Rodriguez is scum

Rich Rodriguez is a good football coach, but his personal ethics could be worse than Nick Saban or Bobby Petrino—the latest media whipping boys.

Rodriguez lied at worst, and misled Alabama at best. But if he truly followed his heart, and stayed at WVU who could blame him. In fact, doing what would make him happy would be commendable.

Rodriguez signed a contract extension with more pay, and a four million dollar buyout.

The people of West Virginia rejoiced.

For a year.

Then West Virginia’s faithful son bolted to the University of Michigan. Along the way, he decided his contractual $4 million buyout shouldn’t apply to him because he is…well, Rich Rodriguez.

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Of course, that wasn’t even enough treachery for Rodriguez. He ran off a potentially superb quarterback in Ryan Mallett. Mallett transfered to tutor under Petrino at Arkansas. The reason? Rodriguez ran Mallett off in hopes of luring Terrelle Pryor.

The Detroit Free Press provides a little more information on how Mallett was treated by Rodriguez.

Karma’s a bitch. As Pryor decided to keep Rodriguez waiting. And who knows if Pryor will ever arrive in Ann Arbor.

He shafted the people of West Virginia, and ultimately, the treatment of Mallett is further proof that Rodriguez is scum. Probably more of a scum than other football coaches out there.