Rating the SEC

While Alabama’s class has been discussed, analyzed incessantly, I thought it would be wise to look at the other classes and do my best Luginbill impression by arbitrarily ranking the classes. Here goes…

2. Georgia
Marc Richt is in the middle of doing something amazing for the Bulldogs. Richt has supplanted Fulmer as the chief contender for Florida in the SEC East. According to Rivals, Georgia has finished in the Top Ten recruiting rankings since 2002. The Bulldogs already had a strong stable of athletes, and with the addition of this class gains depth. The Georgia class is just well-rounded. The program is essentially reloading.

3. Florida
Forida picks up some strong help at receiver and on the offensive and defensive lines. Florida was able to grab some players from our state with a big bitch slap to Tommy Tuberville when Urban Meyer grabbed Dee Finley right from under Tommy’s nose. Omar Hunter could contribute as a freshman.

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4. LSU
LSU put together a very solid class, and in many years would have topped the rankings. I think the LSU staff can’t be faulted in this class—it is strong with players like CB Patrick Johnson. The only question for LSU’s class is the coaching staff. Can the buffoon Les Miles actually develop talent. We’ll have to wait and see.

5. Arkansas
The best player Arkansas snagged won’t count in any of the recruiting rankings, but the transfer of Ryan Mallett to Fayetville was a coup for Petrino. It should help Petrino’s offense in the future to have such a talented signal caller at the helm. Also with Joe Adams possibly playing receiver, it looks like Petrino got a few important cogs toward fielding his offense. He’ll need a couple of additional classes, but his offense will be fun once he has the weapons.

6. Ole Miss
Say what you want about Houston Nutt, but his class is strong. He picked up a running back from Auburn in Enrique Davis. Davis, unlike Auburn fans, sees the problems the Auburn offense could face in the SEC. Davis jump to Arkansas is a vote of no confidence in the Tony Franklin system. This just in from Auburn’s beat reporters…Tuberville didn’t want Davis anyway.

7. Auburn
Despite the signing day massacre, Auburn’s class isn’t that bad. There are several solid athletes in the class, who could become big players with the right development. Tuberville is a good coach, and will improve the players. Auburn landed a very good defensive lineman in Raven Gray. Of course, Gray is a junior college prospect, but he could really help Auburn.

8. South Carolina
After last season’s top ten class, this year’s Gamecock class sucks. It ranked top 25, according to Rivals, but it wasn’t Spurrier’s best effort. Could the recruiting have suffered from the meltdown South Carolina experienced during its losing skid? If so, how can Spurrier regain his momentum?

9. Miss. State
Croom signed 27 players. The strong point of his class rests on defense. Rashun Dixon and Charles Mitchell provide some speed and decent size at defensive back, and Templeton Hardy should help on the defensive line. At the moment, Croom is doing the best job at identifying talent, and getting it to perform above expectations.

10. Tennessee

Thie class was an unmitigated failure for the Volunteers. It isn’t a particularly speedy class, and to be honest, there isn’t anything in the class that just screams bright spot.

11. Kentucky
It looks like a Kentucky class.

12. Vanderbilt
What can you say about Vanderbilt’s class? I’m sure its class average ACT score is the highest in the conference.