Clemson picked to win ACC

For the 17th straight time, a Bowden is picked to win the ACC.

Only, this isn’t Bobby. Here’s an AP story on Clemson and the outlook for this year’s Tigers squad. The Tigers open the 2008 college football season in Atlanta against the Alabama Crimson Tide.


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    One more reason I’d like to see us beat Clemson, just so that the presumptive ACC champions will have to go through the entire season knowing that they lost the first, and possibly their most important, game of the entire year, not just to Alabama, but more importantly to an SEC team.

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    Ballplay Indian

    George….uburn gave them some SEC last year. Believe me when I say thay havent forgotten it. They will be pumped for this game. And they will be ready to play. Bama will have to have some Clemson turnovers, and play some good defense to win. Sorry, but I just dont see it happening. But thats not to say it cant. Clemson is a good football team.

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    Please inform me on where I stated they were a bad team and Alabama was going to win.

    If you have a valid fact, I will pay you more money than I can handle.

    To briefly summarize my response, I simply stated “I would like to see us defeat the ACC’s preseason favorite.” However, as a critic, I don’t think we’ll win this game, but like you said, who’s saying we can’t? Even so, we lost to FSU last season who dominated Clemson in the first game of the 07 season.

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    I think that article speaks more to the weakness of the ACC… FSU is expected to finish third?!?!?!

    I really hope the early praise gets to their heads. The pressure that comes with the hype and expectations can be a difficult thing to handle if you’re not used to it. I think our guys are a little more used to the spotlight – just because it’s BAMA, which has always been a higher profile program.

    Clemson is favored to win this game, as I think they will. But it’ll be closer than the experts think.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Just putting in my opinion brotha…Why is everybody so defensive? I apologise for letting people like tmc1 and probama ruin my outlook on all bama fans. They both are talking about the gaping hole that bama wil rip Clemson. And tmc1 stated that bama wil go 11-1. …..See what I mean.

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    bammer needs many things to go their way in order to win this one. The first thing they need is for Clemson’s offense to stay at home. bammers defense will not be able to hold them back. I also look for a good game and for it to be close in the beginning and for Clemson to win by a couple of td’s in the end.

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    Ballplay Indian

    LCN..Have to disagree..Look at the last time bama was bragged on ….05…..Your team is used to the spotlight…and the lineup….and the mugshot…Just cause “your Bama” is not a very good reason to predict a win…But when thats all you have to cling to….Thats all you can say. I bet Clemson decides to play the game anyhow. Even though they are playing “bama”…..

    When week 1 arrives I can guaruntee you I will be hear to eat crow..Or to serve it.

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    17 years ago they were picked to win the ACC and they did and yes they probably will win in Georgia ….but BAMMA always has the old fall back thought process
    WELL AUburn beat em so we can too!


  9. 9

    Wow, You guys are as wrong as a platypus.
    Clemson and Auburn have 2 things in common. One is they played for the grand prize at the chicken bowl.
    The other is that they are both hyped and inflated to the point of AUbsurdity.
    Clemson and Auburn are riding their preseason rating like a government mule.

    Everyone is taking it for granted that Clemson’s offensive line will be good.
    Here is a thought to ponder….
    Clemson finished 3rd in the ACC last year, this year 4 of those starting lineman are gone.
    2 of those starting lineman were all-american. (And those are hard to replace.)
    So just like Auburn’s new offensive scheme, Everyone is assuming that the Clemson offensive line will ba a good one.
    If Bama could beat Arkansas with McFadden and Jones, then they can beat Clemson. Clemson is not as good as they were last year. A preseason ranking of top in the ACC shows how far the ACC has sunk into mediocrity.

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    Barnie Basher

    I thought Clemson was the second-best team in the nation last year, and the best team defeated them in the we support cow bowl?

    Barnies should worry more about Louisiana Monroe, who’s first up on their 08 schedule, rather than Alabama playing Clemson. I don’t think API’s defense is ready for that dynamic senior quarterback who compiled impressive stats last season and beat us 21-14, a 7 point margin just as API did.

    I wonder if API’s D is ready to take the fall. Is Trey Blackmon your only returning linebacker? Only two returning linemen? Only two returning starters in your secondary? Do you really think that defense will contain the likes of Pat White and WVA, Knoshown Moreno and UGA, Terry Grant and UA, a rising Charles Scott and Keiland williams and LSU? Arian Foster and UT?

    You’re in a for a very rude awakening, redneck. Keep on living up those high days under Muschamp because reality’s is about to knock you on your ass.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    From here on out, I expect Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute’s defensive coordinating position to rapidly change the way the offensive coordinating position has since Tuberredneck stepped down from Ole Miss to take over the API coaching job.

    I also expect Tubby and Coach Tony Franklin to bout it out over who has more control over this program/whose ego is bigger, resulting in Coach Tony Franklin bolting for a job elsewhere, leaving API in ruins at the hands of the NCAA.

    It’s coming!

  12. 12

    Bama fan!! I can see it too!! You are a psychic brother! Keep it comming! The truth shall set you free!
    Aubbo fans listn to Bamafan in NYC, he is good, he is wise!
    Heed his words now and avoid embarrassment later!

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    Ballplay Indian

    So yall are saying Bama is going to whip Clemson then? Please come back and man up after the game. If you think its bad now….you have no idea.

  14. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    Again Barnie….Blackman is not the only returning starter..Several underclassmen started several games last year…I would be worried about Bamas linsbackers or lack thereof if I were you.

  15. 15
    A-K-A APIman

    Man I cant wait,, 38 days till we see who really has to eat crow! Indian they cant worry about their LB’s THEY DONT HAVE ANY! and TMCzero I have one name for you and you will call him every name you can think of and its MARKS,Sen’ Derrick Marks.. I bet JPW is thinking of him this very day! But I seriously cqant wait till kick off…. GL to all the SEC teams

  16. 16

    Here’s what I love…the bammers didn’t watch enough AU games to know about a freakin’ animal named Antoine Carter (the other “AC”). They don’t know anything about Mike Blanc. Also, there’s a freak juco transfer named Raven Gray who will probably jump ahead himself and be a starter. (Tubs said he’s as good as any D lineman he’s ever signed. Hmmm, has Tubs signed any decent D-linemen in his time?) At LB ther’s Chris Evans, Craig Stevens, Merrill Johnson, Bo Harris…remember that Trey Blackmon twisted his ankle during the season opener and couldn’t even play for half the season. Quentin Groves was also injured for a large part of the season. All Auburn did was finish 1st in the SEC and 6th in the country in scoring defense. Can’t imagine why AU feels it will be strong on defense.

  17. 17

    we dont care to care to care who is playing for Auburn. Youact as though we should fall prostrate when you mention household names in Lee County. I think I am speaking for the rest of the English speaking world when I say “So what?

  18. 18

    Just like NSD, you will just change your screen name as opposed to manning up.
    Aside from that, You are Auburn. We dont have to prove anything to you.

  19. 19

    AKA-Ive got 187 screen names:
    I really dont care about whats his name the Taco Eater, I just used his name because he will be representing you (much like Caddilac and Irons, I might add) at the media days. If you like him so much why not invite him to our house for dinner sometime, thisis a Bama blog we dont want to discuss pretenders from LEE County. Next please.

  20. 20


    Please dont waste my time trying to impress me with anything Little Aubbie has done.
    I have personally witnessed Bama win more National Championships than Auburn will win in the next 300+ years, at the rate they are going.

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