Julio Jones qualified

Despite speculation from rival fans, the top prospect in Alabama’s 2008 class will qualify academically, the Mobile Press-Register reported. The newspaper cited Jones high school coach Todd Watson.

Receiver Julio Jones plans to begin classes at UA when the first summer semester begins early next month, said Foley coach Todd Watson. Despite recent speculation to the contrary, Jones was in the clear since he scored a 20 on his ACT and passed 17 core classes when only 16 were required.

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  1. 1

    He’ll still need to go through the NCAA clearinghouse. After last seasons miraculous last minute qualifiers at Bama, the NCAA has an eye on Hoooliooooo.

    Good for him.

  2. 4

    Jones can walk and chew gum at the same time? It’s a miracle!!!

    He has to be a GENIUS to get the ACT score that meets UAT’s minimum qualifications for admission!!

  3. 5

    Is that why UA was ranked seventh on the National Public Universities list according to Forbes? I guess a “minimal qualifications for admission” is the exact reason why, though nothing can beat receiving a FREE degree in agriculture down in Aufarm, Alabama.

    I believe your precious Alabama Tech was ranked in the high fifties. Besides, who with more than half a brain, would wanna attend that backwoods hellhole, even if ou received a degree for little or no work at all. Tech is willing to take anyone they can, just as you guys take and recycle all of our waste (just as you guys are currently using the logo we disposed of ages ago).

  4. 6

    Don’t knock Auburn too hard. It’s a great school if you want to make a living vaccinating cows or teaching sociology.

  5. 7

    Toilet Paper or an Auburn University Degree.
    Which is more worthless?
    1. You can wipe your backside with both. But toilet paper is far more comfortable.
    2.You can use both to start a campfire.
    But once again, you would probably want the toilet paper for purpose #1.
    3. To get that dream job you have been coveting? The toilet paper would get you hired quicker than the Auburn Degree. Because Nobody wants to hire a Diploma Mill School know it all..
    4. Maybe to clean up a mess? The toilet paper would be more absorbent. The Auburn degree would just rub it in, (espsecially, if it was just something small and irrelevant.)

  6. 8

    First, Congrats to Julio and Bammer. That is big news and could be even bigger if Star Jackson and others do NOT qualify and Hood decided to play pro baseball.


    I do NOT believe the Forbes rankings only had to do with qualifications for admission. It is a known FACT that Auburn has stricter academic requirements than Alabama. I am not saying that Auburn is a better school because both are great universities. What I am saying is that it is harder to get accepted into Auburn.


    Just out of curiosity….do you have a degree from Alabama and what do you do for a living? I know it is none of my business so if you don’t want to answer I understand. I just felt bad for making the assumption that you are not very bright. I was hoping that you just sound uneducated on this forum because you have let your hate for Auburn consume you!!!

  7. 10

    Or, perhaps “Fast Child Molester” Eddie Johnson, and possibly even “Pro Rapist” Clifton Robinson, “Stuttering” Kenny Irons, Robert Baker “The Probation Maker”, hell, even Junior “Illiterate” Rosegreen, could’ve all been his personal tutors.

    Don’t whine about his abilities, just because the guy chose Alabama over The Polytechnic Institute of Alabama. You guys should already be accustomed to receiving our leftovers, unless you’re an AUtard under the age of ten.

  8. 11

    Everything that you guys say and do is laughable until you actually beat Auburn. All the name calling and “recruiting championships” are really meaningless until you actually beat us on the field. What’s next? I’m waiting for one of you Bammer’s to say, “Well, my dad can beat up your dad!” Give me a break… just win an Iron Bowl and then you might get some respect. Until then, everytime you open your mouth you look like a little girl whining that your flower basket is better than your friend’s.

  9. 12

    I would bet not anyone here attended Auburn or Alabama. Well, except me of course. WDE Class of 1985!

    Does Hooooolio get those spinning 24″ hubcaps to go with his unregistered Cadellac now that he got someone to take his ACT? Or maybe his mama got a raise for that no work REC job.

  10. 14

    sixdown, that racist comment has no place on here, or in our society. Shame on you. But it just proves how paranoid API fans are and what length they are willing to go to.


    It thrills my heart to hear Aubies like yourself hold on for dear life to the “supposed” streak, which has been completely fueled by an unlevel playing field. And yet you’re the same person who discredit’s our “supposed” championships. Your hypocrisy is very entertaining. Thank you for continuing to make us all laugh.

    Oh, and uh…grab your ankles. You know what’s coming.

    And to everyone, stop busting on Auburn. There are plenty of people who want to pay to learn how to inseminate cattle, and they shouldn’t be made to feel inferior just because they like to play with the business end of a cow.

    API makes me chuckle.

  11. 15


    Didn’t Bammer just have a former player arrested for throwing his crack pipe at a couple of police officers, while haning out with some prostitutes? Didn’t Sprewell just lose his boat and house? Add that in with all the arrests of current and former players over the last year and I think I would keep my mouth shut!!


    Just curious….what’s coming?

    Are you really making fun of the veterinarian profession? What do you do for a living?

    Bammer fans make me chuckle and chuckle and chuckle and well you guessed it…chuckle:)

  12. 16

    My reality is better than you could ever imagine. Why? Because unlike you I did not attend the SEC’s version of the University of Phoenix.
    But if you want to talk intellect lets do it…
    Your “assumption” would be incorrect. And if that is the best you can do at belittling someone else’s education, you need to go slap the teacher who lied and told you that they were teaching you English. The insinuations of your self righteous intellectual vs. proletariat niavte monologue are highly amusing in that they are so ineffectively simple…Isnt it a shame that there is a whole world out here and your puny elitist wanna-be humor is sadly lacking any verbal punch that would be noticed by the rest of us?

    I keep forgetting that it is just one of those annoying habits Aubbos have. For some reason they think that their misinformed opinions and their half baked ideology give them license to talk down to everyone. Please, whatever you do, dont try to impress me with how hard it is to get into Auburn. Auburn is the fast food of education, just phone it in and pay the cashier. Now go back to your cubicle and try to wrap your half-baked dwarf sized wit around that. And as soon as you can, try to come up with something witty as a response.


    Link over to wikipedia and come back with something about existentialism, so that everyone else might be fooled into thinking your a genius of redneck intelligentsia. Or if worse comes to worse, I am sure Carnell or one of the sociology majors can help.

    Is that clever enough for you?

  13. 17

    KISS my ASS IntheKnow72. You are a hypocrite. Race is only an issue with you redneck Alabama fans when it involves your ability to sway a black kid to the Crapstone.

    I guess what you are saying is that only blacks are stupid enough to have spinning hubcaps. Since when did spinning hubcaps carry a racial connotation?

    Keep your dumbass commentary and insinuations to yourself. You creep!

  14. 18

    Also IntheKnow72. Grabbing Ankles! and Doing what to horses? SUPPOSED STREAK?

    Are you a Fag?

    If so, are you an ankle grabber or is that your partners position. Or are you an equal opportunity faggot?

    You’re very odd!

  15. 19

    I always love the “supposed streak” or “down year” retorts. The beauty of your logic is that UAT never really looses a game. If they manage to win somehow, UAT’s back… but if they loose, they weren’t expected to win. There really is an easy solution to your cognitive dissonance… just win a freakin’ game.

    By the way, I am not sure how you guys do it at the crapstone, but I really don’t know want to know what “is coming” if I grab my ankles. That said, it makes since. I hear that is fairly typical behavior in prison, and UAT certainly had plenty of oppurtunties for that kind of practice.

  16. 20

    sixdownnow7, You sound like a true “Auburn Man” to me.

    AuTiger. Bama fans have no problem in saying that our program has sucked for several years now. I think it became fairly obvious when we went out and paid $4 mil for Nick Saban. Dont you?
    We lost 6 in a row. Thats right we lost to Auburn 6 rimes in a row… I WILL SAY IT AGAIN AUBURN HAS BEAT BAMA 6 TIMES IN A ROW. There you go AuTiger. Now since we are being honest, Why cant Auburn do any better than 2nd in the SEC west every year?

  17. 21


    Is that clever enough for me? Well, I didn’t ask you for a clever response. I asked you if you had a degree from the University of Alabama and what you did for a living?

    I did say that I assumed that you are not very bright and that I hoped you would prove me wrong, BUT I’m pretty sure that everyone on this site just figured out from your response that you are an IDIOT!! By the way, it’s going to take a whole lot more than some BIG words to cover up that fact!!!

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