Saban on Good Day Alabama

Nick Saban Video:

Alabama football coach Nick Saban appeared on Good Day Alabama Wednesday morning. The appearance marked the end of Saban’s summer vacation, and a return to the work of being Alabama’s head football coach.

Of course with the arrests and other summer distractions, it is doubtful Saban’s vacation was as restful as it should have been. However, Saban said the summer was good for the players.

“Our players have done a fantastic job this summer,” Saban said. “The off-season conditioning program has gone well. We have this character development, self-awareness program we are doing this summer that the players really buy into and like…we just continue to try to do the types of things that are going to help us make good choices and decisions so the players have good judgment. Most of the games you win or lose are won or lost by poor judgement or good judgment. All this other stuff is an indication of the same thing.”

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No regrets
Saban said he had no regrets for allowing problem players a chance to remain on the team.

“I feel like we should give every guy an opportunity to be successful,” Saban said. “Rather than making judgments and rash judgments that are unfair, we really should give everyone an opportunity to buy in and try to do the right things academically, as a person, as a football player. And then give them enough rope that if they don’t do it that they eventually can’t be part of the program. I don’t regret that.”

Saban said the arrests and bad behavior is only a fraction of what happened on the team. He said the public only hears about the failures, not the success stories. “What you don’t see is the 12, 14, 16 guys that had issues—nobody writes about how well they are doing—how well they are doing in school, the kind of turnaround they made in their life and how much better football players they are,” Saban said. “You only read about the few failures we have, where it doesn’t work.

“It is worth it. There is a lot of self-gratification in the ones that are doing right.”

Saban is anxious to get back to work. He said it doesn’t take long while on vacation to yearn for the long hours of work—to get back to practice.

He has his wish. SEC Media Days is next week, and Fall camp begins in August.