Auburn is Auburn’s own worst enemy

By Shane from Centerpoint

Some things never change. In the case of Auburn University the song remains the same. For a record seventh time, the War Eagles are up to their necks in an NCAA inquiry. Isn’t it ironic that after spending the entire first quarter of 2008 accusing cross-state rival Alabama of cheating in recruiting, Auburn is the football program currently staring down the NCAA’s gun barrel.

Truthfully, before we get too deep into this issue, we need a clarification from the NCAA. Exactly what is the difference between an informal inquiry and a preliminary letter of inquiry? Regardless of the terminology (splitting hairs in my opinion), the investigation is still pending. Nikki Borges (a familiar name?), Auburn’s associate athletic director for marketing and communications wrote in a letter to The Birmingham News, “At this time, Auburn is awaiting either additional questions or a final disposition from the NCAA.”

Apparently the first real news coming from the Plains following spring practice is not good. No amount of spin can disguise or deflect the negative image cast over a program when the NCAA decides to start digging around.

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Were the parents of the young recruits Tuberville courted this year made aware of the possibility of Auburn receiving the dreaded “letter of inquiry”? Did Tubby explain (in detail) the damage that investigation could do to the program’s future? Did he inform the players that the dark cloud created by this issue would allow other teams to use the case against Auburn? At the very least, a family should be fully informed about the current situation so they can factor the potential trouble into their decision.

The inquiry began as a result of a New York Times article that questioned the legitimacy of a study program for student-athletes. According to The Birmingham News the problems arose from the fact that 18 players from the Tigers undefeated 2004 team received high grades for independent study courses that required little or no work. As a result, Auburn whitewashed the story and threw a professor under the bus. What was the Auburn administration thinking when they made the professor’s life miserable and practically forced him to retire? Were they really foolish enough to think he would just go away and never come back to bite them?

Is this record seventh investigation business as usual at Auburn?

Will the NCAA want to look at Chette Williams Ministries while they are on campus since there have been violations involved with that guy before? Would they find it interesting that Pat Dye and Wayne Hall (two notorious cheaters?) are still directly involved with that ministry?

Concerning the ousted professor, an Auburn spokesman says that university policy does not allow comment on personnel issues. Will university policy allow Auburn to get out in front of the potentially damaging perception this new inquiry will bring?

One thing is for sure. The professor involved, whose concerns were legitimate enough for him to be honored by the Drake Group (a top NCAA watchdog group), has retired with his dignity intact. Of course Auburn is clamping down on information surrounding the grade scandal using the guise of maintaining student confidentiality. According to the former professor, “student confidentiality has worked to cover up more wrongdoing than anything out there”.

Is the Auburn “eligibility system” going to be exposed by the current NCAA investigation? If so, Auburn may ruin it for every other institution. The NCAA is beginning to look at whether athletes cluster in certain majors and whether its eligibility rules have played a role. The War Eagles may become the poster child for cleaning up academic improprieties.

One major concern for the general public has to be that this situation has been covered up and disguised for some time. Judging by the fact that The Birmingham News has been requesting to see correspondence between Auburn and the NCAA for over a year now and Auburn hasn’t budged, something damaging and serious must have occurred.

In spite of the Aubie spin machine running at full speed, nothing good ever comes from an NCAA inquiry. There is one thing for sure – nothing will change in God’s country. As always, it’s business as usual for Tommy Tuberville and the Auburn Family.

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  1. 1

    Just a quick note about Shane’s column. The link provide goes to an AP story filed about Rev. Chette Williams alleged NCAA violations. Here’s the relevant quote from the story:

    Mark Richard, Auburn’s associate athletic director for compliance, said Friday a review of the financial records for Williams’ nonprofit organization found only potential secondary violations involving Fellowship of Christian Athletes events.

    He said Chette Williams Ministries Inc. spent $704 for meals at three FCA events and $400 for a bus ride to an event last summer. He said the payments could be a potential violation since NCAA rules don’t allow a school or an “athletically related organization” from paying such expenses.

    “It’s a minor thing,” said Richard. He called the investigation “very standard.”

  2. 2
    Ronnie G

    Shane is taking this one to the hilt. He’s already tried and convict AU without the evidence. But considering his allegience it doesn’t surprise me that he would make the assumption of guilt with absolutely no basis in fact. Thanks Shane for your candid and unbiased reporting (ha ha).

  3. 4
    Ballplay indian

    Shane……..For the LOVE dude.. Is it possible for you to write one clolumn about Alabama FOOTBALL???!!!!! Just look at he titles to your columns man. Get a life. I Bama football really reeeaaalllly sux right now , but Saban will eventually turn it around. So why be possessed with bashing all things Auburn? Seriously dude you need to know what your saying about a good man as fact before you run him down. That transends being a football fan. It just makes you a peckerhead.

  4. 5

    Without question, A.P.I. should be penalized for their illegal actions (and I hope they are).

    However, what chaps at my butt is knowing the NCAA hasn’t handed down any sort of punishment on USC whatsoever. In all fairness, both schools should be forced to endure the roller coaster ride Alabama IS STILL recuperating from.

  5. 6

    Nice how you spin this story with half truths. 18? 2004 football players involved with Independant studies to stay qualified? Name them goofy dick and show the prove that the grade made the difference between playing and not playing.

    Nice job how Shane focused on Football players. Ooh how Auburn whipping that BamaASS has made the whole Crapstain Nation a bunch of pathetic crybabies.

    If a few football players OUT OF 250 PLUS independant students did not participate in Petee’s indepentant studies, THEN THIS WOULD BE A NO STORY!

    The excessive number of indepentant study courses needed to end, but there is no evidence that it was devised to Benefit Athletes. Just Bring the NCAA back into the state. They know where the Stink is coming from.

    Also, the student confidentiality angle only protects the student and the student athlete from Zealots like yourself and Gunlock. Privacy does not protect Auburn. In fact it prevents Auburn University from stating the truth. But Shane, That dumbASS Shane can get on Blog and say anything his desparate candyass wants to say.

    Gunlock can take his award and shove it up his ASS! He worked a sale to a liberal newspaper with a Bama Alumni agenda! He knew what he was doing and the NCAA knows it too!

    Keep the NCAA’s eyes off Bama as long as you can. They know who is most capable of Cheating and who has the greatest motive.

    Yeah! Having that ASS KiCK six and soon to be seven is a GREAT MOTIVE to CHEAT.

  6. 8
    larry davis

    shane the ua@t inbred do you know anything

    but AUBURN FOOTBALL? you have yet wrote

    anything about your cheating college.keep

    the ice moving retard thats all you know.

  7. 10
    m johnson

    I see you’re still obsessed with Auburn. I guess getting your arse handed to you for 6 years running will do that to a fellow. Why don’t you write a column about your Bammer. Go back and dig up evidence of how the great old drunk bear paid players. He had everybody bought off. Stick with hawking ice you idiot. You obviously don’t a future in journalism.

  8. 12

    Shane, Shane, Shane….your obsession with all things Auburn is duly noted. Now you need to stop that spinning before you tip yourself over, little guy.

    As for the esteemed Dr. Gundlach — there is a saying in higher education: “Academic wars are so bloody because the stakes are so small.” That perfectly describes the situation between Gundlach and his department head. This was one of those academic wars that just happened to get aired out in public. That doesn’t make it any weightier than any other intellectual mud-wrestling. There is no “smoking gun” here. There might be if athletes were steered into those independent study courses in large numbers, but they made up just a tiny fraction of the total student population in that program.

    Certain programs at Auburn at very crowded, and class schedules are tough to arrange around jobs and (in the case of the small handful of athletes) practice and game travel. Independent study happens EVERYWHERE, not just at Auburn.

    Seriously — bama fans should not be throwing stones out of their crimson-colored glass house over NCAA inquiries. ONLY bama has actually “stared down the barrel of a gun.” And be clear that ANY additional major infraction by bama in the near future will cause that gun to go off. Chances are high that you will need to worry much more about what’s going on in T-town (and among the boosters) in the near future.

    As for Auburn, it’s still the largest university in the state, with the highest admission standards. Leadership tends to mean taking shots from those beneath you, so that’s how we will file this latest piece you’ve written.

  9. 13
    m johnson

    Lisa, very well written. Maybe you should do the column instead of the ice man shane. Keep hawking ice little man shane. By the way, did anyone ever tell you, you look like of the BeeGee’s….the gay one.

  10. 14

    Tigermaniac44, nice to see you around…(Dont worry I wont out you.)

    Right up until the moment that Gundlach started asking questions he was “considered by some” to be the best educator in the state…..

    I am in a good mood today so I will be generous and not hand out my usual verbal skull dragging.
    Here is the deal Aubbos. You got caught ……again. It doesnt matter if you stick your head in the sand, it doesnt matter if you spin it, lie, or try to act like nothing happened, YOU GOT CAUGHT. Now just step up and take your medicine.
    Everyone knows that Auburn is pretty much a diploma mill these days anyway. And why not?
    For every “astronaut” Auburn has 10 athletes (current and former) wandering the planet who can’t even grasp the most basic principles of speaking English.
    I seriously doubt Carnell “Cadillac” Williams can tie his shoes without assistance, and yet he has a degree from Auburn. (Which begs the question) Who the hell was the halfwitted moron that let him walk out with a COLLEGE FUCKING DEGREE!
    We (the rest of the SEC) hope that the NCAA will step in and clear up this matter with AU….. before our Degrees get branded as worthless too……..

  11. 16

    shane, shane, shane. trying to revive a 4 year old story just because your beloved red elephants got skunked in the draft is no way to be! let’s talk about BAMA!! all right here we go…..hmmm. i see what you mean. there’s really nothing to say about the elephants that isn’t excruciatingly boring, is there?

  12. 18

    Wow, things must be slow in West Vance for Shane to revive this story.

    First, thanks Capstone for clearing up Shane’s comment about Chette Williams and previous violations. Yes, there was a violation and it was secondary…no different from the 20 other secondary violations committed by Auburn and Alabama last year.

    Second, this story has no more life today than it did when it was first reported several years ago. The NCAA inquires on all these issues just like they did with this one. They sent Auburn questions and Auburn answered the questions…the NCAA has yet to respond. This story would have remained dead had the Drake Group not honored the professor….actually I think this story still is dead to everyone except Shane. Has anyone else wrote anything new regarding this story??????

    AS for independent studies…yes, they are a joke. Anyone remember Brody Croyle talking about his class that he had an entire semester to write a 1 page paper? It happens everywhere, but that is no excuse…these classes are a joke!!! However, I can’t help but feel that the reason these type classes even exist is because of US, the fans!!!

    I could take this time to warn the Bammers that they may want to pay more attention to what their new sherriff is doing, but I will refrain. Instead, I will warn Shane that he is continuing down a dangerous road of slander and allegations….

  13. 19
    Ty from T-town


    Shane, No one would question the integrity of the Drake Group, but I think our intellectual superiors at Drake University, missed the big picture. I am not sure what it is like in Iowa, but down here; we get it!
    We understand the trade-off.

    Perhaps the Drakes need to be reminded.
    The road to hell, is paved with good intentions. I am sure that even Dr. Gundlach would admit to that.
    Its not complicated. Everyone cheats.
    At least everyone in the Big Show. Yes, Auburn; you are in the Big Show. The reason I know, is because we invited you. We even taught you how to cheat.
    Don’t you think its time to leave that nihilism out in the pasture, where it belongs. You won six times in a row.
    Try to be happy. The Drakes, are not intrested in Carnell Williams. They just want their cut. Shane, knows that Tuberville is more than capable of handling the Drakes. Hell, he is smarter than the Drakes. Its those other guys, you need to worry about. As for T-town, its business as usual.

    Shane, tell brother Chette; I send my best.

  14. 20
    Ballplay indian

    Shane your title is bass ackwards my friend. it should be BAMA IS BAMAS WORST ENEMY. Because that is a fact. You dillweeds have been shooting yourself iin the foot for the last two decades. For example “Keeping It In The Family” when it came to coaching prospects. Lets not forget all the rouge boosters that have come to define Bama football. The list goes on and on. Before we all hear the ncaa sanctions excuses think back on auburns probation penalties during our first undefeated season in the past 15 years. They were equally severe. and we did not suck near as bad as you turds do now. Before I get blasted, Ive said before Saban is the right man for the job at Bama. But it will be a major step backward if hecant cut it.

  15. 21

    Only a total moron would think that AU would need to cheat to beat a Bama team that can’t even get anyone drafted… oh wait, who wrote this?

  16. 23

    Hey Shane,

    How about talking about why Alabama dropped recruiting of Rolando McClain so fast it could have made your head spin. You know why? Cause Niki $atan had a private scrimmage with him which is against NCAA rules and regulations regarding recruitment.

    And how about the recent (2 months ago) scrimmage opened up to the Tuscaloosa police after the arrest? Wonder if some money was exchanged there or was it “just get to know you better” party.

    There is definitely some cheating going on in this state but it mostly isnt coming from Lee County.

    I am not saying AU is completely innocent but neither is any other SEC team.

  17. 24
    I just took a "Shane"

    Hey dickneck, are you still crying that your application to Auburn came back REJECTED, due to total lack of IQ whatsoever.
    Eat it loser. 7 is on the way can you cant do a damn thing about it!! ROOOOOLLLLL TIIIIIIIDDDDDEEEEEE!

  18. 25

    One more comment….

    Hope all the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Missippi athletes realize no one from UA got drafted in the NFL this year, unlike AU.

    You better hope that they actually buy into Nick Saban over this fact. If I were an athlete, I dont think I would.

  19. 26
    Nick Saban


    I will dominate you 365 days a week. It’s all part of the process, aight bitches. Shane please take my dick out of your mouth now because it’s Finebaums time.

    Nick Saban

  20. 27
    Paul Finebaum

    Not this time, Saban. Last time, it got all over the top of my bald head. Do you know how hard your juice is to wipe off?

    Plus, then people try to rub my head when it’s shiny, and that’s just gross, considering the gloss that was used.

    Just let Ray Melick have my time for a while. With the way he’s been talking, sounds like he’s really been enjoying puffing on lil’ Nicky, Jr.

  21. 29
    Nick Saban

    Aight, sorry to come back so soon, but it seems as if all you Barners need a second lesson, aight?

    I will recruit how I feel like I need to recruit to be able to be close to being competitive to win football games in this highly competitive conference, aight? Like I said, earlier, it is a process, aight? Pearl Harbor wasn’t bombed in a day, aight? The reason why it was so successful was because the NCAA stayed out of the way and let the field right itself, aight?

    I’d go on and on about this, but I’ve got a video conference to start… I have to go try to steal the Barn’s ‘cruits because maybe then I will be able to develop talent enough to get those boys into the NFL, aight?

  22. 30
    Doyougargle With Sabanssemen

    I know with you that everything Auburn is bad and everything Bama is great, but you have got to be one dumb s.o.b.

  23. 32
    Man of War

    Shane, did I not hear there were 3 more Bama players arrested? Why don’t you use your investigative skills to write a story about that. Seems they have put a muzzle on the TPD.

  24. 33

    its about time. for years the tigers have been under the radar, buying houses for parents and cars for players. case in point, carnell williams, who as a soph. had an escalade registered in his name and his parents each had new digs handed to them his senior year. there is a crack in the dam and i can assure you of one thing, IF THE NCAA SENDS THE LETTER, THEY WILL NOT STOP, until they find dirt.RTR

  25. 34
    Julio Jones

    Shut the fuck up Troy, oar Ill stabb yu n yo cracka ass. Yu start talking bout dat shit an dey gon b lookn at mah ryde an mah mahmas house. Dey take mah shit an ima goin kill me notha cracka ass cracka

  26. 37

    Julio Jones-

    No need to worry about the NCAA looking into how you got your new ride…at least not right now. From what I have heard, they are more interested in who gave Jerrell Harris his new ride!!!

  27. 41

    Are all you Auburn fans students/graduates of Auburn? If so, you are representing your university well. While Shane’s obsession with Auburn is easily noted, you foul-mouthed Auburn fans are looking more like inbred, 5th grade boys who can’t put five words together without one of them being a curse word.

    Good job Tigers!!!!!!!

    By the way, I remember when lots of Alabama fans were just as cocky after Alabama put nine in a row on Auburn.

    The truth to this sociology story is probably less than Shane would make it out to be; but it’s a whole lot more than you Auburn graduates are willing to admit.

  28. 42
    Ballplay indian

    NOTABARNER…….I Am an auburn fan and couldnt agree more. It is a shame that some fans of both teams are so goofy. I used to act that way myself……..then puberty happened.

  29. 44

    I think Shane should stop pushing ice and get a job as a “shock-jock” radio personality because no matter what he writes, the hate and shamefulness of so many people (Alabama and Auburn fans alike) comes down on him like the wrath of God himself. I do, however, agree with “NOTABARNER”…the Auburn nation is particularly hateful, disrespectful, and just down right nasty. I know a lot, I mean A LOT of good Auburn fans but I swear, everytime I get on here and read this crap, it’s like the most horrible ones come out to play. Perception is reality folks, any fan from Tenn. or UGA comes to read this crap, they’ll really think Auburn fans are a bunch of no class losers. Thats a shame.

  30. 45

    I am shocked at some of the comments my fellow Barners have made. Wash your mouths out with soap.

  31. 46

    “As for Auburn, it’s still the largest university in the state, with the highest admission standards. Leadership tends to mean taking shots from those beneath you, so that’s how we will file this latest piece you’ve written.”

    Dear Lisa,

    I guess you havent heard the news. UA has been the largest school in Alabama since Fall 2006. And if AU has higher admission standards, then why does UA have more of Alabama’s top students, National Merit Scholars, etc.? Why are the avg. ACT scores of both schools virtually the same, with AU at 24.8 and UA at 24.5 last year?

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