J.P. Wilson poised for breakout season

Alabama’s senior quarterback, John Parker Wilson wasn’t in Hoover today, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t a big topic of conversation. In fact, Wilson was discussed by Coach Nick Saban, and his senior center Antoine Caldwell.

Despite playing for his third offensive coordinator, Saban said the quarterback has adjusted extremely well.

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“He and Mac have a good relationship,” Saban said. “I think Mac’s helped him. I think he can have an outstanding year if he can just stay on task here.”

Caldwell, the affable and versatile offensive lineman, said Wilson would be the most experienced quarterback in the conference playing with an experienced offensive line.

“I think he is going to have a breakout year,” Caldwell said.

Wilson is spending time working on and off the field. Caldwell said the quarterback has spent more time in the film room than ever before.

And Wilson’s relationship with new offensive coordinator Jim McElwain is said to be good. McElwain’s system was described as more quaterback friendly, and easier to understand for the quarterback and the rest of the offense.

The simplicity will help the younger players, Caldwell said.

“Our offensive coordinator, McElwain, has done a great job making things simpler for everybody,” Caldwell said. “ It’s a faster system where don’t have to think as much and the younger guys have been in here this summer working with it so I think they’ll be more comfortable when fall practice starts next week…For John Parker, he has (simplified). He has not made the reads so complicated.”

This simplicity was a theme Saban also talked about. By eliminating superfluous “thought processes” the offense should improve decision making speed, judgment and throw accuracy.

Saban said this style is more akin to what Wilson experienced in high school. A location where Wilson excelled. Wilson also excelled under Mike Shula. But appeared to regress under Major Applewhite’s tutelage.

“ I think you can have a great system, but it also can be very complicated. And sometimes the complications slow down players’ ability to make good judgments and decisions,” Saban said. “That can affect their ability to perform with consistency.”

And Saban is all about consistency. He preaches consistency with the fervor of an evangelist. Fortunately, he is trying to make it easier for players to reach this performance marker.


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    Playcalling was in fact a major issue last season. It varied at times, while at others it was too conservative or plain. Notice how we blew Arkansas, Houston, Ole Miss, and Colorado out in the first half, then stunk it up in the second half. The only game of which was called well during all four quarters was the Tennessee game. If they could slightly enhance the playcalling and execute it to perfection in all four quarters, our offense shouldn’t have a problem this season.

  2. 3

    parker has only put up impressive numbers because he had a decent wide receiving corpse. let’s see what he can do with a fresh set of receivers which probably will be no different than with brown and hall.

    Count this as my signature:

  3. 5
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Mesmerizing signature, Pluto/Redneck/Ballplay?APIMan/Whoever else you post under. I was deeply moved and touched in such a sensational way!

  4. 7
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1 ..Are you on meth? Pluto is a bona fide bammer. I agree that JPW could have a good year. If , like pluto said, the recievers step it up. As arrogant as D.J. Hall seems to be,, he was an outstanding reciever. Kieth Brown was good as well. But , hey, yall may have some good replacement . Im unsure of who you got coming in besides JULIO.

  5. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    More football. What kind of offensive output do yall see in the Bama / Clemson game? I see Clemson with a pretty balanced attack. Say about 225 on the ground 275 at the most. no shame in that guys, theyve got 2 great backs. And before I hear that thier O- line is green , I might remind you that Bamas d- line is green too. In the air I see slightly less, about 200 – 225 yards.

    On the other side of the coin I see Bama with about 225-250 through the air. and 100 – 125 on the ground. Very good considering this defense is salty. Bama will keep it closer than some think with some great special teams. Maybe a punt or kickoff return for a T.D.

    JPW will be efficient. But Davis and Spiller have a track meet. (Remember Arkansas last year?). The unsung hero of the game will probably be Clemsons Q.B. watshisname?

    Final score..Clemson 34 – Bama 24..

    What do yall think?

  6. 9

    I think you’re about right on the Clemson game, Ballplay. I do think JPW has a good chance at a breakout year if Julio Jones or another underclassmen comes through at WR, though. For God sakes, with two full yrs of experience he has no excuse. It might be a Stan White/ Jason Campbell type thing. The biggest problem Bama has is on D, especially at LB. You gotta have 3 solid performers there, plus some depth. To pull that off completely, some true freshmen are gonna have to step up. That doesn’t tend to work at LB.

  7. 10

    I doubt Julio will make a significant impact in his freshman season. I wouldn’t mind seeing him redshirted and I’d prefer that over him starting in his freshman year.

  8. 11

    Julio, a freshman is more likely to make an impact at WR than at LB. I think we have some second year guy (Earl Alexander…I know, who?) who will step in and pick up the slack. Julio Jones is the real deal, and should start catching passes immediately. But linebacker…oh crap…linebacker. Rolando McClain can’t play all four backer positions at the same time. Hopefully by mid to late season we can establish some new faces, but look for an early set of losses before homecoming if what I think CAN happen DOES happen.

    We’ll still beat Auburn 112-0 though. 🙂

  9. 12

    From an Alabama Polytechnic Institute Fan’s perspective, when it comes to the final score of the Clemson game, we’ll be damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

    If we beat Clemson, API fans will claim they played a better game against them than we did, even if we beat them by double digits. They’ll blame the differential on Clemson having more seniors playing them in the Chik Fil A bowl than they did playing us in the season opener.

    If we lose, all we’ll hear is we beat them last year and y’all didn’t. Nothing will ever be resolved no matter what.

  10. 13

    Lets see. 5-1=4.
    tha is how many new lineman Clemson will start against Alabama.
    Spiller and Davis look great. So did McFadden and Jones. At least McFadden and Jones had some experienced Blocking.

  11. 14

    Whether we win or lose the Clemson game is irrelevant either way for the simple fact that on November 29th, their rules-less world of delusion and utopia will implode and reality will come crashing down like a kamikaze pilot during World War 2.

  12. 15

    Yes I agree GeorgeW.
    But I’d like to think…..
    They will be wondering the streets around Toomer’s Corner looking like Hiroshima survivors. Totally devastated and wondering how everything went so wrong. After years of believing they would dominate and completely conquer the football world, when the Aubbos get hit by a Saban guided Atomic bomb full of football humility. I want to be there just to offer the poor down fallen Aubbos a helping hand in their moment of total humiliation. And then at the last millisecond I want to jerk that hand away and laugh at them even harder…..Yeah….that will be sweet…..

  13. 16
    Ballplay Indian

    007 and tmc1….First you aint winning the Clemson game..So that comparison is moot. Second, Clemsons O-line lacked a lot last year so its not like they are replacing 4 all americans… Skill positions are awesome for Clemson…If they just get decent play from thier O-line,,,,It will be a long night for Alabama…But it is College Football and anything could happen..

    tmc1/probama. That scenario aint happenin either son. Get ready for yet ANOTHER loss at BRYANT-TUBBERVILLE STADIUM !!!!

  14. 17

    Ballplay.. explain this.. tmc0 says: “Lets see. 5-1=4.
    tha is how many new lineman Clemson will start against Alabama.”

    Explain to me why the offensive line will matter when going up against the defensive line and absent linebackers that bammer will field?

    I honestly see Clemson beating them soundly.

  15. 18

    I think you’re right about LB, intheknow. That’s such a hard position for new guys to walk in and pickup, especially if you’re asking 3 or 4 guys to do it. We’ll see about Julio Jones. I watched a little 5’10” corner from Prattville contain Jones pretty good in the playoffs last year. He had some double team help also, but the point was that Jones didn’t dominate anybody in that game. You’d expect a recruit with that much hype to be a man among boys.

  16. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    Redneck…They act as Bammers d-line was 07 LSU or something….The only position that may be worse for them than linebacker is their d-line. Class 1A Lickskillet high school could block these guys…I dont care what tmc1 says …Clemson will average in the neighborhood of 7 yards per carry. So I guess tmc1 was right it will be ugly if they dont find some lineman to step up. BAMA THAT IS !!!!!.. But youve gat a point redneck, After they blow through the line of scimmage, if they can dodge Rolondo ..It will be ugly… See the way it works is like this..To stop the run with their defense , the secondary has to move up.. Hello Cullen harper !!!! 80 yard T.D. pass….Ive changed my mind Clemson 37 – Bama 17….Hello Poulan weedeater bowl…Again….

  17. 20
    A-K-A APIman

    FUK U TMCzero AND BAMMA IN NYC …now has anyone else had the nutts to just tell you FUCK YOU!!!!!! no so keep on keeping on SISSY BITCHES with my name coming out of your mouth

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