Best in the West: John Parker Wilson

Rivals’ ranks J.P. Wilson as the best quarterback in the SEC West. It isn’t surprising—Wilson is the only choice as the season begins. He is a multi-year starter, and a senior. All positives for him and the Tide.

The other SEC West quarterbacks as ranked by Bamaonline below along with some helpful comments from the Capstone Report:
2. Casey Dick of Arkansas. I know Bobby Petrino works miracles with quarterbacks, but I believe this ranking is overly optimistic—or a reflection of just how bad the quarterbacks are in the SEC West this year.

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3. Jevan Snead of Ole Miss. What do we really know about Snead? Not much. I’d probably rank him lower.

4. Kodi Burns of Auburn. Burns is ranked this low simply because of his problems last year connecting on passes. His completion percentage in limited action last year was 38.5 percent. He was 1-4 in the Peach Bowl. For Burns to have a big year, he must perform like he did in the Spring. However, as I like to warn Alabama fans, the Spring isn’t the Fall. For the Spread to work, the quarterback must do a little of both passing and running. Once Burns gets a few SEC games in the new system, these rankings will change.

5. Wesley Carroll of MSU. He’s got some experience, and upset Kentucky. Wait, did I say someone upset Kentucky. Something is wrong with football these days.

6. Andrew Hatch of LSU. Ryan Perrilloux’s understudy now takes the stage because of Perrilloux’s inability to stay out of trouble. Hatch will have many weapons around him, and could end up at the top if LSU wins the division.


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  1. 1

    I guess he’s the “best” — if the primary criteria is throwing more passes to the sidelines and stands than your own team.

    I guess bamaonline is a more “objective” (wink, wink) source of information in your estimation than Phillip Marshall, Cappy.

  2. 2

    I called Bama Online Pravda before. But I’d say they are more objective than Marshall. 😉

  3. 3

    I have no illusions about JPW. He can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a mind numbing fashion. I keep thinking that Bama should be grooming their next QB this year. I hope I am wrong and JPW might come out great this year. But realisticly I dont expect it.

    What I dont like about Marshall is that if JPW was at Auburn right now, Marshall would be praising him as the greatest QB ever.

  4. 4
    Bama Fan In NYC

    I agree with your statement, TMC1, John Parker Wilson has had two years to do away with the novice mistakes and I highly doubt we’ll see any significant improvements compared to the previous two years. Thankfully, this will be the last year he ever dawns a Crimson jersey.

    It’s sad knowing he, of all people, is on the verge of potentially setting several of the prime quarterback records at UA. It’s a literal shame…

  5. 5
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Why do you fickled bama fans keep throwing your players under the bus. JPW loves bama and win or lose you should support him in blogs and in public. Face to face conversations is when you need to talk about problems at bama. That goes for all schools.

  6. 6

    Shane is a BLOGGER
    We all know that Auburn loves Cox.
    But as I recall werent alot of the Auburn faithful screaming for the QBs ass onthe pine last year? Am I wrong in saying this.
    I know the Bama fans were hoping you could keep Brandon for another 6 years too.

  7. 7

    Auburn fans would like for JPW to get several more years eligibility at UAT. We would love to keep him around. bammer fans wish that Brandon Cox were around for another six years? OH REALLY?? He NEVER lost to the bammers.. whipped their butts.. yep I wish he were around for 6 more also.. the streak would be at… humm…12.. He was always a bammer killer..

  8. 8

    tmc and NYC, let me ask you guys a question: If both of you agree that JPW will be as bad this year as the past 2, and even Saban says that Bama fans should pray every day for JPW to have a good season, does this mean you both believe that Bama will have yet another painful loss to the “barners” again this year?

  9. 9

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA A 6 and 6 QB is number 1 WOW!!!! and it wasnt Brandon TMC

    it was a couple of em putting the boots
    to your beloved TIDE and is anyone ever gonna answer my question??? what was OL JPW’s star recruiting number?

  10. 11
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    tmc1, in my first response I said “That goes for all schools”. You will never see a negative AUBURN comment from me and I feel like the rest of the Auburn bloggers also. Unless they are imposters.

  11. 12

    “What I don’t like about Marshall is that if JPW was at Auburn right now, Marshall would be praising him as the greatest QB ever.”

    Afraid not, TMC. If JPW was at Auburn right now, he’d be playing baseball.

    Is anyone surprised that a site like “Rival’s Bamaonline” would rate JPW or any UA quarterback as No. 1 in the West? Get real.

    Fear the Toes!

  12. 13

    Shane the blogger,

    Personally, I dislike him because he isn’t a clutch quarterback. He has one come from behind victory on his resume, and that was against Arkansas in 2007. I realize it’s a “team effort”, but JPW singlehandedly lost the LSU, MSU, and L-M games for us all on his very own.

    The year prior to that, he lost the Florida and AU game, all on his very own.

    You can’t really blame us for throwing him under the bus, because most of your fans done the same with Cox last season. The only difference between Cox and Parker is, Cox showed the ability to lead his team to victory and come through in the clutch. Parker has yet to show us that and he’s already in over his head, so he’s got A LOT to show in order for us to respect him as a leader.

  13. 15
    Dark Illusions

    It’s not that we are “throwing him under the bus”, we simply don’t approve of him as a QB.

    You have to understand, he’s not worthy of competing at this level, maybe at UAB, or Troy, but not at Alabama, Auburn, or nearly any premier program in our division.

    He has heart and passion, and I love his dedication to the game (like the willingness to sacrifice his career for one play), but nine times out of ten, one simple mistake ultimately costs us the game.

    That’s why we don’t approve of him as a QB.

  14. 16

    Honestly another loss to AU this year is not going to break my heart. Why? Because after that, they still have 2 more left before they can tie Bama’s mark of 9 straight. If Auburn doesnt make the 9th or 10th win, the bragging stops and once again it will be “close but no cigar” for Auburn U.
    “6 in a row” is nice but it will be dubious in comparison to “9 in a row”.

    JPW in his previous form (to me) is/was a definate liabilty, and could lose the Iron Bowl single handedly (we already know that though.)

  15. 17

    Well what do you know, tmc finally admitted that he doesn’t care about Alabama winning championships. (Bama ain’t winning one without beating AU). He doesn’t even care about beating Auburn for the next three years. His only concern is that a streak accomplished by Bama before half the people on this site were born is not beaten. And you have the stones to say that AU fans are “aubsessed” with what Bama?

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