NFL Draft 2008

Will any Alabama players be taken? I’ll post details later today if anything develops.

But while Alabama players waited to be taken, it was a very interesting and active NFL draft. I thought there were some brilliant moves made, but the dumb moves were the most numerous on day one.

Kansas City had a very good draft day. In the first round the Chiefs grabbed Glenn Dorsey, who is a dominating defensive lineman, and a guard who should play left tackle to help shore up the offensive line. Help on the offensive line should improve quarterback play next season for the Chiefs. So, they had an outstanding first day at the draft. When you improve your offensive and defensive lines like this, you have the foundation for a strong contender in the future.

The interesting thing is that several NFL commentators said the Falcons wanted Dorsey, but there were medical concerns, which prevented teams from grabbing him.

I guess Chief fans should thank AU’s chop block technique for helping them land Dorsey.

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I also thought the Patriots filled a need with a good linebacker in the first round. It shows that Bill Belichick remains savvy!

As for which team(s) had the worst draft, I can think of two very quickly: the Lions and Bears.

The Lions took Gosder Cherilus to help solve their right tackle problems. But they took him way early. If Detroit didn’t have ten minutes, they wouldn’t have time to make such lousy picks. You can’t screw up the draft like the Lions unless you really try. They’ve retired the trophy for draft day ineptitude.

The Bears take an OT from Vanderbilt in the first round—an OT with rumors of a back problems. The Bears took a RB in the second round, but passed on Rashard Mendenhall who was available in the first round. That doesn’t really make sense when Mendenhall would’ve been a solid contributor if they were going after a running back on Day 1.

But the most damning part of the Bears first day of the draft was the failure to address the quarterback issue. They have a real problem, but with Henne and Brohm still available they skipped solving this issue. I guess the Bears are still in denial. But let me break it to you…Rex Grossman sucks.

Their third round choice of Vandy’s Earl Bennett was probably the best move of the draft for the Bears, and that came on Day 2. That is a sign of a horrible draft.

Honorable Mention for bad first day goes to the Titans. The Titans took RB Chris Johnson of East Carolina. I know he is fast (4.24 speed), but you took Chris Henry last year in the second round. This pick really makes no sense with other needs. Maybe you should’ve gotten more weapons at wideout with this pick to help your quarterback?

The Titans Day 2 moves were also baffling.

Here are some photographs from the draft: