Friday SEC Notebook

By Capstone Report

Richard Hendrix looks to be a late first round or early second round NBA draft pick, according to consensus mock drafts from NBA experts. Hendrix is listed as the 40th overall pick by,, and the 29th pick (a late first round pick) by Hendrix was not listed on the latest mock draft from
NBC Sports lists Hendrix as the 22 pick, which would send the forward to the Orlando Magic. (H/T Bama Hoops)

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Recruits due on campus early
Nick Saban said 2008 recruits could be in school by June, the Mobile Press-Register reported.

“It’s the intention of every one of our freshmen that we recruited that they will come in early if they can get certified academically through the (NCAA) Clearinghouse in time,” Saban said Thursday night. “That’s the philosophy that we’d like to use.”

The same story also confirms recent speculation that Destin Hood could forgo playing at UA if he is drafted high enough in the Major League Baseball draft June 5-6.

“It’s starting to head that way,” his father Dewayne Hood said Thursday. “If he’s drafted right, he’s probably going to play baseball.”

USC upgrades facilities while APR burns
South Carolina is spending millions of dollars on facility upgrades, and the program is has kicked into high gear, according to One important phase for the Gamecocks is the academic enrichment center. USC needs the academic help, but it isn’t academics on the mind of USC’s leadership:

“The academic enrichment center is going to be as good as there is in the country,” Hyman said. “It’s going to be the heart of the athletic department. This will help us recruit all student-athletes from every program as much as anything we do. It will have a major impact.

“Recruits want to see an across-the-board commitment. Male athletes are looking for bells and whistles. Female athletes look at it from a different perspective. They’re more of a sense and a feel and relationships.”

At least we know USC has a commitment to playing SEC football. They’ve put academics in its place—it is just a tool to land the next five-star.

Who can be an Alabama fan?
Tide Druid ranted about the arrogance of some Auburn fans who say derisively that Alabama’s fan base is composed of many non-alumni. As if this somehow lowers the “quality” of the fans.

The Druid deconstructs the argument, and then examines why all alumni feel a special love for their schools.

I would like to know how much different the level of connection a alumnus feels for their University compared to Auburn alumni. Isn’t every university special for their current and former students? And if not, then I would like to know why the “Auburn Experience” is so much better. Every time I’ve asked, I’ve gotten cookie cutter answers that usually involve “well, it’s hard to describe” or, “you wouldn’t understand. You just have to go there to get it.” To me, that is a tell-tell sign that you can’t identify any quality that makes your school better than the others, because deep down you know that everyone feels a deep sense of pride and connectivity with their alma mater.

I’d recommend The Druid or anyone else who wants to know about the Auburn Experience, purchase the definitive book by Phillip Marshall. It is an oversized coffee table book published in December 2004. It features more than 300 slick pages of stories and photographs of many of Auburn’s greatest traditions, teams, players and coaches in every sport. The book is available for $20, plus $5 shipping and handling. For orders of multiple books, there will be just one $5 charge for shipping and handling. Send check or money order made payable to Phillip Marshall to The Auburn Experience, P.O. Box 968, Auburn, AL 36831.

Saturn V one of the 7 Wonders of America
The Alabama built Saturn V rocket was named one of the 7 Wonders of America by Good Morning America, reported. “A panel of experts was tasked by “Good Morning America” to help choose the 7 Wonders of America. The morning show began unveiling one “wonder” each day this week and will be filming in Huntsville Monday morning to announce the Saturn V on display inside the museum’s new Davidson Center for Space Exploration as the sixth wonder, said Al Whitaker, a spokesman for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.”


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  1. 1

    I am still laughing.
    Auburn U. has had such esteemed students as Carnell Williams and James Brooks, (among others). Since when did anyone from Auburn understand the concept of quality? I couldn’t care less what some jughead with a worthless Auburn degree thinks about me or the University of Alabama. As a matter of fact the last time I was in the states, I passed a rusted 1982 Peugeot being driven by a mulleted man wearing a pair of those redneck messiah/Jim Jones sunglasses like CTT wears… Of course the sticker on the back glass was for the Auburn Tigers. Nuff said?
    By the way, I didnt miss the plug for Phillip Marshall above. Cap, you are a great man for helping out PM like that….God knows he would have done the same for you or me (or Tommy Tuberville for that matter)….I think I will buy a copy, I ‘ve been needing a doorstop.

  2. 2
    I'm not Bobby Lowder.

    Capstonereport! I’m talking to you!!!
    Is that a crack at Auburn?
    IS IT! Are you claiming in some small way that Auburn’s facilities are sub-standard? I am not Bobby Lowder, but Bobby Lowder has enough money to buy South Carolina!THE WHOLE DAMN STATE! So you had better just watch what your saying Capstone or Bobby Lowder may have to take the Auburn jet and go jihad on your Bammer ass!

    Go East Auburn/Alabama A&M Polytechnic Male Institute Plainsman War Tigers!!!

  3. 3


    One thing is for sure…as long as TideDruid is on here you will not be the worst writer on this site:)

    I am still trying to figure out what Auburn’s 2008 recruiting class and the feelings that alums have towards their alma maters have to do with fans that did NOT attend the school that they root for???? Am I missing something???

    Also, is he really crying about Aubies passing judgement on Bammers? Has he read the comments on this site?

    Lastly, is he saying that Aubies cross the line with their comments about “sidewalk” fans? Once again, has he read the posts on this site?

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