Tuberville is one desperate cowboy

The latest public relations maneuver (his high-profile trip to the Middle East) by Auburn head coach Thomas Hawley Tuberville spotlights his classless style. The trip should have been about honoring our great soldiers across the world in the Middle East. Instead, Tuberville – as he is prone to do – seized the opportunity to pull a sales job on the public.

I’ve heard nothing from the media about Tommy’s perception of the experience, because his “seven finger flip-off” is the hottest topic on all the airwaves. Somebody will have to explain to me what that childish act really has to do with comforting our armed forces – but whatever floats his boat…

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Everybody and anybody who can grab a mike, camera, or a pen seem to be convinced that Tubby’s actions will aid his recruiting efforts. Tuberville was recruiting? Apparently Tommy’s campaign to promote and highlight his trip in order to spread recruiting propaganda using certain media outlets has been somewhat successful.

Face it – the man is desperate. Earlier this year Tuberville sends Jason Campbell and Brandon Cox (two former starting quarterbacks) to the top sports radio show in the South, with back-to-back interviews, while pitching the same message. Cox and Campbell were emphatic about their former coach’s ability to control his players and instill discipline. Each left the audience with the impression that coach Tub was “Bear” Bryant reincarnated as far as tough expectations are concerned. Ironically those appearances coincided with the recent arrest of an Alabama player. Who could blame them? There’s nothing like seizing an opportunity.

Finally, ole’ Hawley’s made the single-most radical move of his career. Tommy (or somebody) decided that “turn them in” Tony Franklin and his “Spread”, formerly the pride of the Troy Trojans, is going to enhance Auburn’s image enough to attract top offensive talent. It’s hard for those who’ve been familiar with Tuberville’s philosophy to believe he’s made such a strange hire. Even the most ardent believers in Tommy’s leadership capability have to be puzzled by this bizarre maneuver.

Lately, every move that coach Tubs makes seems to be designed to counter the dynamic recruiting machine that Nick Saban is running across the State. Tommy has definitely modified his style in an attempt to compete with the biggest challenge he’s faced since his arrival on the Plains.

Many Auburn fans claim Tubby isn’t worried and that everything is business as usual. They point to his recent record and the fact that Tommy just reloads athletes on a whim. However, there have been far too many new techniques deployed by Auburn’s head man and his crew since the last signing day for any reasonable person to believe that it could possibly be true.

Yes, Tommy Tuberville is nervous. In the past he’s been called “The Gambler”, because he always knew when to hold them or when to fold them. This time around, the evidence indicates something far different – – – he’s already laying all his cards on the table. His latest “seven-finger-flip-off”- in front of a world audience – is yet another publicity stunt that serves as a clear sign that Turberville is willing to do anything to regain recruiting momentum in order to chase down the master.

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  1. 1
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    Old Cow College Bryant would be proud of the Seven Finger Salute. You are a Fraidy Cat. You know Tubs is to Satan what Colonel Sanders is to a Chicken. Keep up the propaganda and maybe if your a good boy saben may let you join him and FineScum in Karley’s Hot Tub.

    Clemson is waiting.
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

  2. 2

    Shane the Blogger,
    You should be thankful that trafficking in stupidity isnt a criminal offense.
    Out of all the types that show up at blogs, Your type is my least favorite.
    You drunk drive through the blogs making meaningless and inflamatory posts like a redneck James Brown after an all night Cocaine binge.
    Thanks to you I have no doubt anymore as to why people like Marion Barry get re-elected.
    Now go ahead and que up the standard “6 in a row” response and back it up with the “loss to LaMo”…and then make sure you type Saban like “$atan” in response.
    Take your best shot Junior.
    Because guess what, Nothing you could say oould be funnier than the fact that you are a gullible dolt who thinks Tommy Tuberville can do better than 2nd place in the SEC west again.
    I would bet you still have every thing Ron Popeil ever sold. You are a sucker.

    \The brown paper sack is waiting.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  3. 3

    Tuberedneck’s clock is ticking and his remaining time is limited down at The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute in Aubarn/Opelika, Alabama.

    I can still recall those days when he was an insult to modern day coaches, and to some, he still is. I remember when Tuberedneck, himself, publicly admitted Alabama’s sanctions really made the game lopsided. That was then, and the holding up seven fingers, proving to the world his school still holds the inferior title, even during the climax of their program’s history.

    As far as the Wire Road trailer trash known as AUtards or Barnies are concerned, they considered Pat Dye as a godlike being and never would he lose control of the state. However, after the “mountain top” game, he never defeated Alabama again, and used his failure to lead his team to success over Alabama as a cover up for retirement. Not to mention The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute went on to win only a grand total of FOUR out of TWELVE Iron Bowls after the historic 1989 Iron Bowl.

    Even the same nonsense was spewed out of the Barnies’ corroded mouths back in the days of Shug’s brief era of dominance over UA in the 1950s. “Never would The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute Cowgirls ever fail or falter against their cross-state superior ever again.” However, after his monumental five game win streak, he only led his team to FOUR victories over UA during the rest of his duration as the head coach of The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute Cowgirls.

    Here we are once again… back to square one! The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is setting high upon the mountain top with SIX* consecutive victories over their fatherly institute. And, though not surprisingly enough, they’re repeating the same nonsense that was spewed from their tobacco stuffed mouths in the 1950s and the 1980s. I take it they STILL haven’t learned from their past mistakes. The infamous quote, “All good things must come to an end” was specifically directed toward The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute AUtarded fan base. If Tuberedneck was the true immortally invincible being that the AUtards depict him out to be, his average winning record over UA would be a lot steeper than just a lousy 7 points, ESPECIALLY during a period in which Alabama lacked depth, talent, coaching, equal competition, and when The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute Cowgirls was owning us on the recruiting trail throughout that brief period in time. This is the exact reason not a single Alabama fan fears his perpetual nonsense. Sadly enough, no true AUtard is willing to view this situation from a logically neutral standpoint. This is the man who it took six years to post a winning record in the SEC, and ten years to win his first (and only) SEC title.

    Tuberedneck can taunt Alabama fans till the next manure harvester spontaneously combusts down in Opelika, but nothing will ever change the fact that he’s still the below average/mediocre coach from Ole Miss that used our weakened state as a focal point to expand his paycheck and brainwash those who are unfortunate enough to support the backwoods college of which his team calls home to. Alabama was the team that saved his job (and elevated his status amongst the college football lore) in 2003, and now that the playing field is progressively leveling out, Alabama will ultimately be his college football career’s demise.

    *Five of those six wins occurred during a five year period of probation for Alabama. The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute also won only a grand total of FOUR out of TWELVE meetings, prior to Alabama’s probationary sentencing.

  4. 4

    let tubby enjoy his fun in the sun. we shouldn’t be so critical of him considering the fact that he’s identically similar to the common alabama tech fan: not knowing how to react after a victory simply because he’s not used to it.

    tuberville exudes character and class? holding up fingers, which signifies how many times you’ve beaten your NCAA-crippled opponent is the exact opposite of character and class. allowing your team to stomp your opposition’s logo is the exact opposite of character and class. taking the field first on your opposition’s turf, even having the announcers blast you for it, is the exact opposite of character and class. firing up a cigar after your first SEC victory at alabama tech while standing on the middle of your opposition’s logo (while the surrounding players are stomping it as well) is the exact opposite of character and class.

    tubby is standing on his last leg, hence the overdone taunting and celebrating. it’ll be a sincere pleasure to put him out of his misery now that this once weakling program, due to the NCAA, is finally competing at full force.

    count this as my signature:

  5. 5

    The “Round Table ” ( What the hell ? ) is the Top Sports Show in the South ? Featuring the $12 Dollar Bad Check Writer and the Metrosexual ? I’ll pass on that Bull Shit.
    Tommy is just a country boy basically – he knows how to fry Catfish for crowds. I think that the use of the Photographer that went along on the “Trip” (paid by Taxpayers) ought to be examined. Let Tommy pay for the damn pictures instead the rest of us. I’m sure that the book that will be chocked full of pictures – will look fine on the Coffee Table in all the Auburn Fans Trailers…

  6. 6

    Being so jealous is such a bitch. How long did it take you to sit around and think up all that shit? Roll Tiders are funny.

  7. 7
    Ballplay indian

    NYC…….Write a novel next time whydontcha? By using your retarded logic Auburn fans can say “The only reason Bama had the series in the 90’s is cause weuz on probation”. It just dont hold water. Whos fault was it that yall got put on probation? THE FOOTBALL PROGRAMS…. Whos fault was it yall hired 4 crappy coaches? THE FOOTBALL PROGRAMS….(By the way, does anybody remember Shanes 05 article “the tide is high and Shula is the man?”) Good grief people Wake Up!!!!!It will eventually happen , Bama will someday win a game. I really hope its sooner than later, because I worry about yalls mental state. Again, dont blame Tubbs because he has your number. And remember bammers Auburn is not “SKEERED” of your crappy football team, your overpaid coach, or your has been tradition. Now go beat your wife/sister/cousin.

  8. 8

    Why does this incident not surprise me? This is something that’s usually expected of Tuberville. Instead of, at least, telling those troops, “thank you,” he them with an immature seven finger salute. Oh, well, unlike most of the people on this site, Tuberville at least claimed the streak would end soon — and it will.

  9. 9

    Who cares what he and the rest of those down home, east ALABAMA rejects do or say; regardless Bama owns them lock, stock and barrel. Until they boast a winning record over Alabama in anything else but swimming, let them taunt “big brother.” Besides, it is not like they have any decent traditions (decorating the campus with toilet paper is sad) to fall back on other than barely defeating Alabama during the worst period in the history of their program since the 1950s.

  10. 10
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    The difference in bama fans and a puppy is that the puppy quits whining after six months….no make that seven months.

    Quit whining and get over it. bama is in the past not the future. At least brag about the last time you won a football game in November.

    Clemson is waiting.
    The process will continue.

  11. 11
    Ballplay indian

    RYNO AMY NYC TMC1…..If you tell yourselves it doesnt matter that you havent beaten Auburn in over six years enough times then it wont bother you……you would be lying to yourselves. If an Auburn fan says that beating Bama anymore really matters…they would also be lying to themselves. Beating Alabama is about the same to us as beating a Mississippi team. Its a given. Mississippi just needs to go ahead and annex Tuscaloosa, It is practically in Mississippi anyhow. Plus yall could start a new rivalry with a team who has a streak going against you as well. Croom has yalls number too.

    But then again that would be a step down for Miss. State. They are actually getting better instead of worse. Again Saban losses in 08 and 09 = OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL!!!!!Then we get to hear it all over again. Our new coach is gonna bring the TIDE back!!!! Crap, I am getting a headache just thinking about it.

  12. 12

    Roll Tiders can’t help themselves. Everyone makes fun of them. Shane is the prime example of what Alabama Football and the Alabama Tradition is all about.

  13. 13

    When your whole livelihood is based on Alabama and obsessing about us and having nothing in tradition to counteract what we do then you start stealing things from others that in turn make you look stupid and childishly resorting to holding up fingers: case in point the barnie’s. Our spoil is next and the hole they’ve dug is a huge one. They’re already in over their heads by a long shot.

  14. 14
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    You’re no John Grisham. Keep it short.

    Ballplay indian, RedneckTider,
    I agree, well said.

    Clemson is waiting.
    The process will continue.

  15. 15
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    tmc1 Says:
    “The brown paper sack is waiting.”

    What,Is the North Jackson Businessman back at it again? Fear the barrel.

    There is no way out. Loss to the Tigers in the first game and loss to the Tigers in the middle of the season and a loss to the TIGERS in the final game. bama might win the Weedeater Bowl.

    The TIGERS are waiting to pounce.

  16. 16

    Yet another Auburn topic on a Tide website… Can you say Obsession???
    How dare you criticize Tubs for what he and the other coaches did! These coaches went overseas and took time out of their busy schedules to go and spend time with our fine troops who they have never even met before. Tubs was invited to go and he accepted the invitation. He went over there to help get the young men’s minds off the war and bring some joy through speaking with them and coaching a flag football game over there, not to recruit players here in the states! So what if he took a photographer with him… If he plans on showing those pics to his players and possibly some recruits while boosting the perception of Auburn University, what is wrong with that???
    If Saban had done the same thing, this site woul dbe heralding him as the greatest recruiter ever and praising him for being on the cutting edge of recruiting techniques. It’s funny how things can become so distorted when you view the world through crimson glasses! LOL! Keep trying to demean what these coaches did though, b/c you cannot. ONly the soldiers are the ones who matter anyways. If they enjoyed the trip, then it was a success. simple as that. Shame on Tubs for having some fun with the guys while he was over there! Does it really matter if he held up 7 fingers or not??? Quit taking yourself so seriously! LOL! If something as insignificant as that gets you upset, you have more issues to deal with in your life. Please quit trying to put him down for what he did. What he and the other coaches did was very selfless and kind and was appreciated by all the troops they met. If you don’t think he went for the right reasons that’s your opinion, but take a look at the pictures and see if you still honestly believe it was merely a recruiting ploy. Do you honestly think he would leave his family, enter a war zone, and spend a week in 110 degee temperatures merely for a recruiting advantage??? I mean isn’t this the same guy you joke on for going duck hunting??? Seriousl people, c’mon! LOL!!!

  17. 18
    freaking genius

    NYC, here’s a hint for you: no one reads posts that long. keep it short or keep it in your little diary.


    Shane, don’t you know tubs does these things just to keep idiots like you and 90% of the bama nation in a tizzy? you’re little puppets and he is the puppet master. idiots. he owns you.

  18. 19

    keep it coming Shame. Pathetic. I feel bad for you. Sitting there stealing the free wireless in a Mcdonalds parking lot, sweating in your stained wife beater,while sitting in your 86 cavalier. I cant wait to read this stuff again in November. Same ol stuff tho. Bammers strain their neck out flaming during the off season and then look forward to basketball when it gets around October. Pathetic.

  19. 20

    WillisMann said:
    “When your whole livelihood is based on Alabama and obsessing about us and having nothing in tradition to counteract what we do then you start stealing things from others that in turn make you look stupid and childishly resorting to holding up fingers” PLEASE enlighten us and do tell what is it that you roll tiders do beside lose football games??? Believe me when I say NO ONE and I mean NO ONE obsesses about Alabama Football. We merely come here to laugh at your ignorance… case in point you actually believe someone obsesses over your pathetic football team.. not obsession.. just laughing………

  20. 21

    SEC Wins at Bryant-Denny since 2000

    Mike Shula – 8

    Tommy Tuberville – 4

    Dennis Franchione – 4

    Nick Saban – 4 (2 with LSU, 2 with Alabama)

    Mark Richt – 2

    Phillip Fulmer – 2

    Les Miles – 2

    Mike Dubose – 2

    Houston Nutt – 1

    Lou Holtz – 1

    Sylvester Croom – 1

    ULM coach: 1

    OH YEAH that is something to obsess over.

  21. 22

    Sometimes it’s wrong to take pleasure from the pain felt by a group of people who think investing in Bear Bryant commemorative Coke bottles is a sound retirement strategy. But hey, it’s the world we live in and we should be very thankful for all Alabama has done. For those of you who missed it, here’s a seven word summary of Alabama Football in 2007;

    “Process. Coonass. Textbook. 9/11 Pearl Harbor. Six.”

  22. 23

    shane please listen you are freakin killing me this is like the 6th story you have written about this, STOP WRITING ABOUT CRAP THAT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE,YOU ARE MAKING BAMA FANS LOOK BAD,WE GET IT YOU HATE TUBBS BUT YOU SOUND LIKE YOUR JUST TRYING TO FIND STUPID CRAP TO WRITE ABOUT, SO FOR THE WELL BEING OF ALL BAMA FANS SHUT UP!!! i think that you can be a good blogger but for god sakes write about somthing that matters!!!!

  23. 24

    So what’s Alabama’s excuse going to be this year? From what I’ve heard, Saban lost last year because he’s dealing with Shula’s recruits. Apparently, Mike Shula purposely recruited sissy mama’s boys who can’t deal with the toughness that is Nick Saban.
    Blah..Blah… At what point will Alabama just say, “We inherently suck” ? That is the bottom line.. you suck..

  24. 25
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Since my last post all I can say is WOW! Great facts within the post.

    The TIGERS are waiting to pounce.
    The process continues.

  25. 26
    freaking genius

    cmyster makes a great pont. every bama fan should be petitioning finebaum to get shane off this blog.

    as for the auburn fans, however…. we love shane. we are going to start a petition to have his “column” picked up by newspapers around the country. put the crimson nation on display for the whole world to see. i can see it now:

    “THE HILLBILLY CORNER, with shane from centerpoint” brought to you by Pabst beer and Evan Williams. Proud supporters of literasy everywhere!

    (AND YES, literacy is purposely misspelled, not that 90% of the bammers noticed.)

  26. 27
    Catphish Tilly

    Your right Shane, Tuberville is so desperate that everyday, he devotes his entire lunch break at his job pushing ice to run a website devoted to wrtiting incoherent, repetative babblings based on the factless opinions of inbred, toothless, Dickel chugging rednecks. Oh wait, nevermind…

    Have no fear little brothers, Shane and the rest of the crapstone report staff will be back tommorrow with another “ground breaking” story. Just give them all time to listen in and steal a topic directly from Finebaum first.

  27. 28
    Hunter Ford


    If you look around the CR I think you will find a well-rounded site that discusses a lot of Alabama Sports news, plus some other features such as the profile of political columnist Steve Flowers, and the only media account I know of about Gene Stallings recent visit to Bessemer.

    Seems like Auburn fans really enjoy reading Shane’s stuff or there wouldn’t be a flood of commentary following each installment.

    Keep Rockin in the Free World

  28. 29
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Hunter Ford said, “Seems like Auburn fans really enjoy reading Shane’s stuff or there wouldn’t be a flood of commentary following each installment.”

    Correction: AUBURN fans really enjoying LAUGHING at Shame’s stuff.

    You are correct, there are other areas in the CSR but I prefer to go straight to the comics. Shane AKA Charles M. Schulz?

  29. 30

    Let me get this straight,you are accusing Coach Tubbs of being desperate?Judging by every post that you put out,you seem to be the desperate one.Running down Chette Williams,putting Tubbs on trial for running an underground steroid ring,using a war zone as a publicity tool,holding up 7 fingers as a sign of desperation,hell I could go on and on.Maybe I might do some research on you and your family and run you down,but on second thought,you are doing a fine job of doing that to yourself anyway.Keep up the shitty work,IceCube.

  30. 31

    Can Auburn NOT celebrate beating Alabama… Is it Alabama’s job to tell us how to celebrate… didn’t Charlie Weis take his photographer… If he wanted to really do propoganda, where are the pictures that will help us in recruiting?

  31. 32

    Hey Hunter Ford,as far as Auburn Fans reading Stains post,some of us can read it here or in that waste of 50 cents you call a newspaper.I have to read it here because I use you and Stains colume to wipe my ass.

  32. 33
    Ballplay indian

    Since we live in a democracy and the presidential primaries just wound up. I propose that we have another election.

    Below there will be a selction of what I think Shane will title his next peice.







    7.BAMA WILL WIN #13 IN 08




    I guaruntee one of the following will be covered next week. Shane is as predictable as the Tide.

  33. 34
    Catphish Tilly

    Hunter Ford,

    Well guess what. I just looked around the CR. Seems to me that of the last 10 posts, 5 are directly bashing Auburn. Your right, that is well-rounded if the ONLY two things going on in the Alabama sports world are the good things Saban is doing for UAT and the classless and shameful stunts that dastardly Tommy Tuberville and staff are pulling down at the “barn.” There is no discussion of Alabama sports news on this sight. It is simply the middle school mentality of most bammers being showcased in an online format for the world to see and in turn laugh histerically at.

    When this site starts posting stories that are: A) Not directly pulled from comments made from callers on the Finebuam show and B) Composed of anything resembling an angle not designed to demonize Auburn THEN will the credibility of these baffoons possibly be taken seriously.

    Then again, this is shanehead and company I’m talking about…

  34. 35

    I think more Auburn fans than Bama fans read this blog. Just a little hint for those that completely disagree with Shane – the page stats for this page don’t differentiate between those that agree with Shane and those that don’t. By linking this to your buddies (so they can foam at the mouth about it as well), you only HELP Shane.

    I’ll summarize for those that don’t understand: you sidewalk Auburn fans who only breathe so that they can can hate the University of Alabama and everything having to do with it are shooting yourselves in the foot. As usual.

  35. 36
    Hunter Ford

    I loved Shane’s latest: Tubby’s a desperate cowboy! The column and the following commentary make me want to break out in song.

    “Me and Billy The Kid, we never got along…I didn’t like the way he cocked his hat and he wore his gun all wrong.”- Joe Ely

    Tubby’s latest antics in Iraq, and some of the statements he made about not really liking the media, recalled memories of the first time I ever saw Tubby “The Wing Nut Kid.”
    Tubby was embarking on his first season as Auburn coach and he came to Eufaula to talk to the local Quarterback Club. I remember him making the bold claim that he would win a national championship. He also made some derogatory remarks about the media.

    I was a reporter for the Eufaula Tribune, sent there to cover the speech. I don’t think Tubby was aware that there was a reporter present. When I asked him about his comments about the media, he seemed caught off guard.

    I have not interviewed him since then (nearly ten years ago) but following from afar, I see his M.O. of using the media to his advantage, then downing it behind the scenes (or when he thinks he’s behind the scenes -there’s a live mike there Tubby!)

    The media, primarily Paul Finebaum, saved Tubby’s job during Jet Gate. The media has helped him in many other ways. When Tubby has a publicity stunt up his sleeve, the media has always been more than happy to play along.
    But you know what happens to “River Boat Gamblers” that get caught with an extra ace under the cuff?

    And there are only six shots in the standard pistol- correct?
    Next time he pulls the trigger…click…click…click.

    “Well I came up with a fool proof scheme…we’ll rob Wells Fargo, it’s busting at the seams.
    Billy went for his gun, but he wore it all wrong.”

    Tubby knows that the media is a coiled rattlesnake. It will be ready to strike if he gets too close.

    “I admit that I framed him, I have no remorse… It was my way at getting back at the man who stole my horse…
    Me and Billy The Kid, we never got along.”

    Here’s another song a famous Cowboy used to sing. Ready Dandy Don?

    “Turn out the lights…the party’s over…they say that all good things must end.”

  36. 38
    Hunter Ford

    “Me and Billy The Kid… We never got along…but I like the way that he swayed…when I played his favorite song.”
    -Joe Ely

  37. 39

    Tubby is nervous, huh, Shane? As Dan Akroyd once said, “Shane you ignorant Slu*”. I didn’t see Auburn react to Alabama’s past win streaks by spending 8 Million dollars. Thou art paranoid. I also never heard any Auburn people delusionally saying that any past win streak was “irrevelant”. If you want to [put an asterisk beside the past seven AU-UAT games, then you must also consider the following:

    1. Put an “#” by all of the games Auburn won when they were on probation, because Auburn cheated.
    2. Put an “#” by all of the games Alabama lost, but was expected to win, but lost.
    3. Put another “#” by all of the games UAT should have won, but lost.
    4. Put another “*” by the games UAT lost, but were expected to lose.

    There you have it. An usdisputed* claim* to 100* consecutive* Alabama* National Championships*!

    Shane* on you Shame* (the terms are interchangeable..

  38. 40

    Anything that irritates a bammernek is a good thing. You just better pray that he doesn’t hold up 10 fingers in 2012. There is no way you can compare CTT to the great bahr. CTT doesn’t drink that much Jack Daniels.

  39. 41

    Ballplay,Hunter Ford may well be on acid,he writes a colume for the western star,a Bessemer newspaper about the size of a Food world salespaper.The thrifty nickle has more entertaining stories.

  40. 42

    Shane: Just so you’ll know, you don’t own the patent on Auburn Obsession. We AU fans can occasionally obsess, too.

    Here’s something you can spread on your toast tomorrow morning and chew on. Today it has been 2,020 days since the Auburn Streak began. Tomorrow will be 2,011. Saturday will be 2,012, ad infinitum. Oh, I’m sorry; that means that it will go on for a long time…

    God, I feel better now…

  41. 43
    Catphish Tilly

    Hunter Ford,

    Shouldn’t you be writing “news” for the Hoover Gazette?? Oh my apologies… I completely forgot that you were fired. On live radio air. For the entire southeast to laugh at until our sides hurt. BWWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Keep up that fine journalistic integrity there you brainless hick!

  42. 44

    I apologize for my poor typing skills in the above posts. My typing teacher at Alabama was Mike DuBose, so we had to learn to type with one hand in our pants.

  43. 47

    No, Ed, your grammar instructor was Professor Peete at The Polytechnic Institute of Opelika. How many days did you even show up for that class? It’s visibly apparent in your illiterate posts.

    And Hunter, if you’ll notice each AUtard post is quickly following behind one another. So, basically, it’s all coming from one AUtard. I actually didn’t think high speed Internet was provided for the rodeo incest down at the ugliest village in Lee County.

    Here’s a few Tuberville facts:

    -20-29 record in the SEC from 1995-2000.

    -One SEC Championship in 14 years as an SEC head coach.

    -1 Opelika Farmer’s Market County Championship Trophy in 14 years as an SEC head coach.

    -Just missing out on being fired, immediately before the heart of Alabama’s NCAA sanctions kicked in.

    -Ever since 2002 (the year Alabama endured crippling sanctions and three different coaching changes), Tubby is 6-0 against his fallen opponent.

    Mere coincidence said the delusional AUtard, to himself, while sexing his brother.

  44. 48

    Shane, you are a F@#King moron. Get a life, most people are tired of your and your brother-in-law Paul Fartbaum.You give us real Tide fans a bad name!!!

  45. 49


    He flashed seven fingers. Try to pick up the pieces of your shattered little life and move on.

  46. 50

    I cant believe all the AUsurd Aubbo posts.
    Jeez. Havent you guys learned not to say anything bad about the cowshit fuhrer yet?
    And what is more how many times did this same Auburn fan have to log in under other names just to make the same point.
    We get it dude. Auburn is good>Bama is evil.

  47. 51


    I love the stats you omitted about your beloved Saban/Saviour. 7 wins and 8 arrests in one season. Congratulations! The Capstone must be proud of the type of program Saban in running. At least revoking DJ Hall’s suspension early during the ULM game helped UAT pull one out.

    I love all those excuses, too. I think Auburn beat UAT handily in 1993 while Auburn was under NCAA sanctions. Must be the estrogen in the water.

  48. 53

    We love the Barners that constantly lurk on the Alabama related sites. Not only are you showing your AUbsession with the University of Alabama, but you are also helping fund these sites as well.

    But please, do not stay too long. I’m sure there are others waiting in line for the public library computers.

  49. 54

    BREAKING NEWS OFF THE AP WIRE…..Alabama head football coach Nick Saban recently had a teleconference with a middle school linebacker from GA and told him that it wasnt hurricane Katrina that tore up New Orleans,it was one of his recruiting classes from LSU that did the damage AIGHT.

  50. 55
    William Johnson

    Love it. You people are crazy. Shane is an obvious moron. After Les Miles and the Mighty Bayou Bengals repeat last years double all will right in the world of college football for another year.

  51. 57
    Ballplay indian

    dyesmoneyman……Just respnding to Shane remarks About AUBURN. Dont mind one bit funding a bama site. I actually dont hate The University of Alabama. But your football fanbase is comical.

    Juat a question for you all .

    Who will win the 08 Iron bowl?

    Put down the Crimson crack pipe and seriously think about it before you answer.

    This should be entertaining.

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