Saban on Good Day Alabama

Nick Saban Video:

Alabama football coach Nick Saban appeared on Good Day Alabama Wednesday morning. The appearance marked the end of Saban’s summer vacation, and a return to the work of being Alabama’s head football coach.

Of course with the arrests and other summer distractions, it is doubtful Saban’s vacation was as restful as it should have been. However, Saban said the summer was good for the players.

“Our players have done a fantastic job this summer,” Saban said. “The off-season conditioning program has gone well. We have this character development, self-awareness program we are doing this summer that the players really buy into and like…we just continue to try to do the types of things that are going to help us make good choices and decisions so the players have good judgment. Most of the games you win or lose are won or lost by poor judgement or good judgment. All this other stuff is an indication of the same thing.”

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No regrets
Saban said he had no regrets for allowing problem players a chance to remain on the team.

“I feel like we should give every guy an opportunity to be successful,” Saban said. “Rather than making judgments and rash judgments that are unfair, we really should give everyone an opportunity to buy in and try to do the right things academically, as a person, as a football player. And then give them enough rope that if they don’t do it that they eventually can’t be part of the program. I don’t regret that.”

Saban said the arrests and bad behavior is only a fraction of what happened on the team. He said the public only hears about the failures, not the success stories. “What you don’t see is the 12, 14, 16 guys that had issues—nobody writes about how well they are doing—how well they are doing in school, the kind of turnaround they made in their life and how much better football players they are,” Saban said. “You only read about the few failures we have, where it doesn’t work.

“It is worth it. There is a lot of self-gratification in the ones that are doing right.”

Saban is anxious to get back to work. He said it doesn’t take long while on vacation to yearn for the long hours of work—to get back to practice.

He has his wish. SEC Media Days is next week, and Fall camp begins in August.


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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian

    Bammers …Can you say “DAMAGE CONTROL”. My gosh, character building classes? Self freekin awaerness classes? I think I am gonna PUKE!! The Saban needs to realize that HE is supposed to build thier character. The next thing well here out of T-town is that he hired Dr. Ruth to help them get in touch with thier feminine side.


  2. 2
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    I wonder if FineScum got into the hot tub with The Sabin again this year. Sabin enjoyed how long FineScum could hold his breath underwater last year. That is why Shane wasn’t invited. Lay off those Camels Shane.

  3. 3

    Balls-play Indian,

    “thier” is spelled “their”.
    by “well” I think you meant “we’ll”
    “awaerness” is spelled “awareness”


    When you misspell a word in every sentence and use all-caps indiscriminately, it doesn’t look like you’re a lab monkey with tourette syndrome. Instead, it conveys a real sense of intelligence and sophistication to the reader. Congratulations.

  4. 4
    freaking genius

    way to go, mlvikes. keep correcting typos… THAT’LL SHOW THOSE BARNIES WHOSE THE BOSS! YEAH.

    and on to saban… do you hillbillies believe this daytime talk show drivel that this clown is spewing?

  5. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    MIVICKS13..Thank you for your critique friend, or is it freind? It dont matter. You can always count on an arguement loser to point out bad grammer. Its as predictable as the Iron Bowl. I just try to type fast. If I miss a few …shoot me. But you understand the heart of what I am saying. Try responding to that instead of my spelling.


  6. 7

    Did they get him a booster seat so he could be eye level with Devin Walsh? And what about those chompers? Do you think he soaks them in a champagne glass or a dixie cup considering he is from West Virgina? I have a tendency to want to play piano or eat chicklets when he smiles.

  7. 8
    Aubie Owns Bama

    Saban sure seems mighty nervous for a coach that says things are going really well… Watch his hands in the video.

  8. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    Good grief did those three look gay. Did yall notice how The Saban weighed down the front of the boat ? Even though he is a runt , that boat dam well knew tha\at with The Saban at the healm it had better conform to his will. There was no need for Carly to have a fishing pole neither, All The Saban would have to do is snap his fingers and those fish had dam well better get their fish butts into the boat. I thought I would vomit watching all the man love going on. Tell me Bammers, are yall proud?

  9. 10
    freaking genius

    anyone that doesn’t laugh at indian’s assessment above is a sad individual. that’s funny.

    and yes, all 3 of those dorks looked like they might do a “squeel and faint” at any moment.

  10. 11

    Bama owns Aubie (38-33), obviously Saban had that same problem at LSU. I take it even after winning your first SEC title in only two years at a program that hadn’t won one in nearly a decade, implements fear into the head coach.

    As far the rest of you Barnzoes, just because Tuberville, even after six consecutive victories, can’t get the crew to do a set down segment at his double-wide on Wire Road, doesn’t mean you have to take every childish shot at Saban and company for agreeing to do a set down with them.

  11. 12

    First of all, if any unwanted Barnies in here are unfortunate API grads, then you have my sympathy meaning I won’t play grammar police when needed.

    Second off, it’s ashame to hear y’all say the hateful things about Saban that you do. So, seeing as how we’re disgracing coaches, let’s not leave out the most disgraceful coach in the SEC, second to Terry Tot Bowden, Tommy Tuberville.

    Let’s converse on the man’s high class, impeccable character, and rich sophistication. Let’s converse on the man’s remarkable SEC track record, prior to Alabama’s NCAA mishaps. Let’s converse on his tears shed at the 2003 Tiger Walk, and his pregame “This could be it speech.” Let’s compare the failure and the winner. Let’s compare him to the loser who held his head down in shame, prior to Alabama’s NCAA mishaps, and the winner with a cocky smirk on his face who deep down inside thinks of Phil Fulmer, Logan Young, and Albert Means as a mentor. Let’s converse on a more worthy topic (loser Tuberville), rather than a proven winner known as Nick Saban.

  12. 13

    Insider once again you are spot on.

    Lets go one step further. The fanbase. Tommy Tuberville has double retarded county fair employee rejects like Ballplay Indian. Who make him look like that much more the Jugghead King he is.

    But Insider, you are forgetting one of the greatest cases of selective amnesia in the Universe. Why is Tator Tot a sorry back stabbing bastard, And Tony Franklin is a fair, and honorable gentleman for doing the same thing…….
    Always remember you can spell Tuberville without “RUBE”

    SOAP AND BOOKS Auburn’s cryptonite.

  13. 14
    Bama fan in NYC

    Always remember you can spell Tuberville without “RUBE”… That is a sheer classic quote! lol

    Please let’s touch base on their delusional fan base, the same fan base who insincerely rallies around Tuberville thinking he’ll continue holding on to the rope now that Alabama is progressively leveling out the playing field, though it’ll soon be more lopsided than it was before Tuberville climbed the mountain.

    Case in point: he couldn’t win prior to Alabama falling off the map, nor will he do so now that we’re reestablishing the name we lost under the watchful eye of the NCAA. The barnies will learn soon enough.

  14. 15

    That was quite the Goober Quartet gathered around that table. I had to stop the tape when he started talking about his players going through “self-awareness” training. They’re up to now…what is it, 11 arrests since his arrival? Apparently self-awareness can sometimes teach people that they are criminals.

    I definitely see another 6-6 season in T(hug)-town. And Saban’s ass turning red from the heat under his seat.

  15. 16

    Way to many Auburn fans inundating every post with vindictive. I guess Auburn’s glory truly is reflected light.

  16. 18

    I “third it” by again pointing out their A-U-B-S-E-S-S-I-O-N!

    And Ballplay, seriously are you 13? Do your parents know you’re on here? I have never seen someone rape the English language, defecating on punctuation and grammar in the process like you do.

    Did you really just try to make a point about grammar and spell it grammer? And did you really say “there was ‘no need’ for Carly to have a fishing pole ‘neither'”? And if you ever have a minute, please let me introduce you to an apostrophe some time.

    After you get finished violating the family pig tonight (after dad, of course), would you please pick up an English book and construct a sentence we who don’t go to work with our names on our shirts can understand?

  17. 19
    The Joker

    To quote the legendary Charles Barkley (verbatim): “Auburn (Alabama’s Polytechnic Institute) is like me, and Alabama is like Michael Jordan. They’ve been through some tough times this decade, and we’ve won because of that. But Alabama will get better and they will start beating us again.”

    One of you Barnies should reassure Barkley of his “delusions”.

  18. 20

    does anyone have a video conference link to tubby’s comments on his tens of thousands of arrests during his first two seasons at alabama tech?

    Count this as my signature:

  19. 21
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    What goes on in the boat stays in the boat…Aight. Oh $atan you have a way with words. OK time for a tickle fight..Aight

  20. 22
    BallplayIndian's Mom

    Has Myron been bothering you fine gentleman?
    I dont like for him to talk to adults on line. But as long as he is here, please make sure he uses the bathroom regularly. I am sick of changing his bedsheets.
    Also does anyone know who SHANE is? That seems to be all Myron can talk about these days. I dont mind if Myron has a same sex crush, but I like to stay on top of what he is doing now that he has restraining orders from so many people.

  21. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    Intheknow….I am not a secretary who does a freekin spell and puncuation check for their boss … If it bothers you …dont read my posts. I laugh every time somebody on the losing end of an arguement brings up grammer. Did you listen to PFRN yesterday? Everybody in the state was talking about how gay they looked. Even bama fans. I know that it w
    was a P.R. deal, and that they are really not queer, O.K….But it WAS funny. Just poking fun dont mean I take it seriuosly. Got it? I intentionally put southern twang in there as well. Why? Cause thats how I talk. Heck ,look at the picture of the guys in the boat and tell me if that aint funny. Come on man, Thats funny.

    Joker , I guess youll vote for Charles when he runs for governor? If you live in Bham you prolly voted for Langford too. Are you an Obama man ? If Sir Charles with all his wisdom said it , then write it in stone.

    Good to see you mom.

  22. 24
    freaking genius

    NOW we’re getting somewhere. for the first time in weeks, there is a string of bama comments. 2 of them were even humorous. my hat’s off to the crimson bottom feeders for finally having a (TINY) sense of humor about things.

    obviously we are getting close to football season and your pathetic lives are starting to have meaning again: bammer-ball!!!!!

    certainly, though, you mental dwarfs in cracktown, i mean t-town, don’t buy into Saban’s daytime-talkshow BS, do you?

    and, Please, call us API, barnzoes, barnies and all the other cute-little-3rd-grade-words that you can come up with…

    just don’t call us delusionUAL. that is strictly reserved for the saban-a$$-lickers that wear the oh-so-original houndstooth baseball hats with the braves “A” on it. sharp, fellas, sharp. FYI, bear would wipe is a$$ with those if he were here.

  23. 25
    Ballplay Indian

    Tiderinsider….None of our coaches are chiorboys. I agree that Tubberville was within an inch of losing his job in 03. I also agree that there are things he could have and should do better. i think we could all say that about ourselves as well. But that applies to Saban as well. I have no problem with Sabans character. He appears to have plenty. As well as Tommy. Until Im proven wrong about either, I wont attack thier character. Only poke fun at the stupid things.

  24. 26
    freaking genius

    indian, don’t you know that you’re not even allowed to ‘poke fun at the stupid things’ when it comes to the almighty. nothing is funny with saban. he is serious and in the process of bringing the tide back (again).

    lemme ‘splain some more:

    barnzoe = hysterical
    $aban=not so much


    API=original AND funny
    saban in a booster seat=rude

  25. 43
    Ballplay Indian

    Intheknow…I hope you realise that all of this is in good fun man.. I just read back over some of this threaad , and all I could do is laugh.. Read back thruogh this thread and see if you cant help but bust a gut. And bleieve it or not the ones I get the biggest kick out of are aimed at me. “Double retarded county fair reject” ,”Family pig”, and so forth. That stuff is gold. And someone posing as Mom calling me Myron. I love it. But, For your information Intheknow, Im 37, I just act like Im 13.

  26. 44

    It’s all in fun, Ballplay. They did look pretty gay in that boat! He can coach, but they should’ve picked a better venue for the cameras!

  27. 45
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Nothing looks more gay than Tuberredneck does on that ridiculous fishing show he was on a year ago.

  28. 46
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC .. That was Hank Parkers fishing show. And it was a good show. They talked a lot about the Au FCA and bro Chette and what an influence hes had on the team. I for one liked the show.

  29. 47
    Ballplay Indian

    Intheknow..could you get tmc1 to see it that way, the boys wound up tighter than a chinese watch. And your right, Saban is a good coach. But dont be suprised if you see me giving him hell later. Im an Auburn fan , thats what I do. Sorry in advance.

  30. 48

    bro Chette and what an influence hes had on the team

    Never saw the show, so I can’t tell you whether it was good or bad or not. But if Brother Chette has anything to do with it, I’m sure there’s some funny business going on behind the scenes.

  31. 49

    why dont you log in under one of your other screen names and agree with what a great guy you are?

  32. 50

    Wow Don’t you barners have a hooked on phonics board you can spam on? its amazing how obsessed you guys are with Alabama football! Guess its O.K if ya wanna stay here and discuss real football… we all know you don’t get much national attention in lee county! 12-0(= Irrelevance) You guys run back to your blog boards and talk about your highly touted 2 star recruits…

    Its gotta suck knowing Your time in the Sun is coming to an end…But then again the talent level seems to be improving in the land of the Barnies and you could possible discuss possibility of winning another national championship, with all these “overlooked” players, in the next 50 years!

    The difference is 150 miles and 11 National Championships…

  33. 51

    I dont understand why they are here either. They have the greatest recruiting class in the history of sports commited (so far ) this year.
    Even the punters are running a 4.13 40 yard dash. (***Bo ran a 4.12 and we all know…No one is faster than Bo.)
    And you would think they would want to be on their blogs so they can discuss how D-day was actually a copy of the Tony Franklin offense.
    And how CTT might be the second coming of Elvis Presley. I could just go on and on and on about how happy days are coming to Auburn. But the truth is that is a non-tenable position. If Bama wins the Iron Bowl this year, no amount of politicking from Lee County will be enough to stop the bleeding coming from the Tuberville regime.
    Remember You cant spell Tuberville without R-U-B-E….

    P.S.It would be nice to talk about football again. I hear that the Bama 08 recruits are the real deal.

  34. 52
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1….I have not used a different screen name in over 2 weeks. You are not Sherlock Holmes. Will you peckerheads win one on the field before talking all this crap?

  35. 53
    Ballplay Indian

    wareagle2…Its gotta suck knowing youve NEVER beaten Auburn in Bryant Denny. Thats whats gotta suck.
    And furthermore, I would rather have Chette than the system yall are currently using. Please dont try to argue your point.You really dont have a leg to stand on. Look at your team for goodness sakes. Over 10% of the dam team have been to jail since Saban arrived. Chette builds relationships with the players. Saban is like an emotionless robot with the kids. Why do you think the three amigos piled in the “love boat” the other day. Some P.R. doosh told The Saban to let the Bammers see his “playfull” side. I think I just puked in my mouth there. Dont say crap about Chette. Yalls retarded boy Shane was the only jackass in the state that was even talking about it. Do yall honostly think that the “classes” Saban is making his thugsgo to will make a difference? They wont. Bryant built relatonships. Jordan and Dye also built relationships. Tubbs and Chette Williams have built relationships. Saban has built his bank account.

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