UA faces tuition increase


The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees will consider a tuition hike at its meeting later this week. According to the agenda, all three UA system schools seek a major revenue adjustment.

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According to the report, UA seeks a 12.3 percent tuition hike. UA-Huntsville seeks a 14.1 percent increase. Non-medical school students at UA-Birmingham could face a 10.6 percent surge.

The UA board of trustees meets June 19-20 in Tuscaloosa in Sellers Auditorium of the Bryant Conference Center.


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    Thank you Shane is a BLOGGER.
    Why? Because my oldest Daughter is about to graduate and my youngest daughter will enroll in a few years. Maybe they thought they needed some more of tmc1’s money.

  2. 4

    This State is broke and nobody understands except the Auditors and the Bastards that spend money that does not come out of their pockets. Just wait for the Candy that will be shelled out for Volkswagen in the coming special session.

  3. 6
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    A solution, Casinos and Lottery. The state is so far behind it’s pitiful. If you disagree all you have to do is not gamble.

  4. 7

    I feel for you, tmc. Luckily, I’m not yet a father (only 21), nor am I a U of A student, unfortunately.

    On another note, I hear the U of A mafia shut Cheap Shots down. What’s up with that?

  5. 9

    Thank you, 007.
    I dont have a clue about the U of A mafia shutting cheap shots down.
    I am actually drawing a blank on it. Could you give me more info?

  6. 10

    What I mean is I dont know why. I dont do a lot of drinking or partying(contrary to some’s belief) So I dont keep up with the scene or its machinations. But when I was younger, I did my share. I am sorry for your loss..
    I hope you can find a suitable replacement (where the police dont arrest people for being Bama students.)

  7. 11

    Unfortunately this is happening at public and private universities across the country. Tuition inflation is a major trend.
    And no, as has been pointed out many times before, Saba’s salary does not come from the U of A’s general funds. He recieves a base salary as a state employee and then his millions come from a supplament from the athletic department formed by booster donations and revenue.

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