Saban loves Stabler

Nick Saban told the press Friday how he feels about Kenny Stabler.

“We support Kenny,” Saban said. “He does a great job on our broadcasts, and we’re hopeful that this doesn’t have a negative effect on his future with our organization. He’s a good guy. I love him.”

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What does that mean for Stabler? It could mean his job is safe. I still feel as if the statements released by UA showed the attitude of delay. If you delay long enough, the public forgets about an issue. We’ll have to see.


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    I’m still not sure I understand what the fuss is about. The guy committed a crime, one for which he will be adequately punished by the justice system.

    Does it really do any good to call for his job as well? Is that really helping to solve the problem? Does anyone think he’ll drink less if Alabama throws him out on his ass?

    The best argument for dumping him is that he’s embarrassed Alabama too many times and he’s a PR liability… but that sort of disappears when you write something like “If you delay long enough, the public forgets about an issue.”

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