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MSU loses 9 players
The Mississippi State Bulldogs have lost nine players including the team’s best offensive linemen. Two players were dismissed from the team when they fired guns on campus in March; on Tuesday Michael Brown and Quinton Wesley were given suspended sentences. Three others players still face grand jury indictment, the AP quoted Sly Croom as saying.

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UGA documentary
Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS) will air a one-hour documentary on Georgia’s mascout UGA. According to the AJC:

“Uga and His Family” was shot by Jeffries Eldridge and Jeff Corley of Valdosta, who followed Uga VI through last season. They start with Picture Day last August, reveal where Uga lives at the home of Sonny and Cecelia Seiler in Savannah and follow him on his journey to Athens for a game-day weekend.

Nutt plans PR push in lieu of recruiting
Since Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt won’t have to be on the road recruiting during the spring, he plans on using the time to speak to alumni groups. His charm offensive is finding a warm audience with Ole Miss fans anxious to win.

Croom promoted in Tuscaloosa
Tracy Croom was named City Clerk in Tuscaloosa. Yes, she’s related to the distinguished Croom family. According to the Tuscaloosa News, “Her husband is former Crimson Tide player Kelvin Croom and her brother-in-law is Mississippi State University head coach Sylvester Croom, a former Crimson Tide All-American center and assistant coach.”


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  1. 1

    This may sound a bit far fetched, but if I was an Ole Miss fan, I’d actually have a ton of confidence invested in Nutt, even though he was considered nothing above mediocre at Arkansas up until his last two seasons. By the way, when’s the last time an Ole Miss fan had the right to put what little confidence he/she supposedly has into a coach?

    Tuberville was a failure…

    Orgeron was a failure…

    Cutcliffe is the only decent coach they’ve had recent years.

    Hopefully Nutt can put the pieces back in place for the Rebels.

  2. 2

    Until the Mississippi finds a way to direct some of the Casino money toward “Hope Type ” Scholarships – both schools are going to be bottom feeders.
    Meantime back here in Alabama – Football Fans need to get the Lottery going again to keep our schools competitive.

  3. 3

    Gee, during our problems with players on the strip the last year wasn’t our dedicated local media pointing towards Croom as a shining example of a disciplinarian?

    To be fair, he is taking action but this only proves that program is far from cleaned up. I only thought it worth mentioning that Saban was being skewered over all those problems and Croom’s program is hardly one worth pointing toward.

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