Why people hate the media (part XVIII)

Why do people hate the media? Maybe the condescending nonsense spewed by reporters like this Rick Karle blog entry. Let’s take a close look:

Uh, coach? Here’s my rub. Like you, I have two children- and I can tell you my two kids would never be walking around the Tuscaloosa Strip at 3:00 am. If my son was on scholarship at Alabama, getting a free education, he would know that he would have to hold himself to a higher level than others. He would know how to treat authority figures with respect, and know when to zip it.

I’m so glad you are the world’s greatest parent. I’m sure your kids would never do something wrong. However, in the real world college kids do stupid things. I’m sure their parents didn’t think their kids would be on the Strip at 3 a.m. either.

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It’s time for Nick Saban to drop the hammer. Eight player arrests in the 14 months he’s been at the Capstone? Saban’s message is not getting through to his players. It’s time for the four million dollar man to step up.  Call for a curfew  (12 midnight weekdays, 1 am weekends) and remind the players that the next player arrested at the strip will face losing his scholarship.  Call for a meeting between the players and the campus police, learning more about what is setting off what some say are Barney Fyffe-type officers out to nab their prize-  football players. 

This isn’t a bad idea. A creative use of curfews and making places or zones off-limits could help prevent problems in the future. Of course, this paragraph is what makes Nick Saban and the general public dislike media types—the assumption is Saban isn’t doing anything. I’m pretty sure he is. If for no other reason than to stop having to deal with morons in the press.

And coach? Stop pointing fingers at the media, picking on young newspaper writers who won’ t stand up to your bullying.

I don’t think there is a problem here. Saban dislikes the media. The media dislike Saban. Maybe Saban would be wiser to suck-up to the media like Tommy Tuberville, but that isn’t his style. If the reporters can’t take the heat, then they should work in another environment. I’ve seen reporters get death threats. For some reason, I think dealing with Saban isn’t that bad.

Learn that being a college coach is indeed different from being a parent. You can’t coddle every player, and it’s time for some tough love.

National championships for Nick Saban-1. National championships for Rick Karle-0.

Yes, that was a cheap rhetorical trick that could also be used on me or anyone else commenting on sports; however, there is a lot of arrogance for someone like Karle to preach coaching advice to Saban. Let’s see if Saban has lost his touch before giving him advice. This isn’t Mike Shula.

For the most part, you are coaching a superb group of young men. You are an impressive, talented coach, and a man (despite the tough-guy exterior) who truly loves his players. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil what can be a rewarding and long stay in Tuscaloosa for your family. 

This is the best part of the blog entry. If we learn nothing else from this situation, then we should take away how devoted Saban is to his players.


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  1. 1

    So what you’re saying is…if you’re not verbally abusive and disrespectful to reporters (like Saban) then you are automatically “sucking up” (as you describe Tuberville doing).

    Is there ANYTHING short of human sacrifice that would cause you to doubt this tiny little dictator? And yes, I know that’s a rhetorical question.

  2. 2

    Hey Kevin, quick to do list for you, all firsts:

    1.) Kiss a girl
    2.) Shelve your hatred of Alabama
    3.) Talk about things you can be objective about

    The fact is, as a former student and casual observer of the police department there on game days, the Tuscaloosa police abhor having to be inconvenienced by Alabama football. And Kev, after you bathe, look yourself in the mirror and admit you don’t have any idea what the *&#% you’re talking about. When you talk on this subject, you spout oral flatulence.

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