Tide hunting linebackers

Tide looking to recruiting for help at linebacker
Alabama landed a good crop of players in the 2008 class, and is poised to haul in another impressive group in 2009. Of special concern will be linebacker, where the Tide needs help. Andrew Bone covers the top Alabama targets at that position.

Nico Johnson, Scout.com five-star middle linebacker from Andalusia High School and Tana Patrick, Scout.com four-star strong side linebacker from North Jackson High School in Stephenson are two who could fill the class in a big way.
The two players are at the top of Alabama’s wish list, and the fact both are in-state prospects should help the Tide’s chances even more to ink their signatures in February.

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Other Tide linebacker targets identified by Bone:
Damario Jeffery, Scout.com four-star weakside linebacker from Columbia High School in South Carolina.

Frankie Telfort, Scout.com four-star weakside linebacker Gulliver Prep High School in Florida.

Frank Crawford, Scout.com three-star safety, is teammates with Telfort and has high interest in Alabama.

Jonathan Atchison, Scout.com three-star strongside linebacker from Douglass High School in Atlanta, Ga.

Jarvis Jones, Scout.com four-star strongside linebacker from Carver High School in Columbus, Ga.


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  1. 1

    Jarvis will likely end up at the barn. His right hand man, and pompous thug Deron Furr committed to them last year. I briefly went to school with both of those kids and quite frankly despised them.

  2. 3


    Cocaine dealing thug like Jimmy Johns are a stick-up artist thug like Jeremy Elder?

    Why did you despise them? Did they steal your milk money?

  3. 4

    Mike, so you’re basically insinuating I’m taking Johns’ defense by saying two thugs committed to the barn… Brilliant response, even though it was expected.

    Just because Johns distributed cocaine to students, doesn’t mean those of a lesser, but same, stature are any better, if that’s the case, why not compare him to some of your notable criminals/model citizens like Robert Baker? Or Clifton Robertson? Or Trey Blackman?

    Deron Furr is just another hood-rat whose native language is Ebonics (like 99.9% of Columbus, GA). Mark my word, he’ll encounter major issues concerning marijuana if Tuberville is as strict as you guys say he is.

  4. 5
    Amy 4 UA

    The sad truth is most of the southern players these days are ghetto-fied thugs.

    What happened to the class and character?

  5. 6

    “Deron Furr is just another hood-rat whose native language is Ebonics (like 99.9% of Columbus, GA.”)… If read by the wrong person or read the wrong way this statement could be a bit offensive…and not because it has anything to do with an Auburn player. Oh yeah, for the record the term “hood-rat” if it’s really a term, is generally used to reference a classless, ignorant, uneducated, FEMALE who has or is not use to anything of value.

  6. 7

    I cant believe that anyone would say anything to besmirch the keen recruiting eye of CTT.
    Truth is…..
    CTT will be gone within 3 years and whoever takes over will be on the receiving end of a shotgun full of shit.

  7. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    ryno. As you respond about Deron, in an article about Jimmy Johns in a negative way, does that make you look wise? uhhhh…..no.

    Tmac dream on there dude. I believe that you have it backwards. The Saban will be the one run out of town on a rail after 2 more losses to AU.

    Bammer delusion knows no limits.

  8. 9

    Why Indian?
    CTT has 17 commits already and all the whales are still out there. Talk about a giveaway…. maybe he should send Saban a courtesy letter with this big gift.
    Think about it, CTT is pre-emptively giving away the Signing day this year… WHY? Does he covet losing so much that he is willing to give away the cream of the crop again? Nope … he is setting up his next big move.
    Meanwhile he has hired the worst kept secret (literally) in football. Tony “TheTonyFranklinSystem.com) Franklin. Franklin will go down in Auburn history as they guy who put Auburn on probation because he didnt get his way… (You can write that down… it will happen…..again…..)
    The BIGGEST thing Auburn had going for it was Will Muschmap, and he is gone. So all Auburn is….is one big Question Mark. The beauty of it all is that LSU lost Perriloux. So now the real pressure is on for CTT. Everyone is thinking SEC west and MAYBE SEC championship and then MAYBE the NC!!!
    Auburn will get a big ol’ dose of reality when they get punched in the mouth by the MSU defense. They might win the game but the loss of confidence will be a downright kneeslapper.
    I cant wait for this year to play out on the plains. I have a case of popcorn and I am waiting with sadistic glee on this Comedy/Drama to play out…. I cannot wait…..

  9. 10

    tmc…just keep preaching your garbage. I hear the same gospel from you on the AU blogs. I am glad that AU creates so much interest. You have been on this MSU bandwagon all year. Why? Because we threw them 4 interceptions with an inept Brandon Cox. MSU is still MSU with a little swagger cause they beat a inept offense in Auburn and beat a inept coach in Saban. ULM proved how good Saban and his staff are. Well AU won its fair share against LSU with great talent and a good staff. Now he is at Bama with maybe some good players and a coaching staff …well who were on his 3rd string list of hires. And get lots of popcorn…cause it will be quiet a wait.

  10. 11

    Hope bama does get some linebackers…but it seems like they need some receivers since…no one qualified except for the over-rated Julio..who was shut down by every corner down there in the Mississippi All-Star game.

    Its good to be an AU tiger these days..we will get the carver Linebacker….4 star, we have a 5 star in da bull eltoro freeman..another possible 5 star in petey smith one of the top linebackers in Florida.

    But with that said..we welcome any of our instate guys..because if they want a great LB coach in James Willis come to Auburn or go to Bama and play out of position the whole game.

    And Sir Bone…why does it help Bama’s chances in signing instate players..because of last year. Well after AWbarn beats the tide silly in December…yep a beating is coming with Bama panting for breath in the 4th qtr..maybe they will rethink it and go to the plains.

  11. 12

    I had a leave of absense for the 4th of July and looks like I didn’t miss anything. More delusional crap being thrown out by tmc1. Do you really think Tubs will be gone in three years? Haven’t you been saying that for the past 5 years.. kind of like bama back if you keep saying it enough maybe it will come true?

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