Clock ticking for Gottfried

It is Monday. How many more Mondays remain for Mark Gottfried as head coach of Alabama’s basketball team?

With each ticking of the clock, the feeling grows that midnight is nigh for Gottfried.

It isn’t a pleasant thought.

Gottfried is a former player, and someone I supported to replace the feckless David Hobbs.

Which proves, anyone can make a mistake.

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But something is in the air. You can feel it. Talk to anyone who might possibly care, and there is an evasive feeling. An uncertain feeling. Either people don’t know, don’t care or…

It isn’t as palpable, yet, as the last days of Mike Shula. But something just feels like it is afoot.

Is it time for Mal to make a definitive statement of support? To give Mark the obligatory vote of confidence? Such a statement now would go a long way to telling us what could happen to Alabama’s basketball program.

One other thing
I wanted to take a moment to thank all the readers, contributors, and commentators. I’ve really enjoyed blogging about Alabama athletics. The feedback and support means a lot.

I’ve got a few plans for the upcoming year to improve the site. I think it will be exciting, and hope to begin unveiling items from it in the coming weeks.