Saban praises Miles

Nick Saban talked to the press Thursday at the Regions Charity event and was asked about the Ryan Perrilloux situation, including the quarterback’s move to JSU. Saban praised how Les Miles and the LSU staff handled the situation. He also showed his soft side for athletes. Saban said while you can’t tolerate bad behavior, you just can’t toss the kids out into the street.

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“I always hate to see guys who make poor choices and decisions about what they do and what they don’t do and how it affects their ability to take advantage of their gifts—to get an education and maybe develop as an athlete and get an NFL career. Hopefully, he’ll learn from this.”
Saban also said it was good that Perrilloux had the opportunity to start over at a new school. He once again talked about how discipline isn’t just punishment, but getting kids to change bad behavior to good behavior.

“Other than my parents, and I had great parents, my coach was the most significant person in my life,” Saban said.

Other items disccussed:
He said he and his staff are busy with PR like the Crimson Caravan and busy on football business. Also the staff is developing internal controls like a character outreach program. “We worked every day, all day,” he said. Saban also discussed the webcam idea in this video interview.


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