Spring game attendance breakdown

The BigRedNetwork.com provided its annual analysis of spring game attendance.

According to stats from The Big Red Network, Nebraska topped spring game attendance this year with a 48-percent increase over last year. Alabama was second with a 19-percent decline in attendance since last year. Rounding out the top ten were Ohio State, Penn State, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M.

The SEC had a strong showing with schools like Ole Miss attracting more to the spring game than USC (28,311 compared to 22,000.)

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    Not that you really care, but I would much rather read something about Auburn’s new 1 star committ Brandon Heavens and how Godlberg spun a story that he is one of the best wr’s in the state:)

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    How did you know he was the best WR in the state? I hear he 10x better than Julio! Don’t wotty this will be a future article; along with how Auburn is dominating the Mobile area for recruiting.

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