Luginbill alleges other services have agenda

Tom Luginbill went on the Paul Finebaum Radio Show Friday and blasted other recruiting services; Luginbill said the other services have an agenda in their rankings.

By contrast, Luginbill is the white knight of innocence that never has an ulterior motive in his comments or rankings.

Luginbill ranks for the pristine love of the game. The other services rank based on profit motive.

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“We don’t have to please anybody,” Luginbill told Finebaum. “We don’t have to generate sales.”

Luginbill said he would get paid the same no matter where he ranks Alabama, or any school.

Luginbill also said he works with “experts” like former coaches.

And the other services?

Obviously they are capitalists seeking profit and are inferior.


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    I personally know Luginbill’s AU loving family he married into. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence that he didn’t rate Bama better in recruiting. Ya, right!

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