VANITY: Tubs takes photog on trip

Tommy Tuberville took a personal photographer on his tour of the Middle East it was revealed Wednesday. Ivan Maisel appearing on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Wednesday afternoon said Tuberville had an athletic department photographer as his traveling companion.

Todd Van Emst of Auburn’s athletic department sent photographs to media outlets while he traveled with Tuberville to visit troops. The photographer snapped hundreds of photographs while on tour.

The revelation that Tuberville’s trip was accompanied by a photographer undermines any claim the seven finger salute wasn’t staged.

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  1. 3
    Catphish Tilly

    How do you mental rejects gather information on days when Paul Finebaum airs reruns? I swear, if I didn’t know better I would think this “blog” was written by a bunch of jealous, mouth-breathing Bammers sitting around the trailer listening to the show and getting wood while watching thier cousin-sisters bend over to pick turnips. Oh, wait… nevermind.

  2. 4

    Anybody can build a website, but it does not make the creator a crediable journalist. Hell you have Shane!

    You’re a lowlife and so is that Pussy Fart Paul Finebaum. This “staged” angle is typical of Alabama fan paranoia. Any good PUB for Auburn is BAD for the Crapson Tide. Am I right!

    Yes. CTT put seven fingers in Bama’s candyass face. What is Saban or Bama going to do about it? I am glad he did it. You know Bama can’t do anything but take it right up the ass and LIKE IT! And I bet CTT will put Eight fingers up next year just to get you crybabies balling again.

    Yea Baby WE Balling!

    War Eagle

  3. 6

    You nailed it, Cap. Tubs knew weeks in advance that there would be a flag football game, wherein he would coach some players who were SEC fans, and that his team would win, and that the team would carry him off on their shoulders, and that he would then offer the 7 finger salute. BTW, was it even the AU photographer who took the picture of the 7 finger salute?

    I love how you say it was “revealed” that an athltc dept photographer was there, as though that is something sinister or even surprising. My god, that was a historic trip for all of those schools. I would imagine all of them took along photographers. If not, their SID’s ought to be fired.

    Hey Cap, why wasn’t Saban on the trip? Tubs said that some coaches were invited but said “no.” Was Saban one of them?

  4. 8

    I have never, EVER visited an Auburn blog or site where you can post like this one.

    And yet, julio, sixdown, tilly, autiger and catphish, you seem to LIVE on this one.

    Like it or not, Capstone has a valid point. And you, friends, still have your thumb where thumbs shouldn’t go. You are Aubsessed with your big brother who just can’t overcome. Quick, now! Mention those six meaningless wins over your probation crippled rival. Now! Do it now!

    You are all pathetic.

  5. 9
    UGA in T-town

    The Aubums make a living off of feeding off of other teams’ weaknesses…. see Alabama. It won’t be long before they’re bitch slapped back into their rightful place and that SAME TUBERVILLE WHO NEVER DEFEATED UGA, UA, UF, ETCETERA will return to his native reputation.


  6. 10

    dude come on i am as big a bama fan as there is but this is so stupid i am ashamed of you .you are going way overboard it was a freakin joke get over it!

  7. 11

    I have one thing to say to you.
    “Huh, what the fuk was that babble.” Speak English dumbass!

    You’re embarrassing the UGA Nation. You must have been educated in one of those fine public schools in that hell hole called T-Town.

    If it were not for the UA campus (which is nice) T-Town would be nothing but an armpit.

  8. 12

    Yeah, ground-breaking investigative journalism there, Cappy.

    And by the way, that forced consumption of advertising from the little bear pushing My Fun Cards is beyond lame. Seriously, it sucks.

  9. 13

    Hey intheknow72:

    We have fun rubbing your noses in the streak, dude. It’s our way of getting under your skin. And it obviously works.

  10. 14

    @Kevin the test on that advertising ends tonight. So take heart, by the morning…no more Bear(s) to haunt your dreams. 😉

    That’s why I asked for feedback in another post over the weekend. I don’t see what everyone else sees. You are only supposed to get that ad once every 4 hours. But a couple of people told me they get it at least once an hour or so.

    Besides, the ads are supposed to be like what you get at Forbes Magazine, but it’s a bit different. Apparently, you get bears!

  11. 15

    Btw, thanks for the feedback. I can’t make changes without getting to know what’s up.

    Since you don’t like those Bears, maybe I should try and charge. Put up some picks against the spread. Tout my 0-165 streak against the spread. 🙂

  12. 16
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    When’s the next Tickle Party in Athens. Tech fans say it is a “Funny” site to see. “Hunker Down you Ticklish Dawgs” Giggle Giggle little girls.

  13. 17

    Do Bulldog fans dislike the Aubbo nation too?
    To hear the Auburn fans tell it on these blogs, Every other team in the SEC respects (and admires) Auburn.
    I guess the Aubbos cant face the real truth so they are re-inventing it as usual.

  14. 18

    Also, I would like to dedicate a song to the Auburn Faithful on this board I think it pretty well says it all…
    “Wecome Back” the theme song from the ’70s hit show “Welcome back Kotter”
    I think it is some appropriate traveling music for Auburn’s trip back to the bottom of the pack.

    Welcome back
    your dreams were you ticket out
    Welcome back
    to that same old place that you laughed about
    oh the names have all changed since you hung around
    But those dreams have remained and they turned around
    Whoda thought they’d lead ya
    Back here were we need ya?

    ……ect….ect…You get the point.

  15. 20

    “A tragedy occurred at Auburn’s (The Polytechnic Institute of Opelika) campus a few weeks ago. Sadly, the library burnt down, but the real tragedy was half of their coloring books hadn’t been colored yet.”

    -Steve Spurrier

  16. 21


    This is getting sad, really sad!!! Is this really you or has Shane started writing your stuff?

    I thought you got news before the rest of us? I could have gave you a heads up about the photographer 2 weeks ago!!!

    BTW, Tubby took another visitor too..would you like to know who that was?

  17. 22

    That goes into one of the miss categories. I saw the photographs from AU and the tagline of who shot the photographs—while the trip was unfolding.

    It didn’t register until another media outlet started talking about it—Finebaum. Then it was a revelation. And the fact Tuberville took a staff photographer really is revealing.

    Do you know the last time I had my photograph taken? About four years ago when I got my license renewed.

    Anyone who takes a photographer with them is a little….vain.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that. 🙂

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