Gerald West gaining popularity

Arkansas is looking to raid the state of Alabama for a corner. According to, Arkansas is working to land Davidson’s Gerald West. West has scholarship offers from Auburn, Alabama, Miss. State and Florida State.

West provides great speed at the corner position. His high school coach Fred Riley told WholehogSports that West is the “fastest kid I’ve ever timed consistently.”

He runs some 40 times that you look at your watch and say I’m not telling him what it said. He’s just run some times that are just phenomenal.”

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West is 5’11”, 160 lbs., and runs a 4.4 40-yard dash. Currently, he is not rated by, but Rivals quoted West as saying Alabama was in the lead for his commitment. West is ranked as a three-star by, and is listed as the 30th best at his position in the current Scout rankings.

West should surge in both Rivals, and Scout rankings due to the fact so many colleges have evaluated him and have determined him SEC quality talent. When you hold double digit scholarship offers, you usually end up with more stars.


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    I can only assume you wrote this article in an effort to get the standard Auburn reply. I think it would have been even better if you had stated that many believe him to be the best CB in Alabama, and not even mentioned Dre Kirkpatrick. You will also read the inevitable talk about how West will only be rated higher if he commits to Alabama.

  2. 2

    Great suggestion. When someone commits with zero stars, then I’ll do that. 😉 The main reason I wrote this was the fact an unrated or mid-rated player was drawing lots of attention here in the state. And that recruit was also from Mobile.

    Certainly, Dre Kirkpatrick is the consensus best corner in the state right now. With him playing for a team in the B’ham metro area, I should get to see him a couple of games this season. I’m looking forward to that.

    So, anyone with odds on where Kirkpatrick ends up? Just how big a push is Texas going to make to land him?

  3. 3

    It would be a great satircal piece. You could end it by pimping your best of Capstone Report book! I know that I am biased, but I think it would be difficult to see him and his teammate, Kendall Kelly, away from Alabama.

  4. 4

    Also, I know you mentioned Destin Hood and his status for the MLB draft. I read this piece earlier.

    I am not sure how much you follow the MLB draft, but usually players will use their ability to play another sport to leverage a higher signing bonus. It would seem that Destin is pretty serious about playing baseball at the next level. I read this as he is going to be a not too difficult person to sign if he is selected high enough.

  5. 5

    “but Rivals quoted West as saying Alabama was in the lead for his commitment. West is ranked as…”

    In my humble opinion,it sounds to me like this kid might have some serious character issues. And Coach Tuberville may have to pull his scholarship offer if he commits to Alabama.

    Did you know that Pat Dye was a Hair Dresser before he became a Football Coach? Or that General William Tecumseh Sherman burned half of Georgia in retaliation for a case of food poisoning he caught at Guthries Chicken Fingers??
    You can read these stories and more in my coffee table book, “Auburn, WE ARE RELEVANT!”

  6. 6

    Bama has one thing going for them with this guy. They can always promise him 5 star status if he commits to Bama.
    Is not that how all Bama recruits get graded by rivals and scout?

  7. 7
    Coach Tony Franklin

    Defense? We don’t need no stinkin’ defense. We don’t need no stinkin ratings! I could take a nursing home to a bowl! 700+ yards/game guaranteed, understand?!!?*
    I’m Tony Franklin Damnit!!11! War Tiger all the way to 7 straight!

    *margin of error: +/- reality

  8. 8
    I'm not Bobby Lowder.

    I’ve got 2 questions there Cap!
    What is his Phone # and what is his asking price?

  9. 11

    lets see… ontario mcaleb, harry adams, Nico lipcomb, Phillip Peirre-lewis, Tsharvin Bell. do these names ring a bell
    Shane Crack Korny Jokes? Answer…. They are from the 08 aubbo recruiting class and they weigh about the same as West. but I keep forgetting that West hasnt shown much interst in Auburn, so that obviously makes him a criminal scumbag to any real “auburn man” like you.

  10. 12
    Shane Crack Korn


    I’m Shame from Centerpoint. “Too Skinny” is just my excuse when he doesn’t sign with us losers at UAT. Rememeber when 1998 Mr. Football winner Demarco McNeil picked AUBURN over bama? I was the one who started the rumor that his arms were too long. Boy was I wrong!


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