Hot seat full of hot air

By Shane from Centerpoint
Talk about trading your credibility for ratings and readers!!! The authors who brainstorm for the website known as give bloggers a bad name. Their latest ploy – to use the national media’s lynching of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban as a springboard to create the illusion that the soon-to-be second-year coach is under any threat of being fired – is preposterous, at best. I understand the immediate gratification theory and all that, but any knowledgeable football fan knows that no reasonable commentator would attempt to sell such an absurd idea to the public.

I understand that controversy is where the money lies. I like a good juicy story as much as the average fan, but I can’t allow the boys at the Hot Seat to slide on this one. Guys, maybe the clowns on the west coast will believe anything you write. Apparently, if you think they’ll buy this deal about Nick Saban after his first year, aren’t you afraid that you might insult your typical reader’s intelligence? By the way, what were you smoking when you came up with this list?

For the record, the other coaches in the top five are relatively cognizant choices. The inclusion of Saban was either done for dramatic effect, or some “Einstein” at the Hot Seat actually thinks he can alter the public perception of Nick from the standpoint of recruiting. Since USC head coach, Pete Carroll, is recruiting the State of Alabama (directly against Saban) for the services of Tana Patrick, Nico Johnson, Kendall Kelly and Dre Kirkpatrick, is it possible the Hot Seat thought they might inject doubt about Saban’s tenure into these young players’ heads? After all, a recruit’s number one concern is usually a desire to know the coach will be with him for four years.

Regardless of the intent, the placement of Coach Saban on the hot seat list appears to be disingenuous and without basis. After reading their analysis, I realized that most of what the Hot Seat said about Nick was bogus spin. They chose to couch their point of view from a negative perspective.

A fair assessment of Nick Saban can be drawn from one simple fact: he spent five years in the toughest college football conference in the nation – winning two SEC championships and one national crown in that short period. Saban just finished his first (transition) year at Alabama. It is way too early to start claiming his job status is in jeopardy. His prior experience in the SEC says that chances are greater for success than for failure. Alabama fans (the only ones that count) are very knowledgeable and understand that probation makes the “process” more difficult and Saban has plenty of time to rebuild the program.

The Hot Seat blog must be run by a group of “football fairies”. It is more than evident that they don’t have a clue about the very topic they are supposed to specialize in – coaching.

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  1. 1

    A fair analysis of Saban’s position at UA would place him as safe. Alabama fans, rightly or wrongly, view him in a positive way. That isn’t going to change even with another 7-6 type season.

    There would be the beginning of rumblings, but even Mike Shula was beloved and safe before his meltdown.

    For Saban to be on the hot seat, something substantial off field would have to transpire. And we all know nothing happens off field for Saban–he’s no Mike Price.

  2. 2

    Not change with another 7-6 type season? Cap, you are full of it. That would be 12 losses in 2 years. That would be a huge letdown for the Tide faithful. Keep telling yourself that everything will be fine. Your fanbase will turn on this guy in a heartbeat. Where is the popcorn? This is gonna be fun to watch…

  3. 3

    A majority of Alabama fans (morons that they are) didn’t want Mike Shula fired.

    I was fighting a losing battle on that front until some wise soul in the AD’s office decided to make a decision for once. 🙂

    Nick Saban is even more popular than Shula. Period.

    It would begin to get nasty, and year three he’d be on the hotseat, but this year he is more than safe. I’d say Alabama fans will give Saban four years before it gets ugly.

  4. 4

    Heaven forbid anybody say anything negetive about King Dinkey.
    Another 6 win season is in the wings………

  5. 5

    I love how Auburn fans are drawn to comment on Nick Saban. He’s got you that nervous huh? You can’t go a day without thinking about him? I don’t think about Tuberville unless I read Phillip Marshall. 🙂

    I also love Auburn fans telling Alabama fans how they feel about their coach.

  6. 6

    Shane, they also predicted that Saban would be back next year and beat Auburn… The list was the hotseat, not the most likely to be fired.. Saban is on the hot seat this year.. he has to produce..

  7. 7

    Barners like ole c-bass must believe if they keep telling themselves Saban will fail the it REALLY WILL come true! Hey bass boy, I got your popcorn…pull up a chair and watch as “the process” continues to unfold!! RTR

  8. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    Did it ever occur to you capstoner, that it is an honost evaluation by the hotseat? They even insinuated that yall would beat Auburn. At the end of the article they even said The Saban would be back for 09!!! Sorry to burst your bubble , but this is not a conspiracy to steer recruits. Good gosh….Just when you think a fanbase could get no more delusional. If things sift out like I think they will in 08, the hotseat will have given yall a little too much benefit of hte doubt. At least in the case of the Iron Bowl anyhow. Then in 09 you better believe hell be on the hotseat!!!! only problem is A.U. will be loaded for bear in 09. Mark another loss. The Saban will be run out of town on a rail. The Neck nation will turn on him like Jimmy Johns turned on his supplier LICKETY SPLIT!!!!

  9. 10
    Barnie Basher

    Nick Saban has three more solid years at the least, under his belt.

    Alabama fans knew the state of condition our team was in which was a literal mess, he inherited when he took the job last year. Every expert and sporting analysis predicted us to win no more than 6 or 7 games last year. I don’t understand what all the hubbub coming from Opelika, Alabama is about?

    One question: Even though I know for a fact Tuberville is an overrated loser, AND HIS TRACK RECORD PROVES THAT, could he have led the 2007 Alabama squad to an undefeated season? Absolutely not.

    I’d like to know, other than losing to Louisiana-Monroe, what Saban done to earn himself a spark of fire under his seat?

    Obliterate Tennessee? Earn us our first fourth quarter victory since the year 2001? Score more points in one single game since 2004? Take a national championship caliber Georgia team into overtime? Play the national champions down to the wire? Lose all six games by 7 points or less?

    It really sounds to me like that’s enough to earn him a spot on the hot seat!

    Keep in mind, despite it was what he was worth, your precious Tommy Tuberville compiled an amazing 4-7 record in his first year at Auburn.

    Also don’t forget Bobby Lowder failed to follow through with his firing. But heck, even if Tator had never gotten the boot, I can assure you I’d fear and respect Auburn a lot more than I do.

  10. 11
    Barnie Basher

    Ball player, just when I thought YOU couldn’t be any more delusional. What are you basing your imaginary facts on? Is it the stuff Pat Dye is cramming in your pipe? I’ve got a load of terrible news for you, old friend, if you firmly believe what you say, then you’re in for a very rude awakening in the near future. The talent in the state is shifting immensely and the savior, Will Muschamp, bolting for Texas, and quarterback that couldn’t produce against a two lowly, weakling opponents in MSU and NMSU, and again, the fact that your roster will soon be overflowing with UAB and Georgia Tech talent, I can assure you that this time Tommy Tuberville won’t have the luxury of Auburn University failing to follow through with his firing.

  11. 12

    It’s only because the national perception is that CNS doesn’t have any control over his program and thus, Alabama will get “tired” of this and demand to exert tighter control over the program. The reality is that a lot of Alabama fans locally feel that CNS does have good control over the program, he just needs to get his players into the program (which he is doing obviously). It’s just a website whom its creators have nothing else better to do. I wouldn’t fret over this.

  12. 13
    Ballplay Indian

    Other than LAMO ? Hell ….that out ta be enough there Barney. I remind you Barney that if Tubbs is over rated ,how is it that he has a losing record to NO SEC team since 2000? How is it that he has WON more SEC games since 2000? Wake up. The Saban was on the hotseat when the plane landed at Tuscaloosa. No flame but have you considrerd the possibility that he may not work out? I am not gullible enough to think that if Tubbs started losing that he would have job security. He wouldnt. Neither will The Saban. At 4 mill a year yall know you didnt hire the man for moral victories. He was hired as a GAME WINNER. If he doesnt do it early and often, hes gone. period.

  13. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    Barney …Im not all that happy that we are accepting every committ that will go to a camp. I have never and will never wear Orange glasses. Can you say the same? All I can do is hope that our coachs know what they are doing. So far they have shown that they do. By ON THE FIELD PRODUCTION. Kodi Burns didnt lose the MSU game. He won the NMSU game. Brandon Cox and turnovers lost the MSU game. And I liked Brandon. His senior year was lackluster but overall he was a winner. Our defensive commits are strong. Our offensive commits – so so. After all is said and done , well end up with a # 8 – # 12 class. That aint bad. In 09 youll see our best team since 04. After these next two Iron Bowl losses , Who will your A.D. hire?

  14. 15

    Barnie Basher, “and quarterback that couldn’t produce against a two lowly, weakling opponents in MSU and NMSU.” That is a pretty bold statement to make considering your Junior quarterback couldnt produce against MSU or LAMO. Kodi Burns was a true Freshman who scored the few points we had against MSU, scored the first touchdown against Florida, and scored the final touchdown in overtime against Clemson. He wasnt the starting quarterback, so how can u say he won’t produce this year, when a game hasnt been played?

  15. 16

    Some of you AUtards have literally crossed the line with delusion. You’re idiotically using one season as a building block for future references. I can easily break this down for you in the most simplest of terms.

    1) The mediocre season that was 2007 will be Saban’s worst season at UA. Do you remember Franchione? Do you remember Gene Stallings? Do you remember Bear Bryant? Do you remember Mike Dubose? Each of those men recorded mediocre records in their first season at UA. With the exception of Gene Stallings and Franchione (simply because they beat Alabama Tech in their first year), AUtards are echoing the same statements they made then, today.

    2) What was the cause of our downward slide and primarily all of our losses and wins last season? It was the quarterback. When we played to his full potential, meaning no screw ups and no errors, we won the ball game (WCU, Ark, UT, Houston, and Colorado). When he tossed careless interceptions and committed unnecessary turnovers we lost (LSU, MSU, L-M, and FSU) — by a small fraction at that.

    3) With all the turmoil that most people claim Alabama has experienced this past year, I thought that it might be encouraging to say that Saban did not have smooth sailing in the beginning at LSU either. LSU won in 2001 largely because of a great offense led by Davey and Reed but gelled by 2003 when a team made up of all of Saban’s players won the SEC title and the BCS title. Also note that the LSU team Saban took over in 2000, was almost as bad of as Alabama was, suffering from many consecutive losing seasons. He transformed that program into a powerhouse that, to this day, still remains in check.

    4) You can never count a program of Alabama’s caliber out of the big picture, unless you know absolutely nothing about college football, or you’re a novice at it. Since the year 2002, we’ve finished behind SEC cellar sharers Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and South Carolina, more than three times, and we played every team down to the wire. In addition to that, other than Saban’s first two seasons, we never had an impacting class since the handcuffs were slapped on us. With that being said, I don’t get why it’s such a big deal to admit Alabama is progressing and they will, once again move from the bottom of the SEC’s mediocrity to the top with the elite.

    5) And judging by your lack of common knowledge, I’ll go ahead and clarify that I’m not expecting Alabama to win the World Heavyweight Superior Title next season. With a claustrophobic quarterback who suffers from paranoia and erratic behavior, in addition to that the fact that our defense is running thin due to bad behavior and injuries, I think we’ll be competitive, more competitive at that, but not dominant. You as well has several areas to be concerned about with your team. A quarterback in transition, and quite frankly, he was a gifted athlete in high school, but I saw him make three appearances last year, and in each of them I was unimpressed thanks to his sloppiness, slowness, and weakness. You guys bood Brandon Cox until Tuberville was forced to take him out of the game, then when you seen Kodi couldn’t live up to his hype, you begged and pleaded for Cox to be put back in. In addition to that, the defense has been your foundation for success in the past two years, thanks in large part to Will Muschamp and with him now coaching elsewhere, and only six starters returning on defense, and a questionably and entirely new defensive line, if I were you, I wouldn’t go parading around claiming victories in advance.

  16. 17

    To many, the perception is that the football coach at the University of Alabama is always on the hot seat. Fair or not, true or not, it’s not an uncommon perception around the country.

  17. 18
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    It’s merely the opinion of someone green with envy, more than likely. Saban could go 4-8 and he wouldn’t be in real jeopardy. Shula left the program high and dry and resurrecting it will take more than a few more football games and top-tier recruiting classes.

    Saban is doing everything right for the program thus far. If that puts you on the hot seat, so be it. Bama will turn around, and more than likely it will be rather sooner than later. Improvements will be noticeable next season, regardless what the paid Professional College Football Experts down at the Wire Road Trailer Park Inn think or say.

    Tubberville will continue to be a pest for a while, as he fully knows all he has to offer the barnies in the waning moments of their dominance is a win over Bama. We might get them this year, but it won’t be as easy for at least 2 more seasons.

  18. 19

    IhateGeorgeW, slowness and weakness? Seriously, Kodi Burns needed work in his passing game but to imply he was slow and weak is plain stupidity, if anything that was the two things he had going for him last year his ability to run and break tackles. I cannot remember one Auburn fan calling for Burns to be taken out any game. He did a respectable Job against MSU, made a respectable touchdown against Florida, passed for a touchdown against Clemson, and scored the winning touchdown against Clemson. The guy started one game last year, against NMSU, which Auburn won. So how can you bash a soph. quarterback, who hasnt had the opportunity to prove himself?

  19. 20

    the only hot seat he is on is the recruiting trail hotseat. i needed a good laugh today and this blog gave me one.

    we still live in the image of not being patient and it is of our own doing but, times have changed in the last 10 years with all of the National Coalition Against Alabama doing’s and the coaching changes. alabama fans are becoming too loyal toward their coaches. other than mike shula for not meeting expectations, we haven’t ran off a coach since the mythical brick through Bill Curry’s window incident and what’s bad about shula is a war took place on message boards across the internet amongst his supporters and his haters.

    Count this as my signature:

  20. 21
    Ballplay Indian

    George W. Point #1 I agree with you axcept for the first sentence. This years schedule is tougher, lost your offensive firepower in D.J. and K.B. could easliy go 7-5 this year too.

    Point #2 I agree to an extent. The only disagreement I have is that your D. has to carry your offense in times like those. Yours did not. It was a revolving door.

    Point #3 No argument their either. Just keep in mind that this is a whole different situation. With a totally different staff.

    Point #4…We shall soon see. But moral victories are still losses.

    Point #5. …We shall soon see about Burns and or Todd.. Q.B. is not as big a concern for me as Wideout and Secondary. But not too worried about that. As for as Muschamp goes, A.U. has had killer defenses before Chizic, Before the dude that went to the Broncos, Before muschamp.And that will continue with Rhoads. Why? because Tubbs runs the D. Our D. will coninue to be the dominating D. it has always been. We are not going anywhere. You WILL have to beat us in order to go to Atlanta from now on.

    And NYC dont you think you are counting your chickens before they hatch? Are you seriously sayin that “after a couple of years it will be easy”? Just ask the rest of the conference what they think about that.

    Again the national media and the rest of CFB can see Bama for what they are. Why cant yall?

  21. 22
    ATL Tider

    the general media belief is BAMA fans will start calling for a coaches head if he does not win a NC every year. I have yet to figure out where they even come up with that notion!!! We haven’t won a NC in nearly 15 years, and we haven’t been consistent with winning either.

    They set there and claim we didn’t give xcms a legitimate shot… Are they going to say we complained about xcdf (other than the way he left??) xcmp (if you call him that) well he never got a chance to even step on the field because of his own doings!!

    I know after the Bear retired we had two coaches whom we were probably a little tough on but let Les Miles have a bad season and watch what happens in Tigerville or let Pete Carroll retire and if the next guy does not step in and rule the field, see what happens! Fans get very comfortable when their team is ruling their conference and when that does not happen fans tend to get a little upset…

    I have not seen Bama fans run a coach off in decades and it was not the fans who ran off xCGS but that is another story (try the UA Mafia)… So where do they get this BAMA fans are impatient nonesnes??? Over half of the Bama fan base was upset when Shula was fired. It wasn’t that we were impatient, it’s we knew he would never lead our team to semiprominence EVER. That and he killed off our star talent which ruined the seasons for us!

    I think we have all learned a valuable lesson since xCGS left and have learned the value of a GREAT head coach. That’s why we are all in awe of CNS the guy is relentless in recruiting and very soon his efforts will pay off on gameday…

  22. 23

    AUgirl, I’m not saying Kodi will never flourish, but if he’s the second coming, the way some of your fans, not saying you, depict him out to be, he certainly has a long road to travel before doing so.

    About the NMSU game, what was the score when Tuberville elected to replace Burns with Cox, in the third quarter? 14-14 and remember, Pat Sims scored the only other touchdown off of a 21 yard returned fumble recovery.

  23. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    ATL tider. Fans like you give me hope for Alabama. Unfortunately for you ,its fans like George W. NYC Dark Illusions, Tmac, etc. that infest the national boards that give the rest of the CFB world a taste of the majority of Alabama football. Oh, how could I forget Shane? If Bamas Athletic program would quit shooting themselves in the foot , yall would have already been back.

  24. 25
    UGA in T-Town

    Nick Saban isn’t going anywhere for a long time and that’s a fact. He already has a load of excellent talent on deck to come in which is going to lead Alabama to new heights. Nobody can say he’ll be fired for not having full authority over his players. Look at Mark Richt a proven winner and his style is a lot like Saban’s. Since the end of last season six of his players have been arrested and such. I can tell you personally he’s a tougher coach than that bastard Tommy Tubofcrap is. But he’s not going anywhere. It’s just the media trying to stir the pot because they won’t him ran off so they can Tell Alabama fans “We told you so”.

  25. 27
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Ballplay, every team has their share of overly obsessed fans, not saying there’s anything wrong with it, though. I post on several Iron Bowl boards and the fans of both sides are no different. And I can assure you Auburn has just as many fans who give their program a bad rep, just as Bama does. We’re all imperfect, though some of our egos don’t allow us to think that way sometimes.

    If we were to all meet and great each other, our attitudes toward one another would be totally different, and our beliefs would a little more logical.

    Don’t be upset because many of us bash you on occasion. We’re only returning the favor because you’re doing the same. Do you expect us to set back and just take the humiliation or laugh at it? Do we expect you to laugh at our shots toward you? Absolutely not. That’s the whole point of this rivalry, am I correct?

  26. 28

    It’s kind of silly if you think about it. Appears it’s just a way to get people’s attention. As long as it gets the barnyard and vile nation yapping, then it’s is fine.

  27. 29

    Saban is going nowhere. He rules the town of Tuscaloosa right now and he has at least 2 more years before anyone gets restless. Even then he still has time on his contract. Saban will turn the troubled tide around.
    Also, I wouldnt be surprised to see TommyTubby do an early out. He is loading the roster as fast as he can with 1AA talent and that is never a good thing. Auburn fans need to ask themselves why is Tubbo not pushing for the top tier talent in the region? He had no problem getting it before.
    I cant wait for Oct 11, to come around so that Auburn can see why Petrino was chosen over Tubby.
    GO HAWGS!!!!

  28. 31
    jack and coke

    What’s the spin on Tarrence Farmer. We didn’t want/need him anyway. Was he a four star?

  29. 32

    Shane of centerpoint…you shouldnt have wasted time on this topic. Even a Aubie can see that Saban is nowhere near on a hot seat. He is worshiped by the bammers. I think possibly if he has a subpar season again next season and loses to AU which is very possible…there will be rumblings but think they will give him 3 years to see if progress has been made.

  30. 33

    Tide fans aren’t going to call for Saban’s head IF he posts another mediocre record next season. He’s stable for at least four years, and by then, regardless, we’ll have the type of talent playing for us that we had under Gene Stallings. He’s going nowhere but up at Alabama so the Miami Media and their affiliates should move on and get over him.

  31. 34

    This is such a cheap ploy…. Trying to create descension where there is none. Real bush league stuff.

  32. 35

    Pete Carol’s seat is hotter than Nick Saban’s is right now. It may be a bold statement, but it’s the truth. Nick Saban is going nowhere no time soon, so the Barnies shouldn’t get their false hopes up just yet.

  33. 37
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC..I like the personal flames, in fact I kind of relish them. But the thing that gripes my butt, is the CFB fans that are completely delusional. Take Christopherson post for instance. Is this guy for real? Come on people. Pete freekin Carroll? The delusion is just insane!!! I AM NOT SAYING that I know for a 100% fact that The Saban wont work out. What I am saying is yall dont know for 100% certain that he will. Just because yall are getting good recruits right noe does not automaticly translate into on the field wins. Another thing, I DO know Bammers. And like I said, go to ANY respected national board and throw out this question. In your opinion who has the most obnoxious/delusional fanbase? Bama or Notre Dame will be 1 and 2. Im serious . Just try and see for yourself.

  34. 38
    Ballplay Indian

    Mike from Arkansas. …What are you bitter about? The fact that yall couldnt afford him? Sour grapes buddy. I have a bad feeling about this years Arky team. No macfadden , No Jones, No defense, Casey Dick !!!!!!!!PIGGGG SOOOOEEYYYYY!!!!!

  35. 40

    What’s really being missed in this entire discussion is the fact that Pete Caroll could care less about Nick Saban or what he does.
    These bammers humor themselves into believing that they actually matter.

  36. 41

    “Pete Carol’s seat is hotter than Nick Saban’s is right now.” Please enlighten us on this statement. Nick Saben has done NOTHING since arriving at UAT EXCEPT bring home a NC is recruiting. (by the way are you adding this to your list of 12? making it 13?) bammers fans are some of the worse in the NATION, ask anyone and if Saban can’t produce wins in the next two years.. he will be run out of town because that is what you bammers do. If he doesn’t leave by himself anyway. But whatever.. I hope the guys stays for a very long time.

  37. 43

    Let me get this straight…..Pete Caroll is worried about a 7 and 6 team of coke heads, and car chasing drunks.
    Funniest thing I’ve heard in a while.
    When you have a team with more arrests than wins, you’ve got troubles.

  38. 44
    Ballplay Indian

    Mjohnson…The link you gave was very informative. I just have a hard time understanding some of those programs. Sports Psychiatrist? Self Image classes? Character classes? My goshh!!!!! I wonder what the budget is for THAT crap!!! Slam away at brother Chette Bammers, But he is effective. I never saw one thing in reference to a team chaplain or minister in that link. Is The Saban a scientoligist? Hold on,…Saban …Sagan..Nick Saban …Carl Sagan…We may be on to something here…

  39. 45

    Ballplay: Before Saban came to bammer they had a team chaplain because Bro. Chette Williams helped them with it. I do not know if Saban did away with the chaplain or what. Not sure and I was like you after reading that.. what in the heck is all that crap going to do for you??

  40. 46

    “But whatever.. I hope the guys stays for a very long time.”

    Hey Redneck…be very, very careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

  41. 51

    Kennybanya– I am not the only one who wishes Saban will stay at bammer for a long time. Most of the SEC feels the same way! Until he proves himself no one and I mean no one cares where he is much less if he will stay. I was just personally making a comment that I really hope he hangs around bammer for a long time.. gives us something to laugh at. He hasn’t proven anything.

  42. 52

    Shane, that is a very interesting point you make about an obscure west coast website taking a shot at Nick Saban. It’s very logical they would like to help Pete Carroll land some of the 5 star recruits from Alabama. After all it wouldn’t be the first time a website tried to help a team with recruting.

    It also seems to me Pete Carol can do whatever he wants to do. Isn’t the proof in the pudding when it comes to USC. Last time I checked The NCAA could care less if Reggie Bush lived for free in a 650,000 dollar house. It makes me wounder if ol Pete can get away with that, can’t he promise 5 star recruits the same or similar deals?

    Last but not least, I want to thank you for making the General Lee County cockroaches come out from under their rocks.

  43. 53

    Hey redneck, once again your statements prove my point…the only way Saban stays at Bama for a long time (“I was just personally making a comment that I really hope he hangs around bammer for a long time.. gives us something to laugh at.”) is by him being SUCCESSFUL at Bama! I beleive what you are describing is what they call “irony”…go look it up! You say he has yet to prove anything…from that statement I can only conclude you say he just gets 1 year to prove himself…if that’s the case how did tubbs prove himself to the barner “famly” when he went 5-6 in his first year? Come back in about 5 years and we’ll revisit this topic. Once again, careful what you wish for…

  44. 54

    Shane is at an all time low! Had they posted his dribble with the names and web sites blurred out, I would swear it was one of his delusional, factless rambles about AUBURN.

    What’s next Shane, a jealous rant about why the Auburn couple on “Baby Borrowers” have an unfair advantage because of NCAA sanctions. They are the leading couple on the show by the way!

    The funny thing to me is, everyone on this blog keeps referring to Lou Saban as being on the hot seat. Look at his MO, as soon as the seat starts to get warm, he runs away. He won’t get fired, he will QUIT before Mal Moore or Gene Hallman or Ozzie Newsome or Ken Stabler would ever muster up the balls to fire him. He’s had three or four good years as an NCAA head coach out of what, 12 years? That’s means he’s a good coach about 25 to 33% of the time.

    Shane said, “I understand the immediate gratification theory and all that, but any knowledgeable football fan knows that no reasonable commentator would attempt to sell such an absurd idea to the public.” Shane, YOU DO THAT EVERY TIME YOU PICK UP THE PHONE OR START ONE OF THESE SO-CALLED COLUMNS! I know it’s hot and the ice business must be at its peak but you need to get out of the freezer. Your brain is even more numb than usual.

  45. 55

    KennyBanya- I am not going anywhere. I hope he hangs around tucalooser for a very long long time. CTT beat him at LSU and beats him at bammer. He was suppose to be your savior. He has been there two years and nothing yet. We know you bammer fans and if this year is a repeat of last year.. you will be calling for Sabans head. IRONICALLY we do agree on one thing.. any coach regardless of who it is needs at least 4 to 5 years in a program. Saban has never stayed around that long anywhere. As I said before he hasn’t proved anything at all. I am hanging around and lets revisit all of this at the end of the year and see if you are satisfied with him or if you call for his head. Once again.. hope he hangs around Tuscalooser for a long time. He is good for Auburn.

  46. 56

    Shane said,”Talk about trading your credibility for ratings and readers!!!” Shane, at least they had some credibility to trade, what is your excuse?

  47. 57
    Ballplay Indian

    Crimson brother.. dont kidd yourself. USC hasnt thought about BAMMER since the BAHR left. Why ? Yall didnt suck 30 years ago.

  48. 58

    Nick aint going nowhere. They cant get a better coach than him, if they do to him whats been done before ( bricks ) NOone
    would coach there then.You guys would truly make him a SAINT..Bottom Line Shane took someone else’s comments picked out the words he liked (FEMALE)
    and wrote a story/blog! just like a bamma


  49. 59

    Hey redneck, just a few points and then I am washing my hands of your delusional rantings.
    1) “He was suppose to be your savior.” I have NEVER called Saban my savior and NEVER will…I only have one Savior…
    2) “IRONICALLY we do agree on one thing.. any coach regardless of who it is needs at least 4 to 5 years in a program.” You make that statement and then almost immediately follow with this statement…”I am hanging around and lets revisit all of this at the end of the year and see if you are satisfied with him or if you call for his head.” Which is it? Do you AGREE that he should be allowed 4 to 5 years or just 1 or 2 years? You contradict yourself so I don’t think we do agree. We don’t have to revisit this topic at the end of the season because however Bama’s season unfolds, I will NOT “call for his head”.
    3)As far as him not having “proved anything at all”, what do you call 2 SEC chanpionships and 1 National Championship while at LSU? Yes…yes…I know…that was not done at Bama, but if your have a logical bone in your body, it should prove to you that he can coach.

  50. 60
    Redneck Tider

    Kenya, you and I should discuss this issue over a nice, fried possum, scraped up from the dirt road here in my luxurious Wire Road single wide.

    When we’re done, I’ll take ya coon hunting and then show you around our fabulous downtown area, which is centered around our cow pasture/college.

    If you’d like to stay until the weekend, I can take you to the rodeo of which I’M hosting this weekend. It’ll be the best rodeo these Barnzoes here in Aubarn have ever seen.


  51. 61
    Redneck Tider

    Now, to respond to your message:

    Nick Saban only has one more SEC title than Ole’ Tubby. I realize Saban has won more championships in five years than what Tubby has in fourteen, but Tubby has prestigious honor that Saban will NEVER have, or come even remotely close to having: The 2004 Opelika Farmer’s Market Trophy.

    Also, Tubby is a proven winner himself in one of the toughest conferences in the nation. It took Tubby SIX, long years to finally record a winning record in the SEC. That’s how tough this conference is. And to show how ignorant our very own fans are, Tubby was nearly shit-canned out of Aubarn because our very own senseless fans couldn’t see the winning attitude Tubby had radiating from his dumbo ears.

    He singlehandedly flip flopped this state, all by his lonesome, and salvaged all the top recruits, and left the nasty leftovers for Alabammer to have, even though it took him over four years to do so. That’s how powerful this man is.

    In 2004, his team obliterated every opponent. There was a bit of controversy at the end of the LSU game in 2004, as everyone in the country, except the Opelika citizens, claimed we cheated to beat them in the last second of the game by one point. Then, we did play sloppy against Alabama, but even if all seven of your starters that were out, had started, the score would’ve been even more lopsided and we would’ve won by a larger margin than we did. Our defense didn’t prepare to face off against an offense full of second and third stringers. And last but not least, Virginia Tech was the second greatest team in the country. It was a tough game for us, but we pulled it off and defeated the second greatest team in the country by three points. We wanted revenge on USC, the USC team that anal raped us the previous two years with the same players that played in 2004, but there’s no doubt the victory would’ve belonged to us. That’s how confident and powerful Tubby is.

    And he has also defeated Alabama six consecutive times. I understand he had trouble doing so at Ole Miss (heck, he couldn’t even beat his future team, The Alabama Polytechnic Institute of Opelika), even at TAPIOO before Fran bolted for the door (and the only reason Fran left was because he knew he’d never stand a chance against Tubby). But like I said, it’s a tough conference and it takes time to accustom yourself to the game. After he allowed Alabammer to stomp his face into the ground in 2003, they exposed their biggest weakness, and Tubby has taken full advantage of that since then, and he’s never lost to Alabammer since.

    Just look at how onesided those scores have been. Alabammer will never defeat TAPIOO or Tubby ever again. Nick Saban only won at LSU because he payed other teams to lose the games against him. It’s a fact and everyone knows that.

    And don’t talk about recruiting, because Tubby’s only allowing you to recruit the good kids again, just so that he can show you he can beat you and anyone with even high school-ish talent. Just wait and see. Now see, at Ole Miss, the Mississippi athletes of high school-ish caliber, are totally different than those coming in at TAPIOO these days. Plus then, Tubby was new to the conference, so it was harder to win for him. But now that he has it down pat, we will win the BCS Championship next year.

    I mean did you see Kodi Burnz’s performances last season? He lit up Mississippi State and New Mexico. The only reason we ended up losing to Mississippi State was because, not Tubby, but stupid ass Fatty Al decided it was best to put Cox back in the game. That’s why we lost, And we steam rolled New Mexico, all because of Kodi Burns. Did you not see that game? Kodi hung one touchdown on the board in nearly two and a half quarters! One touchdown against that almighty ferocious D!

    And our defense… Who is Will Mustycump? He’s not our coach anymore. Tubby is the reason we had such a strong D last year, not Mustychump he sucked because he coached under Saban at LSU and Miami. Plus, with the world renowned, and defensive mastermind, Paul Rhodes coming in, and six of our dominant 2007 starters returning, go ahead and give us the championship right now. Paul Rhodes did an amazing job at… Wherever he was before stepping down to come to TAPIOO. Just imagine what he’ll do with the 0.1 star talent we have coming in!!

    I think… No wait, I KNOW for a fact we’ll win the next 19 BCS Championships and we’ll never lose to Alabama EVER again!

  52. 62
    Redneck Tider

    Sorry, I meant 2001 with Tubby having his face stomped into the ground. You know, I will admit these Alabama Polytechnic Institute of Opeliker degrees aren’t what they’re hyped up to be!

  53. 63
    Mr. Holmes

    I concur with your previous statement, Redneck.

    With a gifted quarterback whom displayed a memorable performance against the likes of the SEC’s other cow college and a junior league school out of New Mexico, and with only six, primarily full of unproven athletes returning on defense whom will be led by the former Big East’s bottom feeder, Pitt’s DC, Paul Rhoads, while the team as a whole, is led by a below average coach who never had the key to success until his superior faltered, Bama-Tech will continue to spread their wings and fly rapidly like War Eagles do.

    Look forward/fear the future!

  54. 64

    The future of Aubarn football lies solely in the hands of the Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, Southern Miss, and Georgia Tech rejects. Tubby couldn’t coach them up at Ole Miss, neither will he do it at Aubarn.

    Or, will he be around long enough to see them take the field?

  55. 65
    Dark Illusions

    Analyzing the future of their program, objectively, right now Alabama Polytechnic Institute is standing at 17 commitments. Of those 17 commitments, only three of them are rated a four-star prospect or higher, and only one of those prospects had an offer from Alabama. In all actuality, about only five of the commitments — Coleman and Lutzenkirchen, plus the three JUCO commitments — generated any real interest from the other SEC schools. Aside from those five guys, at absolute best the rest of the commitments generally only a very small amount of interest from the bottom programs of the SEC (Ole Miss, MSU, and Kentucky). And just like a year ago, much of the quality of the Auburn class is coming from re-signing academic casualties from previous classes.

    At bottom, being entirely objective about the Auburn class, it overwhelmingly filled with players who have generated little, if any, interest from SEC programs, and for every solid player they have (the JUCO guys, etc.), there is a player who didn’t even receive interest from a BCS conference school, period.

  56. 67

    Well for once I have to agree with Shane here folks. He is right that Saban is not on the hotseat. Are there some seriously shortsighted people who will turn on Saban quicker than they did agaisnt Mike Shula? You better believe it. Are the big money boosters and Mal Moore among them? I seriously doubt it.

    I think Saban has at least another year of 6-6 possibly 7-5 before things pick up. The schedule is much tougher this year with road games against LSU, Georgia, and Clemson.

    Will the seat get warm after another 6-6 year? I don’t suspect there is a doubt about that.

    Where I disagree with Shane is the typical criticism that I have against Alabama fans that cannot see the universe other than what consists within their own borders.

    I doubt those folks are involved in a conspiracy against Alabama in an attempt to get Alabama based recruits to head to Los Angeles.

    First conspiracy theories like this are for idiots period. Human nature does not lend itself towards a collection of people being able to pull off such elaborate crap. Is it good press? Sure it is. A book about how FDR knew about the Pearl Harbour attack in advance will outsell a book saying that he did not despite the fact that no credible evidence suggests otherwise. Oliver Stone’s farce about JFK is another good example that crap sells but is crap is not truth. Shane is weaving a perfect story that captures how self centered (and totally unworldly) Alabama fans are about their program. Furthermore it feeds the foolish Alabama “against the world” insecurity chip on their shoulder. had Saban in the “Red” zone last year after the twin debacles of the La-Monroe loss and the idiotic remarks Saban made after that loss.

    Pete Carrol does not need a single player out of Alabama to win another National Championship. Los Angeles has 3X more talent than Alabama. Also, (those of you that have actually been to Southern California can concur) LA is paradise compared to Alabama for a young man. The weather, lifestyle, and women in Los Angeles are 2nd to none.

    Is it a great place to raise a family? Heck no but if I am a Matt Leinart wannbe like Mitch Mustain Los Angeles is the place I wanna be.

  57. 68
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Old Trafford Man,

    You know as well as I do, only the fans light the fire under the seat. As of right now, the temperature of Nick Saban’s seat, isn’t going to change, no matter how bad or great the next three seasons turn out to be.

    Have you forgotten UGA’s dreadful 2006 season? After the Vanderbilt loss, and close call over MSU, I can certainly recall when the UGA Internet forums were furious and demanding the head of one outstandingly fine gentlemen by the name of Mark Richt. Now, he’s fully revived and setting atop of Mt. Everest. And seeing as how the guy had already delivered multiple championships before, would Mike Shula even have lasted more than one season in Athens?

    You can’t be critical and make false statements about one fan base without first fully examining your very own. You now come off as a lack of credibility hypocrite.

  58. 69
    UGA in T-town

    It happens with every fanbase though. Look at the Aubies down in Awbarn and their precious loser of a coach Tubofcrap. They wanted him fired before he finally delivered an undefeated season at the expense of Alabama’s weakness. Then after back to back loses to start the season last year, they wanted him fired again. They should be thankful their defense held the rope for them or else Tubofcrap would be at Arkansas right now. And to answer your question NYC, hell no Shula wouldn’t have lasted longer than half a season at Georgia. But the thing is he never would’ve been hired there in the first place.

  59. 70
    Tommy Tuberville

    How DARE some of you lowlife assclowns soil the name of the one and only, the great, the magnificent, Thomas Earl Tuberville.

    Y’all Bammer fans had definitely better get your “ducks in a row”, for I, the great Tubynator himself, won’t take it easy on you the way I’ve done the past six years. You see, I keep the games close just give you hope going into the next game, but from here on out, I’m cutting the crap. I’m gonna beat you bammers so bad, the great ancestors of all your former legends will feel it in their graves.

    C’mon peeps, home dogs, y’all say I was a failure at Ole Miss, please. My SEC records were far better than any of the guys who succeeded me.

    Let’s break it down here, folks:

    TUBERVILLE Year one 3-5.
    Cutcliff year one 0-0
    Orgeron year one 1-7

    TUBERVILLE year two 2-6
    Cutcliff year two 4-4 (it’s because he won with my players)
    Orgeron year two 2-6

    TUBERVILLE year three 4-4
    Cutcliff year three 4-4 (ha, we broke even)
    Orgeron year three 0-8 (never once did I have a losing record in the SEC)

    TUBERVILLE year four 3-5
    Cutcliff year four 4-4 (still winning with my players)
    Orgeron DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT TO YEAR FOUR! That goes to show how I had that program excelling!

    I even led Ole Miss to one bowl game in 1997 AND WON! I’m even proud to say in Cutcliff’s six years as an Ole Miss head coach, he led Ole Miss to five bowl games and only lost one, WITH ALL MY TALENT! It goes to show I can recruit quality talent.

    So Alabama fans beware, I’m stealing all of the Sun Belt’s top talent and I’m gonna show the world that I can win with even the lowest form of athletes. I’ll show ya. You’ll see!

    PS: Eat Jumbo Dogs, the ‘fficial hot dog of Aubarn University!

  60. 71
    Tommy Tuberville

    Before I bid thee ado for the night, I wanna go on record by saying the talent I’m recruiting now is the same brand of talent I recruited at Ole Miss. And as you can see by the records I posted, I am capable of winning big with under the radar talent. Hell, even Cutcliff could win with my unheard of talent.

    Plus these kids have amazing character. I won’t have a single problem at all with these guys.

  61. 72
    Tommy Tuberville

    Before I bid thee ado for the night, I wanna go on record by saying the talent I’m recruiting now is the same brand of talent I recruited at Ole Miss. And as you can see by the records I posted, I am capable of winning big with under the radar talent. Hell, even Cutcliff could win with my unheard of talent.

    Plus these kids have amazing character. I won’t have a single problem at all with these guys.

  62. 73

    For fans who are not worried about Auburn, you sure spend 99.9% of your time bashing them, and making any Alabama article about Auburn. This makes no sense…for me personally when something doesnt intimidate me I have no purpose in talking about it, but on the other hand when something does I usually go on and on. In one breath you say Auburn and Tuberville are inferior, with inferior talent, but then u spend ten hours going on and on about Auburn. When something doesnt matter, why even discuss it? Just a thought?

  63. 74

    If the Walton brothers with all that Walmart money couldnt afford Tubby, then what makes you think some backwoods tobacco breathe welfare Donald Trump wannabe like Bobby Lowder can?
    You just dont get it you delusional Auburn Moron. Nobody wants your retarded Coach. And obviously nobody wants the unknown prospects he is recruiting EITHER. Come on Fucking Arkansas State for crying out loud! You are an idiot.

  64. 75

    Well we done went and got airselfs another one of them there “DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH” Fer all yall that cant count that is 19. Count’em 19 stars in the makin!
    CTF is the bestus crooter in the bizness!
    Wait til the Irn bowl this year we done got us a supor special offence straight from that thair internet. Bammers wont know what done hit em!
    Weeyer gonner stomp everone we is playin.
    Even west virginya! They dont no spread like Tony Francklin does. He will show’em.They been doin it wrong and CTF will show ’em what a reel spreed looks like. Yesssiree! WARDAMEEGLE!

  65. 76

    Augurl anywon can tale you are a man maskaratin’ as a gurl. Just cuzzin you weyer a dress dont make you no womun!!! Iffen you was a true Awburn womun I wood have seen you grazing on die feeld by now! Stop warin yer mamas pantys you sick little wierdo! And stop actin like you is a womun. Everwon knows you is Shynehaturs!

  66. 78

    When that PLOI comes in to the Crapstone Little Nicky will be canned so fast it will make your head spin. He is on the HOT SEAT.

  67. 79

    PLOI to T’town?


    Expect it to come to Auburn first. I mean has Franklin been associated with a clean program? Consultant to Hoover….worked at Kentucky.

    Yeah, I’d be worried as an Auburn fan….

  68. 80
    Ballplay Indian

    Pig boy from Arkansas…. Wal- Mart is an evil empire…Petrino is a turncoat…Your defense will soon become a revolvong door just like Louivilles….And you will always be Arkansas….Go back to the pig farm and leave the big boys here to fight…Till then you are like a knat ..Ill wave my hand to shew you away, but your not really significant.

    P.S. Petrino was your second choice. You know yall tried to get Tubbs. He just didnt want to return to the Pig farm known as Arkansas. No need to be bitter there pig boy.

  69. 81
    Ballplay Indian

    What is the deal with the infiltration of leghumpers and pig boys? Cant the leave us alone and let us fight amongst ourselves?

  70. 82
    Ballplay Indian

    Back to the important stuff..

    Looking at Bammers schedule. I see 6 losses , easy.

    Clemson = loss
    Tulane = win
    Western Kentucky = win
    Arkansas = win
    Georgia = loss
    Kentucky = win
    Ole Miss = loss
    Tennessee = loss
    Arkansas State = win
    LSU = loss
    Mississippi Sate =win
    Auburn = loss

    With a Miss. State win or a Kentucky win yall could look at a 5 -7 year. At worst a 4 -8 year. If The Saban goes 4-8 hes not on the hotseat?

  71. 83

    As I recall, No one from Arkansas went “Duck Hunting” down in Alabama. And no one asked Tubofcrap to hang around campus. He took that upon himself.
    And no one from Texas A&M flew out to Alabama to talk to a coach either. Ballplay, If I were you I would be concerned that if Fulmer gets the AXE, your Coach will be up on Rocky Top begging for a job and embarrassing himself again. But as I have already said, nobody wants your Coach. It aint our fault HE APPROACHED US.
    So whats it like being the second best team named “Tigers” in the SEC every year?

  72. 84
    Ballplay Indian

    pigboy, you love to waller in it dont you? I have no problem with Tubberville keeping our check writers is check. Thats all he was doing. Insuring that he gets a proper payday. He deserves one. By the way pigboy , Fulmer JUST signed a contract extension, and recieved a massive raise. Not to mention he just won the east. And you know that if T.T. would have said “where do I sign” he would be your coach. Dont kidd yourself, because if he WANTED to be Arkansas coach, well, he would BE Arkansas coach.

    Question for you. Whats it like being totally irrelevent in the SEC?

    For someone who pulls for a team that is fixing to go down the crapper. you sure talk a lot of crap.

    Now little knat , go fly around a pile of pig crap, and leave me alone.

  73. 85

    Hey Dyke in Arkansas,

    If Auburn were the second best tiger in the SEC, it would still be better than being Arkansas.

    Petrino and Saban are from the same mold, arrogant and worthless. (see Atlanta and Miami) Real top notch guys. If you put the two of them together, they still don’t have the class and dignity that TT has nor the offensive and defensive genius TT brings to the game.

    I’d say Fulmer will still be at UT after the Tide and the hogs dump thier coaches or thier coaches dump them. They both seem to have longevity & moral issues.

    By the way, when is Pertino going to step up to the plate. TT went to Iraq to support our guys over there, build some character and goodwill. Lou Saban did the only thing he could do which was to throw some money at some charity…just to attempt to keep up with TT…where’s Petrino. Are the Walmart boys paying him or are his first few years of paychecks going to Atlanta to pay back the contract he walked away from? He’s every bit as non-loyal and overly arrogant as Lou Saban. It is going to be even more enjoyable the next few years watching Alabama and Arkansas wholler around in the cellar of the SEC.


    Parole Tide Parole

    Suuuuueeeee Pigtrino, suuueeeee!

  74. 86

    Redneckaubie, I come here for pure entertainment, and have been respectful in everything I say…but you have taken things too far, so I will also. First, and foremost I am ALL WOMAN, all 5’1 113 pounds of me. I am not Shanehater or who ever else you may call me. No you wouldnt see me in Lee county, because I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. But you sick little BITCH of man has mentioned my mother…no you fucking jerk I can’t wear her underwear if I wanted to because she is deceased, has been since 2003. I love the Auburn and Alabama rivalry and the fun of it but if it means opening personal wounds, by idiots such as yourself speaking out of their asses then maybe I don’t need to come back here. No p

  75. 87
    Ballplay Indian

    Au girl…Dont do the dummy the pleasure of getting pissed. Some people are just jackasses. If you get mad, then he has accomplished his goal.

  76. 88
    Ballplay Indian

    Au girl watch and see how I anger the pigboy

    Arkansas = Louisiana without plumbing

    Arkansas = Bill Clinton

    Arkansas = 0 SEC championships


    You might be from Arkansas if….Your trailor porch collpses and more than 5 dogs are killed

    And so forth and so on…

    Pigboy replies in 5..4..3..2..1..

  77. 89
    freaking genius

    The mere fact that shane feels the need to address ‘hot seat’ rumors concerning Saban is hysterical. the possibility that a coach hired 18 months ago for 4 mill a year could already be considered in trouble is insane.

    but… People can beleive this because it is tide football. win at all costs, baby. THAT is alabama football.

    so who will saban’s likely replacement be?

  78. 90
    Shanehaters A-K-A APIman

    Redneckaubie do all of you guys blog under multiple names? I DONT! Not only is NONE of my stuff half as GOOD as AUGirl… unlike you I wouldnt masquerade as a female! I am sorry for you AUGirl that you were accused of being me You are way to Educated and Classy to be ME!!! WAR EAGLE TO YOU MA AM

    and to u bammas ..

  79. 91

    Ballplay Indian, yeah you’re right I shouldn’t give him the pleasure of addressing him…that’s what he wants attention.

  80. 93

    Saban’s likely replacement…hmmmmm…there are 3 that come to mind but only two are real feasible.

    #1 Bear Bryant, ain’t gonna happen as much as they would like it to. Had they not wasted, sorry spent all that money on Saby Baby perhaps they could have used it to start a clowning, excuse me, cloning departmant at UAT.

    #2 Gene Satllings, might make them forget the last couple of decades and awakem them out of this dream land thay current live in. Wow, now I know where the BBQ place got it’s name… it’s right smack dab in the middle of “dreamland”!

    #3 Tommy Tuberville, he already owns the town, might as well throw all that money at him that the Saby Babies say he chases after every year. He would really bring them back to notoriety with respect, dignity and class with good ole intelligent football sense and not some “process” crap. Side note: Saban’s “process” is just like Sen. Obama’s “Change” campaign. What the hell do either one of them mean?
    Tommy would bring an impressive record of accomplishments he had attained right there in Bryant Denny Staduim. He would be able to put the “probation” excuse to sleep since he’s proved it can be done at both Auburn and Ole Miss. I’d hate to see it, but he would be the absolute best choice they could make. He’s perfect!

    It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!!!!

  81. 95
    freaking genius

    i think shane should replace saban. he is already the crimson mouthpiece. he knows everthing about football (if you don’t beleive me, just ask him). he also commands the respect befitting the crimson head.

    all the bammers already look up to him. he knows all the power brokers at the program. it would be a simple transition.

  82. 96
    Ballplay Indian

    Pig boy is trying to be fashionably late ,,but he will reply. I expect the leghumper to bark off any second now as well.

  83. 98

    Hey Freakin Genious..good point about Shane. Heck, he actually lives in the Tuscalooser area. Dinky Saban doesn’t live in that stinkhole town. He’s banking his millions and chilling at his lake pad in Georgia….

  84. 99

    Shane couldn’t be the coach. The only process he knows is, “pour the water, now put it in the freezer…

  85. 100
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Let’s take an in depth look at Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute’s schedule:

    With no proven quarterback, only six defensive players returning from a squad that’s carried the team on their back for the past two seasons, and two brand new coordinators, let’s see just exactly

    Louisiana-Monroe: Barnies will be looking to send a message TO ALABAMA (are you shocked), and Tuberville will more than likely prepare a speech that beats around the bush by saying ‘We beat L-M and Alabama didn’t”. However, considering API was their equal last season, only defeating us by 7 points, just as they did, and it was late in the game courtesy of a bogus “late hit” call, I can see L-M giving this offensive and defensive squad in transition a run for their money. Don’t expect an easy one here as I know you’re planning on it. After a close win or even a loss, Barnies will immediately throw Tuberville under the bus, just as they did last season.

    Southern Miss: I expect the Barnies to rebound and win this by at least two touchdowns. Then, they’ll praise Tuberville and offer him a raise.

    Mississippi State: We all seen Kodi Burns couldn’t lead his team to victory over MSU last season, and it certainly isn’t going to happen this season either. The defense held back MSU’s offense from literally exploding down the field, don’t expect the same to happen this year. Chalk this one down as a loss. The Fire Tuberville chants will begin to grow and spread rapidly across lovely Lee County.

    LSU: The only advantage API has is the fact that it’s being played at home, and the victory has belonged to the home team in this series scine 2000. Well, history will change in this one. Instead of getting their act together and playing a hard nose ball game, the old/pre-Alabama sanctions Tuberville will begin to slightly show as LSU runs up the score in the second quarter. Just pray that another barn doesn’t burn down in this one, or else API may have an advantage seeing how the LSU players can’t bare the smell, while the API players are already accustomed to it. Now I wonder if the API board of trustees will call up ex-offensive coordinator Al Borges to take over the job?

    Tennessee: Should be close, but with Erik Ainge gone, this one is definitely a sleeper win for the Barnies and I think they’ll take it.

    Vanderbilt: Last season, API finally broke their all-time losing record against Vanderbilt by breaking even with Vandy. They’ll play it close, but will stack on another win and boast their dominance over SEC powerhouse Vanderbilt.

    Arkansas: Bobby Petrino wants this game more than Tubby does and he’ll take it. Casey Dick is going to pass, pass, pass all over API’s weak and vulnerable D, and API won’t hold Michael Smith and DJ Williams to under 100 yards this year. Barnies will then wish Lowder would’ve went through with the hiring of Petrino.

    West Virginia: This game is a joke. API will probably sustain their worst loss of the century in this one. However, I don’t think it would be as bad as it would be if Rich Rod was still the coach. Pat White will have Tubby calling it quits by half time.

    Ole MIss: This should be Burns’ break out game. Expect a win here.

    Tennessee-Martin: Chris Todd will receiving significant playing time and from here on out, Franklin will start Todd instead of Burns.

    Georgia: Set back. Relax. Enjoy consecutive blowout number 3! This should be the worst blowout of the three, though.

    Alabama: Please hype the streak up as much as you can, because on Nov. 29, it’s over and you’ll have absolutely nothing to show for from then on out. Tubby will realize this isn’t what he bargained for after his team fails to capitalize on a crucial in game turnover, the way he’s done the last two seasons, to win by a very, very close hair. Trust me when I say the fingers, the taunts, and perpetual mouth running, will come back to bite you in the backside.

    This puts API at a likely record of 5-7. Tubby will submit his letter of resignation, while the API BOS looks closely into Mark Mangino. After the new year, Mangino will be atop the ugliest village in the trailer park and API will be back… Back to being the second rate school that they were six years ago.

  86. 103
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC put down the pipe dude….BWAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHHAHAHAHAH. Oh my gosh…WHEWWWWWW…

    Really man, that crap right there was funny.

    What is your logic on the LAMO loss? Cause they beat my TIDE they gonna beat Auburn too!!! You are on crack. Your gonna crap yourself when you see that score. Something like ….

    AU 54 LAMO 10

    Then Southern Miss gets it handed to them

    AU 42 Southern 14

    Revenge is sweet , as Croom gets his. I mean , only a total joke for a program loses to Miss St. TWICE IN A ROW!!!

    AU 38 Miss St. 17

    Lsu is at Jordan Hare. We win the west here.

    Au 17 LSU 14

    The Tennessee game could be more intresting than most think . But my Orange and Blue glasses sayyyy…

    AU 28 Tenn 20

    Come on .. Its Vandy

    AU 38 Vandy 10

    Arkansas will be hurting by the time this one rolls around. Plus they are just gonna stink.

    Au 28 Arky 10

    West Virginia is good . This one leaves me scratching my head..Advantage to home team. (O.T.) could go either way.

    AU 24 WV 28

    Its Ole Miss

    AU 35 Ole Miss 20

    Its Tenn Martin

    Au 48 Tenn Martin 7

    I dont know about this one either . I do think it will be closer than the last 2. Just depends on wich Auburn shows up.

    AU 24 Georgia 34

    The tide continues their perfect record vs Auburn at home..

    AU 35 Bama 14

    We play Florida in the SEC championship game .. It will be a great one..Something to the tune of.

    AU 28 Florida 24

    Ohio State goes to play USC in the BCS Championship game.

    USC 45 Ohio St. 24

    Auburn plays Missouri in the Sugar

    AU 28 Missouri 20

    Yes , I am giving AU the benefit of the doubt in the LSU and the Tenn game. But thats it. Bottom line ..If we beat LSU we go to Atlanta.

    12-2 ..Hey Ill take it.

    Yes this post is a long one..

    Bamas season goes like this..
    Bammer 14 clemson 38
    Bammer 20 Tulane 7
    Bammer 35 Western Kentucky 14
    Bammer 20 Arkansas 17
    Bammer 7 Geargia 35
    Bammer 28 Kentucky 20
    Bammer 17 Ole Miss 29
    Bammer 10 Tennessee 42
    Bammer 24 Arkansas St 7
    Bammer 20 Lsu 42
    Bammer 14 Miss St 13
    Bammer 7 Auburn 35

    Bammer goes 6 – 6 If they are lucky.

    Back to Shreveport boys,,,ENJOY!!!

  87. 104

    I agree with your predicted results entirely. There’s no possible way an Alabama team, who didn’t sustain a loss by anymore than seven points, will show any significant improvement in the second season.

    Quickly, I’m contacting the talking heads at ESPN informing them on your keen college football intellect just so they’ll offer you a bona fide job that you simply can’t refuse.

  88. 105

    “Bammer 7 Auburn 35”

    That HAS GOT to be the funniest thing I have ever heard and it figures it’s coming from the mouth of a Barnie. I’d love to hear your delusional thoughts on why the score is so… so… unrealistic?

    Your mighty D has lost the majority of their key players and the key reasoning behind their success: Will Muschamp. And I hate to break it to you, but the only advantage you’ll have on offense is a solid running game. But even Lester himself isn’t enough to carry the entire load.

    Onto the Iron Bowl, you’re on some of Jimmy Johns’ finest if you think AL Tech stands that big of a chance. Tubby’s squad has struggled mightily against this weak Alabama team in the past, and it doesn’t take a certified rocket scientist to see that. With the exception of 2005, and even then, Tubby’s squad has yet to hand us our ass, and now that the table is slowly turning, his time for doing so is almost up. You can rest assure his team can’t afford to use interceptions, fumbles, and penalties, to win another nailbiter this year the way they’ve done in the past. And can you take that seriously? He only defeated a team that during half of that streak finished behind Ole Miss in recruiting? But Tubby only has two victories whose margin was by a touchdown and a field goal, and the other four were by seven points or less??????

    Cherish this streak because it’ll be broken and all you’ll hear is number 39 and that’s 39 wins you don’t have. You can then expect the winning trend to shift back in our favor and hope and pray Phil Fulmer has something else up his sleeve or else you can kiss your state and conference dominance goodbye.

    Oh and you can expect a handful of lawsuits and violations pending your way courtesy of your latest offensive savior, Tony Franklin.

  89. 106

    You have to look at the source. It’s coming from the same guy whose ridiculous delusions allows him to believe Alabama’s downfall played no role whatsoever in the rising of a once deemed failure, Thomas Hawley Tuberville, who ironically enough was still deemed a failure before the many Alabama mishaps occurred.

  90. 107

    The Adjective Delusional should not be used anymore Im sure you bammas can come up with another one,but please stop with delusional


  91. 108
    Shadow of the Day

    I pity the weakminded AUtards who are too caught up in their own, given success to see what’s actually taking place in reality.

    They suffered from the same instances back in 1989, after number four was won. They even cleverly referred to that game as “The Mountaintop Game”. After the departure of Curry, Stallings was immediately hired, and much like Saban, AUtards made it clear that Stallings would lead Alabama’s program beyond the grave. After starting the season off with three straight losses, they ridiculed us beyond their measures. But later in the season, Stallings led Alabama to a miraculous win over the Autard nation. Still, after posting a mediocre 7-5 record for that year, they swore that was the best we’d see from Stallings then on out.

    However, year number two rolled around and the soothsaying AUtards realized they made an uncommon mistake as Alabama posted an fairly impressive 11-1 record, and also defeated the AUtards for the second consecutive year.

    And furthermore, Gene Stallings ended up forcing the overrated Pat Dye into retirement, and went on to win a National Title and simply owned the AUtards to the point where they were silenced and forced into a long period of hibernation until the year 1997 rolled around. they defeated us by one lousy point, and our record for the season was horrendous. It was then the same statements were being repeated and more and more AUtards began to surface from their Wire Road trailer parks.

    The very next year, the very same coach put a unforgettable spanking on the AUtards and it was then they realized they were in a heap of trouble.

    1999 came around, and they encountered another spanking at the hands of Alabama. The AUtards suddenly disappeared once again!

    But, the year 2000 rolled around, and Alabama was setting at three wins and the AUtards found themselves alive and ready once again. After promising domination, they won courtesy of three field goals (a perfect example of the best Tuberville can do), and following that game, Alabama found themselves at the hands of Dennis Franchione.

    It was then we heard it ALL OVER AGAIN! What is a coach from TCU going to do with a program like Alabama. He’ll never defeat us AUtards. Blah!

    In 2001, we were facing another mediocre season, but put a major shellacking on the AUtards which put an end to their nonsense for that year, but they still claimed Fran would do nothing with this program. Then, 2002 rolled around and we were smooth sailing, nearly defeating the future BCS Champions for the year, and then rumors began to spread rapidly about Fran’s departure. Suddenly, the AUtards come back in the end to defeat us and we’re nearly wiped out by Hawaii.

    And here’s where our biggest mistake took place: Shula, an unproven assistant with a horrible track record, was hired to lead us through NCAA sanctions and we immediately go from 10-3 to 3-9 in a matter of one season! But what’s funny is, as pitiful as we were, the AUtards just did squeak by Alabama with a four point victory.

    From then on out, it was mediocrity after mediocrity. Injuries followed by injuries. Stubborness after stuborness. Poor recruiting. Poor coaching. etc. etc. while the other team across the state began to rise like several of their students think the South is going to do sometime in the near future.

    Now, we’re just getting past a year of transition. There’s a new coach at the helm, a PROVEN coach, who, just like Stallings, DuBose, and Fran, posted a mediocre record in his first season, but did have two unforgettable wins on his record, just as Stallings and Fran did in their first years as well, and factor in his team never lost by more than a touchdown. They’re claiming a man who transformed a lowly LSU program into a national powerhouse, will never hand Alabama anything more than mediocrity. This is the man who lost to UAB in his first season at LSU, and even posted a mediocre record their as well. Yet, ended up winning a national title and two SEC titles in a short matter of five years. Now the AUtards are precariously swearing this proven winner, who is already recruiting the type of talent that dominated the AUtards all throughout from 1990-2001. It only goes to show nothing has changed since 1989, nor will it ever.

    Have a thorough look at the talent differential between Alabama and Alabama Tech over the past few years. They’ve edged us with far more better talent at nearly every position, and the key word is edged us. Once the quality talent flows in, the type of quality talent that Alabama had to obliterate Alabama Tech before our unfortunate debacle unfolded, the results will pay off and you will be silenced once again.

    If you fail to believe that to be true, then you’re nothing more than a braindead fan, which is already the predominant stereotype that your opposition already has against you.

    When you were at your strongest, vacuuming up all the quality talent, you still struggled to defeat us. Now that we’re not leaving any leftovers for you, which is forcing you to take away from a 2 win UAB program, you can expect more than just similar shellackings to what you saw in previous years courtesy of us. You can expect a literal blackout amongst your entire program, and that’s a fact!

  92. 109
    Amy 4 Bama

    Very well said, Shadow.

    Their coach (Tubberville) can only win with talent. Without it, he fails. With it, he succeeds. He only won during a time where we couldn’t land the talent he could. After last season, he can’t seem to recruit the type of talent that he could when Alabama was limited on the recruiting trail.

    But he’s not just recruiting poor talent. He’s recruiting just plain bad talent. How do you explain him owning the state when we had no choice but to let him, then when we’re released from our cage, the only team he can own is our second rate system schools.

  93. 110

    I hate to try to state the obvious here but the way I see it a loss is a loss no matter how much spin you put on it. I have never heard so many excuses and rambling comments about close losses and what could have been. Moral victories are for losers.

    The facts are Auburn has won 6 times in a row on the football field where it counts and to try to minimize those accomplishments makes you sound petty and childlike.

    Bama fans never seem to let the facts get in the way of anything.

  94. 111
    Shadow of the Day

    Who’s denying the facts. I clearly stated you guys have won the previous six meetings. How much more obvious can it get? A loss is a loss indeed, but did we just suddenly fall of the map because Auburn suddenly done it for us? Or was there a real reason behind swiftly transforming from a winning team into one of the SEC’s absolute worst team?

    I hate stating the obvious as well, but Alabama isn’t going to continue to be a pushover team for the duration of their existence the way some of you, or one of you at least, boldly proclaim they will?

  95. 112
    Just Accept the Inevitable

    We, as proud Alabama fans, should just accept the fact that this superior talent Nick Saban is stocking us up with, will be far worse than the misfit circus talent Shula loaded us up with. Times have changed since Shula took the job, and no matter who commits to play for us, even if the NCAA allows Eli Manning, Reggie Busch, T.O., and many others to return to college, only to play Alabama, we’ll never win simply because it’s Alabama of all teams. Other teams could forfeit and we’ll still lose because we are Alabama. How hard is it to accept that simple fact?

    …says the common objectively logical, but non-delusional Auburn, Alabama University fan.

  96. 114

    Auburn = The SEC’s outhouse.
    Auburn = Bama’s whiny little brother
    Auburn = Scared of that dumbass Houston Nutt.
    Auburn = Alabama’s version of Arkansas State.

    Now go milk them COWS boy!

  97. 115
    m johnson

    shane, get back in that freezer. add water, freeze, repeat process. my cooler is empty, bitch.
    has bobby from homewood dumped any more beer on your ugly mug??

  98. 116
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Great point, Mike! When Petrino transforms Arkansas into everything Auburn wishes they were, they’ll regret not following through with Tubby’s firing.

    Let them cry all they want, but Petrino is going to make a fool out of Tuberville.

  99. 117

    Ballplay Indian, you’re almost right on both Bama and Auburn seasons. But remember, Auburn has not beaten Alabama by more than 10 points since the Pat Sullivan era. It’s always close when Auburn wins. I believe LSU will beat the Tigers but the rest is pretty solid. Ole Miss will not beat Bama. You know that. And the Tide wlll be better defensively this year. They won’t give up that many points. The Clemson and Auburn games will be close but Bama probably loses both. They will beat Tennesee. So losses to Clemson, Auburn, LSU, and Georgia. 8-4 with a bowl win, 9-4. That’s an objective point of view from a Bammer. But I like your posts. How about everybody else take some time and give some rational viewpoints and act like adults. Both sides.

  100. 118

    I honestly think a more realistic goal for Alabama is 7-5 since I think they will lose to Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Clemson and to either Tennesee or Miss State.

    You will be counting on a bunch of 18 year old freshmen to play so you will have inferior talent to all 6 of the teams named above. You could hope for 2 upsets by you and not get upset by someone else and that could get you to 8-4 which would be a great season for the Crimson Tide.

    I think it will be important for Bama to not stumble out of the gate and go 1-3 because then you will be looking at a 6-6 or a 5-7 season and then Saban might actually be on the hot seat especially with the 7th straight loss to Auburn.

  101. 119

    Amy 4 Bama Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 6:52 pm
    Very well said, Shadow.

    Their coach (Tubberville) can only win with talent. Without it, he fails. With it, he succeeds. He only won during a time where we couldn’t land the talent he could. After last season, he can’t seem to recruit the type of talent that he could when Alabama was limited on the recruiting trail.

    But he’s not just recruiting poor talent. He’s recruiting just plain bad talent. How do you explain him owning the state when we had no choice but to let him, then when we’re released from our cage, the only team he can own is our second rate system schools.

    1st things 1st,,to you bammas at least AUburn women/WOMAN who blog in here are Smart enough to say things not nly relevant but smart…..

    NOW AMY for BAMA Jesus he can only win with TALENT? Do you think THE BARH evr played when he was coaching 57 NC’s?
    NOOOO without talent NO and I mean JOE PA
    BOBBY B, OR OL KNUTE himself couldnt do it!! and lastly MISSY EXACTLY WHEN HAVE YOU GOES BEEN LET OUT OF YOUR CAGE????????????

  102. 121

    By my count if you were in a cage we have moved you to the ZOO for exibition

  103. 123

    You Bama fans put way too much credibility on how many stars some journalist puts on some 17 year old kid in high school. I know after 6 straight losses to your in state rival you have to hang your hat on something. How can anybody judge how some high school kid is going to pan out in 3-4 years?

    Your vaunted #1 recruiting class will probably be put into the mix next year and they will be going against 22 year olds who have been in a college program for 4 years. How do you think they are going to do? Probably not that well.

    I still see the Crimson Tide going 7-5 next year and finishing 4th in the SEC West. But look at the bright side you will be bowl eligible.

    In 2009 you can try to stop the streak at 7 in Jordan Hare against a loaded Auburn Tiger team. If the streak goes to 8 I think Saban will be on the hot seat and he will probably be number 1 on that list.

  104. 124

    What did Shane say when he saw the banana peel on the sidewalk? Here we go again.

    Coacheshotseat was dead on. Saban will get a 2 year pass. Should he three-peat with 7-6 records and lose to Auburn a 4th year is possible but unlikely.

    Saban’s pay and the impatience of the rank and file Bama fan will demand results.

    Perhaps the biggest factor against Bama success is karma. What you guys did to Shula was unforgiveable. Shula inherited a train wreck. Shula inherited the most disfunctional program in the country. You Bama fans seem to forget the laughingstock that Bama was when Shula came in.

    I am not sure of the count, but Shula’s last team had about 25 fewer scholarship players than did their opponents. Bama was in every game, usually losing in the fourth quarter. With this lack of depth, this is what happens. And once again, Shula was not responsible for the mess called “Alabama football”. Seems like Shula did beat La-Monroe by about 40 points.

    Bama fans, listen closely – no one fears Saban.

  105. 125
    Barnie basher

    Jerry, please listen closely… No one fears Tuberville either.

    I can agree with you when you say Shula wasn’t RESPONSIBLE for the mess, but he surely was held accountable for what happened after the mess took place. He never capitalized on game changing opportunities, but instead played “conservative ball” all throughout his long and overdue duration as a college football head coach.

    We understand you’re only upset with his departure, simply because Shula was your doormat to success. But to say “what we did to Shula was unforgivable” is utter nonsense. It was evident after Shula’s first season, he wasn’t the right man assigned to the job. In his two biggest victories to date, instead of putting in the back ups, he insisted on leaving them in, only to run up the score. What happened? After those games, each of those seasons then fell apart. Don’t forget, you should never criticize half of our fan base for what we done to Shula for failing to meet even partial expectations, without doing the same to our own for the way you guys did Tuberville himself, not once, but twice! Not to mention Doug Barfield, either.

    How was his recruiting? Mediocre. Even with the scholarships he had, he still allowed Tuberville, Richt, Fulmer, and Saban/Miles to steal all of his potential prospects. He never could build a wall around the guys he desperately needed. The only hyped up recruit with winning potential that he ever signed was Andre Smith.

    Instead of finding a way to win, he always found a way to lose. He never would give up playcalling, and his very own playcalling was bone-headed. Sure, he defeated a lowly ranked LM team by forty points the year before, but could he manage to rally his team in a come from behind deficit to defeat Arkansas? Did he ever punish UA’s biggest rival 41-17? Did he ever play two BCS Championship teams down to the last play of the game? How many seasons did it take for him to win his first bowl game, or even lead his team to a bowl, regardless of its rank or status?

    Shula could’ve inherited our 92 or 94 squad, and he still would’ve ultimately came up short. Karma has nothing to do with it. It’s football and it happens all the time. No Alabama fan, over the age of 18, wished death upon Shula. We knew, he wasn’t the right man for the job, nor was he ready for the step he took. He would’ve never led Alabama beyond mediocrity and that’s a visual fact. Bill Curry was an amazing coach. After losing one game in 1989, Stallings took over the very next season and posted a 7-5 record, one less loss than Saban had in 07. Just as our opposition didn’t give him a chance, neither are they doing with Saban. It’s a reoccurring process.

    And trust me when we say we don’t fear, nor have we ever feared that overrated, middle age loser by the name of Thomas Hawley Tuberville. A classless loser is exactly what he is, and I can assure you, the day he finds himself back on the losing end (where he’s been his entire life, with the limited exception of recent years), he’ll immediately retire, just so he can remain a “legend” in the eyes of the dysfunctional Auburn faithful.

  106. 126
    jack and coke

    Amy 4 Bamma
    A womans place is in the kitchen. Get back in there and scrub those pots and pans. You are obviously clueless about football.

  107. 127
    jack and coke

    As for you “Barnie Basher” I’ll bet when Sports Illustrated had the Bamma’s Back” issue you were slobbering over yourself thinking about Shula. You and every other mullet headed redneck with a Tide box and a roll of Charmin loved that man, but he couldn’t beat Tubbs. That’s the bottom line isn’t. Ya’ll will go thru coach after coach in search of the elusive win over Auburn. Bring back Fran, he’s the last one to do it.

  108. 128

    “You Bama fans put way too much credibility on how many stars some journalist puts on some 17 year old kid in high school.”

    You mean the same amount of credibility you guys put into your star recruits, during your 35-7 run, up until the 2008 recruiting season?

    Way to take an remarkable stab at reinventing the truth! Do I need to visit a few AU forums to dig up old posts on how much praise, gloat, and stock y’all put into the high star recruits that eventually posted an illustrious 35-7 record over a four year period for AU?

  109. 130
    UA Amy

    Wow Jack! And an Aubarn fan, of your kind, only belongs either on a John Deer tractor or in a trailer. Go back there and fry an egg, because you are are obviously the clueless one when it comes to football because you have no legs to stand on, or a valid argument to prove your point.

  110. 131

    Barnie Basher a classless loser like Tubberville? Why the hatred? Let me guess because he has a 7-2 record against Alabama while he has been at Auburn?

    I guess if some coach has owned my team I would not like him either. Do you hate Sylvester Croom too? You must hate most coaches in the SEC over the past decade because about every team has a winning record against the Crimson Tide.

  111. 132
    Barnie basher

    We specifically hate Tuberville, unlike the others, simply because he’s the ONLY COACH, who owns a winning record over Alabama, who instead of treating the victory like a professional, rather insists on childishly rubbing it in, while other coaches treat the victory with professional class. Pat Dye was class. Shug Jordan was class. Even Tator Tot Bowden displayed more class, on the field, than Tubby has. If Nick Saban were to do it to Auburn, you guys would implode, and God forbid I hope he never does, which he won’t, because he knows how to properly react to a victory, because he’s been there before.

    On a more personal note, would you allow your players to run amok after a victory, stomping the opposition’s logo, while simultaneously taunting the losers by nonsensically holding up fingers? Would you allow your team to take the field first on the opposition’s turf? It’s one thing to defeat a program with class. It’s totally another when you insist on rubbing it in, especially when the guy was considered a “loser” as well as a “failure” prior to his sudden success over a program, who suddenly fell off the map. I understand it’s a rare occasion to defeat Alabama like this, but shouldn’t you act like you’ve done so before, especially considering the many obstacles that swiftly came upon us?

    I take it the Auburn football program has completely redefined the term class. Leave the trash talking, taunting, and classless acts to the fans. The players and coaches should never succumb to what we as fans are supposed to do.

  112. 133
    Barnie basher

    PS: Sorry, Shane is a blogger. Every point I emphasize always tends to be a bit long-winded. I guess I have way too much time on my hands. May as well put it to good use, huh?

  113. 135
    jack and coke

    how old are you Amy????????? 12?
    As for you tmc1, at least it’s my left hand and not Shane’s (like you)

  114. 137
    jack and coke

    David, they won’t discuss that. Remember the first thing ole dinky’s wife said when she got off the plane ….”Nick is already watching film on Auburn”…talk about obsession. Of course that was right before Shane (dressed as a drunk bleach blonde) kissed him…

  115. 138

    Alabama should have waited one more year to hire Saban (Shula could have gone 7-5) because Bill Parcell’s would have never put up with his BS and would have fired him first thing when he took over the Dolphins.

    They could have gotten him for a much cheaper price and he would not have had to lie the last 3 months he was on the job. We see how much character Saban has by the numerous arrests and his meek responses to each.

    Tubberville would have weeded out that program ASAP.

  116. 139
    Amy 4 Bama

    No, I’m 21 years old. How old are you? And you’re making sexist comments so maybe tmc1 was right about you.

  117. 140

    you mean the way he weeded out alabama tech in his first year going 5-6, and weeded out the three time’s a charm law breaker known as clifton robertson, deandre green, brandon reed, lorenzo diamond, derek magwood and those incidents all occurred in one season! not to mention demontray carter lemarcus rowell, montay pitts, and reggie worthy. judging by his amazing track record, i agree tuberville would’ve definitely weeded out this faltered program known as alabama on day one and alabama would’ve won the opelika farmer’s association national championship last year… keep the delusion coming hypocrites!

    count this as my signature:

  118. 141
    Mr. Holmes

    Allow me to butt in…. Are you insane? Shula could’ve gone 7-5? Firstly, Shula would’ve never gotten by Arkansas. Vanderbilt would’ve played us down to the wire. UGA would’ve won by double digits. Tennessee would’ve been another close loss. Houston would’ve upset us. Colorado would’ve upset us. We would’ve never stood a chance against LSU, and they would’ve put the biggest spanking on us for that year. And to top that off, our record would’ve been far from 6-2 going against LSU. And the problem with Colorado was, we never would’ve made it to a bowl. His best record to date was 10-2, and if it wasn’t for an explosive defense, we would’ve gone 7-5. He had the talent to go all the way, at least in the regular season, but of course found a way to screw it up for everyone, just as he did in 2004. If you disagree, please give us a LOGICAL explanation as to why Shula would’ve gone 7-5 in 2007, with the same talent he had the year before. You think because Saban lost to L-M, ONE GAME, he’ll never show us the roots of winning against big teams? Was Tennessee a bad team last year? Was Arkansas? Didn’t Vanderbilt upset USC, who defeated UGA? Was UGA overrated enough to play us into overtime? Was LSU overrated enough to win by one touchdown in the last minute of the game? Yeah, he lost to Mississippi State, but didn’t Tuberville lose to him by 5 points as well? Wasn’t this the same Miss State team that blew out Kentucky and defeated a UCF team that nearly defeated Texas? BTW, Didn’t Gene Stallings nearly lose to Louisiana Tech in 1992? Every coach has a hiccup and don’t forget Saban lost to a C-USA team known as UAB in 2000. Did his program excel after that? Did his program post any other mediocre records after that year? How many consecutive losing seasons did LSU suffer before Saban took over? They were almost as bad off as Alabama was. I promise you, you’ll have your feelings hurt and your credibility destroyed in the forthcoming future.

    Barnie, speaking of losers what was Saban’s win loss record for the Dolphins?

    What was their win record after he left? What was Spurrier’s record in the NFL? What was Pete Carrol’s? I can assure you if Tuberville is hired to coach at Miami, his results would be no different, possibly worse. With one SEC title in 14 seasons and no national titles, it’s believable.

  119. 142

    Saban’s 05 and 06 NFL record:

    Cam Cameron (Saban’s replacement) 1-15 (one overtime win)

    Spurrier’s combined NFL record:

    Carroll’s combined NFL record:

    And Pete Caroll finished 6-6 at his first season at USC. I’m quite certain the UCLA fans claimed Carroll would never exceed that mark in his USC tenure. Man oh man were they wrong!

    I’m not comparing Saban to Carroll because it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever take Alabama to the heights that Carroll has with USC. But he’ll he will uplift us from the slump we’re currently in and we will defeat Auburn again (eventually).

  120. 143

    Pete Carrol, Steve Spurrier? What do they have to do with how Saban performed in the NFL? The quesiton is do you think Bill Parcells
    would have sent Saban packing on the first day he took over? You have to have an answer since apparently you can see into the future. How do you know how Tubberville would do in the NFL? The answer is you can not possibly know. He might have done better than Saban and honestly he might have done worse. Who knows?

    To say Shula could not have posted a 7-5 record is also a pretty ignorant statement because who knows? Hell two years before he was 10-2.

    Here are the things we know right now:
    * Auburn has won 6 in a row
    * Tubberville has a winning record head to head against Saban
    * Tubberville is 7-2 against Bama
    * Bama has had way more arrests than wins under Saban
    * Bama will get better under Saban
    * The SEC is way stronger than it ever has been from top to bottom
    * No team will ever dominate the way Bama did during the 60’s and 70’s
    * I never thought Auburn would win 6 straight so if we add more it is just a bonus

    I am not the Auburn fan who can not admit that Saban will get Alabama better, but the days of dominating Auburn and the rest of the SEC is over. I think rational Crimson Tide fans will concur. I still think that if Auburn and Alabama are both good year in and year out it will be better for the Iron Bowl.

  121. 144

    My point was, yes the discussion is primarily on Saban, but like the others have said, how many college coaches have succeeded in the NFL? Not very many. Obviously Saban wasn’t as bad as his replacement. To answer your question concerning the Parcell’s situation, who knows? But here’s something else you have to consider, if Saban was still there, would Parcells have ever been hired in the first place? Personally, I think he would’ve given Saban one more year to show improvement, and he would’ve stripped Saban of all of his control that he had before Parcells came along, if that were to have happened. But who knows? Nothing is ever for certain. It’s all speculation.

    As far as the SEC’s dominance is concerned, I never said Saban will rule the conference the way Bryant, Dye, and Spurrier did, but I never said he’ll never lead us to the top ever again. If the conference is as dominant as ever, then how do you explain your success, Florida’s success, UGA’s success, LSU’s success in recent years? What makes you think Alabama of all teams will never join that allegiance?

    I’m an objective and reasonable guy, so don’t think of me as an avid fan who is blinded by reality. In fact, I won’t argue the fact that Alabama won’t show major improvements in the 08 season. But if we are talking about seeing into the future, read what some of the sheer nonsense Auburn fans consistently post on every blog. Your fans are no different than ours. Therefore, you can’t point fingers at us without first pointing them at your very own fan base.

  122. 145

    RhYno, you sound like a fan who does not have blinders on and you probably have set foot on either campus unlike most people who get on here and post things that are personal and petty.

    I think Saban will lead Bama back into the mix ( I can’t believe I admitted that) I will probably be kicked out of the Auburn brotherhood. I just do not think we will all of a sudden go away.

    The SEC is such a meat grinder that you have to be good and lucky to win the conference. LSU is also not going away and who knows what Petrino will do at Arkansas. The SEC West will probably be the toughest division in college football in about 2 years so whoever wins it will have earned it.

    I wish you luck next year although not in your last game.

  123. 146
    Barnie Basher


    Let me get the things that you are implying straight:

    Shula would’ve posted better results in 2007 had he been retained, than Saban would did.

    If we weren’t on probation, Shula’s record from 2003-2006 would’ve been 49-0.

    Tuberville would’ve immediately posted better FAR better results for the Dolphins organization than Saban did in his first year.

    Saban’s had more arrests than wins in his first season, than Tuberville did in his first at the barn.

    If Tuberville was in Saban’s position last year, Alabama would’ve finished 13-0 (12-1 at worst), and none of those kids would’ve ever flirted with the possibility of getting in trouble with the law.

    Due to the strength of this conference, Alabama will never win another SEC Championship.

    Despite Alabama has lost by a hair in each of those six Iron Bowls to a supposedly far more superior coach and averaged predominantly poor recruiting classes during that time, Alabama will never own Auburn the way they did in the 1990s, with a similar recruiting approach then as they are today.

    Saban posted a losing record in the NFL, but Tuberville’s SEC records prior to the year 2004 wasn’t mediocre or below average.

    Shula is a better coach than Saban.

    You never once said Shula is a failure and would never lead Alabama to prominence, before midway through the 2006 season.

    The stats prior to Tuberville’s SEC record wasn’t 35-38 before the year 2004.

    His record at Ole Miss vs. Alabama wasn’t 0-4 and his record at Aubarn vs. Alabama before Alabama’s NCAA sanctions wasn’t 1-2. NCAA sanctions were not the reason Aubarn currently owns a six game win streak over Alabama.

    Auburn didn’t cheat to defeat Saban in 2004 by one point.

    Les Miles owns an impressive 2-1 record over Tuberville, and I’m sure you can concur.

    Saban isn’t the reason LSU has owned the Western Division since the year 2000.


  124. 147

    * Auburn has won 6 in a row
    -No argument.

    * Tubberville has a winning record head to head against Saban
    -No argument. However, at LSU a trend was set when Saban took over that, still to this day, is in effect. Can we say Miles is a better coach than Tuberville because he’s won one more head to head meeting against him?

    * Tubberville is 7-2 against Bama
    -Technically, he’s 7-6.

    * Bama has had way more arrests than wins under Saban
    -Tuberville had more arrests than both wins and losses in his first season.

    * Bama will get better under Saban
    -Progressively, yes.

    * The SEC is way stronger than it ever has been from top to bottom
    -No argument.

    * No team will ever dominate the way Bama did during the 60’s and 70’s
    -Excluding LSU and UGA, who has dominated the conference this decade?

    * I never thought Auburn would win 6 straight so if we add more it is just a bonus
    -Neither did I!

  125. 148

    Here are some more things we know right now David.

    Saban has coached 5 years in the SEC he has won 2 SEC championships, and 1 National championship.

    Tuberville has coached 14 years in the SEC and he has 1 SEC championship.

    Saban posted a winning record his first year at Bama

    Tuberville didnt do the smae at Auburn.

    If it werent for the fact that Bama has had the worst teams in modern history there would be no streak.

    An interseting quote from CTT.
    “These incoming recruits are going to help us win championships”. He made that brag every…EVERY YEAR since he arrived at Auburn. Thank God for the Iron Bowl Championship, otherwise CTT would be one of the biggest liars in the history of football.

  126. 149
    Ballplay Indian

    Piglet boy..Shut your pie hole and crawl back to the armpit of the south known as Arkansas. You really have no business here. Youve heard the saying dont “dont get between two brothers fighting”, that applies to you. Arkansas is an insignificant, irrelevent, afterthought when speaking of SEC football. Im done with you.

    Now ,,I must admit that I fudged my interpretation of the score. But I did so to make a point. All of the replies that blasted me for the big difference proved a point. Nobody called me out and said “No AU will lose this year” .. All everyone could say was ” all the other Iron bowls were close, It wont be a blowout” .. Heres the difference between “The Mighty ” tide and AU. We go into each Iron bowl expecting a win. You guys go in just hoping to keep it close. Hoping for a moral victory. THATS THE DIFFERENCE !!!

    The score will not be close . It may be 35 -7. But Im thinking more like 28-10.

    And I do think Ole Miss catches Bama sleeping. Theve come “close” for a few years now.

  127. 150

    Ballplay don’t fool yourself, ol Pete tried his best to get Andre Smith and Julio to smell the smog in LA. Just like he’s trying to get a few 5 stars this year from Alabama to smell the smog in LA. It probably doesn’t hurt as bad smelling that smog in LA while living in a 650,000 house for free though.

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  128. 151
    Ballplay Indian

    Crimson brother. IF Pete Carroll really wanted Jarell H. Dre K. and Kendall K. they would probably be Trojans. Southern Cal has it all man. Auburn and Tuscaloosa just cant hang with the package they have . If you were 19 years old and could go to the most succesfull CFB currently going, that just so happens to be in SOCAL. would you turn it down? The same goes for Gainesville Fla. Geographicly we just cant hang with that. Thy may have wanted j.j. and Andre. But they definantly aint hurtin when it comes to recruiting. In sheer average stars per player , they cant be touched. And apperantly the NCAA wont touch em with a ten foot pole. Im sorry man ,,but I just dont think BAMA enters into their thought process. The hotseat just wanted to beat everybody to the punch for next year.

    Does the NCAA violations men we get to calim a bogus national championship? I thought I would ask the experts on that.

  129. 152

    Ballplay, I don’t think you could figure it out before it was to late, if that LA girl was really a GUY. Ol Pete “may have wanted” Andre Smith and Julio. LOL

    Shane, It’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  130. 153
    Ballplay Indian

    Crimson brother..You are a perv. I have to admit it ..I was wrong..SOCAL sux…They wish they were BAMMER.. Pete cant hang…Yall have more talent than USC..They wish they were you..Bamma is great..The rest of the world stinks..


    Shane, Its amazing to me how you get these Bammers to think its 1978 again.

  131. 154
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    They ought to rename this site to “AUBUMS WHO LIVE TO BASH SABAN.COM!” I swear, its amazing the amount of AUBUMS that post here! They have to get their fix. GET A LIFE, AUBUMS! The fact remains that each program that Nick Saban took over he left in BETTER SHAPE than it was when he got there. That is a body of work that ANYBODY would be proud of! I’m just happy we were able to land a coach of his caliber that has a HISTORY of straightening things out! Sure, there have been “bumps in the road,” but that comes with the territory. Its all a part of THE PROCESS. Progress has been made, no matter what these AUBUMS say. Make no mistake…the AUBUMS ARE CONCERNED! These pre-season predictions of Auburn winning the West aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. LSU is the team to beat in the SEC West. Yes, they have some questions at QB, but so does Auburn. Keep on BASHING, AUBUMS! You’re providing us BAMMERS PLENTY OF COMEDIC RELIEF! I’m laughing while I’m typing this! LATER!

  132. 155

    Who in the f-ck are you to tell anyone they shoudl leave on a UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA BLOG? You are one RETARDED DUMBASS! DUMBASS!
    What are you going to say next? You are HERE TO DEFEND Crimson Tide FOOTBALL?
    You are a paint sniffing MORON.

  133. 157
    Ballplay Indian

    St clair….You know as well as I that if we didnt come over here and bash one another , that this would be just another boring website. Take Mike up there. Wow ,,does HE ever need to lighten up !!!!

  134. 158

    All of you guys knocking Kodi for losing miss st must be losing your minds. You do realize it was the 3rd college game he had ever participated in(1st SEC). This wasn’t a junior losing to miss st or even la monroe. It was a true freshman who had been on campus for two months. If you don’t think Kodi is going to be better this year, well I feel sorry for you. But guess what, so does everybody else.

  135. 159

    And for those that say tubbs is classless. What has saban ever done to prove he has class. Was it bouncing on LSU or was it the classy way he left Miami.Come on people, get a clue.

  136. 161

    Shane sez. That last word is supposed to be a play on the word “says”. He probably didn’t know how to spell it. Dumbo! You are an egotistical jack***.

  137. 163

    Tmac, what exactly am I in denial about. Make some sense before you post. Otherwise you make yourself look foolish.

  138. 164

    Ballplay, I didn’t mean to piss you off so bad, sorry. I was just pointing out a few things LA has going for it. You know, dude looks like a Lady and smog. Also at the same time pointing out how silly some of your comments are.

    Now, if your going to get that mad you’re not going to make it on this website very long without having a heart attack.

    But they do say trying to copy other people or programs is a very high form of flattery though.

    Shane, It’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  139. 166
    Ballplay Indian

    Crimsonn Brother.. Boy ..your right im just so mad. my blood pressure most be all of 120 over 65. Dont flatter yourself into thinking that you could ever piss me off. All in all I keep computer blogs in their own perspective C.B. if you did want to see someone pissed take a look above at pigboys post. I really believe he would kick my ass if given the opportunity. But seriously , I hope everybody knows that this is just in good fun.

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