Take that Auburn readers

Alabama sold out all its available tickets in one hour. Why do Alabama fans support their program, which has gone through its darkets decade ever, but Auburn fans have trouble filling their smaller stadium?

This says it all:Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State, South Carolina and Vandy rarely, if ever sold out their games.

Here’s the release from UA on another season of sellouts.

Individual Football Game Tickets Sold Out

TUSCALOOSA — The University of Alabama announces it has sold out all tickets offered in today’s public sale of six home games – Tulane, Western Kentucky, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arkansas State, and Mississippi State.

The 8,400 tickets offered were sold in less than one hour. If any additional tickets are returned from visitor allotments, those tickets will be made available after August 1.

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  1. 1

    Well Auburn does have a higher revenue.. so which is more important money or tickets??? Auburn sells all their season tickets, there is even a waiting list.

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian

    Bama Fan ..What does that have to do with anything? Facts are like Kryptonite to a Bammer. I mean …Grow up already, author of this dooshlike article. The best you could do was “Take that Auburn readers” ? There is no doubt that Bammer has the biggest fan base in the SEC. Pat yourselves on the back. YEE HAWWW!!!! We done solt all our tickits!!!! As you continue to get clobbered on the football field.

  3. 3

    Sitting in the Nose Bleed at any stadium sucks. I’ll take the Recliner, Beer , and the Remote any day.
    I’m starting to think that “Indian” has Adult Onset Retardation.

  4. 4

    Selling out tickets = winning games
    Who in the hell wrote this article? There you go.. how about claiming a national title in ticket sales. What are you up to now about 13 or 14?

    Just another bammer delusion

  5. 5

    Maybe UAT leads in fan support, but here at Auburn, we have a huge lead in People’s make believe championships.

    Also, we are hard fighting soldiers.

  6. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    My gosh..I just read the tickets that sold out for those 6 home games. If I were a season ticket holder Id be quite P.O.ed…. Tulane ..Western Kentucky…Kentucky…Ole Miss..Arkansas State and Mississippi State???? It Appears that Auburn is the only home game woth a crap for you guys THIS YEAR !!!! Heck Id brag about selling those crap tickets too.. What an accomplishment. And Pluto I was dropped on my head as an adult…

    My new sign out read below..

    THIS AINT 1978 PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!

    How do yall like it?

  7. 7

    Envy… Fury… Jealousy!

    Even after five years of miserable performance, and being guaranteed by the Barnie nation UA will go 5-7 in 2008, we still dedicate our full fledge of support and loyalty to a run down, dead program.

    Either that or attending and tailgating for an Alabama Polytechnic Institute football game is like attending a funeral.

  8. 8

    Delusional tiderinsider. Why don’t you hang another banner for the selling tickets championship. I bet getting your ass kicked by Auburn for the last 6 years has been like a funeral for you.

  9. 10
    Ballplay Indian

    Ill tell yall what would suck.. Buying home game Iron bowl ticket …….and NEVER seeing your home team win …That would suck… Auburn,,,,undefeated at Bryant-Denny stadium. WOW !!!!!

    War Eagle


  10. 11

    This is almost too boring and easy to post a response. Once again, the Bama nation brags about some irrelevant and trivial matter outside of winning on the football field. Inflated recruiting rankings, ancient championships, attendance at scrimmages, a delusional belief of a superior academic institution, and now ticket sales to the Western Carolina and Tulane games. Hilarious.

  11. 12

    Cry me a river, barnies. Your feeble attempts to eliminate your bigger brother’s undying support is typical of you. What’s next? Could it be a daily six in a row, or a daily Saban lost to Louisiana-Monroe, or a daily Saban will not resurrect this program, or a daily Bear Bryant is dead, or a daily Tuberville is signing better prospects?

    Y’all have a hard time selling out a home UGA game, needless to say when Mississippi State or Ole Miss comes to town, from a fan’s perspective, it’s like attending your annual spring game. I guess you can credit Alabama fans for helping y’all sell out the Iron Bowl.

  12. 13

    OMG…lmao!!! Congrats on selling your tickets, but seriously what does this have to do with Auburn, or is this the five year old rant of “Anything you can do I can do better?” Even though I never really agree with what’s written here pertaining to Auburn, I do try to see both sides. But this, has to the crappiest I have ever read pertaining to AU…I pray for your sake that this was a joke because, seriously this “Take that Auburn readers” makes you seem REALLY desperate for any kind of win against AU that you would make up a competition just to say “We can win something too” and that should be an insult to Bama considering your history. I’m sure many will attack me on this, but any TRUE Bama fan should be shamed of this blog, because even though I have never been a Bama fan…I remember a time when the only competition that mattered to a Bama fan was on the field competition. This blog is laughable, I’m sure it was written to insult Auburn fans, but somethings are better left unsaid because it only makes u look silly. I’m sure the SEC fanbase, could care less if one team out sales another in tickets, just like I’m almost positive most Bama fans could care less about selling more tickets than AU (well at least they shouldnt)…as long as they win. This was not written to Bash Alabama, I would have said the same on a Auburn blog if they had a written a crap piece on “Defeating Bama in ticket sales.”

  13. 14

    LMAO—the point is that Auburn, one of the most successful programs in the last six years, can’t sell out its stadium.

    That sucks.

    Auburn fans spend more time reading Alabama blogs, than pulling for their own team.

    That sucks.

    And just what is happening on the field in July? Nothing. So we talk off the field stuff.

    Seriously, the fact that Auburn can’t sell its games out is BIG news. If the Tigers at their best won’t support their team…what will happen when the pendulum swings?

  14. 15
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Who’s bragging, Julio? It’s a statement being made plain and simple. If you can’t read the article without feeling some sense of envious insecurity, then you wouldn’t waste your time with delusional nonsense concerning irrelevant academic insults. Firstly, whether or not UA is relevant on a national scale as far as academics are concerned, regardless we have a larger student body, and have owned YOU GUYS consistently in academics, just as you guys have owned us on the football field, consistently.

    Trust me, when we reverse the winning trend, we’ll still brag about those ancient championships, inflated recruiting rankings, and the fact that our fan base is more loyal than yours is. But being in your position, what’s there to love about The PolyTECHnic Institute of Alabama? A four foot, outdated, nightlife-less town, which the entire town is centered around that one very college. The entire student body lives for weekend rodeos, more than they do the football games. Is Auburn a college town, or a farming community? It’s the Moultrie, Georgia of Alabama. I don’t blame their alumni for the lacking the proper support it’s in need of.

    This is why teams like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU receives more than enough necessary support; and precisely why The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute dwell amongst the ranks of Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Ole Miss.

  15. 16

    The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute dwell amongst the ranks of Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Ole Miss.

    Actually, Kentucky sells out its games. 🙂

  16. 17

    Enough said. You claim to be from NYC. That eliminates you from entering ANY type of website and stating anything about football whatsovever. Keep your opinions and your sewer smelling latte’s up above the mason dixon line. your comments week in and week out are the same. comment about something you see everyday such as hyperdermic needles or human feces on your sidewalk.

  17. 18
    Amy 4 Bama

    Great point, Capstone Report. Unfortunately, for me, my dad is an Auburn alumni, so I was always forced to attend at least two games as a kid.

    I remember during their embarrassing run at the end of the 1990’s, you could actually buy tickets at the gate and the town was no where near as congested as expected. And going to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham a lot as a kid, that came as a bit of a shock!

    I was at the 1999 Iron Bowl and it seemed there were more Alabama fans there than Auburn.

    They better hope and pray Tuberville does keep the program in tact. If he doesn’t, those few die hards will be all they have left for support.

  18. 19

    Capstone, you would think a person who operates a blog site, would write by the facts. You stated “The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute dwell amongst the ranks of Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Ole Miss.” Auburn will always out sell these schools just based on a Stadium size…So what if Kentucky sells out, Auburn will still have more people at a game. Vanderbilt holds 40,000, Miss. State 55,000, Ole Miss 60,850 Tell me the last home game in six years where only 40,000 or less fans were in attendance. “And just what is happening on the field in July, Nothing. So we talk off the field stuff.” That’s cool, but why do your off the field stuff lead to Auburn? The selling out of your tickets was a personal accomplishment (that should have been mentioned) but u spinned ur own success to make it about Auburn (which makes u look rather pathetic considering, ur ticket sales had nothing to do with Auburn and everything to do with Alabama). “Auburn fans spend more time, reading Alabama blogs, than pulling for their own team.” Take a look around, are u sure this is a Alabama blog? Over Half the stuff that is written here is about Auburn. And when its not the Alabama fans that comment here eventually turns it into Auburn. Please venture to the Auburn side, no Auburn blog cares enough to write about Alabama. Really, no other Alabama blog cares enough to write about Auburn (with the exception of you, so maybe you have the problem.)For the record I support Auburn, whether or not I attend a game. You talk about Phillip Marshall, but he was never rude to guest (yes Alabama fans spend alot a time on Auburn sites.) You have a problem with Auburn fans reading Alabama blogs, then don’t worry this Auburn fan won’t be back…

  19. 21

    First, i didn’t state that…I was quoting someone. I refer to Auburn as…Auburn.

    Second, the post was tongue-in-cheek. We have about 1/3-1/2 of our readership being Auburn fans. They come here for a variety of reasons. Some want information which we provide, some want to debate in the comments sections and still others come here to find something to be outraged about.

    This post was done much the same way I called Tuberville a misanthrope, when he said many of the same things that Nick Saban has said (critical of press, etc.)

    Alabama selling out isn’t news. That is like a dog bites man story. But having a little fun at Auburn’s expense over how last season they couldn’t fill their stadium is at least a way to make a boring story…a little more interesting.

    Seriously, relax. Take a deep breath. Tweaking Auburn for not selling out isn’t 1/8th as bad or nasty as some of the things Auburn fans tweak Alabama fans about here on this site. And notice, I don’t moderate or in any way keep them from expressing themselves.

    If I had a problem with Auburn fans, I’d delete their stuff or ban them…something Phillip Marshall did to Alabama fans on his blog.

    And I quote: Please venture to the Auburn side, no Auburn blog cares enough to write about Alabama.

    Please. That’s why the Auburn sites make posts going after Alabama’s 12 national titles, or joke about Jimmy Johns and Kenny Stabler. Right. Auburn blogs don’t mention Alabama. Ever.

  20. 22
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Touché, C-Bass.

    Though, I won’t argue with you there. I can’t stand this state and I despise it with every fiber of my being. I’m not originally from here, and I don’t plan to reside here the rest of my life. But money talks and enough of it will convince even the most unconvincing brand of people. On the brighter side of life, I get to see more live Yankees games!

    One final note, I’ve met a few of your fans here (who live in the state) at some of the UA alumni chapter meetings as well. See, we’re not all perfect, are we?

  21. 23


    You are officially reduced to a game of “na-na boo-boo” with Auburn now.

    While I know you bammers will find a way to turn this into yet another mythical NC of some kind, it really has no meaning to anyone with a functioning brain stem. So that means it is incredibly meaningful to the average bammer.

    Results on the field count, dude. Not preselling your games, not recruitin’ rankings. It’s just wins and losses. And if we had your win-loss track record over the last umpteen years, we’d be thumping our chests over ticket sales, too.

    Rock on, little bammers.

  22. 24

    Oh, and tmc: we have no doubt that pissing your pants is something you do frequently, with or without video assistance.

    Rock on, little incontinent redneck.

  23. 25

    And I quote: Please venture to the Auburn side, no Auburn blog cares enough to write about Alabama.


    Read through the archives. It’s about 50% Alabama and 50% Alabama Tech.


    Topics include:

    “This is possibly my favorite AU photo of all-time…” Of course it’s a photo of a Tech player trampling over a UA player.


    “Re: Pathetic Bammers taking the Patrick Patterson Offer off.”

    “Bama fans, please watch…”

    “Stabler leaving UAT broadcast booth”

    “so…”the SABAN”

    “Hey Bammers, any prediction on the next two bama players”

    “Serious AU/UA conversation.”

    “Bama commits question”

    “2008 Auburn Analysis & Bama’s Newest Problem…”

    “UAT fans always find a way to remind me of their class even in DC”

    “The All-Bama/Scandal team”

    “The Essential Lessons of the Jimmy Johns arrest at Alabama”

    “I was looking around the City of TuscaLoser P.D. site…”

    16 Bama players arrested since the last AU player was arrested”

    “Here is my masterpiece Photoshop…best bammer work yet…pic…”

    “16 Bama players arrested since the last AU player was arrested”

    “LMAO at the idea that Tuscaloser Police Department is out to get athletes”

    “What Does UaT get for winning the Fulmer Cup anyways??”

    “Alabama vs. Auburn 2008”

    And I ended my search on the second page. I should also note that the off Alabama topic conversations always tends to swing in the direction of their cross state nemesis aka bigger brother. It seems to me you all are more concerned with Alabama than you are anything else going on in the world of football, religion, and politics these days. AL Tech has redefined the true meaning behind “inferiority complex”.

  24. 26

    Rock on, little incontinent redneck.

    lol!!!! And I presume you’re an Alabama Tech fan, arguably the largest redneck student and fan body than any other college and athletic program in the country!

    Talk about pity insults, boy do I hope you feel ultra superior seeing how you can’t point out the fact that your football team has won the previous six head to head meetings, instead you resort to false insults. Way to go, farmer Kevin!

  25. 27

    You guys constantly attack our boards thinking you can get away with it? Now you ridicule Capstone for a posting blog attacking you in the most friendliest of ways?

    That’s fairly condescending!

  26. 28

    You are right (except with the incontinent part.)

    How could I have made fun of such a monumental historical event as Auburn’s big Championship run of ’04?
    I remember it like it was 4 years ago. Finally….Finally!…Finally!!! Auburn was going to get the National respect it deserved. After years of standing in the the Shadow of Bama, and always being the page 2 sport news in the State FINALLY!! Auburn was going to get some respect. And then the BCS overlooked Auburn’s legendary season. (Actually I think the whole of the NCAA saw the way Auburn cheated LSU and held it against Auburn when it came time to select the Championship game. )

    Well at least Jason Campbell was able to put the 2004 season in its final prospective. It was a shithouse lucky season in which Auburn couldnt even cheat its way to the top…And that is why he probabaly sold his “People’s National Championship” ring… On Ebay….

  27. 29

    Ballplay, it’s not a matter of who the opposition is because we’ve sold out every home game since the 1988 season. API can barely sell out UGA and LSU home games. And what about the issues they’ve had with bowl games in the years past?

  28. 30

    Cue the standard 6 in a row, we own bama, LaMo, and $aten responses. And while you are at it give me your convoluted logic as to why 2004 Auburn was the greatest team ever. Trust me I have heard everything you are going to say.
    Everybody knows the real reason why the 2004 team didnt make it to the Championship game….And that is because NOBODY IN THE BCS THOUGHT THEY BELONGED THERE.

  29. 31

    tmc1 could you kindly provide us with a clickable link to the ebay page selling the 2004 Opelika Farmer’s Market Trophy too?

  30. 32

    TNC YOU DONT NO SHIT! Everone nos that CTT cUdder one the Nashunal
    Champyunship that yeer! WE had us Caddilack Willyums! We dint cheet LSU ether! they wuz the ones who was cheetin by trying to BLOK THE FEELD goal we done missed! Git yer facts str8t! Sea you shudnt ever try o match wits with a Socialogie major like me!
    Dozen any won know weer I kin bid on this PRESHUS ARTIFACT of Auburner history?

  31. 33
    Barnie Basher

    Convoluted logic? Here you go:

    API blew out Ball State and The Citadel that year.

    They had one of the easiest SEC schedules that year.

    They literally put a spanking on Nick Saban’s LSU squad that year by cheating to defeat them by one point.

    They barely squeaked by an NCAA and injury beleaguered Alabama squad (featuring a third string quarterback who walked on from baseball), and was losing to them at half time.

    The same USC team who blew them out in the previous years would’ve only done the same that year.

    Virginia Tech played them down to the wire, and they squeaked by them by three points that year.

    That’s exactly why they were highly deserving of a shot at USC and why they would’ve terrorized them in the BCS Championship game.

  32. 34
    Tommy Tuberville

    You good ole’ Alabammer folks don’t know nuthin about fan support. Hands down, my Auburn War Eagles are the best fans in all of American. Heck, I’d even go as far to say the universe. Y’all don’t realize the staff who does the selling, much like our proud sociology majors, aren’t very bright when it comes to counting overall ticket sales. Technically, we’ve sold more tickets in one season than The University of Alabammer has in three. At Aubarn games, there ain’t an empty seat to be found, not even in the walk way tunnels. People in Aubarn kill for a football ticket and gameday is hell. It’s even worse than those foreign soccer games. Forget all that though, you know why they sell so many tickets? It’s because of me, myself, and I. I, Thomas Hawley Tuberville, puts butts in the seats. Not the fans. Not Coach Tony Franklin, who’s currently on my ‘fficial shit list, not fatty Al, not Paul Rhoads, I don’t even know who the hell he is, not President Bush, not Jay Jacobs, BUT ME!


  33. 35

    I just wish that you Aubie Sums of a Bitches would blog on your own sites. The thing is that this blog drives Aubies crazy because they can’t get this SMACK on their suck ass sites. That is the Auburn Experience. City People trying to act like educated hicks from Lee County. So sad.

  34. 37
    TP The Golden Knight

    Redneck Tider, Barnies such as yourself and Kevin, are the precise definition of class. Maybe a few more of you alls’ classy, objective, and well mannered responses will begin to rub off on us.

  35. 38

    woohhh…. bammers = classy people. Want to go throw a couple of bottles at players??? oh yeah.. just keep telling yourself over and over that bammers back and maybe it will happen.

  36. 39
    Ballplay Indian

    007…I am not bashing Bama. As I said earlier. I do truly applaud you on it. No I dont think Au would sell out a Crap schedule like that. As I said , UA has the most loyal (and delusional) fanbases in the SEC. Tmac ..Good grief. Where do you come up with this crap? Cheated? Cmon man . I know a good flame when I see one. You know our 04 team was strong. LSU was the only team that even played us well that year. 2 Tenn tail kickings (and they were good). A Georgia massacre ( and they were great) . Yall played us O.K. but not as close as some of you would like to think. We soundly beat a V.Tech team that took USC to the wire that year. But thats in the past. Do I think we should have played in the BCS champ? NO . Were we better than Oklahoma? YES. THats the way the ball bounces . Just one question though. If the only reason we have had a great run is because of a weakened Bama, How come that in 04 our Juniors and Seniors were recruited before the probation?
    One more question. Someone please tell me how bad it sucks to have never beaten AU on your home field ? I could not imagine the shame I would feel never having beaten UA at Jordan Hare.

  37. 40

    tmc1 is that your way of dealing with the fact that alabama tech has an all time losing record against alabama and that they’ll forever be second fiddle to alabama? i’d rather have a losing record in my home field than a losing record overall in all three major sports at that. that’s typical stepchild talk. sounds like something a georgia tech fan would say to a georgia fan. go ahead and toss swimming in. that’s a collegiate sport known nation wide!

    Count this as my signature:

  38. 41
    A-K-A APIman

    The Title alone says it all either you want us AUbbies here or you get jolies among each other with titles like those.
    Heres the deal a few investors(scalpers)
    are betting on a winning season and they can double their money on your tickets so the common man cant let his child enjopy what he did,thats IF THEY ARE WINNING……We will see I reckon but I am kinda scared You guys hired the Recruiter of the year and WON a NC in Recruiting now you have WON the NC in ticket sales damn if your not on your way to BONIFIED BCS NATIONAL TITLE…


  39. 42

    If the only reason we have had a great run is because of a weakened Bama, How come that in 04 our Juniors and Seniors were recruited before the probation?

    Did you see the team Alabama had before they lost their first and second string quarterback? Did you see the team Alabama had before starters Ray Hudson, Ken Darby, Antonio Carter, Brodie Croyle, Wesley Britt, and two other offensive starters’ season (and for some career) ended on a low note due to gruesome injuries? Our lack of depth and inexperience began to show there afterwards.

    With the SEC’s top defense that year, had we had each of those offensive starters starting in that game, your dream season would’ve been over. Some of you say you just didn’t show up for that game, but the end results would’ve been completely different had Auburn faced off against the SAME guys who started the season off. But Auburn won, and that’s all that matters.

    As far as your senior led (and your seniors were the reason a 13-0 record was recorded in the first place) talent was concerned, what did they do before 2004, other than record 7-5 and 8-5 records. I can recall when Tubby stated, “I wouldn’t start Jason Campbell against a high school team”. Cadillac was a talented athlete, and I’m a big fan of his. But other than Campbell’s senior year, I never saw anything that opened my eyes.

    Yall played us O.K. but not as close as some of you would like to think.

    One touchdown wasn’t as close? We led at halftime and kept it within a point until midway through the fourth quarter. You allowed a 6-5 Alabama team, who was manhandled by South Carolina (scoring 3 points), Arkansas (scoring 10 points), Tennessee (scoring 13, losing 17-13) and LSU (scoring only 10), and notice against LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, and Arkansas, we led at halftime against those teams as well. That was quite a pathetic comment if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, moral victories are unacceptable and no one is claiming that. But what about the innocent guys with winning potential who started the season off on a high not, but slowly began to drop off after Croyle went down against Western Carolina?

    No one will deny you guys were strong. No one will deny you guys were undefeated. Some will deny you were deserving of a shot, but hey, regardless if you win by 1 point, you survived a brutal SEC schedule therefore, no matter who you are, you should have been selected as the number 2 team set to play USC in the BCS game. But it didn’t happen. Don’t take your anger out on us. Do it to a more deserving candidate: The BullCS.

  40. 43
    Ballplay Indian

    Christopherson….Mights live on chickens butts….If in one hand then crap in the other and see wich one gets filled up first. …Guys a win is a win…No other CFB fanbase Ive ever seen hangs onto moral vicories like bammers.

    You still didnt answer my question ..Those upperclassmen were recruited by Tubbs BEFORE the mighty Bama was crippled by the NCAA. How can that be? Since no one can compete with a fully loaded Bama ? Right ?

    And that arguement about injuries goes both ways. Remember OUR third string R.B. Tre Smith in the first game of the 6 streak? Ronnie and Carnell BOTH injured. WE STILL WON THE GAME !!!!

    Jasons senior year was odd. It just clicked for him. His junior and Freshman years WERE terrible.

    AU s defense is our bread and butter. low scoring games have been a fact of life for us. But a close win is still a WIN.

  41. 47

    the reason why I say that Auburn cheated LSU in 2004?
    When was the last time a team got a penalty for jumping to block a field goal?
    Auburn will always be the retarded neighbeor who trys to puts low profile tires and rims on a ’72 Pinto and then gets mad when everyone isnt envious.

  42. 48

    For the record, Alabama fans aren’t the only fans who’ve brought this fact to the Barnies’ short attention span. Try nearly everyone in the nation that year.

    When was the last time a team got a penalty for jumping to block a field goal?

    Especially when it was right at the end of the game, giving them a one-point lead over LSU. Ironic? Coincidence? Happenstance? Yadda…Yadda…Yadda…

  43. 49

    “You still didnt answer my question ..Those upperclassmen were recruited by Tubbs BEFORE the mighty Bama was crippled by the NCAA. How can that be? Since no one can compete with a fully loaded Bama ? Right ?”

    And those upperclassmen posted a 7-5 record the year prior to 2004 which nearly cost Tuberville his job. Just be thankful you had two skillful running backs to help aid your team to an undefeated record in 2004. I’m sure when Terry Grant, Baron Hubor, Earl Alexander, and Star Jackson are seniors, Alabama will be a highly competitive team as well. Just as those Alabama upperclassmen in 2004 exploded onto the scene (posting a 3-9 record the year before that) in the Spring game and in the first three games as well, before half of them was benched due to injury.

    “Remember OUR third string R.B. Tre Smith in the first game of the 6 streak? Ronnie and Carnell BOTH injured. WE STILL WON THE GAME !!!!”

    Wow! One injured player won the game for you? Was he on scholarship? Was he one of seven players on your offense to be injured? Was there enough depth to back all of those players up? Please be logical and answer my question. I’m certain if Ken Darby was the only offensive player we lost that season, we still would’ve boasted incredible numbers without him. It’s easy to be on your side of the ball and overlook the fact that losing seven of your key offensive players, with no dept to back them up due to probation, would’ve posted the same results as the others did that year. Not to mention our third string quarterback, Spencer Pennington, was a walk on baseball player and his lack of experience and ability really showed that season, especially while scoring 3 points against a lowly South Carolina team.

  44. 50

    it won’t matter because in a short matter of time no one but the alabama tech faithful will remember this streak or what occurred during the streak just as soon as alabama snaps it and them like a petite twig.

    count this as my signature:

  45. 51

    Yeah that is gonna suck … I can here the Aubbos chanting WE had a streak of 6!! And bammers will chime back 4 more and you could have had the record. CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR……..

  46. 52

    tmc1- as usual living in the past. Wishing he could get a streak of just one going against Auburn.

  47. 53
    Ballplay Indian

    christopherson…What I was saying was this…Excuses are just excuses freind. No matter what you wish to call it , or how you try to explain it, that is all they are, excuses. Injuries are part of the game. Probation happens when you cheat. A 1 point loss is still just that, A LOSS !!! The Alabama fan base comes up with more excuses than ANY Notre Dame fan could ever dream. Yall are tops when it comes to delusion. Yall just cant accept , or see it. For whatever reason , for whatever the circumstance, however it happened. Auburn has a better football program right now. And has had the better program for the last 25 years. Those are facts that you will have to accept. Bama will never be where it once was. But dont feel bitter, because no football team will be where Bamma once was. Since the Almighty Dollar has entered the picture the game is 50 times more competitive than it was when BAHR was there. Auburns best days are ahead. Bamas are behind.

  48. 54

    Don’t forget to note the lamest excuse ever made by Tuberville after the 2001 shellacking. “Well, they never announced which quarterback was starting that game for ’em.” So, not disclosing who was starting that game for us was the reason your defense mustered out 31 points? Aren’t head coaches supposed to be accustomed to these sort of things? But hold the phone, this was the Tuberville who was a proven failure at that time, before he became a winner courtesy of Alabama’s NCAA mishaps. What will his excuses be when those days are reborn?

  49. 55

    Putting it to all of you frankly, we’re better off today than we were when Spencer Pennington was thrown to the wolves and devoured like lamb chops.

  50. 56
    The Joker

    To quote the legendary Charles Barkley (verbatim): “Auburn (Alabama’s Polytechnic Institute) is like me, and Alabama is like Michael Jordan. They’ve been through some tough times this decade, and we’ve won because of that. But Alabama will get better and they will start beating us again.”

    One of you Barnies should reassure Barkley of his “delusions”.

  51. 58

    Redneck tider?
    The record for the streak is 9 IN A ROW. Isnt it a shame that Auburn will never make it that far?
    Much like your sex life you still keep trying to convince yourself, your friends and your wife that YOUR 6 is better than your BAMA NIEGHBOR’S 9. And you call Bammers delusional…..LoL
    I am so sorry for you and Auburn nation.. I truly am… It just saddens me down to my soul that UA, the SEC, and the NCAA wont change the history books so that you can feel good about yourselves.
    But see Red, that is where you keep fucking up. YOU ARE AN AUBURN FAN! You are supposed to be use to finishing the year 3 spots out on the SEC ladder. You are supposed to be used to people asking you “Where in the Hell is Auburn anyway?”
    You are supposed to be used to employers checking for Cracker Jack residue on your College Degree.
    See Red, By being an Aub fan you invite abuse by simple virtue of the fact that you can admit there is no Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or Tooth Fairh, but you cant admit that the chances of winning another Championship with CTT are just as fictional.

  52. 59
    Ballplay Indian

    Anyone remember what happened to Spencer? I do. These are facts. He QUIT. Why ? In interviews by the pro-Alabama media. He said he quit because he couldnt handle the way he was treated by fans after losses. Hell, who could blame the man. You play your heart out as a third stringer, get your ass kicked in, and then hear the armchair nation give you hell cause your crappy o-line cant freekin block. He decided to “concentrate” on baseball. Again , Bama has the most arrogant, delusional, unrealistic, ignorant, fact denying, fanbase in ALL of college football.

    Before you chime in with Au fans booing Cox, I cant stand them either. Your average joe has no idea what it takes to be a player on an SEC team. I know I give Bama fans a fit, but you have to respect the players who go by the rules and try. I know we all want to win every game, but that aint happenin. And most of these kids are not going to the NFL. It gripes me to no end how CFB exploits these young men, and the fans , well , they dont give a rip as long as they are winning.

    Spencer took a couple of concussons for the Tide didnt he? Look how he was paid back. BOOOOOOO!!!!!

  53. 60
    # 8

    Bamers are going to buy the small game tickets. They are tired of driving to Shreveport to see a lame bowl game and they are not excited about Nashville either.

  54. 61
    Ballplay Indian

    Hey, I just thought of something. If bama improves thier record, thy might get a bid to the Papa Johns bowl at legendary Legion Field. Ol’ Bahr would be gazing upongst that game fer shore.

  55. 62

    Thanks Ballplay,
    And as a full-fledged Bama fan I am duty bound to tell you that I wipe my ass on idiotic braindead opinions like yours…

  56. 63
    David Jones

    Ballplay Indian you are the delusional idiot making a statement like the barners have been the supreme program for the last twenty five years. Even in our down years we were still able to win yet another unamimous NC during this time. I realize unless you are in an ol’ folks home and was able to experience sharing one over a half century ago, this is something you can only dream about happening down on the farm. As far as cheating and probation this is something you should be very familiar with since the farm has been on probation more times than UAT. So keep dreamin with your one SEC win coach in fourteen years. By the way, when you pass any of our records (wins, consecutive wins, sec’s, bowl wins or NC’s lol) let me know.

  57. 64
    Ballplay Indian

    Guys, I have nothing but respect for your teams accomplishments. They are impressive. And David Jones, The early 90s were not considered by any one to be Bama down years. But does anyone care to rebut my Pennington statement? Yall cant can you? Why is that. CAUSE ITS TRUE!!!!
    And guys , there is no shame in going to the Papa Johns Bowl. It would be a step up from Shreveport IMO. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!

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