Growing chorus of complaints against ‘Saban Rule’

There is a growing chorus of complaints about the “Saban Rule”. That doesn’t mean the rule will change (it likely won’t), but coaches who once favored the rule are now admitting they hate it.

Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema told The Capital Times that he supported the rule, but now finds it hamstrings his recruiting efforts.

Bielema said he liked the rule change at first “because it put everybody on the same playing field.” The more he thought about it, however, the more he realized it handicapped coaches like himself who actually like to be on the road recruiting in April and May.

“One of the reasons I loved going out in the spring,” he said, “was there were a lot of coaches who wouldn’t do it.”

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Alabama’s ESPN-affiliate site announced hired Creg Stephenson as its lead writer it announced Wednesday. Stephenson provided useful analysis during his tenure covering Alabama for the Anniston Star. Crimson Confidential goes live June 9.

Croyle trying to prove he is a winner
He doesn’t have to prove that to coach Herm Edwards or the rest of the Chief’s staff. But fans and teammates want to see more, according to this Kansas City Star report below:

Too lazy to change the channel tonight
The highlight of American Idol? The guy who couldn’t sing complete with the USC marching band. And cheerleaders. I’m going to show my age. But Paula looked pretty good in that red dress. And Carrie Underwood looked pretty good too.

I know an SEC Notebook is overdue. I’ll try to get one done soon.


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  1. 1

    Sounds more like a Solo to me.

    Creg Stephenson, now there’s a fine journalist. He will have Saban at his Beckon call. Right

  2. 2

    Thank you for that irrelevant post 6downnow7. Its always nice to hear your juggheaded view on things.
    Unfortunately (for you), you are one of those poor misguided souls who think that if it hinders Nick Saban it must be good.
    But I can guarantee that the “Saban Rule” will do more to trip up schools like Auburn than it will ever do to Nick Saban. So what pisses you off more?
    (A) Nick Saban stepped around your hollow moral victory (aka, the Saban Rule) and straight to video-conferencing, OR
    (B) Tubbo and Fat Phil’s piece of lazyass legislation blew up in their ridiculous clown-like faces like most of the things the attempt to do.?

  3. 6

    As far as Croyle is concerned, the starting role is just not for him. I’m not saying he should give it up all together, but it seems, since he joined the Chiefs in 2006, he’s done nothing but flirt around with a starting opportunity, yet is nothing more than a bust when he does.

    I love the guy to death, and it’s great he hasn’t given up on pursuing his dream, but his original opportunity passed him by long ago.

  4. 7

    Reading that about Wisconsin’s coach doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure he got that from his predecessor (good coach, but the name escapes me). UW has had a solid program for a while now, and they seem to be in pretty good academic standing.

    I suppose it’s time to hear about how he doesn’t have the kids’ interests at heart.

  5. 8

    In my opinion, Brodie’s career ended against Western Carolina back in 2004. Since he sustained that horrid injury, he just hasn’t been the same.

  6. 9

    Personally, I thought Brodie was a great college QB!!! Just wish he had a few more yrs of eligibility:)

    So, at first the Wisc. coach liked the rule because it made the playing field level for everyone. Now, he doesn’t like it because it handicaps coaches that went out on the road in April and May.

    I would be curious to know what major college football coaching staff did NOT hit the recruiting trail in the past during April and May?????

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