LA Gov. jealous of our state

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is jealous of the state of Alabama. And with good reason—the state’s universities are leading the way in research, and major corporations pick Alabama over that corrupt swamp known as Louisiana.

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In his speech to a special session of the Louisiana legislature, Jindal said this about our state:

Currently, the University of Alabama at Birmingham receives more federal research funding than all of Louisiana’s public universities combined.

That must change. Alabama cannot beat us in football; they cannot beat us in research.

Big talk from the most corrupt state in the nation. Big talk considering Alabama’s football teams (including UAB and Auburn) all have beaten LSU like a drum. Historically, UA holds a 43-22-5 record against LSU; AU trails LSU by a small margin 19-21-1. On Sept. 23, 2000, UAB beat LSU.

Looking at the records, Alabama (all our state teams) beat LSU on a regular basis—on the field and in the classroom and in research dollars.


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  1. 1

    yeah, cap, they lead us in corrupt politics but not by much.

    that larry langford can get away with what he’s done to date is a testament to the corrupt political environment that exists in this state.

    and not much will change until that 1901 state constitution is rewritten. that document was written to keep the politicos in montgomery in power and it’s done it’s job exactly as it’s authors envisioned for over 100 years.

  2. 2

    You can bet that if the state constitution is re-written that the individual will lose out big time. Just ask the politicians what they would like and that should be an indication of what you should support (the opposite of them). They will grab more power at any and every opportunity. Be careful what you wish for…….

  3. 3

    I believe Louisiana passed major ethics reform recently.

    And what is Alabama doing? We are seriously trying to replace them as the most corrupt state. Our legislature (with the help of the AEA and Paul Hubbert) is trying to keep the state two-year college system the honeypot for corrupt double-dipping.

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