Why can’t we be friends?

By Shane from Centerpoint
In consideration of the recent rift between the Auburn “Family” and yours truly, I’ve decided to bury the hatchet and reveal my true feelings toward my beloved cross-state rivals. Let me get right to the point – some of my best friends are Auburn fans. I would never intentionally try to upset the entire Tiger fan base. In fact, most of the things I have written are merely designed to invoke a little competition during the boring off-season. In reality I totally respect all things Auburn and the “Creed” is simply a thing of beauty.

I love to hear outstanding representatives of the school like Terry Henley talk about how great it is to be an Auburn Tiger. I value the opinions of Auburn’s finest front man, Phillip Marshall. I listen intently whenever Tommy Tuberville graces the airwaves with his esteemed presence.

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Chette Williams is a great man, whose only mission is the spiritual welfare of his team’s players. My tasteless jokes about his involvement with recruiting and insinuating that he is the “bag man” are absurd. He has no connection to Pat Dye whatsoever.

Speaking of former head coach Dye, I really don’t believe that he hates Alabama or that he controls anything that happens at Auburn. By the way, I refuse to believe that he had a hand in the hiring of “air-ball” Tony Franklin. Put it this way – I do not believe that Pat has ever looked over Tubby’s shoulder or meddled in his affairs.

Wayne Hall is one of the finest men on the planet. His impeccable reputation is beyond reproach. I don’t believe a word of those rumors about his involvement with cheating when the NCAA unjustly took Dye down. Wayne is still highly respected and he is the perfect man to control the money for Reverend William’s foundation, which he currently manages.

I find it impossible to believe that Auburn football players are being washed through the educational system and steered towards classes with instructors who are controlled by the football program in order to maintain eligibility. I think most Tiger athletes have the potential to be among the smartest to ever open a book.

I have no doubt that Auburn deserved the national championship in 2004. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Tommy’s Tigers could’ve beat USC and Oklahoma combined.

Last but not least, the media bias against Auburn in this State is blatant and pathetic. Almost every outlet is completely pro-Alabama. They act as if Alabama is the only program that matters. Truthfully, that is why the fan base carries such disdain for certain media power brokers who constantly demean this great institution.

Face it Auburn is God’s country. All that talk from Alabama fans about the Plains being the livestock capital of the world (a cow college) is just jealously manifested.

Henceforth, I wish Auburn fans would consider this Tide man to be a friend. After all, look at the love I’m sending your way.