Why can’t we be friends?

By Shane from Centerpoint
In consideration of the recent rift between the Auburn “Family” and yours truly, I’ve decided to bury the hatchet and reveal my true feelings toward my beloved cross-state rivals. Let me get right to the point – some of my best friends are Auburn fans. I would never intentionally try to upset the entire Tiger fan base. In fact, most of the things I have written are merely designed to invoke a little competition during the boring off-season. In reality I totally respect all things Auburn and the “Creed” is simply a thing of beauty.

I love to hear outstanding representatives of the school like Terry Henley talk about how great it is to be an Auburn Tiger. I value the opinions of Auburn’s finest front man, Phillip Marshall. I listen intently whenever Tommy Tuberville graces the airwaves with his esteemed presence.

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Chette Williams is a great man, whose only mission is the spiritual welfare of his team’s players. My tasteless jokes about his involvement with recruiting and insinuating that he is the “bag man” are absurd. He has no connection to Pat Dye whatsoever.

Speaking of former head coach Dye, I really don’t believe that he hates Alabama or that he controls anything that happens at Auburn. By the way, I refuse to believe that he had a hand in the hiring of “air-ball” Tony Franklin. Put it this way – I do not believe that Pat has ever looked over Tubby’s shoulder or meddled in his affairs.

Wayne Hall is one of the finest men on the planet. His impeccable reputation is beyond reproach. I don’t believe a word of those rumors about his involvement with cheating when the NCAA unjustly took Dye down. Wayne is still highly respected and he is the perfect man to control the money for Reverend William’s foundation, which he currently manages.

I find it impossible to believe that Auburn football players are being washed through the educational system and steered towards classes with instructors who are controlled by the football program in order to maintain eligibility. I think most Tiger athletes have the potential to be among the smartest to ever open a book.

I have no doubt that Auburn deserved the national championship in 2004. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Tommy’s Tigers could’ve beat USC and Oklahoma combined.

Last but not least, the media bias against Auburn in this State is blatant and pathetic. Almost every outlet is completely pro-Alabama. They act as if Alabama is the only program that matters. Truthfully, that is why the fan base carries such disdain for certain media power brokers who constantly demean this great institution.

Face it Auburn is God’s country. All that talk from Alabama fans about the Plains being the livestock capital of the world (a cow college) is just jealously manifested.

Henceforth, I wish Auburn fans would consider this Tide man to be a friend. After all, look at the love I’m sending your way.

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  1. 1

    Thanks to this fine blog. I too have seen the error in my ways.
    Dude you are so right.
    So many times while bashing Tommy Tuberville’s complete and total impotence (as a man and a coach) I wanted to congratulate him on the fact that he has beaten Bama 6 times in a row. Because it is such a EPIC accomplishment, to beat a team a week after LaMo has done it.
    I should admit that everything, Everything Auburn U. does,…. is of the highest standard and is of EPIC proportion. Because people like Phil Marshall and Tommy Tuberville say so.
    I have seen the error of my ways… I am so sorry for calling Tony Franklin a charleton, and the welfare man’s Ron Popiel.
    I am so sorry for even insinuating that Tommy Tuberville looks (and acts) like Dale Gribble from “King of the Hill” fame. I am sure if I apologised for everything it would take years. But that thanks to this post.. I now see that Auburn is the greatest institution. Ever..EVER.
    So I too must extend an olive brach of admiration to all things Auburn and congratulate Auburn U. on the tradition of world class excellence, and Auburn’s complete and utter dominance of the entire football world.

  2. 2
    freaking genius

    in the spirit of the most open-minded guy around, shane, i offer my true feelings also:

    Shane is brilliant. his literary offerings are insightful AND objective.

    when he comes on the radio i am enlightened. he is so well spoken and concise that i get frustrated when he ends his call. he leaves me longing for more.

    shane is nothing like the other every-day callers. shane is BETTER. the other callers say dumb things and get repetitive. not shane. it’s always fresh and witty. he makes me laugh and think deep.

    he is a genius. i genuinely expect him to be writing for a major publicaton (even MORE major than a blog site) any day.

    i sincerely wish auburn had a representative to act as our mouthpiece to make us proud, the way alabama has shane to make them proud.

    congratulations, shane. you are a well-rounded, sophisticate. roll tide.

    really. i’m serious.

  3. 6

    A fair attempt here to try to show some diplomacy as well as respect for your arch opponent. An even better breakdown of the state of things vis-a-vis Auburn and the Alabama media.

    I think this will go some way to adding a little balance to the dialogue and make certain head bangers on both sides somewhat marginalized.

    Finally, I have to give Shane some credit on his tactics in this column. Note he did not admit anything a Tide fan may consider conceeding that would truly make a Tide fan seem reasonable.

    He did not say he would trade the ’08 recruiting class for a win or 2 againt Auburn sometime over the last half decade plus. He did not indicate that he would prefer the media not to be so pro-Alabama. He did not admit that as a result of said bias that Alabama expectations go from nil to stratospheric and that this does nobody on that team much good. By and large these are criticisms Paul Finebaum levies against the “I-Man” equivalent callers on the pro-Alabama side (see Dawson).

    So at the root of it the biggest criticisms I and other reasonable antagonists of the Alabama football program have against Shane and others remains largely intact. Alabama fans are by and large delusional as well as have no ability to keep things in perspective. This makes Alabama fans highly insufferable. If I may go global for a moment in my opinion the 2 most intolerable supporters of a sports team/club in the whole world are Alabama football fans and Liverpool FC (soccer) fans. Alabama fans and Liverpool fans both share a lot of the same attributes. When I saw the title to this post I thought Shane may be trying to find a way to lift my and others perceptions of Alabama supporter out of this low state. He did a bit in the end but not quite like he could have.

    So in a nutshell good try Shane! I applaud you effort. We live to fight another day!

  4. 7

    Yawn, yet another Article on AUBURN… Talk about being Aubsessed… One day maybe you will have something to write about Alabama. Like Joe, Snake, Textbooks, recruiting scandals, classes in football to keep people eligible, J. Castille (who also has a ministry), Mal Moore who still runs the program and was very close to LYoung, maybe one day you will actually look at Alabama’s program and ask how did Alabama fall so far in the AFTER BEAR (AB) error (intentional)… How did the folks who run the capstone let the football program fall so far… It is not the NCAA, but a series of events led by Mal Moore, PBryant Junior and others.. You know that, write about that… But you would lose your credentials…

  5. 8

    and SHANE once again you have proven
    why the CHARACTER of the BAMMER is what it is………

  6. 9

    I’ll never learn to love or respect those Alabama rejects. Their school is a disgrace to, not only the state of Alabama, but the entire south in general.

    I’m married to a Barnie, and my mother and brother are both Tech graduates. So, it’s hard to respect a team that reminds you on a daily basis they’ve won the previous six meetings, but fail to mention what the reasoning behind their success was.

    Yet, Alabama fans are delusional…

  7. 10

    Once again, Shane tries and fails at his pseudo-journalism.

    And once again, tmc tries and fails to be clever. He does, however, succeed at his attempt at being a parrot.

    Rock on, little bammer goobers.

  8. 12
    m johnson

    It must suck to be you, shane. enzyte might help. obiously you’re trying to compensate for something. i guess having no life and working at a dump of an ice factory does that to a man

  9. 13

    I wouldn’t dog the man’s true profession. Not all men are defined by their day job. Shane’s obviously defined by his fantasy hobby as a delusional spinster. And, frankly, nothing’s wrong with that. Somebody has to do it.

    It takes a special somebody that doesn’t mind being embarrassed time and time again. The fact that this man is trotted out here to post his opinion is a testament to the equal rights employer that this fine blog administrator is.

    Let me ask you this. What if there was no Shane? What if there was no Paul Finebaum? And what if there was no “Alabama Football” sidewalk alumni fan base as we have know it for decades now?

    Wouldn’t life be a little more boring?
    Who would you laugh at?

  10. 14

    I too want to admit my mistake.For a long time I just thought Shane was maybe just high on drugs,extascy maybe..see his woody for Nick Saban…but I now realize what a pulsating rectum he really is.Your preoccupation with Auburn is so huge,the police should arrest you for stalking.Oh thats right,they are too busy arresting Bama players and that drunken analyst of yours.

  11. 15
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    I think you guys (Barnies) have completely blocked NASCAR Sam from your vivid memories. Last I recall, he was just as bad, if not worse, than Shane himself. Talk about illogical delusion…

  12. 16

    Here is the deal. You keep forgetting the crux of why we cant be freinds with the Auburn nation.
    It really comes down to some minor details like:

    1. They are like the ignorant neighbor who tries to offer advice when they dont know what the hell they are talking about.

    2. They try to talk down to anyone and everyone who will listen to their absurd ideas. Auburn is like the person who brags about getting a driver’s license to a stock car racer.

    3. Without fail… you can go to any County fair and see an aubbo at the most rigged game on the midway. Looking like a rube and throwing away their paycheck because someone told them they would win this time for sure! (Think CTT)

    4. Aubbos love to preach that their curricullum is at an “elite” level. How much respect can a collge degree command when you can get 3 credits for a 10 page book report? (I am sure that several people will say that NYT was printing lies and yet the sources are Auburns own people.)

    5. Why do Aubbos expect to be taken seriously when their only tradition is for stealing other schools traditions?

    6. Because even though they gauge their success by Alabama’s failure. (At the rate Auburn is going,) I would have to wait 550 years for Auburn to equal the success Bama has had.

    7. Because inspite of delusions of grandeur 6 Iron Bowl victories doesnt top the Fact that Bama has 9 in a row.

    8. Because Auburn fans revel in mundane and ordinary achievements as if they had just cured cancer. (ex. Beating Bama by 7 a week after La Mo did it….by 7)

    Shane it doesnt matter what you do. You shouldnt lower your standards to agree with stupidity.

  13. 18

    Yea TMC is an idiot but hell look who is IDOLS are……


    2.PAUL ( ALL OF THEM )

    Hes a closet case guys maybe Shane can bring home some ice and they can ice their stink.!

  14. 19

    trackem, Shaneeaters, do you guys need a pacifier and a good breastfeed?
    Talk about a couple of kindergarden comebacks….Jeez, you two must have been socially promoted.
    Here is an idea, if you want to go hunting with the big boys, bring something bigger than a BB gun.

  15. 20

    Deal, TMC. When you bring something valuable to the table you’ll be served equally. What you’ve resorted to posting is chump material. Emotional- like a woman scorned- whiny.

  16. 21

    the best you could do was Idiot?
    THERE is the prime difference between a real education and an “Auburn Education”
    Of all the indistinctly articulated things you could have ever said. Idiot?
    Jesus what are you, 3rd grade?
    Trackem you are not a wordsmith. Dont even try to pretend it. “Idiot”. That is just so poor it is disgusting. Whats next? Moron? woooo…. How about imbecile?…. I’ll loan you a comeback ok? Try this one on for size.
    Your rebuttal staggered through like a drunken witless Don Quixote on leave from the Betty Ford clinic.
    I will stop there before your head explodes while trying to figure out what I meant.

  17. 23

    go back to school, study, do some homework,get a real degree, and come back when your think you have a comment that is pithy enough to let you sit at the Adults table……

  18. 24


    a foolish or senseless person

    I think everyone but you understands the meaning and the reference.

  19. 25

    TMC, now go enjoy your day if that’s possible. Sitting around waiting for the next personal attack brings no joy I can assure you. Don’t be an id-i-ot.

    Try something new today.

  20. 26

    Poor, Poor trackem. It probably wouldnt for a half wit like you…..Me I havent even sharpened my verbal machete yet.

  21. 27
    m johnson

    I wonder if Nicky called to wish Tubbs a happy fathers day. We all know Tubbs is his Daddy and owns him.

  22. 28


    Your “verbal machete” is more like a mini pocket knife, sparky.

    Try the decaf. It won’t make you smarter, but it will help with that anger management issue.

  23. 29

    This is the precise reason why we can’t be friends: you finally write a logical and peaceful article concerning the War Eagle fans, yet the they still bash you as if you spat in their face. Very typical of them. It just goes to show jealousy, envy, and inferiority overshadows a shot at peace.

  24. 30

    LMFAO good one m johnson.Bama fans want to try and downgrade Auburn,but all I heard the other day on the radio was them bitching about damn hotdogs.Jeez,no wonder Eli Gold is a spokesperson for those fat ass britches he wears.

  25. 31

    way to hit the proverbial nail on the head, rhYno! win or lose, barnies will forever despise the university of alabama simply because our university, town, state, fans, and athletic programs will forever cast a dark, unbearable, shadow over their entire county. they blame that on us when in reality, the blame should be placed solely on themselves for being an alabama reject. hence the name “alabama tech”.

    count this as my signature:

  26. 32

    rhyno and Berman you are correct as usual.
    They dont want to be freinds because they know as long as the University of Alabama exists they will be second best in the state.
    Alabama will always be Auburn’s measuring stick.
    Bama says Roll Tide! And Auburn has to go and make up a story about an Eagle so that they can have a 2 word battle cry.


    Bama coaches start charities and scholarship funds. Auburn Coaches capitolize on the Death and suffering of our troops for a photo op.
    I as a Bama fan am so very thankful for Auburn University. It gives the tacky, classless people of our region a school were they fit in.

  27. 33

    tmc1- What year did you graduate from UAT? Did you even go to school at UAT? Just curious.. You never answer that question.

  28. 35

    TMAC. You and Shane ae 100% correct sir. Shane (wink wink) I get your sarcasm and might I say it is DAMN BRILLIANT MY FRIEND. Only a Pulitzer prize calibre writer could reverse the script like that on an Aubie. Tmac I have said it before and I will say it again the barners are SKEERED. THEY KNOW A NW CHPTER OF ASSWHOOP IS DAWNING. Saban and his croots are only 3 months away from 13 baby!!!! Then the gloriuoos TIDE will be restored to it s former self THE BEST DAM FOOTBALL TEAM ON THE PLANET.

  29. 36
    Ballplay Indian

    Did I call it last week or did I call it last week? Absolutely no mention of Stabler in this dooshlike article. What a shock. Yes we do detect your sarcasm Shaney Boy and it is well noted. This is the typical Bammer way people. Deflect , smoke , mirrors, and such. Half the team in the pokey? Lets talk about Tubbs lack of disciplin. Our former great quarterback and CURRENT announcer gets hammered and drives AGAIN, lets talk about Tubbs lack of class by going to a warzone and supporting our troops. Shane face it boy you are a wee bit jealous of Auburn. It is very eveident by all the hock that you write on this blog. Keep dreaming and aspire to great things and maybe just maybe your piece of crap football program will get to be where Auburns is. But I doubt it. Same old shart different year. Does anyone remember in 05 when the turds lucked into 9 wins? Shanes article was called, and I kid yoou not ” THE TIDE IS HIGH AND SHULA IS THE MAN”. What a spastic.

  30. 41

    tmc1 you did not have to go there to be a fan but you spit out shit about Auburn and the education and have no idea what you are talking about. “go back to school, study, do some homework,get a real degree, and come back when your think you have a comment that is pithy enough to let you sit at the Adults table……” Since you make comments like that… where did you get YOUR degree from? Oh yeah… your a bama fan.. you don’t have a degree…

  31. 42
    Ballplay Indian

    tmac 1 …..You are living in a crimson vacuum. Kentucky suffered probation and still could win. FREEKIN KENTUCKY DUDE!!!! Auburn suffered probation and found a way to win in the early 90s. The whole “Probation” excuse is getting, wellll, QUITE DAMM LAME!!!! Face the facts Bammer your whole program sux because the leadership of your whole program sux. The powers that be coulve blackballed Logan young , but the bottom line is they didnt WANT TO!!!Your dipwad for an A.D. coulve hired a real coach 7 years ago but they DIDNT WANT TO!!! Your current coach couldve sent a discipline message in the loss to LAMO by sitting the thugs down, butttttt, HE DIDNT WANT TO!!! NO ONE IS AFRAID OF WHO BAMA WAS, IS, OR WILL BEEEEEE!!!
    Why ? Cause yall suck. And not just a little , Yall suck BAADDDD!!! But hey , keep thinking that your a powerhouse team as you are getting your as stomped weak in and weak out. Whatever floats your boat.

  32. 43

    tmc, your “corrections” of other posters that you’ve become so addicted to over the past few days are hilarious. You sit around your mother’s basement and run everyone’s post through Google and Dictionary.com and then expect everyone on this site to believe that you are some literary genius. Oooh, you even made a reference to Don Quixote…now we are really impressed! Tell me, is Don Quixote the novel that inspired you to drop the “F” bomb in your post a couple of weeks ago? Or was it that classical education you “received” from the University of Alabama? Or was that simply tmc simply wielding his “verbal machete”? Now get your a$$ back upstairs and take out the trash like your mother told you to before she docks your allowance.

  33. 44

    The comment section to this blog is hilarious. TMC scorns an “Auburn education,” implies that he is a “wordsmith,” and uses the word “charleton.” That is one of the most unintentionally funny things I’ve read in a long time.

  34. 45
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    tmc1, we love your comments. As Dan Aykroyd would say, “tmc1 you ignorant slut” now go clean out Satan’s hot tub. Watch out for the little Shanes swimming around in there.

  35. 47

    You want to know what lame is? Lame is blaming everything from Eli’s waistline,to crying like Jimmy Swaggart over a damn hotdog,and last but not least,a football team that time caught up with,on probation. It happens man,deal with it. Look at it this way,Bama will get better,this I know. However,our lame football team is in preseason top 20 polls everywhere I look. I can be objective,unlike those that I shouldnt name(Shane),and I really feel like Bama will be improved. It is just a game right?

  36. 48

    tmc1- If our football program is lame.. what the hell does that make bama football?? getting your asses kicked by a lame team??? HA HA HA HA HA.. how ignorant can you be??? I love coming in here and reading what the stupid bama fans spout off about. This is hilarious

  37. 49

    snappy comeback tmc, although I would have expected you to say “You guys are as lame as your fu**### football program.”

  38. 50
    freaking genius

    i love shane and i love this message board. it’s like romper room.


    waaahhh. probation.
    waaahhh. shula.
    waaahhh. price.
    waaaahh. fran.
    waaahhh. dubose.
    waaahhh. next year.
    waaahhh. 30 years ago.
    waaahhh. recruits.
    waaahhh. process.
    waaahhh. curry.
    waaahhh. 47 NCs.
    waaahhh. arrests.
    waaahhh. burnies.
    waaahhh. API.
    waaahhh. little brother.
    waaahhh. look at me.
    waaahhh. still relevent.

    the rule for all bama posts: talk about the past or talk about the future. Just DON’T talk about the present.

    not that i need reminding, but this all makes me realize AGAIN why It’s Great to be Auburn Tiger.

  39. 51
    Ballplay Indian

    junkie….To bammers it is not just a game. They shoot their kids when Bammer loses. They beat their wives when Bammer losses. They throw bricks through windowa when Bammer loses. They sue the ncaa when they get put on probation. They spend 4 mill a year to a mercenary coach wo always goes to the highest bidder. When a reasonable Bammer rears his head they banish him to Peidmont with only a wifebeater, 1 pair of jorts and a got Saban T-shirt. Do you now realize what we are up against? These are not resonable people, to put it bluntly they are crazy as hell.

  40. 52
    Ballplay Indian

    tmac …All kidding aside , if you really belive that coach Tubbs used oour troops dying as a photo op , then you are one stupid S.O.B. That is about as ignorant of a post that has ever been done since the history of the internet. Tou obviously know squat about war or trying to help those who are fighting in them. If you cant do any better than that, seriously SHUT YOUR DAMM MOUTH BOY. Really man grow up. Jackass Bammer.

  41. 53

    I agree Ballplay. I think tmc has not been taking his medication. He wants to start an english lesson war with me because I corrected him over a misspelled word that he had put in the same post he was calling somebody a dumbass. He is about to get cut with his own “verbal machete”, wait I thought verbal was spoken words.

  42. 54
    Ballplay Indian

    Junkie .. As we have all seen before this, is a typical bama fane. The status quo if you will. Shane I bet you are proud.

  43. 56

    serious question tmac.. How old are you and have you served your country? Answer Tmac will give: Im 35 and was a Navy Seal. (truth)= hes 15 and pays flute in the high school band. tmac=typical bammer

  44. 57

    Hey wait guys.. tmc1 is really paul finebaum.. now all his dumb ass comments make sense. Really tmc.. What Tubs did by going over there for the troops was absolutely the most unselfish thing anyone could have done.. What about the other coaches that went with him?? Do you say the same about them?? You are an idoit.

  45. 58
    JC in Tusc

    I can’t believe I just wasted these last few precious minutes of my life listening to this childish crap. When are you people going to stop opening your mouths and showing your stupidity?
    Other than interesting interviews, Paul’s show is nothing but you IDIOTS crying back and forth. Paul is making a living off of 4th grade level AU/UA whining.
    Don’t bother bashing me, I’ll never grace this blog again.

  46. 60

    Sounds like some of the Aubboriginees need a bottle and a diaper change.
    Its okay little fellas.
    You got that big #2 finish in 2004. CTT has promised that this group will help win championships…. I know he has said it every year since he has been at Auburn, but this time he really means it. You dont have to pitch a tantrum….Big Poppa TonyF. has brought in the 75 points a game offense and the defense will look like Maximus in the movie “Gladiator”….. There there….dont you feel better now?
    Uncle Phil says Big Poppa Tubsy is the greatest thing going. So there you go proof positive. Auburn will be super dooper…..

  47. 61

    Looks like the Aubboriginees are a wittle upset…
    Do you guys need a diaper change and a breast feed?
    Its okay….little guys. Everything will be fine.
    Big Daddy Tubby says that this group of recruits will “help win championships”. Yeah… I know he says that every year, but this time he really, REALLY means it…And look at the bright side! You’ve got Big Poppa Tony and his 100+ points a game offense. It will all be better soon.. And then you wont have to COME TO THE BAMA BLOGS to prove to us that Auburn is relevant. So look ahead. CTT, CTF and Phillip Marshall have all said its in the bag so it must be true! There you go, chin up little guys! You wont have to suckle on that pacifier of false hope much longer!

  48. 62

    er….still hasnt happened yet..? Its okay… Big Daddy Tubsy will kill off that ol’ bear this time for sure…….Just keep waiting….

  49. 64
    Ballplay Indian

    Do you think if you post the same hock 2 times but worded slightly different that it will make sense? Sorry , it didnt. Theres that verbal mechete at work. Am I understanding you right when you say all will be better soon? We are not the ones who suck, that would be Bammers job. Make light of Franklins hire if you want, but there wont be any more “close” iron bowls that you Bammers love to brag about so much.

  50. 65

    Close iron bowls is all they have to brag about.. or maybe they can brag that they played ULM close.. or maybe they can brag that they “got Saban”.. who else wants him? that’s the question. I am sure everyone is glad you got him.

  51. 66

    I frequently see comment from Auburn fans who think their school is far superior to UA. Let us go to objective sources to see if that is true. Who ranked higher in US News last year? UA. Who ranked #7 in the nation according to a ranking published in Forbes Magazine this year? UA. Which school is now the largest university in the state? UA. Which school has a lower acceptance rate? UA. These are the facts Auburn fans. This is not to say that AU is not a good school, nor is it to say that UA is always a better school than AU, but it should give you some perspective next time you want to claim “how much harder it is to enroll in AU” or whatever you think makes AU superior to UA.

  52. 68

    Daniel- Bama has lower test scores to get in the door..that is a FACT.. The requirements to enroll at bama are not as tough as Auburn.. fact.. Your school is the biggest in the state because when you can’t get in at AU.. go down to UAT where the door is always open…

  53. 69

    Daniel here are a few facts for you and if you don’t believe them call the admission offices.. FACT: UAT requires a lower score to get in the door than open.. FACT: Your school is bigger and has more students because of the LOWER admission scores and test scores.. Basically anyone can get in. Auburn just in the last few years was also ranked by Forbes and Newsweek. Don’t get so exicted, it only means that UAT is a good school for the money it charges with tution etc.. Doesn’t mean you turn out roads scholors every day.. damn look at your football team and you know that.

  54. 70

    Where did Big Al rank in the wimpy mascot poll again? And how many years will we hear BAMAS BACK? I still have the last several Sports Illustrated mags saying so. I am keeping them as collectables, OH WAIT, damn my dog just shit on them.

  55. 72

    Bama’s back.. no wait until next year… Bama’s back… uhhh no have to wait until next year…. Bama’s back… no that’s next year… Bama’s back…. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”– Albert Einstein
    Bama = insane and delusional

  56. 73

    What’s the latest on the slobbering drunk the snake?
    Has Eli lost any of that blubber around his waist?
    Eli is to a Reeses cup as Snake is to a bottle of Old Crow….

  57. 74

    “Daniel- Bama has lower test scores to get in the door..that is a FACT.. The requirements to enroll at bama are not as tough as Auburn.. fact.. Your school is the biggest in the state because when you can’t get in at AU.. go down to UAT where the door is always open…”

    You keep on thinking that AU has much higher admissions standards and continue to ignore that both schools have essentially the same avg. freshman ACT scores, 24.5 at Bama and 24.8 at AU. And ignore that Bama’s SAT scores tend to be a littel higher than AU’s. And continue to ignore that UA is ranked ahead of AU in most college rankings. Continue to ignore that UA has become the popular university for Alabama’s best and brightest. These are the facts. Continue to live in denial. UA is enjoying growth both in size and quality. No exagerrated claims about Auburn’s admissions standards will change these facts.

  58. 75

    Daniel- Are you seriously that delusional? Do me a favor- call the registrars office at bammer tell them you want to enroll ask them what the requirements for test are (what you must make in order to get in) then turn around and call Auburn and do the same you won’t admit what they tell you or you will lie about it. I have done it so I know the answers. good luck with that. Oh and by the way while you are asking questions, tell bammer you are a student athlete and are thinking about playing football, it will break your little bammer heart to know the standards for admission for athletes. And you still can’t beat Auburn.

  59. 76

    I said it before and I will say it again. Bammer fans are totally delusional and ignorant. Take Daniel for example. He hears some delusional fan for bammer say “well we can’t beat Auburn on the field but we can beat them in test scores and the amount of students we have”.. you hear that and automatically believe it’s true and make it a reality. See the definition of insanity above please.

  60. 77
    Ballplay Indian

    Shane had the balls yesterday on th P.F. show to say JOX loses all credibility when they have someone like Jay Barker on the show , because he isnt a credible or genuine person. I kidd you not. This man is out of his damm mind. I am an Auburn fan and generally dont like all things Bammer, but Jay is one of the few things about Alabama that I respect. I also think Shaun Alexander is a stand up guy. Shane you need help.

  61. 78

    I agree Ballplay Indian. I think Jay is a good guy. Anytime anyone on the bammer side stands up and says .. hey Auburn has beat us for 6 years in a row they have talent and they have plain and simple kicked our a$$..Then the so called bammer nation doesn’t like that. They stand behind Ken Stabler and Kenny always told the truth. He said plain and simple Auburn is pushing us around and kicking our tail on the field.

  62. 79

    “Daniel- Are you seriously that delusional? Do me a favor- call the registrars office at bammer tell them you want to enroll ask them what the requirements for test are (what you must make in order to get in) then turn around and call Auburn and do the same you won’t admit what they tell you or you will lie about it. I have done it so I know the answers. good luck with that. Oh and by the way while you are asking questions, tell bammer you are a student athlete and are thinking about playing football, it will break your little bammer heart to know the standards for admission for athletes. And you still can’t beat Auburn.”

    First of all, I never said I know for a fact that UA’s admission standards are just as stringent as AU’s. I only ridiculed the idea that they are significantly different. However, I have heard Auburn fans make ridiculous claims about their school being much more selective, which I know to be false.

    If AU had significantly higher admissions standards, don’t you think that the avg. ACT score would be significantly higher than that of the avg. Bama freshman? Last year’s 24.5 vs. 24.8 (or 24.9 depending on different sources on AU’s website), on a 35 point scale is not a significant difference. The test scores at the two schools were identical at 24.3 in Fall of 2006, despite the fact that UA suddenly became the state’s largest university. Furthermore, if you go to AU’s website, at https://oira.auburn.edu/factbook/enrollment/newstudents/possasa.aspx , you will see that 16.7 per cent of AU’s 2007 freshman class had ACT scores lower than 22. I have heard many AU Fans insist that 24 is the minimum score required for admission. Well, obviously, that is not true. 6.4 per cent have an ACT of less than 20.

    As the premier engineering school in the state, I would expect AU to have a much higher avg. ACT score than UA, but it does not. The difference is not significant. So perhaps UA allows in a slightly higher number of students with low ACT scores than AU. UA also looks at GPA as part of the admissions criteria. If a student is a poor test taker, but a good student, the ACT or SAT takes on less weight. UA also has conditional admissions (requiring remdial classes before admission) for some low scoring students, which may or not be a good thing.

    My point is that however tougher AU’s admissions standards, it is not enough to produce a significant difference in the ACT avg. And it also does not mitigage the fact that Alabama’s best students are now selecting UA over AU. Ten years ago, AU did have a small, but somewhat significant edge. No longer is this true. Why do you think UA jumped ahead of AU in the rankings?

    Why can’t AU fans accept that there are two good, and improving universities in the state? UA may take in a few of the lesser scoring students, but it recruits enough high scoring students to make whatever small difference there is in admissions standards inconsequential.

  63. 82

    Like I said Daniel call the registrars office for both schools and get the information. Once again- read the definition of insanity. And Ballplay Indian is right– admissions or not- your football team is bad.

  64. 83

    As for the football this fall, we shall see. I am patient. Enjoy this while it lasts…

    As for calling the registrars office, what did they tell you? Be a little more specific. Have you ever thought that maybe the AU Registrar lied, or exagerrated? Otherwise, how do you explain the FACT, that 16.7 of AU’s students have ACT scores below 22. And even 6.4 per cent have a score of less than 20. Do you think that AU Football and Basketball players make up six per cent of the student body? I dont think so. Sounds like what the Registrar told you is the official AU propaganda, or at best, AU Goals. Go check out AU’s website, and you will see that what I say is true.

    And again, the football thing will take care of itself. We are not afraid, and we are patient. Enjoy the process!

  65. 84
    Ballplay Indian

    Never met a patient Bamma fan. An no one said YOUR skeered , BAMMERS always think everyone is skeered of them.

  66. 85

    Hey Shane and the Capstone Report,
    Do you remember who the last recruiting champions were? I mean in 2007, 2006, or before? It didnt exist till you just won it this year. I guess you can add another NC to your fake 12 that you claim. Lets really look at how poor down-trodden Alabama has been with the false accusation that Auburn is taking all the best recruits over the past 6 to 7 years. I will destroy that myth now.
    Let me help you with that and I will relate it to AU and UA….
    2008 #1 UA (first time a recuriting national champion has ever been talked about), #18 AU
    2007 #1 Florida, #6 AU, #22 UA
    2006 #1 USC, t#9 AU, #18 UA
    2005 #1 Tennessee, #16 UA, #22 AU
    2004 #1 USC, #19 UA, #31 AU
    2003 #1 USC, #16 AU, #45 UA
    2002 #1 Texas, #11 AU, #37 UA
    This is from Scout.com who isnt owned by a Red Elephant (Rivals), so probably is a little less biased. Actually in this contest, it is better for Alabama to be lower ranked. So if you average all the years of recruting AU = #16 (2002-07) and UA = #26 (2002-07). Now let us input the 2008 class. AU = #16 (2002-08) and UA = #22 (2002-08).
    Lets look at the numbers more closely at athlete star averages.
    UA – Avg stars 2002 – 2.42, UA – 2003 – 2.35, UA – 2004 – 2.61, UA – 2005 – 2.83, UA – 2006 – 3.30, UA – 2007 – 3.08 = Avg stars UA (2002-2007) – 2.77
    AU – Avg stars 2002 – 2.71, AU – 2003 – 3.16, AU – 2004 – 2.30, AU – 2005 – 3.05, AU – 2006 – 3.40, AU – 2007 – 3.30 = Avg stars AU (2002-2007) – 2.99
    Lets incorporate 2008:
    UA Avg stars – 3.66; Avg stars UA (2002-2008) = 2.89
    AU Avg stars – 2.93; Avg stars AU (2002-2008) = 2.97

    Now looking at the data side to side UA really has not had such bad luck at recruiting since 2002-07 Ranking #26 Avg stars 2.77 and AU 2002-07 Ranking #16 Avg stars 2.99. We all know there were scholarship reductions, but these penalties really didn’t translate into bad recruiting by Bama according to the data. UA (2002-08) Average Recruiting Ranking #22 Avg stars 2.89 and AU (2002-08) Average Recruiting Ranking #16 Avg stars 2.97. If we translate this to the AP poll from 2002 to 2007.

    2002 UA #11, AU #14
    2003 UA Not in top 25, AU Not in top 25
    2004 UA Not in top 25, AU #2
    2005 UA #8, AU #14
    2006 UA Not in top 25, AU #9
    2007 UA Not in top 25, AU #15

    Lets discount years 2003 and give AL an AP ranking of 26 when not in the top 25 (years 2004, 2006, & 2007). Calculates out to Avg AP ranking UA = 19 and AU = 11. This means that there is an 8 ranking difference (19-11) between AU and AL over the past 5 years. If you look at tailing last 2 years of recruits and compare with the final AP standing 1,2,,3 and 4 years in advance (ie look at 2002 and later years recruits and compare with translation on the field in year 2004):

    AU 2004 #2 AP finsih with Scout recruit ranking #11 (2002) and #16 (2003)
    UA 2004 Not in top 25 AP finish with Scout recruit ranking #37 (2002) and #45 (2003)

    AU 2005 #14 AP finish with Scout recruit ranking #11 (2002), #16 (2003) and #31 (2004)
    UA 2005 #8 AP finish with Scout recruit ranking #37 (2002), #45 (2003), and #19 (2004)

    AU 2006 #9 AP finish with Scout recruit ranking #11 (2002), #16(2003), #31 (2004), and #22 (2005)
    UA 2006 Not in top 25 finish with Scout recruit ranking #37 (2002), #45 (2003), #19 (2004), and #16 (2005)

    AU 2007 #15 AP finish with Scout recruit ranking #16(2003), #31 (2004), and #22 (2005), and #9 (2006)
    UA 2007 Not in top 25 AP finish with Scout recruit ranking #45 (2003), #19 (2004), #16 (2005), and #18 (2006)

    I really wish there was more data before 2002, but there is not. My point is this….Recruit polls do not equal wins on the field as obvious by the above data. There is no obvious correlation with recruit rankings and AP finishes. The other point is that UA has not really gotten the shaft in recruiting over the last 7 years of data when compared to AU (AU #16, UA #22). Sorry but Bamers excuses of bad recruiting years doesn’t hold water. There is no relationship. The real reason for the sorry game play from Alabama is the past coaches and the relationship from coach to players. Tuberville has AU on the right road, we will see if Saban can do the same.

  67. 86

    Your conclusions are wrong. If you are interested in a real analysis (independent) of Alabama or Auburn then you should read these links from Sunday Morning Quarterback (the last one is the one that matters the most for this argument.)

    According to SMQ, Auburn ranked 10th in Rivals recruiting rankings for 2002-2007 period. Auburn ranked 7th in winning percentage for the same time span. Take a look at how poorly Alabama performed relative to its recruiting ranking, and then look at how SMQ explains the subpar winning percentage. It is very interesting stuff, and not biased like your numbers, or numbers i might offer. 🙂

    1. Stars do matter http://www.sundaymorningqb.com/2008/4/28/13464/0601 In this post, SMQ reveals Semantics can’t hide the trend: five-star recruits have roughly a one-in-four chance of eventually being drafted, twice as high as four-star recruits, who themselves are about three times more likely to get picked than three-star prospects, and so on. Five-star kids are substantially more likely to get picked at any point in the first five rounds.

    2. Five Star prospects as All Americans http://www.sundaymorningqb.com/story/2008/3/17/71811/4082 SMQ’s analysis of national trends show: Five-star prospects were about three times as likely to earn an all-America vote than four-star prospects, five-and-a-half times as likely as a three-star prospect, eleven times as likely as a one, two or zero-star prospect. If the setting was ‘random; – if the rankings were worthless – every level would show roughly the same 1 in 59 odds of producing an all-American. Three, four and five-star prospects all fared better than that, the top two much better than that. Zero, one and two-stars were not close. If you pay attention to the distribution of the star rankings, the results are nothing like a bell curve.

    3. Recruiting rankings accurately predict on field success http://www.sundaymorningqb.com/2008/1/21/1614/43228 Here SMQ’s numbers reveal: So: Rivals was very, very good at picking the top teams – of the top 25 winningest teams of the last six years, all were either pegged in or very near their respective positions by the recruiting rankings or achieved them by winning against overwhelmingly lower-ranked opposition; of the top 25 teams according to the recruiting rankings, 18 are in the top 30 in winning percentage. This is to be expected when you spend most of your time distinguishing between a small number of high-profile, four and five-star guys but can’t possibly make the same level of distinction among a much larger number of two and three-star prospects with more variability among them than the star-based rankings are designed to show. If Rivals indicates a team’s talent is good, it’s probably right; if it indicates it’s just average, or below average, that team probably still has a shot – but only to an extent. You’d be wrong if you cast your lot with the gurus completely, and wronger if you ignored them.

    I’d really recommend reading those if you care about the statistical numbers.

  68. 87

    A few minor facts:
    1. Pat Dye is one of Bear’s coaches. Everything he learned he learned from Bear.
    2. Wayne Hall is a Bammer letterman.

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