Tuberville: 2008 class is good, really!

Tommy Tuberville’s 2008 recruiting class was so good he had to go on talk radio and defend it.

According to the Mobile Press-Register:

“I know we get ridiculed when we come up supposedly short on anything. We didn’t come up short on recruiting. This group is going to be a heck of a class,” he said during an interview with WANI-AM 1400 in Auburn. “I know that Alabama had a good recruiting class in-state this year. We’ve dominated pretty much the last six or seven years.”

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Once he explains his Tigers have dominated recruiting, Tuberville switches tack and says the staff isn’t about recruiting, but evaluation:

“The best thing our coaches have done in the 10 years they’ve been at Auburn is not recruiting, but evaluation,” he said. “There’s a lot of these four- or five-star (players) that we won’t even touch, because No. 1, we can’t get them in school, and No. 2, they don’t fit what we want to do in terms of attitude and personality and academics. If we just went after only the athletic ability, we’d end up with 10 guys on scholarship at the end of four years.”

You know the pressure is intense in the Auburn circle when Tuberville has to go on talk radio to defend the debacle called the 2008 class. Does anyone with a brain buy this nonsense? Of course not. Auburn fans are in meltdown over the Tuberville situation. His flirtation with Arkansas, his flirtation with Texas A&M, his duck hunting and shopping in NYC instead of recruiting—Auburn fans know Tuberville was lazy in 2007-2008.

Lazy won’t cut it in the SEC. Spinning doesn’t top hard work. Auburn fans know that. That is why they are always talking about Nick Saban.


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    Dominated, huh? It’s a shame knowing he’s too full of himself to admit why Alabama Tech has dominated us over the six or seven years. I take it being limited to how many scholarships you can deal out over a five year period, doesn’t help “better” your overall recruiting during those years. Hell, if it wasn’t for the NCAA doing what the done to us, Tuberville wouldn’t BE at Barnville right now.

    And in response to hearing “We got the talent we wanted.”

    Not according to my resources. It seems Tuberville really wanted 15 of our recruits, but DIDN’T get a single one.

    Tubby’s a backwoods douche. Welcome back to reality. You should’ve left while you had the chance!

  2. 2

    I really can’t say what Christopherson said any better. Tommy Tubberville defines the term “opportunist.” He’s had to pinch himself in response to the implosion that’s taken place across the state, and without one catastrophic blow after another in T-town, Auburn would not be remotely where it is today. This isn’t related to our self-inflicted demise, but you can trace his success at A-barn back to when Spurrier left Florida for the Redskins, when he gathered a few of the crumbs left behind, benefitted from the cloud of NCAA controversy hovering in Tuscaloosa and started to build a program. Not to mention the cheating that’s taken place on his watch…Carnell Williams didn’t have so much as lunch money until he signed with A-barn, then his mother is driving a Caddy. A cousin who went to school with him validated the story. So, it will be fun to watch the A-barn blimp slowly lose altitude over the next few years.

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