Final Four thoughts

With the Final Four underway at the BJCC, it is time for my regular whine. Why is the state basketball tournament played at a nicer facility than the state football championship?

The BJCC is a palace compared to the dump called Legion Field. You can feel the energy of the basketball tournament; the football Super Six has its moments, but you get the feeling of being in a tomb during long periods. Legion Field is filled with ghosts; it is filled with rust and dust and horrible food.

The Super Six deserves a better venue. When it was held at the Hoover Met one season, the experience was better. You had convenient places to eat, you felt safer, and the more intimate setting provided a more exciting environment.

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I sort of attacked girls basketball in a column last week. I hate the WNBA, but girls basketball can be very entertaining. Today, Eufaula defeated Wenonah in an exciting game decided in the final seconds.

Also, Spring Garden is one of my favorite teams. The small 1A school has built a dynasty. They’ve made a trip to the Final Four a regular thing—and have showcased one of the best high school coaches in Ricky Austin.

While I’m praising the Final Four, I should complain about a couple of things. Who thinks charging $8 for parking is a good idea. Good grief. I don’t usually carry cash, and there isn’t a media lot. Thankfully, I had some green stuff on me today, or I’d have missed out on some great basketball.

Another complaint, Clay-Chalkville’s girls team is back in the Final Four. I’ve always thought the girls program was dirtier than even Rush Propst’s Hoover program. Of course, the AHSAA’s enforcement staff is more feckless than the NCAA.


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    A lot of people have suggested switching between Auburn and Tuscaloosa every year, but I don’t know how schedules and logistics would work out.

    Oh, and go Hillcrest!

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    I heard talk Troy was making a push a couple of years ago. But nothing came from that. I’d hate to see it leave Birmingham, but something has to be done to get a decent stadium for the Super Six.

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