Prince Hall working to return

Prince Hall has returned to school for summer term, and continues to work hard to regain his spot on the Alabama team. According to the Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise, Hall hasn’t been promised anything, but if Nick Saban left the door open for a return then Hall has a good chance. Provided he meets Saban’s requirements.

Hall didn’t get into the specifics regarding his suspension. While he said he hasn’t been promised anything by Saban in so many words, Hall, who has retained his football scholarship, said it’s simple: “I have to keep in school, keep working out and keep my health up.”

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Hall’s return would improve Alabama’s linebacker outlook for 2008. Hall was a stellar performer as a freshman, but the behavioral issues were a problem last season.

One of the most interesting quotes from the Press-Enterprise story is from Hall’s mother:

“We’ve gone down several times and met with Coach Saban,” LaQuida Hall said. “I think the thing that most disappointed him was that he expected, and still expects, Prince to be a leader.”