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Are Hendrix, Steele and Gee coming back? Alabama Basketball blog has some thoughts on that.

Non-Alabama, but classic
Paul Finebaum has been all over the Ryan Perrilloux to JSU story. He was at his best in his Saturday column:

But the idea of William Meehan, the Jax State president, having a meeting with Perrilloux is unimaginable. Why would he do that? What kind of message does that send? Was President Meehan wearing his cheerleader costume at the confab? Did he get down on his knees and beg and grovel? Did he yell “Go Cocks!” and jump up and dance when Perrilloux signed on the dotted line?

Combine Finebaum’s JSU rant with the ASU grilling, and the off-season isn’t so bad.

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Antonio Lawrence and his ACT
Why do I say that Ian Rapoport is the best Alabama beat writer? He actually works. Unlike some who phone it in, Rapoport digs when he hears something. And isn’t that what a reporter is supposed to do?

Rapoport explains why star cornerback signee Alonzo Lawrence could face another small hurdle before landing in Tuscaloosa.

The short story is that Lawrence ACT score jumped, and the NCAA Clearinghouse redflagged the score. According to the high school coach, this isn’t a big deal, and due to federal law should be approved in the coming weeks.

Overall, Jones said, “Things are looking great for Alonzo to go to Alabama.”

“We’re still finishing up his requirements here,” Jones said. “We’re taking exams, getting all those loose ends tied up. The things he has left to overcome are the minor things. A few things he was short in that we’re getting worked out now. But it looks good right now.

Who are top players in the SEC?

NOLA.com calls J.P. Wilson one of the conferences top quarterbacks.

In fact, others are saying the same things about Wilson—including Mr. College Football himself.

Just call this one a hunch. If a couple of the young wide receivers come through, the Crimson Tide just might be pretty good on offense. The line is solid and QB John Parker Wilson should perform well under new OC Jim McElwain.

The consensus from outside observers is that Wilson has adjusted well to his new offensive coordinator.

Progress report: Wilson appeared comfortable and confident in the offense installed by new coordinator Jim McElwain. Redshirt NG Josh Chapman and DT Alfred McCullough were pleasant surprises, alleviating some of the concern about replenishing the defensive front.

McCullough is the one I’ve always been excited to see play college football. I watched him play a couple of games in high school including the AHSAA championship game. McCullough was always impressive.