Phillip Marshall: On Tub’s fingers

Guess who has weighed in on the Tuberville & Seven Fingers debate. Trusty Tuberville spin man Phillip Marshall. Marshall goes so far as to tell everyone what they should think with the title of his blog post: The trip and the soldiers, not seven fingers, should be the story.

It would be the story if Tuberville would not steal the spotlight. I don’t really care (I’ve tried to ignore the story despite talk radio and AP stories), but Marshall seems very interested. So that gets me interested! After all, Marshall doesn’t write anything without permission.

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Here’s more of Marshall’s post:

Is this really an issue? Is Tuberville holding up seven fingers in an obviously light-hearted situation at the end of a flag football game 8,000 miles from home really an affront to anyone? Really?

The flag football game between teams of American servicemen was all about competing and having a good time in a place where good times are hard to come by. Think about it. Did soldiers carry Tuberville and Mark Richt to midfield on their shoulders because they were swept up in the emotion of the moment or as just another bit of fun on a fun day? I think we all know the answer to that.

If Tuberville were smart, he’d have kept his hands in his pocket, and let the focus be on the troops.

Instead, he has to send out his media puppy to tell everyone what to think.

And was it lighthearted? From what Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss said on WJOX today, it sounded anything but fun teasing. According to Weiss, Tuberville was flashing six fingers throughout the trip.

Paul Finebaum on his radio show has suggested the trip and White House visit would help Tuberville in recruiting.


How many recruits actually care Tuberville went to the White House? How many recruits and their families would vote for this president? How many recruits and their families would support the war?

Politics and sports just don’t mix. This could be riskier than pundits believe.

One more piece of Marshall wisdom:

In this case, five coaches went through a grueling week to spend time with American troops who their lives on the line every day. That’s what matters, or at least what should matter.

Thanks for giving the Auburn nation its marching orders. I’m sure they all appreciate it Mr. Marshall.


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  1. 1

    The only thing the 7 fingers means to me is something I’ll post everyday after we beat them in a mocking fashion. Other than that, he can provoke people and run away behind Marshall all he wants to.

  2. 2

    Cap, let me get this straight…you seriously think Tubs “stole the spotlight” from thousands of troops serving our country in the Middle East by holding up 7 fingers after a freakin flag football game?

    You seriously question whether Tubs’ finger gestures were light hearted? You truly think for one nanosecond that there is a possibility that Tubs went over there and intentionally offended our troops?

    Finally, your comment of: “How many recruits and their families would support the war?” is pretty nauseating. Are you so damn bitter about Tubs spanking that a$$ for 6 in a row that you think him and the other coaches went over to make a political stamement of support for Bush’s war policy? They went to support the troops. You seriously can’t even acknowledge that it was a pretty cool thing those coaches did? Geez, take your medication.

  3. 3

    Umm, if you read my blog post back pages ago when I mentioned the trip. I directed people to read Maisel’s diary of the trip. I talked about what a great personal touch Tuberville has.

    The only reason I wrote about it was Marshall did. And I knew Mike would appreciate my take on Marshall. 😉

    I don’t think Tuberville is a bad guy; I think he probably was having fun doing it. He likes to talk, joke, have fun. But I don’t believe for one moment Tuberville’s “story” about Alabama fans telling him to put up seven. That’s prima facie idiotic. When you add that to what Weiss said, you get a picture of Tuberville having fun at other’s expense.

    That’s what rivals do. I don’t have a problem with it.

    I do however think it is funny that his media lapdog had to make a statement about it.

    And it is naive to believe people wouldn’t see the visit as an endorsement of national policy. (A policy I support btw.)

  4. 4

    Agreed, it is not that big of a deal. It is probably the only place where Tub could do that, and not look like a complete arrogant douche. I think most people appreciate what he did, and the story will go away. It just happened to be something someone could talk about 3+ months before football actually started.

    I agree with Capstone I think it is more interesting that a writer would actually make a post about this.

  5. 5


    First, I’m surprised Marshall didn’t write about it earlier with all the attention it has received. However, I am not surprised one bit that you have a problem with Marshall writing about it (you and Marshall are like Shane and Auburn). By the way, if I have some spare time tonight I think I am going to write my own little piece focusing on Jay Barkers reaction to this story. I had a blast listening to him and the Bammer callers crying like a bunch of babies the other morning. Don’t worry, if I decide to do it…you’ll be the 1st one I send it to:)

    Second, you and I must have listened to different Charlie Weiss interviews. In the interview that I listened to Weiss said that Tubby started flashing 6 fingers in response to all the troops that kept coming up to him and hollering “Roll Tide”. He also said that everyone was laughing and having a good time and that he thought it was hilarious. Sure we just heard different interviews because I know you wouldn’t twist parts of Weiss’ comments…would you?

    If Tubby were smart he’d keep his hands in his pockets and let the focus be on the troops? That’s funny, I thought Tubby was focusing on the troops by having fun and joking with them…think it was the media (radio, paper and sites like this) that turned the attention off of the troops!!!

    Why do you find it funny that Marshall would make a statement about this? Isn’t he an Auburn beat writer? Isn’t this a pretty big story right now with the media around the state?


    Thanks for making that post!!! There is no doubt that a majority of the Bammers will use the fingers in a mocking fashion when they finally win another IB. Heck, it’s part of this rivalry and it’s fine when done in good taste…and I don’t think anyone on the Bammer side wants to say that holding up 6 or 7 fingers is classless. Afterall, if you can call your rival a cow college, sing “Rammer Jammer”, etc then I think you should be man enough to handle a few or 6 or 7 fingers in your face:)

    By the way, this was not directed at you TideDruid.

  6. 6

    I’d be interested in posting it. I’d love to hear someone else give an opinion about Barker. 🙂 For the record, my review of Barker wasn’t good.

    Tubby put the focus on himself when he flashed fingers. He isn’t stupid. He knew it would make press. Just like the Fear the Thumb shirt. I give Tommy credit. He’s a media darling because he has the mouth of Steve Spurrier.

    As for the seven fingers, I haven’t heard an Alabama fan not on talk radio say anything about it. So, why is it a story? It is the off season, and talk shows on WJOX need to fill air.

    So, they get Alabama talk radio versions of Al Sharpton to be outraged by something.

    As for the Weiss interview, he did say all those things. However, it is pretty clear Tuberville was always going to get the last word. Instead of thanking the troops (regardless of their theological persuasion) Tuberville decided to be clever.

    Unfortunately, he isn’t looking so clever and his lapdog has to put out some spin.

  7. 7

    BTW, I think that is the point some of the complainers have. Tuberville supposedly went over there for the troops. He wasn’t representing Auburn, or for that matter himself.

    So, when he hears a cheer from the crowd, he should be happy to get it. Because over in Iraq, aren’t we supposed to all be Americans?

    But Tuberville’s seven finger salute looks like the trip was more about him. Again, I don’t think he meant it derogatory.

    I think he had great motives. But come on…he’s media savvy. Why wouldn’t he be smart enough to know that behavior would backfire.

  8. 8

    If you people are so upset about what Marshall chooses to write, why don’t you get six-loss saban to do something about it? It’d be in your best interest to do it before he pulls a saban, tucks tail and runs. Again.


  9. 9


    Tuberville was always going to get the last word? PLease explain…..

    Unfortunately, he isn’t looking so clever? Again, please explain about not looking so clever….

    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with what Marshall wrote.

    If Tubby flashed his fingers in an attempt to be clever…well you, the AJC and every sports show host in the state has talked about it so…

    How can you say that Tubby wasn’t representing Auburn or the other coaches weren’t representing their respective schools? Hell if that were the case then why didn’t they just send me and you? Why did they have autograph sessions? Why did they ask the coaches to wear logo gear?

    Once again, from what Weiss said it wasn’t a cheer from the crowd that brought out the fingers…..BUT I like how you tried to slide that in:)

    Has the flashing of the fingers really backfired?

  10. 10

    Pardon my french, but OH MY FREAKING GOD! How incredibly narcissistic can bammers be to think that EVERYTHING has to be about THEM??? You get your little feewings hurt because Tubs (at the instigation of the soldiers he was with) holds up 7 fingers?! Are YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? GROW UP ALREADY!!!

    And all this BS about “class” that I keep hearing about needs to freaking GO AWAY. You all can talk about “class” when you quit singing that retarded “rammer jammer” song after every lame squeaker win.

    Flashing 7 fingers is NOT the end of the FREAKING world. It is NOT more important than being there for the troops. Tubs gave of his time and put his personal safety in at least some jeopady to go over there and help boost morale. How about you bammer whiners GROW UP and just get a FREAKING LIFE.

  11. 11

    I think the whole trip backfired because it aligns Tuberville with an unpopular war and unpopular president. I guarantee you it will do more harm than help in recruiting…contrary to what Finebaum thinks.

    Tuberville always has to get the smartass comeback. Like wearing that Fear the Thumb shirt. He is a poor man’s Steve Spurrier. His six finger and seven finger salute were all about topping what someone else had to say. Yeah, that was a great way to say thank you to the troops. 🙂

    The coaches were representing the nation—and all of college football. Wasn’t that the point? To let people know the troops weren’t forgotten?

    Oh wait, you aren’t telling me it was a PR trip are you? So Tuby was over there reprsenting himself? It was all about Tuby and not the troops?

    BTW, Weis said on the interview on WJOX that (and I quote):
    “I laughed every time a Roll Tide came out from the crowd because every time the Roll Tide came out the six went up. It was instantaneous. There was not a five second pause.”

    crowd. Yep. I knew I heard Weis say it. 🙂

  12. 12

    BTW, I have to agree about the Rammer Jammer. I’ve never been a fan of it.

    And ANYONE who is stupid enough to believe Alabama fans/soldiers encouraged Tuberville to raise those fingers shouldn’t be allowed Internet access.

    That’s spin. And by virtue of having the ability to pay the Internet bill should know that.

    And I don’t know anyone who got their feelings hurt. I didn’t write about it until Tuberville told Mr. Marshall to write a post about it and set the Auburn party line.

  13. 13

    ok man i love your columns and i hate auburn just as much as the next guy but come on dude it was not that big of a deal ,if tubbs said it was all in good fun than i have no reason not to believe him!!!

  14. 14

    Listen to you Stupid Ignoramuses! Tommy was letting you low life’s know that seven is coming.

    Since you all have forgotten or Blown off the previous Six, Seven fingers is just a little reminder.

    You cried like a bunch of sissies after you saw the Thumb T-Shirt and STILL Bama could not stop it from happening.

    He should have put up two fingers! Tommy Tuberville is starting a whole new hand for his soon to be hand puppet “Mr. Process”!

    War Damn Eagle

  15. 15

    Got some advice for all of you:

    1.) Chill out.

    2.) Back away from your computer and take a bath.

    3.) Bama fans, come to grips with the fact that you’ve lost six in a row to your arch rival.

    4.) Auburn fans, come to grips with the fact that those wins have come at the lowest point in UA football history, and that factors beyond your control have played as much a result in your success in the Iron Bowl as anything Auburn has done. Not saying don’t enjoy them, but admit they are somewhat discounted, because the rest of the world does.

    5a.) Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. #7 ain’t necessarily coming this year. 2 new coordinators, an unproven quarterback, and six wins against a weakened rival where you had to recover an onside kick at the end of the game to secure all six means you can’t bank on another win this year.

    5b.) Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, part 2. Wow what a recruiting year, but a thin linebacker corp against a fast paced offense means holes for an offense to exploit.

    6.) Like it or not, Saban is a great coach and an even better recruiter. Change will occur. But Tubby isn’t bad himself, and has the deck stacked in his favor at the moment.

    7.) Realize this is just a game. There is a God we’re all going to have to give an account to one day, and the amount of time we spend on trivial stuff with no eternal value won’t be a fun thing to give an account for.

    “Can’t we all just get along.” -Rodney King

  16. 16

    First and foremost, what’s more classless, “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer Give ‘Em Hell, Alabama” or the wannabe Barnie version, “Weagle Weagle War D@mn Eagle, Kick ‘Em in the @$$ big blue, HEY?” By the way, having an entire stadium telling the other team to “Go To Hell, Alabama” is more classless than “Rammer Jammer” is.

    Secondly, at least Tuberedneck isn’t as delusional as his fan base according to what he said in response to ‘the six* game win streak’: “Soon enough, it’s going to end. We’re just enjoying it while we can.” Translation: WHEN THIS STREAK IS OVER, YOU WILL, ONCE AGAIN, BE CONSIDERED THE “SECOND-RATE COW COLLEGE WHO TAKES PROFOUND PRIDE IN COMPARING THEMSELVES TO THEIR CROSS-STATE SUPERIOR/FATHER, ALABAMA!” You’ll go right back to being that little Alabama rejected school who will FOREVER be known as the ugly little redheaded stepchild of the state, who suffers from a severe case of little man’s disease.

    Enjoy your streak* while you can, Barnzoes!

  17. 17

    bama tech’s primary problem is they’re more concerned with us than they are themselves, which is why so many of them invade our boards. i can almost assure you not a single tech fan on this blogsite visits a tech site daily, weekly, and some even monthly. even after what’s considered the most successful climax of their history and their lives, they still envy us for obvious reasons, one being they still feel lack the proper respect they deserve. i know you guys get sick of hearing probation thrown at you left and right, just as we get tired of saying it. but the facts speak for themselves and if it wasn’t for near death violations, you guys wouldn’t be half of what you are today. mark my words, when tech’s streak ends, so will their pride and manhood. they’ve fed off of our debacle for long enough, and whether they admit it or not, it doesn’t matter because again it’s a fact and tech fans seems to be the only humans in current existence who will deny that. and that explains why none of their fans or alumni’s occupations are college football experts and analysts.

  18. 18

    I agree with you Cap. However, please stay out of politics. I come here for sports, not politics. It really takes something away from your site when you go that direction.

  19. 19

    I was planning on an all politics and then all theology week here during the off season. 😉

  20. 20


    You really think that a recruit and his parents are going to look upon Tubby’s trip in a negative way because of an unpopular president? Think you are stretching it there brother!! If Saban’s 9-11 and Pearl Harbor remarks last year didn’t hurt him then how in the hell is this going to hurt Tubby?

    The last thing that I will say about this matter is that everytime you accuse Marshall for spinning….you should look in the mirror.


    4) Do the Bammers discount the 9 in a row?

    5b) Do you really think that last year’s recruiting class will play a part in the next IB?

    6) I agree that Saban is a great recruiter, but give me some examples of why he is a great coach….


    I don’t think either version of Rammer Jammer is very classy.

    We (Barners) all know that the streak will eventually end, but I think everyone is well aware that football in the state of AL has changed forever and AUBURN will not take a backseat ever again to Bammer!!!


    Do you honestly believe all that BS that you just typed?

  21. 21

    What to make of this…. damn….
    Is this the “Riverboat Gamblers” new calling card? His trademark move? Maybe so, Maybe not.


    It definately looks like he is making the “6 in a row streak” his claim to fame.That is so sad. Maybe he should have aimed a little higher.
    All it takes is one forefinger to impress me. But he wont ever reach that plateau.

  22. 22
    Phillip Marshall

    C’mon folks it isnt that serious.
    Just good natured fun. He was actually sticking up those fingers to say “We should have won by 7”. Thats all.

    Coach Tommy Tuberville is a fine man who doesnt try to get mileage out of petty accomplishments. You all know that.

    I am not showing any favoritism. And to call it fairly, even if it was a taunt, it was only mocking godless, cowardly, bammer trash. (Not like they matter anyway.)

    Just remember:
    Tommy Tuberville is a one man monument to American Manhood. Never has there been a greater Man, Coach, Husband, Friend, Coach, American, Studmuffin, Coach, and Coach. It is not his fault that he is so great that others try to besmirch his fine character.
    I’ am so riled I am not even going to try to hock my books to you sorry bammer inbreds. But if you decide you are ready to listen to reason, I can tell you this.

    Did you know that Bo Jackson accidently had a gender reassignment surgery the first time they were supposed to operate on his hip? Or that The 1918 Auburn football team actually won the first World War? You can read these (and many more) interesting facts in my coffee table book “Auburn: An American Icon (since 1960)”.
    It cost a low price of $84.99 a copy (hey…ESPN remember) and if you order more than one the postage costs twice as much.


  23. 23

    The bama losers strike again. You bama people are really imbred idiots. Stop hooking up with your sisters and brothers.

    6 in a row.

  24. 26

    lol Calytiger, if we’re iNbreds, what does that make you illiterate cow lovers, who have never encountered a fellow Opelika inhabitant who reproduced outside of the family on Wire Road?

  25. 27

    i think the illiterate barnies have not the faintest idea what an inbred is. because if they did, they wouldn’t direct it toward someone as an insult, seeing how it’s a method of human intercourse they practice on a daily basis. in another words, they’d feel it was more of a compliment than anything else.

    count this as my signature:

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