Richardson ‘strongly’ committed

Scuttlebutt last week had standout Trent Richardson’s commitment to Alabama being weak. But Richardson told Bama Online that he is strongly committed to the Tide despite the fact he will take visits to other schools.

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Richardson pointed to his close relationship with Alabama commitment AJ McCarron, and Alabama players Julio Jones and Jerrell Harris.

I wanted to go to a school that is on the rise. Alabama is a program that is going to play for national championships and I wanted to be there when it happened. With their recruiting class they have coming in this fall and some of these offensive linemen they are recruiting, I would have to be crazy not to want to be a part of that.”

What will he do on signing day?

I haven’t talked to him (his coach didn’t return my call!), but until something else happens to make me think otherwise, I’ll take him at his word.


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    I am not going to bet the farm on anything at least until the ink is dry. But these were the same reasons he used when he commited the first time. I am inclined to agree. Most of the new incomming recruits are carrying the same belief that Bama is on the rise. And they are coming here to play for championships. If the talent keeps coming at the current level they will be.

  2. 3

    Hey Shane is a BLOGGER.
    Nice pickup on that Safety today. Memphis, Ball State, Middle Tennessee, dont know what they are gonna miss.
    And he even got a look (but not an offer)from BAMA. Whoop-Whoop!!!
    17 down. 8 to go. (out of 25) So, SIAB when is Auburn going to start landing some bigtime talent?

  3. 4
    Houston...we have a problem...

    Thanks CTT. Coach Croom is starting to look like a recruiting Guru! See you at your yearly CROOMING!

  4. 5

    way I got it figured. this hear boy runs him a 4.36 so add that to all the other fastuns we got and we will have the fastest team in the unyverse. Tommy Tubberville is a geenyus!
    I hear we got us some linemans who run that there 40 4.4 too. What yall ignernt bammers gonna do when the tigers run all over that there feeld.

    6 in a ROW!

  5. 6

    What does bammers consider “big time” talent? Just look at the facts guys. You can keep on talking about recruits this and recruits that and there are not good enough and act like the true bammer you are (see redneckaubie’s response above) but until you actually do something on the field.. no one respects you at all.

  6. 7

    AMEN their Redncktider!
    We done won us 6 Irn Bowl NashunalChmapyunships in a row! That means we are nummber 1 !! Turdishun dont mean a thing. Furget the past is whut i say! At least ’til you get to the 6 in a row part. Why? Cause the past is kinder embarrassing to us Aubs. Thats why! Lets just focus on the stuf that makes Auburn look gooder! And forget all that other true stuff. allrighty!

  7. 9

    6 in a row is our turdishun! We dont care whut yall think. We done spent air hole lifes awaitin’ on this hear streak! We dont need no freak’n SEC Champyunship!
    We got air Iron Boll Nashunal champyunship! We won the Irn boll that means we is the bestus team and yall gotta shut up now!

    War Eagul! 6 in a row!

  8. 10

    “Until Auburn can win more than one SEC every ten years, No one will respect you either.”.. We beat you every year.

  9. 11

    You guys crack me up. You act like Tuscaloosa is some kind of progressive urban hotspot. Step outside of Alabama to get some much needed perspective, and you will quickly see that there’s not a whole of difference (geographically and culturally) between Tuscalloosa, Auburn, Mobile, Birmingham, Huntsville, or anywhere in Alabama for that matter. You guys are like a bunch of ants, who have never left the mound, and think the world revolves around you.

  10. 13
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    wash your feet, When the NCAA gets through with UAT, you can have a few of our croots.

    Did you let Shane lick between your toes?
    No wait…Did you let Jim Johns snort a line off your dirty foot?

    Don’t burn my waffle.

    War Chicken!

  11. 14

    I am in Australia,
    How much further from Tuscaloosa can I get?

    Shane is a BLOGGER
    Are you still jumping up and down like an attention deprived dog, trying to get Shane to notice you? Sad. Why dont you just admit you have a man crush on Shane and be done with it. Everyone knows it already.

  12. 15

    I love how these geniuses like redneckaubie have the audacity to imply that Auburn fans are the rednecks in this state rather than bammers based soley on the fact that Auburn University has an Agricultural Department. Let’s forget that Auburn has been the highest ranked public university in the state for 12 of the last 15 years by U.S. News and World Report, and that it has one of the highest ranked engineering schools in country. Despite all of your whimsical trailer jokes, you conveniently forget that 95% of all trailer livin, tobacco chewin, wife beatin’, son shootin’, miluakee’s best drinkin’ trailertrash rednecks in this state are Bama fans that didn’t even finish the 9th grade, much less attend UA. The overwhelming majority of AU fans in this state became that way because they have some actual connection to the university, such as being an alumnus or having a close family member that was. The overwhelming majority of Bama fans in this state are that way because their “Diddy” watched the Bear on t.v. when they was growin’up in the trailer park, and “Diddy” shore did love that Bear and all them natl titles he won. No, you bammers would have us believe that Auburn people are rednecks solely because our university has a department that develops agricultual technology which helps to eradicate world hunger. When you bammers are sitting down in the kitchennete area of the trailer tonite eatin’ your collard greens, send up a little thank you to Auburn for helping to provide that bountiful harvest on the table. Now redneckaubie, your shift at the luberack starts in 15 minutes. Get your ass of the computer and get to work so you can change the oil in that Auburn grad’s Mercedes.

  13. 16

    Matt, you should get out a little more often.

    Aubarn doesn’t come close to equaling what Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, and Birmingham is.

  14. 18

    hoolio, thanks but no thanks. Wedont need no foreners tellin’ us shit. Go back homw to mexico and have a burrito.
    undulay! comprenday senyour!

  15. 20

    Trent Richardson a strong commit? Well I guess you guys forgot to read another article that implies…..that LSU will be the team to beat. His brother also lives in Louisiana and his mom wants him to go to LSU. I dont really care since AU plays both. Bama is getting beat for the top guys they want this year. They may get some of the top guys in this state but otherwise why would a play want to play for an inept staff who can recruit but not coach. After Bama loses to AU by at least 3 tds..wonder what the recruits will be thinking then.

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