Hunter: Johns didn’t seem the type

Whoa, Alabama…your Cadillac has a wheel in the ditch and a wheel on the track…what’s going wrong?

Hunter Ford

Jimmy Johns has a website dedicated to selling Pit Bulls and nobody told him that might not be a good idea? It’s a free county, but did anyone suggest that he might keep it cool and not put a picture of himself in uniform on the site?

He was making some extra money selling coke to frat boys? And nobody on the team knew anything about it? That’s not likely.

The Kenny Stabler thing made me think about the drinking culture at Alabama games. 

When I was in high school my buddies and I would drive to Legion Field to watch the Tide. We were all underage but somehow we managed to get beer. We drank that on the way and at whatever parking spot somebody could hustle us into near Graymont Avenue for five bucks.

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We would proceed to the Tide and Tiger where obtaining liquor without an ID was no problem. The challenge was negotiating all the asses and elbows just to get inside. Order a bourbon and coke and you would get a miniature whiskey bottle, a can of coke and a cup of ice.  Order three, mix one for pre-game and pocket a couple for the game.

When I attended school at the Capstone, the standard football weekend was, a Friday night keg party, a Saturday morning meet and greet with alums complete with Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers, and a flask of whiskey for the game. Post game was another keg party either to celebrate or to drown our sorrows…it didn’t matter.

Now that’s a shot version of the drinking scene. The drug scene?

I haven’t been close to the campus scene since I was a student in the late 1980s but when I was there, I can’t imagine a bigger den of debauchery than a frat house in Tuscaloosa on an autumn weekend. One of the Greek houses had been put on probation and shut down because of drug activity. But that didn’t stop many of the others from carrying on.

If the DEA had done a sweep of Greek Row and The Strip on one of those fall evenings I doubt many people would have been left to pay tuition the next semester.

Was I surprised to see Jimmy Johns arrested? Yes, because I interviewed him following the A-Day game. He seemed humble, focused and grounded.  He didn’t seem the type. Then again, I only know him from a distance and from one interview. What was not shocking is the fact that cocaine dealing is still a big game in Tuscaloosa.

The football team is going through a process under Saban. Part of that process is to weed out people who will not do the right thing. I believe Saban will eventually succeed.

I hate it for Jimmy Johns that his career has to end this way.

But football players are not the only students on campus. The Johns situation is an example of a much bigger problem, one that has not been addressed very effectively over the years.