Richardson ‘strongly’ committed

Scuttlebutt last week had standout Trent Richardson’s commitment to Alabama being weak. But Richardson told Bama Online that he is strongly committed to the Tide despite the fact he will take visits to other schools.

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Richardson pointed to his close relationship with Alabama commitment AJ McCarron, and Alabama players Julio Jones and Jerrell Harris.

I wanted to go to a school that is on the rise. Alabama is a program that is going to play for national championships and I wanted to be there when it happened. With their recruiting class they have coming in this fall and some of these offensive linemen they are recruiting, I would have to be crazy not to want to be a part of that.”

What will he do on signing day?

I haven’t talked to him (his coach didn’t return my call!), but until something else happens to make me think otherwise, I’ll take him at his word.