MOM I’m not interested in her sagging dehydrated Lee County style tits. If she will wash them maybe she could get a man. (I am sorry I meant KEEP A MAN.Who isnt homeless…..)

    Dont whine you asked for this…..

  54. 62
    Ballplay Indian

    People….Dont encourage tmc1….There is no reasoning with this doosher….I tried for a while, and now have given up hope. It is a waste of time and energy to try to understand him. Dont bother.

  55. 63

    FACT: Franklin did in seven days of practise in getting ready for a bowl game what Alabama hasn’t been able to do since Stallings left…and what Saban hasn’t done in his last 3 years as a head coach… a big game!!!!

    Imagine what he WILL do this year with a little time to install his “System”. The Bammers are still running scared from the Tommy lead Auburn Tigers and this blog proves it. They are afraid of our Head coach, our coordinators, our chaplin, our mascot, our two in-state stadiums, our fans and most impotantly our team. Run Shane Run!


    PS. Did anyone watch the replay of the 1996 SEC CG pitting Florida against Bama? Boy that Stalling was a real defensive genius wasn’t he!

  56. 64

    tmc, I guess when Bear does everything in his power to kill half of the football team at Junction, TX it’s a wonderful, heart warming story about the virtues of hard work and and dedication. When a tragedy occurs involving a coach at Auburn, he’s a freakin murderer and a scumbag for having the audacity to publicly bestow the potential lifesaving virtues of having defibrilators close by at practices. (btw, do you also berate Brother Oliver in the same manner when he plugs defibrilators on the Finebaum show?)

    P.S. Spare me your response about how no one knew the dangers of heat stroke in the 50’s. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that running someone like a dog in 100+ heat could kill someone.

  57. 65

    No tmc I was talking about this specific blog.not so sure what trick I was trying to pull just stating the truth. One diffirence between ctf and bowden is one is coaching at auburn, and the other is sportscaster. Also, its nice to see the so called “incident” you had with your daughter reading your computer screen has had an impact on how you act on this blog. Just another internet tough guy.

  58. 66

    Looks like Shane struck a nerve in the Aubbies Spinal Cord with this one. Still makes you wonder why Tony was still at Troy being that hes so great of a coordinator, He even writes books about how great he is but yet no one wanted him but AUB. Hope they do run the spread with a Freshman QB, All the DBs in the SEC will be licking their chops waiting in those easy pick Interceptions.Cody won’t last the first two games.

  59. 67
    Ballplay Indian

    Crimson…..Do you know what you are? Let me tell you what you are….Just another delusional jackass bammer….. No one….Not even the king of delusion tmc1…would say that T.T. doesnt know how to scout coaching talent. Hes probably a better coaching recruiter than a player recruiter. Franklins offense ranked 16th in the NATION last year at freekin TROY …TROY…Ill say it again…TROY !!!!! Troy sux….They did it against thier OOC opponents that were not sunbelt conference teams..The three teams that Troy and Auburn both played. Troy WAAAAAAYYYYYYY outscored Auburn. That was against Arkansas, Georgia, and who else? Im thinking , but Im drawing a blank… Anyhooo, You will soon see what Auburn with Tony Franklin is capable of….No more of those “close” moral victory iron bowls that you bammers love to hang your hats on. Im thinking around the neighborhood of 37 – 10 Auburn….

  60. 69

    The good ole days for AU was over last NOV, Im seeing 9+ in a row over you Aubbies.Hope you saved all those Sunday news papper articles so you’ll have something positive to read about over the next decade.(TellEm Tide Fan 11)

  61. 71
    Tide Fan 11

    Last time i checked bambi was a deer.. u show ur incompetence by refering to a deer as an idiot.. truly a real man of genius.. anyways it must eat at you knowing that the tide is rising and the barn is burning thats why u left that post am i correct.. and that goes for all other barners .. The barn is going to be bama’s Bitch

  62. 72

    Shane, Shane…Don’t be jealous just because you aren’t the only person who owns a patent on running your mouth. But I have to give credit where it is due: your mouth is better than most old toilets at running constantly, and probably should should be replaced rather than fixed…

  63. 73
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Shane and his KLAN on this blog is SCARED to death of the Mighty AUBURN TIGERS!

    You can run but you cannot hide.
    The BEATDOWN is coming.

  64. 74

    Shane you are such a Dumb ass Bama Homer. Seriously you write the most worthless articles but you have some DA BAMMERS that lap this shit up.

    So I guess it is one Dumb Ass catering to a Dumb ass Crimson Neck Nation.

    Round the Bowl

    Down the Hole

    Roll Turd Roll

    Got Croom? Oh wait that is because the university is ran by racist.

  65. 75

    Crimson Says:Hope they do run the spread with a Freshman QB,
    hey idiot last time i checked kodi burns was here last year and he wasnt redshirted. just ask florida and clemson as to who kodi burns is.

    oh and did al borges put 30 points on georgia last year? dont think so but ctf did when he was at troy.
    and his offense was 16th in the nation in yards per game and 25th in scoring offense let me ask you bammers this what was bamas offense ranked last year try 75th in yards per game and 65th in points per game. that is facts from espn.
    say all you want because all tiger fans are the ones who will be laughing in t-town after auburn puts up win 7 in a row

  66. 76
    A-K-A APIman

    tmc1 Says:
    July 27th, 2008 at 8:33 pm
    SHANEHATERS is a Blogger /AKA/ Ballplay/etc..etc…

    Let me gurss. I respond and then I get to hear that I am a hypocrite who has a potty mouth…etc…etc..etc…

    Tell YOUR MOM I’m not interested in her sagging dehydrated Lee County style tits. If she will wash them maybe she could get a man. (I am sorry I meant KEEP A MAN.Who isnt homeless…..)

    Dont whine you asked for this…..

    Dude keep my name out of your mouth,I am tired of YOU attacking everyone as one, but that is your nature right I have been out of the country for a week and havent posted a thing and you post about me SERIOUSLY FUK U TMC1/TMCzero…..
    and its your daddy who gives my moms tits a tounge bath you stoopid toad!



  67. 77
    Ballplay Indian

    Did you clear that with your daughter tmc1? Boy, you are a 2 faced jackass arent you? Dont want to hear any more “high road” crap.

  68. 79

    Shane, man such hate! And for a coach that hasn’t even beaten the snot out of the tide yet. All the conjecture sure is nice though, but that’s true to form for bammers. Just make it up as you go, say or write it, and it becomes true! That was pretty idiotic even for Shane. I think I’m gonna go take a big Shane right now.

  69. 80

    tmc, how in the hell can you make the accusation that TF killed the young man because of the no huddle? It is a rare tragedy when something like this happens on a athletic field. If you are half as intelligent as you try and portray yourself then you would repost that what you said is nothing more than biased rhetoric.

    No one knows what went down at KY but the blacklist that Franklin endured is over. He now has a chance to redeem himself. This season will tell what he is capable of. I for one am exited.

    As far as ripping off the system goes, have you ever heard of marketing? That is all he is doing with the system. Shane just lashes out an any negative regarding AU. This is a small non-issue.

    Arrogance is a crimson trait so I get you recognizing it.

  70. 81


    Bama not only beat AUBURN in the recruiting polls, they now out rank us in the TOP 20 PARTY SCHOOLS.

    WHATS NEXT – The top 20 Universities most easily accepted into.

    My God, will it never end?

  71. 83
    Tide Fan 11

    For the last time quit complaining u bunch of winey little bitches like i said if u dont like it dont look u bunch of fucking ignorant bastards.. And “shanes pain” Auburn may have been dominant over the past 6 years but what do they have to show for it i mean really think about it…. oh wait there not offering any more basket weaving classes to enhance your intellectual ability.. And for “Footbogey” I would rather have arrogance than have stupidity and ignorance any day of the week

  72. 84

    Hey Ballplay Indian,did you fall out of your High Chair, must have.Do you really know why Tony was not wanted anywhere else in the whole wide world.
    JUST ASK ALL THE COACHES AT KENTUCKY,im sure they would not mind discussing it with you. He’s a RAT in human form, when you turn on your fellow subordinates just to try and cover up your own screw ups seems kind of selfish to me how about you.
    So you can see why he’s at AUB now,RIGHT!! Speaking of self centered.

  73. 85
    Ballplay Indian

    Crimson….Exactly how in the hell do you pretend to know anything about Tony Franklin ? Did you ” ask the Kentucky coachs”? That would be kind of hard considering NONE OF THEM WORK THIER ANYMORE !!!!!You know nothing about Tony Franklin. Quit acting like your “connected”. Like him or not , I dont care. In fact, Im glad you dont like him. It tells me that he must be a threat..Heck, I freekin loved Shula. Hated to see him go.

    Tide fane 11..Did you forget to take your retalin? I will do as I please here, and you cant do anything. So Zip it boy…

  74. 86

    Ballplay Indian,I see you did’nt fall out of your high chair, your still in it. Are you off of Gerber yet and trying solid foods, guess not cause you act like your still pooping yellow.
    Im sure you do wish shula was still in T-Town because all you barners know whats coming in the near future.By the way, you called Tide Fan 11 a boy im glad you look up to ypur Elders.

  75. 88

    Just a question, do you think Jimmy Johns will roll on any of the Bama players that he might have sold cocaine to for a lighter sentence? It will really hit the fan then but I am sure it will not be Saban’s fault and part of the process is getting half the team involved in the legal system.

  76. 89

    Ah that sound of a real ‘bammer’ complaining about breaking the rules. Isn’t that funny bammers taling about Auburn. Why you would think bammers are the only ones ever to play by the rules. And you know they did, Coach Bryants, just check the reccord over the last 50 years. If finally came home to roost right at the foot of the ‘red elephant bammers’ all the lies of the past are now sitting at home w/them. So Sorry!

  77. 90
    Just took a Shane

    Ahh- I just took a Shane and used this article to wipe my ass. Shane, its time to pump Bama this year and stop writing about the nobodies. Bama is going to be awesum this year and with all of the weapons they have Saban is going to lead them to the promised land and get number 13.

    The NFL is lucky that Bama is just in the SEC and not in the NFL because they would get 5-7 wins eaasy in the NFL. Teams like the Raiders, Dolphins, Jets, Bills, 49ers, and Falcons could not stop the power of JPW and Julio Jones with a great mastermind of Saban behind it. Shane keep up the good work homie.


  78. 92

    Tide Fan 11:

    Several things have been accomplished with the 6 years of Auburn dominace (if you want to limit it to just 6 years).

    The one thing that stands out for me is the FACT that Auburn with Tommy’s leadership has been able to take the Bama nation and single handedly made the vast majority of the Bama nation the most envious, disrespected, closed minded, excuse laden, taken for granted, whiney ass, sad and pathetic fan base in the NCAA and maybe all of sports. I take GREAT pleasure in that! I find it amusing and satisfing.

    Most of the Bama appreciaters I know would most likely agree with me on that because they are reasonable people and of sound mind. It’s the bama goobers on this blog, Shane’s followers if you will, and 80% or more of the sold out spring game attendees that I refer to.

    That is the real signifigance behind the dominance of Auburn this century not to mention the records and history you goobers like to fall back on.


  79. 93

    Wow, what a coincidence, ESPN has the Top Ten Most Hated college programs and Alabama came in 8th. Here is why:

    8. Alabama
    Many college football fans are tired of hearing about Paul “Bear” Bryant. The Crimson Tide will never stop talking about him.

    Seems it’s not jusy us “Aubarnie’s” that despise the tired worn out excuses from the past dwelling goobers!

  80. 94

    AUBURN is the 8th most hated in the SEC, Bama is first. Here is their reasoning:

    1. Alabama: Tide fans cling to the past with an obsessive desperation. Hate to break it to you, but Bear Bryant and all his brilliance ain’t coming back.

    8. Auburn: What’s with the rolling of Toomer’s Corner? Obviously, there’s not much else to do on The Plains. That is, outside of beating Alabama every year.

    Again, not just us Auburnites that despise the ignorance of the Bama nation!

  81. 96

    Looks as if Bama has finally started to see the light with the hiring of Dave Hart.

    Must be planning on firing Mal and Sabie Baby at the end of this years debacle that statrs with Clemson and ends with Auburn. Too many Tigers!

  82. 98

    Hey Shane,

    It is me again, the thorn in your side who sees through all the crap that you spew out of that Centerpoint mouth of yours.

    Talk about throwing a program under the bus, why dont you look at the Miami Dolphins first and then look at LSU. Nicky is loyal to no one except the pocketbook. You’d better hope AU doesnt stomp another mudhole in you for the 7th time or Nicky and your daddy Fineflame will have another 7 months to talk about “what happened” to Alabama football.

    WDE Blow tide.

  83. 99

    As i look back on this post I see a lot of names that dissappeared due to the fact they didnt have the manhood to admit that they were mistaken…. Sad. Its not so great to be an Aubbo Tiger now is it boys?

  84. 100

    Six Down Now Seven: “All you losers think that running mouths win ballgames and ward off demons. FYI, Auburn will kick Bama’s ass royally.”

    36-0… where are you at now, you little pansy ass bitch? Is your username referring to how many losses Opelika had last year? Maybe now you should change it to “EightDownNowNine” referring to how many losses Cheez it will deliver you guys next year!

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