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Saban already planning for LSU road trip
The Commercial Appeal’s Ron Higgins provides an insight into how methodical Nick Saban can be. Saban’s already holding meetings about road trips. I bet the office staff wishes Saban was out evaluating instead of puttering around the office.

Saban was discussing with his coaching staff just the other day about itineraries of the 2008 road trips, which includes former LSU coach Saban’s first trip back to Baton Rouge on Nov. 8.

“We talk about where we’re staying and who’s going to ride on what bus to the games,” Saban said. “Somebody on our staff — I’m not going to tell who — said, ‘I hate to tell you this, but when we play LSU, ain’t none of us riding on your bus.’ ”

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Mark Richt is a good guy
Mark Richt is a model for good behavior. He finds time to do mission work, and visit the troops. I doubt you could find a better individual. And if you doubt Richt’s character, John Adams of the Knoxville News Sentinel provides all the proof you’ll ever need.


Not SEC, but interesting
FSU expects a LOI from the NCAA within the next four weeks over academic fraud, according to the Orlando Sentinel.