UAB dodges Finebaum

UAB’s disgraceful showing on the APR released Tuesday was followed up by a disgraceful performance Wednesday as UAB’s athletic director declined an invitation to appear on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

With Pat Smith and Ryan Haney filling in for a tardy Finebaum, the duo announced the show had invited UAB on to discuss the academic disaster. UAB declined and sent over a series of lame quotes.

UAB lost nine scholarships in football, and two scholarships in basketball. Even UAB’s men’s golf program was hit with sanctions.

What a joke.

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UAB should shutter its football program. Stop pouring money down the rat hole, and invest in projects worthwhile. UAB students don’t care about football—unlike students at UA and Auburn, UAB students are more interested in their studies than campus life.

When most UAB students have never attended a basketball or football game then you have a serious marketing problem. You can’t make a business case for UAB athletics when the market you should own is already dominated by your competitors.

Alabama and Auburn are like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. UAB is the RC Cola of the state’s athletic scene. Only it sucks more.

I’d like UAB to make a reasonable argument for keeping its football program. Unfortunately, I’m sure they’ll dodge that challenge too.

A sidenote on taxation for education
Ever noticed how politicians always say the solution to educational woes is to raise taxes? Of course, the only reason they believe that is on display in the two-year college corruption scandal, but the NCAA president just said something worth noting about resources and education:

Brand acknowledged there is a correlation between money and APR scores although he called on athletic directors and university presidents to set better priorities.

“It’s not as much about how many resources you have, as it is about where you put it,” he said. “If you have a problem, you should put it more toward academic development and not as much toward suites or new facilities, for instance.”

Wow. I’ve said that for years. Buying new laptops for a classroom isn’t anywhere near as important as buying the right textbooks and hiring the right teachers. Of course, there is much less graft doing those things than throwing money around buying play things.

But cheers to Myles Brand for making the case against throwing money at educational problems.


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  1. 1

    Very nice commentary. UAB is a joke. The most laughable thing is that they want a stadium built to accomodate the Blazers. If they had one, it would have to be as small as UAB Arena.

  2. 2

    Very nice commentary. UAB is a joke. The most laughable thing is that they want a stadium built to accomodate the Blazers. If they had one, it would have to be as small as UAB Arena, which incidentally they have trouble getting above 50% full most of the time

  3. 4

    Would you suggest a Basketball only league that UAB could join ? Nice and Close ? Opponents that anybody give a damn about ? You have to have Football to keep UAB competitive in Basketball. C-USA is Football’s (Basketball) Shotgun Marriage.
    I would also suggest that there are bigger disgraces in the World than a Flack refusing to call Paul.

  4. 5

    Why did UAB leave the Sun Belt? I don’t remember people upset when UAB was winning against DePaul or VCU or others. I just don’t buy the argument you must have football to play basketball.

    You could create a superb out of conference schedule against top teams, and then play in a basketball only league.

    Or maybe just shut down the whole Division I sports thing over at UAB, and focus on being a world class research institution.

  5. 7

    Typical of the Crapstone! Let’s go pick on poor UAB. Bama fans are real bullies until somebody smacks them in the mouth.
    Then they run like cowards shouting “We have 12″;”Bear”;”We were targeted by the NCAA”;”We’ll be Back” “Yada loser, Yada loser.”

    Pitiful and sad!

  6. 9

    What’s even sadder is knowing the vast majority of the UAB students travel to T-Town for gamedays in the fall.

  7. 11

    Sixdownnow7 why are you even defending an Alabama system school for? Do you now feel superior? Do you now feel you’re the rescuer of the day? Does it help you cope with the fact that you’ll never overcome your complex of inferiority? Your school (Alabama Polytechnic Institute, East Alabama Cow/Male School or Aubarn University-Opelika Main Campus) is an even bigger joke than UAB is.

    And despite the fact that your football team is halfway beyond decent, tailgating in Aubarn is like tailgating for an Atlanta Braves game. Not to mention the pregaming and nightlife is about as intense as it would be if you were doing it with rotted corpses.

    So if anyone deserves to be picked on, as you would call it, it should be any SEC school, other than Vanderbilt, picking on you.

  8. 12

    I was just surfing the Net and I came across this blog. I couldn’t help but notice that there isn’t enough glorification of Coach Tommy Tuberville.
    Tommy Tuberville…..The Man….. The Myth….The Legend….destined to walk in the halls of Valhalla with the likes of Shug Jordan. While I am totally unbiased, It must be admitted that Tommy Tuberville, is an exciting, charismatic leader among men, who’s charm and attractive looks are only magnified when his taut, muscular, firm body glistens in the shower in the most manly way..
    Anyhow, I also want to make it publicly known that when it comes to the heroic warrior scholars of Auburn University, or the drug dealing murdering scumbag Bammers. I call it straight down the middle and show absolutely NO FAVORITISM!!! WAR FUCKING EAGLE!!!

  9. 13

    Oh and before I forget. Tony Franklin is the greatest Offensive Coordinator in the history of the universe. And is magnificently endowed (with football knowledge).

    Did you know Pat Dye could urinate in a stream almost 40 feet? Or that Bo Jackson almost left Auburn until his salary was doubled? You can find out all of these super interesting facts and more in my coffee table sized book. “I’am Auburn’s Media Whore” (now available in soft back too….)

  10. 14

    Bama Fan in NY

    Your insults directed toward Cow U are actually pretty accurate.

    Sadly enough, I spent the entire weekend of the Iron Bowl last season in Cow Town, but needless to say I’ll never waste my time in that toxic wasteland ever again.

    On the eve of the game, absolutely nothing beyond a typical night in Awbarn was taking place. They had nothing going on, entertainment wise, for the fans and what few people you saw pounced around like nothing big was taking place on the following day. After hearing everyone repeatedly tell us to check out downtown, check out downtown, we finally did, after riding through there a countless amount of times. I expected the craziness to equal what T-Town’s downtown and UA’s Strip was, but I was fooled big time. We only came across, MAYBE 3 bars and they were literally dead. People walked around like the living dead. Of course, every time a Roll Tide was chanted (which was frequently), you’d hear a F-that, War Eagle. But that’s all the spirit one could squeeze from the barnies.

    I even took the time to ask an AU fan why is it so dead, and he had the AUdacity to tell me (in a serious tone as well) that everyone went home for the Thanksgiving holidays. I found that to be quite absurd and a ridiculous alibi. I surely hope that same guy travels to T-Town for next year’s game, so he can see we still have fun on the holidays (even though it’s quite contradictory knowing your students and fans fail to show up for the biggest game of the season, when they were pouring in left and right, only failing to get out and have a little fun). Gameday was just as lame. People all sat in their tents, keeping to themselves.

    Not to mention I got a kick out of the farm lands.

    It leads me to wonder what must go through the mind of an AU fan when tailgating in T-Town, Baton Rogue, and Athens where having fun is mandatory. Where excitement is all around you.

    Though I must admit, I did enjoy glancing over the AU Rodeo adds posted up in the campus gas stations.

    AU is the biggest joke when it comes to tailgating, pregaming, and partying. I even bet their rodeos are lame… Though I’m sure AU fans will take serious offense to that!

  11. 15

    The Alabama Polytechnic Institute is the most humorous joke that has ever been told.

    And to think, several alumni take pride in knowing they attended school there. If that were me, which thankfully it’s not, I would be emotionally scarred for the rest of my life. Five years in that lifeless hellhole? I would’ve probably already stuck a gun to my head and pulled the trigger before entering my second month as an Alabama Polytechnic Institute student.

  12. 16

    The UA BOT has done everything in their power to destroy UAB’s football program. I have no doubt they will use this situation to their advantage.

    As for UAB refusing to send a spokesperson to Finebaum’s show — that is NOTHING new. Maybe when Finebaum quits referring to the president of the university as a slut and an idiot, they might just be more predisposed to letting their people appear on his show. Do you remember what he did to Neil Callaway on his first interview (which was NOT authorized by the administration, by the way)? He basically called him a drunk and a liar on the air. The UAB administration may be many things, but I don’t think masochistic is on that list. And since when is FINEBAUM the fount of all sports knowledge? He’s just a third-rate columnist with a cheesy radio show.

    And DA Darko: Please don’t pollute Auburn with your presence ever again. We would much prefer you stay in that toilet otherwise known as Tuscaloosa. We’re sorry you couldn’t easily score drugs on every corner or dodge gunfire as you do on weekends in T(hug)town.

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