Poor Mark Gottfried

Poor Mark Gottfried. When everyone should be thinking of spring football, and the A-Day game, the pitiful basketball team grabs a headline or three. And all were bad.

The list of people wanting to leave Tuscaloosa just keeps growing and growing and growing. (Are they rats off a sinking ship?) Richard Hendrix and Ronald Steele are testing the NBA draft waters, and Rico Pickett and Justin Tubbs are seeking a transfer. Rumors were swirling about Mikhail Torrance; however, Torrance’s mother denied that he was seeking a transfer, according to this report.

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The Picket situation is bizarre to say the least. Apparently, Pickett’s grades are fine, but somehow Mark Gottfried wasn’t happy. Pickett didn’t show up for academic appointments, according to the Rap Sheet. Maybe Mark puts too much emphasis on graduating players, and not enough on winning. Is this a discipline situation, or just another example of a coach who has lost the respect of his players?

Tubbs is transferring because he wasn’t going to have a scholarship next season, the Rap Sheet wrote this afternoon. I’ll be waiting on our Michigan friend at MGoBlog to get all upset at the inequity of Gottfried running off a player to make way for a new recruit. Oh wait, this isn’t Nick Saban so we won’t be hearing any righteous outrage.

At least that is one break for Mark. But we should be worried about him. Why do such bad things happen to such a good guy? All his best players like Gerald Wallace just disappear into the professional ranks. Now with a bad season just completed, he can’t even get a day off where players aren’t bolting for other colleges or to the NBA draft.

Poor Mark.

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    This is just another sorry Indictment of Mal Moore. All of this is outrageous and ought to be to the average Fan. Mark is being paid damn good money to put out this sorry product. Is this the real world ? What is it about College Athletics that this Job Performance is rewarded and back slapped ? Nuts.

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