Lame stuff

Who knew so many lame things would happen on a Monday. First, the official non-reaction, reaction to the Kenny Stabler situation.
Learfield Communications, owner of the Alabama radio broadcast, provided this statement:

“Our thoughts are with Kenny and his family at this time,” said Steve Gowan of Learfield Communications.  “In circumstances of this nature, our primary concern is for Kenny’s well-being.  We are in the early stages of the fact gathering regarding this situation and this is not the appropriate time to offer any further comment.”

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And Mal Moore offered his thoughts on the matter:

“Kenny has always been supportive of Alabama athletics, and it’s in times like these that his friends need to be supportive of him,” Moore said. “It’s my understanding that this situation is in its early stages and a lot of the information is still being gathered.  With that in mind, I think it would be disrespectful and irresponsible to comment any further.”

These statements say one thing: “We are keeping Stabler, unless circumstances force us to do otherwise.”


Shula’s stock on the rise
I think Mike Shula is a very good quarterback coach. I believe he could do a good job as an offensive coordinator. But, Shula was not ready to be a college head coach. However, some are promoting him as a future head coaching candidate.

Garrard is for real and will only continue to get better. That’s going to start drawing credit and attention to Shula and his name’s going to start popping up for jobs as an offensive coordinator or head coach.

Shula does not have the temperament to be a college head coach. And as for the NFL, can you see him matching wits with the likes of Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin or Jeff Fisher?

Shula needs more time as an understudy before being thrust into the spotlight. Promoting him for a top job now is just…lame.


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  1. 1

    I hope that the Snake can keep his job. He si a good color commentator and what he does in his personal life is his on business. (Did you like that clinton-esque spin I put on that?)
    I have never had any doubts in Shula’s ability to coach QBs or even as an offensive coordinator. And I think he was thrust into the toughest coaching job on the planet way too soon.

  2. 3

    We can all now assume that tmc and Stabler have more than Alabama in common.

    Stabler’s “personal life” is no longer personal when it involves the potential for harming others and breaking the law. Again, ask Siran Stacy if the drunk driver who killed his family last fall was having a problem in his “personal life.”

  3. 4

    Maybe, just maybe(!) an OC in 3 yes. I don’t see HC for him, ever. I’d like to see him be successful – I just can’t wrap my head around the notion.

  4. 5

    I love the way the dumbass hick barnies, insist on claiming the moral High ground. Aubbos never drink and drive.
    Never, and thus they have the right to judge others. And it wouldnt be an Aubbo
    unless they knew how to kick someone else when they were down.

    Pluto, is English your second language? Or were you in such a hurry to make that dull witted response that you missed the point entirely?
    Pluto says…..
    “Boy, if you ain’t dumb as hell. Personal Life” ?
    Damnit Pluto, that has got to be the most ignorant sounding answer ever. Ever.
    If not, it ranks right up there with,
    “I tell you what” and “git ‘er done”
    I can tell by the tone of your response you live between Lee County,AL and Daugherty County Georgia. Because no one else in the entire continent of North America would take pride in such a half assed, jugheaded response.

  5. 7

    I would be happy to oblige you Mr. Tmc and spray some Red Man Reaction in your face for your casual indifference toward Kenny. I will state that the outrage ought to be directed toward the # 2 DUI – prescription drugs ( alas not for Kenny !). They let him go. The issue is fair and equal application of the Law and something more.
    That is being the Radio Color Man for Alabama carries some responsibilities . We want the damn players to behave ? Kenny is O.K. to do his own personal thing ? Damn Hypocrite.

  6. 8

    Thankfully, You have never drank and got behind the wheel there Pluto. Did you?
    And luckily you are willing to spew tobacco juice and half baked self righteousness like you have a monopoly on the truth.
    What Stabler did was wrong. So, what now? should we hang the man? Fire him? Forget all the good things he has done for charity and the community? What?
    Really there is nothing we can do except hope that he has learned his lesson. Personally I have had a stomach full of people pointing fingers. Let the Law deal with Mr. Stabler.

  7. 9
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    When will Shame write about his hero Stabler? I can’t wait to read that. Will Julio’s SUV be impounded until payments are caught up?

    TIGERS are waiting to pounce.
    Clemson, LSU, AUBURN

  8. 10


    Your own people are turning on you, goober. It’s time to re-think your position on this subject. Oh, and stop driving drunk, too.

  9. 11

    Let me make this clear enough so that even a 10 page for 3 college credit Auburn sociology major can understand:

    I dont measure one iota of my self worth by what you think of me. What is more? I dont care to care to care what you and your uber-retarded Aubbo frankenmorons think…… period.
    Kenny Stabler is innocent until proven otherwise. And if he is guilty I am sure the authorities will know what to do about it. Until then remember, Ken Stabler has spent alot of his life and money helping charities. It doesnt buy him out of this, but at least it shows that he does have some heart about him. Dont you guys wish you could say the same about
    Bobby Lowder?

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