REPORT: Tide may play Va. Tech

BOL reporting negotiations are underway for a 2009 game between Alabama and Va. Tech.

Virginia Tech will open the 2009 season against a Southeastern Conference foe in the Georgia Dome, possibly against Alabama, according to Hokies athletic director Jim Weaver.

“We both thought we should do it, without a doubt,” Weaver told the Virginian-Pilot, referring to himself and Hokies coach Frank Beamer.

The BOL report also cites the interest of the Atlanta Sports Council to host an annual season-opening game in the Georgia Dome featuring an ACC or SEC team.

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  1. 4

    I agree with the insider…There will be much gnashing of teeth in this beatdown of biblical proportions.
    Seriously, the prestige of the SEC will suffer because of this slaughter.
    This will be the day that the 1972 Ford Pinto takes on the McLaren Formula One of the “spread offense” world. Not pretty stuff at all….
    Seriously, this embarrassment may push the hard earned prestige fo the SEC back 20 years. Thanks Auburn for messing it up for the rest of the SEC…..again…..

  2. 5
    Bama fan in NYC

    They’ll be handed a welcoming beat down in T-Town on November 29th as well.

    Even an inexperienced defense like ours will be enough to silence the Burns worshipers who swear he’s the second coming of Brett Favre.

  3. 7

    The defense is a concern; plenty of returning starters everywhere but linebacker. So, the spread, where linebackers have to be disciplined, will be a tough task to defend in game 1. By game 12 however, where crowd noise limits what a no huddle spread offense can do, it will much easier.

    Kody Sperms is good, but that’s all. AU doesn’t appreciate what they had in Cox. He was a thinker. Sperms doesn’t have that kind of capability. He’s not stupid, but a QB has to be exceptional between the ears. And Sperms isn’t.

  4. 8
    The Joker

    To quote the legendary Charles Barkley (verbatim): “Auburn (Alabama’s Polytechnic Institute) is like me, and Alabama is like Michael Jordan. They’ve been through some tough times this decade, and we’ve won because of that. But Alabama will get better and they will start beating us again.”

    One of you Barnies should reassure Barkley of his “delusions”.

  5. 9

    another opening day beatdown? keep those false hopes coming you inferior redneck and when we give alabama tech the beatdown they’ve been dreaming of putting on us since day one, you can rally around the backroads in opelika protesting the firing of tuberville for evolving back into his natural form as a coach.

    Count this as my signature:

  6. 10
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    Your funny, keep it up.
    Clemson 31
    SCUM 6

    Va Tech 24 (Two blocked punts)
    SCUM 3

  7. 11
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    You said “Kody Sperms is good”

    Quick Poll:

    (A)Sounds Gay
    (B)Does not sound Gay

    Answer A or B only.
    No Comments.

  8. 12
    SHANEHATERS is a BLOGGER aka half the aubies on this blog.

    API 95
    SuperRobots from the planet Remulac 2


  9. 13

    tmc1 says:

    “Seriously, the prestige of the SEC will suffer because of this slaughter.
    This will be the day that the 1972 Ford Pinto takes on the McLaren Formula One of the “spread offense” world. Not pretty stuff at all….
    Seriously, this embarrassment may push the hard earned prestige fo the SEC back 20 years. Thanks Auburn for messing it up for the rest of the SEC…..again….”

    No, unfortunately the crimson tards managed to do that last year with La-Monroe. Thank god for Michigan, or the rest of the nation may have really taken notice at how far the bammer nation had fallen. Thanks for playing…now go hump a kangaroo!


  10. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    Tmc1…That F1 supercar. got smoked by the same S Florida team that w should have beat (5 turnovers on thier side of the field). And by a Crappy Pitt team whos only bight spot was there defense ( ranked 5 in totoal d in 07). And that defensive coordinator now works for us.
    Take off the glasses. Im not sayin well win , we may not. But we may. I can guaruntee you if there is a beatdown it will be Au beating down WV.


  11. 15
    Ballplay Indian

    tMC1 …Tmc1..just kiddin about the balls thing. When I think of a punchline that good ,,I cant resist.

  12. 16

    intheknow72, Do you actually think he’s even good? All I heard was how phenomenal this kid was and when I finally saw him perform against MSU and NMSU, I couldn’t help but laugh. Brandon Cox, as horrible as the Barnies claimed he was, was 90x better in every positive category than Burns was. Did anyone catch his stats in the barn’s spring game? Even the legendary Tony Franklin wasn’t impressed by his performance, yet Barnies claim he’s gonna lead the barn straight into the SEC title game this season…. And I’m calling frequent visitor Coach Tony Franklin out on that one.

  13. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    You guys kill me,,What the heck did yall think he was gonna do in 07 throw for 2500 yards and rush for another 1000 ? Look at Tebows freshman year. Not impressive at all. And I aint saying Burns will be a Tebow O.K. But I am saying that you cant tell about his prformance based on last year, wich was pretty good. Did none of you dorks watch the Clemson game? He pretty much won that one. You know Clemson , the team that is gonna hang a boot in your asses in about 6 weeks. THAT is gonna be a beatdown.

  14. 18

    Funny stuff on here. Can’t help but laugh. If the mullet nation believes they will beat Clemson or VT with that pathetic defense they are soooooo funny. Not going to happen boys. As far as AU beating WVU only time will tell. AU has far superior talent over bammers therefore no beatdown even if we lose to WVU. Certainly no beatdown from you either when we roll into tuscalooser. When are you delusional fans going to admit that this will not be your year nor will next year. Your defense will be BAD this year as it was last year.

  15. 20
    Bama Fan in NYC

    And let me guess, Redneck Barnies down on Wire Road, you guys are replacing us on their schedule?

    Or do you guys plan to add UAB to the schedule, seeing how Tuberredneck’s taking all of their talent.

  16. 21

    Auburn has really upgraded on next years schedule by adding Furman.
    Bama adds VT
    Auburn adds Furman. Yep….looks like things are returning to normal.

  17. 22
    Barnie Basher

    Florida State, Houston, and Clemson? Yeah, I’d say we were too scared to play the same Virginia Tech team whom Tech defeated by 3 points in the waning minutes of the game in 2004.

  18. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    Barnie you doosher you, That wasnt the same team. You only get to play college football for four years 1-2-3-4. You can count that high cant you. And THAT V. Tech team took the Nat. Champs to the wire that year, the only team that year to do so. Please , think befor you post something that dumb. The collective I.Q. of the entire board drops 10 points when someone posts something that dumb.

  19. 24

    ballplay… Brandon Cox had 6 years of elgiblity at Auburn… Ask around if you dont believe me. You are familiar with tocncept of a red shirt and a gray shit?
    So Barnie Basher was right…. And you were wrong….

    ” The collective I.Q. of the entire board drops 10 points when someone posts something that dumb.”

    We bammers think that everytime we see your name attached to anything.

  20. 25
    Ballplay Indian

    Actually tmc1….sigh…Your dum racist ass was wrong. I said PLAY. real slow P-L-A-Y…Name one college player who ever saw the field for over four years. You cant, cause there arent any. Red shirts cant play but a few quarters before its burned..Grey shirts never see the field. Medical exemptions never play on the years they were exempted. But nice try. You just never thought you would get busted on it. Again.. Read below…


  21. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    AAANND another thing. Since your the self appointed grammer Dick -tater around here, write yourself a ticket. Read your post. A grey shit. Had a few brown , a few black, even a purple after too many grapicos. But not grey.

    Dont get me wrong. I really dont give a dam. But if your going to bitch about spelling, then you need to lead by example.


  22. 28

    Ballplay are you a retired adult? or a high school student? You sound more like a kindergartner with those childish insults. I thought your program was our superior? If there was no sense of insecurity or inferiority going on, why are you resulting to pity insults? Why not toss the everyday streak in our face? Do you feel it’s on its last leg? Is that why your conversations are going from bullyish to childish?

  23. 29

    ballplayidiot/julio/ is the one and the same loser.
    His bullshit is so obtuse that he cant find anyone to agree with it so he just logs in under another screen name and does it for himself.
    His whole purpose here is to disrupt and cause problems. I have NEVER asked for anyone to be banned from any blog, but this is one sadly super-morose piece of cow shit I wish they would get rid of. He really drags this blog through a pile of feces eveytime he is here. And even though he has 187 screen names to agree with his brain dead logic. He is transparent through most of them.
    Cap….Can you please… please get rid of this waste of a human being? I would really like to enjoy 1 trip here without hearing his retarded bullshit. Seriously there are other Aubbos here who at least try to talk about football and try to show some civilty. This guy has shown time and again that he has no intention of even trying to act like somebody.
    Does anyone else agree with me about the Ballplayjulio?

  24. 30

    I couldn’t agree with you anymore tmc! I say we petition for a required login space, just so we can keep these Techers (Kevin, Ballplay, and Julio) from spamming up our boards.

  25. 31

    Like I said before, I don’t know how many Auburn people come in here, but I damn well know who I am. I’m the same mofo that logs in under the same screen name time and time again…..aww piss on it, what’s the use? Anyway, I really belive that Auburn will beat West Virginia by at least 14. I also see Bama by 10 over Clemson.

  26. 32

    Good idea, Christopherson.

    Andfor finebaum’s junky you were right on everything except the WVU score… WVU will slaughter Auburn so bad Franklin might lose his job.

  27. 34
    Bama Fan In NYC

    “WVU will slaughter Auburn so bad Franklin might lose his job.”

    Every time I hear a Coach Tony Franklin reference made, I literally laugh till I cry.

  28. 35
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1/perry mason/mgnum p i /ben matlock…You are not as smart as you would like to think. julio and I are not the same person. If any one is screwing up the boards it is those who just cant laugh a little. I men dadgum boy, do you kiss your momma with that foul mouth?

    Respomd to the heart of the post. Name someone who sees the field for over 4 years.

    I would love to stay on topic. But every time I try to respond , The spelling b champs swarm in ,,or somebody cusses me out. etc.

    Again…I have only this one screen name. But yall have never been people to see facts. Just fiction.

  29. 36
    Ballplay Indian

    007…In the words of Johnny Cochran. “Who polices the police”. You whine at me calling somebody a turd (oh my gosh). When your boy tmc1 curses like a sailor. Im childish? Please. No one is “SKEERED” of bammer. Your program sux. 6.

  30. 37
    Ballplay Indian

    And Barney…If someone created a time machine and somehow got 08 Bammer to travel back in time to play that same 04 V-tech team. They would kick a mudhole in yalls rectum and walk it dry. To think anything else would be…..well it would be bammerish.

  31. 38

    Ball play
    you said:
    ” I men dadgum boy, do you kiss your momma with that foul mouth?”

    My Mother died recently. Thanks for bringing her memory up. I cant think of a more appropriate place to discuss her loss than a football blog, can you?

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