Regions Charity notes & pics

By Hunter Ford

The Regions Charity Golf Classic was a washout today.  Nick Saban and Joe Namath left early, which was a downer for me cause I had never met Namath and was excited about the opportunity.  I did however, run into Joe Theisman. That was a thrill, because I suffered a very similar broken leg injury in high school,  (Remember Theisman’s leg being snapped like a twig by Lawrence Taylor?) and I got to chat with Theisman (briefly) about the experience.

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Charles Barkley had to be the highlight of the day.  During a segment with the Roundtable on Jox, Barkley admitted that: Alabama football has a better tradition than Auburn; That he likes Nick Saban and that Saban is going to make Alabama better and eventually start beating Auburn.

Barkley said Alabama “has a bigger legacy”  “Auburn is kinda like me and Alabama is like Michael Jordan” Sir Charles said.

Charles did take some swipes at Bama, saying that “We (Auburn) have won six in a row, and soon to be seven…we’ll have to start scheduling Alabama for homecoming.”

Barkley swilled a Corona with lime during his interview.  Shortly after he went off air the AP reported that Barkley was facing felony bad check charges in the amount of $400,000 to a Las Vegas casino.  Roundtable co-host Ian Fitsimmons said he was sure it was a “big misunderstanding” and that “$400,000 is small change to Barkley.”
The local DA in Vegas said Barkley would be given a few days to pay up before charges were brought.

While on the show, Barkley had said he enjoys working only “one day per week.”

He said on bad days he often gets “Ass Glaucoma” …. What’s that?  “I can’t see my ass coming to work today,” he explained.

He said he is glad he doesn’t have to toil through a weekly 9-5 job like so many other people. But he said…

” I don’t feel sorry for them, it’s not my fault they don’t have any talent.”

More celebrity photos in our gallery thanks to Hunter. You can also share your photographs from the Regions event or UA events too.


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  1. 1

    I wish I could’ve attended the event. My love for Barkley skyrocketed even more after his praising comments.

    Nice to know at least one API fan thinks logically:-)

    But I will be the first to admit, Bo Jackson would’ve been first celebrity I would’ve made every attempt possible to meet.

  2. 2

    Is there a detailed list provided anywhere on the on the world wide web informing us on just exactly who all attended the event?

  3. 3

    Wake me when the Dog and Pony Show is over. I’m starting to wonder what defines a Celebrity and what is the big deal about getting Autographs?

  4. 4

    Wow!!! Barkley makes a few sweet comments about Bammer and Willis and Cap want to wack him off. Bottom line is that Barkley is still an idiot. Only difference now is that he is a broke idiot and doesn’t have the $$$$ to pay Vegas!!!

    Bo is the man. Had the chance to sit with him at Soldier Field earlier this year at the Bears-Giants game and he is still my hero. It is amazing how successful he is in the real world.

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