Random notes from Day 1 of SEC Media Days

Sportswriters need to learn how to dress
Sportswriters need a lesson in how to dress. Maybe the TV people should host a seminar. Too many sportswriters don’t wear socks, and too many wear shorts to Media Days.

Are sportswriters so poor they can’t afford socks?

I will say compared to many a pressbox, the attire was better than typical for a newspaper-type audience.

Croom Impressive
Listening to Slyvester Croom I’m struck with how impressive he is. What moron thought Mike Shula would be a better representative of the University of Alabama? Shula may have had the pretty boy looks, but Croom is more authentic, eloquent and interesting than Shula could ever hope to be. Plus, Croom is a good football coach.

Croom is everything you would want as a representative of the University.

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Smug Alert
Urban Meyer comes across as…smug. Only George Clooney is smugger. Birmingham’s pollution is bad enough, but Meyer’s arrival in town only increased the ozone alert.

Am I a cynic?
Am I a cynic? I didn’t think so until I found myself writing sarcastic remarks about Tim Tebow during the quarterback’s opening remarks. I’ve thought Tebow was overrated, but that isn’t a reason to laugh or mock his good works.

There I was making notes comparing Tebow’s comments about having a platform to something lame we’d hear from a candidate for Miss America.

But as I listened, I became more and more impressed.

Tebow really means what he says, and in an age of inauthentic superstars, Tebow’s faith is refreshing.

Best courtesy gift ever
The SEC was thoughtful enough to put a packet of BC headache powders into each packet. After a long day of talking to reporters and listening to coaches like Les Miles, I needed it.

Les Miles
The reigning SEC and national championship coach Les Miles looked better than he sounded. But, no suit can camouflage his buffoonery. Miles doesn’t want to talk about Nick Saban, but the guy is such a moron he doesn’t understand that by talking about Nick Saban, you create more reason to talk about Nick Saban.

Miles comment to LSU boosters about beating Alabama not being such a big deal because several Louisiana teams beat Alabama last season netted him this question:
Q. The state of Louisiana has 12 colleges that play football. If Alabama played those 12 as a schedule in the season, what do you think their record would be?

And Miles was obligated to provide this answer:
“I want you to know something. I have great respect for the University of Alabama, the history they have presented to college football, the competition that they put on every time they take the field. I promise you that any fun and entertainment that I have with supporters is very respectful,” Miles said. “I love college football, the competition and the young men that play it.”

Here is a free tip Les, if you don’t want to talk about Nick Saban, shut your mouth about him.