Lame stuff

Who knew so many lame things would happen on a Monday. First, the official non-reaction, reaction to the Kenny Stabler situation.
Learfield Communications, owner of the Alabama radio broadcast, provided this statement:

“Our thoughts are with Kenny and his family at this time,” said Steve Gowan of Learfield Communications.  “In circumstances of this nature, our primary concern is for Kenny’s well-being.  We are in the early stages of the fact gathering regarding this situation and this is not the appropriate time to offer any further comment.”

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And Mal Moore offered his thoughts on the matter:

“Kenny has always been supportive of Alabama athletics, and it’s in times like these that his friends need to be supportive of him,” Moore said. “It’s my understanding that this situation is in its early stages and a lot of the information is still being gathered.  With that in mind, I think it would be disrespectful and irresponsible to comment any further.”

These statements say one thing: “We are keeping Stabler, unless circumstances force us to do otherwise.”


Shula’s stock on the rise
I think Mike Shula is a very good quarterback coach. I believe he could do a good job as an offensive coordinator. But, Shula was not ready to be a college head coach. However, some are promoting him as a future head coaching candidate.

Garrard is for real and will only continue to get better. That’s going to start drawing credit and attention to Shula and his name’s going to start popping up for jobs as an offensive coordinator or head coach.

Shula does not have the temperament to be a college head coach. And as for the NFL, can you see him matching wits with the likes of Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin or Jeff Fisher?

Shula needs more time as an understudy before being thrust into the spotlight. Promoting him for a top job now is just…lame.