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DJ Hall made a good first day impression at the NY Giants mini-camp, according to NY Daily News. We’ll have to see how things go from here, but it was a good start for the former Alabama star.

Hall made several outstanding catches, including one leaping, fully stretched grab along the sidelines in the afternoon. A few times he had to leap to make the catch and not only did, but seemed to hit the ground and keep moving without missing a stride. He was smooth, he had good hands and at 6-2, 195, has decent size. On any other team, I’d say he was a free-agent steal.

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Softball schedule
Tuscaloosa Regional – May 15-17 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama
*No. 3 seed Alabama (51-6) vs. Chattanooga (41-20)
Jacksonville St. (38-14) vs. Florida St. (37-26)
For more on the softball tournament click here.


Alabama baseball celebration

Photo by UA. Jake Smith is mobbed at home plate after scoring the tying run in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Clemson questions
With Clemson thought to be one of the better teams in the ACC, the pressure is on for Tommy Bowden. But the biggest issue for Clemson is its offensive line.

The Tigers will have four new starters on the line, according to an Independent Mail columnist.

But the biggest unsolved mysteries lie on the offensive line, which returns only center Thomas Austin from a competent group which improved after early struggles.

Four new starters will line up against Alabama in the Georgia Dome Aug. 30, and only junior Chris Hairston — expected to be the No. 1 right tackle — has any starting experience, a single game on the same turf in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Their development will define 2008. If they can’t block anyone, Davis and Spiller won’t have room to run, and Harper won’t have time to find Kelly downfield.

They must progress as quickly as possible, or 2008 could become a colossal disappointment.


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  1. 1

    Wow, guys I dont know… according to the Auburn fans, Clemson is the 2nd greatest team to ever suit up. Coach TONY FRANKLIN’S offense only managed to win by a 3 point margin against Clemson in last year’s Chicken bowl.
    Think about it guys… THE Tony
    Franklin, (NCAA football’s answer to Wile E, Coyote,Supergenius). I have a very bad feeling about this one guys… maybe we should just go ahead and forfeit…

    Clemson was the #3 team in the ACC last year… And for Auburn fans the Chicken Bowl is the unquestionable proof that Tony Franklin’s offense will dominate the world of football for the next century. Someone should call NicK Saban and have him cancel the slaughter before it takes place…
    Maybe … just maybe we will survive. I hear that prayer helps…….

  2. 2

    tmc1, but you have to remember, API only had what, a month, to prepare for the almighty Clemson. Even a god like Tony Franklin can’t gain full control over an offense in that amount of time.

    In addition to that, API was forced to use two quarterbacks, so that’s not a good sign. And the API vs Clemson rodeo was canceled the night before due to bad weather, so that put the Barnies in a moderate state of depression.

  3. 4

    whew! I am feeling a little better……
    Maybe … just maybe… Maybe if we use a few gimmicky plays like Tony Franklin we might…. possibly….

  4. 6

    Wow, you guys are ridiculous! I really enjoy coming to this forum for comic relief. First, Auburn put in the new offense in 10 days, not a month. Second, I really chuckle when I hear any UAT fans make fun of Auburn’s bowl game – seriously, two straight years in Shreveport? Finally, the fact that you are calling Franklin’s plays gimmicky really speaks to your nervousness. Go ahead and keep up your 6-6, 7-6 tradition with non-gimmicky plays. What’s next, “we can’t beat Auburn on the field, but at least our BBQ is better”? LOL!!!

  5. 7

    See what I mean? Here they come rubbing their epic chicken bowl victory in…
    AUTiger what do you call an offense that serves up your QB for massive doses of pain and abuse on almost every play? I call it gimmicky. Lets face it, this (the spread) was new and exciting several years ago.. but now so many people are using it it has become quite ordinary.
    My question is this … If you did not have the talent last year to run a bsic offense, what has cha

  6. 8

    computer glitch?
    anyway the question in my mind (and everyone else’s) is if you did not have the talent to execute a very basic offense last year, How do you expect to run a complicated offense this year with the same talent?
    Oh…. and I love the “no huddle” concept. And the brain tumor logic that assumes that only the opposing team will be sucking wind in the 4th quarter.
    This is just another example of Auburn promising something they cant deliver. Again. It happens all the time….

  7. 9


    I know this is probably (scratch that)…I know this is absolutely stupid of me, but I am going to attempt to communicate and discuss with you. I am sure that the final result will be you making some stupid remarks and making yourself look like a dumbarse, but at least I can say I tried!!!

    First, some of the most prolific offenses in the country the last few years have run the spread. Not only have those teams put up big numbers, but they have also been very consistent. Granted, every team has their bad games and teams that run the spread are not immune to that. So please explain how the spread has become so ordinary that it doesn’t pose a threat to defenses. Or how it is so ordinary that a pro-style or west coast offense is better?

    Second, Auburn’s problems on offense last year did NOT have to to with the fact that there was NO TALENT on that side of the ball. The main problems were: very down year at the qb position, o-line playing 3 freshmen and lack of player development at the wr position. Now, I am not going to say that Tony Franklin is the best thing since white bread, but I will say that I have seen some tremendous improvements on the offensive side of the ball since his arrival to the Plains. First and foremost…Kodi Burns ended the spring on a strong note. He had a good spring game and looked phenomenal in the final spring scrimmage. Most importantly he looked comfortable and confident and his technique and form looked like it did when he was in hs (he was a great passer in hs and contrary to popular belief he passed more than he rushed in hs). Second, the wr corp made even bigger strides. The group has tons of talent (see #1 Prep WR Chris Slaughter, Hawthorne, Dunn, Billings, Terrell Zachary, Rod Smith, etc), but have not been developed very well. I don’t know what Borges was doing the last 2 years, but I can tell you that CTF got results on the practice field out of the wr’s in the spring. Finally, the OL has matured with a year of SEC experience and is starting to gain some depth.

    Complicated offense? Be honest, you really don’t know much about the spread offense do you?

    I am not some Auburn homer that is going to predict 10 wins and the AU offense to be the best in the country, but I do believe that the AU offense will be 10x better this coming year based on the 3 things listed above.

    As far as the “no huddle” deal….I don’t know what impact it will have on opponents. What I can tell you is that I was amazed at the fast pace of practices this spring. Logic would lead one to believe that continuing to do that would mean your team would be in great shape come game time. The unknown is what kind of shape your opponent will be in?

    Okay…balls in your court. Will you respond with intelligence or the same old dumbarse Bammer homer responses that you have plagued this site with??? I’m going with B.

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