SEC talks TV at Spring Meeting

As the SEC Spring Meetings unfold, the conference is focused on revenue. It is good news on that front, according to Mr. College Football.

Financially, it has also been another good year for the SEC. After placing nine teams in bowls, including two (LSU, Georgia) in the BCS, the league is expecting another record setting year when it comes to revenue sharing. The league pools all of its income from football television, bowls, the NCAA Tournament, and other revenue sources. At the end of these meetings on Friday each school will receive a check for its share of the revenue. A year ago the 12 SEC schools shared a record $122 million. That record is expected to fall.

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Also on deck, discussions about the SEC’s future television contracts.

The SEC’s various television contracts for football expire after the 2008 season. Those negotiations are ongoing but are not expected to be concluded until late summer or early fall. The coaches, athletics directors and presidents will be briefed on those negotiations. They will also be briefed on the possibility of the SEC forming its on television network as the Big Ten and Mountain West have already done. No decisions about television, however, will be made at these meetings, conference officials have told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

If the SEC forms its own network, it would most likely mean the end to the horrible Raycom coverage. Of course, knowing our luck Raycom would be tasked with running the SEC Network.

That’d be worse than being forced to watch ESPN 8 the Ocho. Of course, Cotton McKnight would be a major improvement over some of the Raycom announcers.


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    How many bammerneck football jailbirds have been arrested since Dinky Satan took over? i think it’s been 9 lets try for double digits buy the end of may!!!! (snicker)

  2. 2

    Wow. Alabama players getting arrested!?!?! That’s original.

    How many alleged rapists and sex criminals did Tuberville allow back on the team? I know there was at least one during Tuberville’s early years at AU.

    The point isn’t that Tuberville is evil. He isn’t. The point is that serious problems happen on most teams during a change of regime.

  3. 3

    My fear is that the SEC Network is going to be pay for view. I also believe that ESPN is going to charge for their Tier in the next couple of years. Cable Rates are spiraling out of the world.

  4. 4

    Wow Devin!
    I cant believe you missed on some of the “original” Auburn trash talking points!
    1. Jail humor.
    2. Losses to LaMo.
    3. 6 in a row.
    4. Feeble attempts at humor by calling Saban…..Satan or $atan.. (that is so funny dude!)
    5. Saban’s, Satan’s or $atan’s (snicker snicker)income.
    Like I said Devin, You are doing a poor job of lockstepping to the official Auburn party line. You need to list all of these things to fit in with the rest of the witless Gomer Pyle Nation you call Auburn University. (at least that is the name so far this week.)

    Didnt you get the memo?


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