Birmingham News reported charges against Rashad Johnson likely would be dropped early next week as part of a plea deal.

One of the issues being considered, Swords said, is that the police report authored by Tuscaloosa Police Department officer Derek Kilgore and the surveillance video taken from four angles at The Legacy that night offer different accounts.

I want to see that video and compare it to the police report.

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    I want to hear details about Officer Derek Kilgore. Where’s he from? Has he been involved with any of the other arrests? Is he a seasoned officer or a newby? Does he have any decals, tags or paraphenalia from Auburn, Tennessee, MSU, etc. on his personal vehicle? Something has to give on the Tuscaloosa PD, and maybe finally that video will be the straw we’ve been waiting for.

    Here’s the deal…armed robbery is armed robbery, and the Elder kid needed to have the book thrown at him. But these “touch fouls” the Tuscaloosa Keystone Gustapo have been anxiously jumping on here lately needs to be addressed. Simeon Castille’s arrest is a PERFECT example. My suspicion is there is a money trail…maybe a friendly reward/finder’s fee from a wealthy Auburn booster. Has college football come to this?

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    Well since Paul Fartbomb likes to bash coach Saban so much, lets see if he has the balls to go and get a copy of the tape. NO, probably not he is all “MOUTH” and no backbone

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    This is why we are to be considered innocent until proven guilty.I wonder idf the reporter that stated Saban was a poster boy for the ACLU will retract the story. Probably not.

    On the other hand imagine the bond that has been developed between Saban and his players. He did not mumble and stumble, he looked everyone square in the eye and said this is a good kid and I stand behind him. Rashad Johnson will never forget that, HIS COACH DIDN’T THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS, I bet recruits noticed this too.RTR

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